Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 22, Issue 6

463 -- 477Shu Yang 0001, Payton Cooke. How accurate is your travel time reliability? - Measuring accuracy using bootstrapping and lognormal mixture models
478 -- 489Rahul Deb Das, Stephan Winter 0001. A fuzzy logic based transport mode detection framework in urban environment
490 -- 502Yanning Li, Juan C. Martínez Mori, Daniel B. Work. Estimating traffic conditions from smart work zone systems
503 -- 516Julie Fetzer, Hernan Caceres, Qing He, Rajan Batta. A multi-objective optimization approach to the location of road weather information system in New York State
517 -- 529Gulsevi Basar, Mecit Cetin, Andrew P. Nichols. Comparison of vehicle re-identification models for trucks based on axle spacing measurements
530 -- 546Xiaoyue Cathy Liu, Jeffrey D. Taylor, Richard J. Porter, Ran Wei. Using trajectory data to explore roadway characterization for bikeshare network
547 -- 564Elvira Thonhofer, Stefan Jakubek. Investigation of stochastic variation of parameters for a macroscopic traffic model

Volume 22, Issue 5

365 -- 375David Hale, Constantinos Antoniou, Byungkyu Brian Park, Jiaqi Ma, Lei Zhang, Alexander Paz. Revisiting the application of simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation towards signal timing optimization
376 -- 389Wai Yeung Yan, Xian-Xun Yuan. A low-cost video-based pavement distress screening system for low-volume roads
390 -- 406B. Anil Kumar, Lelitha Vanajakshi, Shankar C. Subramanian. A hybrid model based method for bus travel time estimation
407 -- 421Shu Yang, Yao-Jan Wu. Travel mode identification using bluetooth technology
422 -- 432Yao Cheng, Xianfeng Yang. Signal coordination model for local arterial with heavy bus flows
433 -- 445Hyunjeong Jeon, Jincheol Lee, Keemin Sohn. Artificial intelligence for traffic signal control based solely on video images
446 -- 461Tarikul Islam, Hai L. Vu, Manoj Panda, Dong Ngoduy. A study of realistic dynamic traffic assignment with signal control, time-scale, and emission

Volume 22, Issue 4

277 -- 290Chengchuan An, Yao-Jan Wu, Jingxin Xia, Wei Huang. Real-time queue length estimation using event-based advance detector data
291 -- 300Zhi Chen, Xiao Qin, Md. Razaur Rahman Shaon. Modeling lane-change-related crashes with lane-specific real-time traffic and weather data
301 -- 310Wei Wu, Larry Head, Sanghuiyu Yan, Wanjing Ma. Development and evaluation of bus lanes with intermittent and dynamic priority in connected vehicle environment
311 -- 324Cong Chen, Yanyan Chen, Jianming Ma, Guohui Zhang, C. Michael Walton. Driver behavior formulation in intersection dilemma zones with phone use distraction via a logit-Bayesian network hybrid approach
325 -- 337Qichi Yang, Guoyuan Wu, Kanok Boriboonsomsin, Matthew J. Barth. A novel arterial travel time distribution estimation model and its application to energy/emissions estimation
338 -- 352Shangjia Dong, Alireza Mostafizi, Haizhong Wang, Jia Li. A stochastic analysis of highway capacity: Empirical evidence and implications
353 -- 364Nadia Bathaee, Alireza Mohseni, SeJoon Park, J. David Porter, David S. Kim. A cluster analysis approach for differentiating transportation modes using Bluetooth sensor data

Volume 22, Issue 3

187 -- 189Kaan Ozbay, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, C. Y. David Yang. Developments in connected and automated vehicles
190 -- 200Steven E. Shladover. Connected and automated vehicle systems: Introduction and overview
201 -- 217Volkan Sezer. Intelligent decision making for overtaking maneuver using mixed observable Markov decision process
218 -- 228Taehyoung Kim, Antoine G. Hobeika, HeeJin Jung. Evaluation of the performance of vehicle-to-vehicle applications in an urban network
229 -- 243Meng Li, Xiqun (Michael) Chen, Xi Lin, Dingyuan Xu, Yinhai Wang. Connected vehicle-based red-light running prediction for adaptive signalized intersections
244 -- 262Arash Olia, Saiedeh N. Razavi, Baher Abdulhai, Hossam Abdelgawad. Traffic capacity implications of automated vehicles mixed with regular vehicles
263 -- 275Hao Liu, Xingan (david) Kan, Steven E. Shladover, Xiao-Yun Lu, Robert E. Ferlis. Impact of cooperative adaptive cruise control on multilane freeway merge capacity

Volume 22, Issue 2

87 -- 98Xu Zhang, Mei Chen. Bi-objective routing problem with asymmetrical travel time distributions
99 -- 105Anish Kumar Bharti, Ch. Ravi Sekhar, Satish Chandra 0006. Modeling travel time of car with varying demand on an urban midblock section
106 -- 120Fangfang Zheng, Jie Li, Henk J. van Zuylen, Xiaobo Liu, Hongtai Yang. Urban travel time reliability at different traffic conditions
121 -- 143Mohammad Torkjazi, Parisa Sadat Mirjafari, Hossain Poorzahedy. Reliability-based network flow estimation with day-to-day variation: A model validation on real large-scale urban networks
144 -- 158Zhiyuan Du, Baisravan Homchaudhuri, Pierluigi Pisu. Hierarchical distributed coordination strategy of connected and automated vehicles at multiple intersections
159 -- 174Marialisa Nigro, Ernesto Cipriani, Andrea del Giudice. Exploiting floating car data for time-dependent Origin-Destination matrices estimation
175 -- 185Richard Mounce, Steve Wright, Chukwuemeka David Emele, Cheng Zeng, John D. Nelson. A tool to aid redesign of flexible transport services to increase efficiency in rural transport service provision

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 9Zhanbo Sun, Xuegang (Jeff) Ban. Identifying multiclass vehicles using global positioning system data
10 -- 25Semuel Y. R. Rompis, Mecit Cetin, Filmon G. Habtemichael. Probe vehicle lane identification for queue length estimation at intersections
26 -- 39Marta Flamini, Marialisa Nigro, Dario Pacciarelli. The value of real-time traffic information in urban freight distribution
40 -- 52H. M. Abdul Aziz, Feng Zhu, Satish V. Ukkusuri. Learning-based traffic signal control algorithms with neighborhood information sharing: An application for sustainable mobility
53 -- 64Ying Liu, Guoyu Ou. A traffic monitoring stream-based real-time vehicular offence detection approach
65 -- 85Zhibin Li, Pan Liu, Chengcheng Xu, Wei Wang. Development of analytical procedure for selection of control measures to reduce congestions at various freeway bottlenecks
86 -- 0. Correction to: Sun and Ban. Identifying multiclass vehicles using global positioning system data