Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 23, Issue 6

525 -- 540Han Yang, Peter J. Jin, Bin Ran, Dongyuan Yang, Zhengyu Duan, Linghui He. Freeway traffic state estimation: A Lagrangian-space Kalman filter approach
541 -- 556Huajun Chai, Rui Ma 0009, H. Michael Zhang. Search for parking: A dynamic parking and route guidance system for efficient parking and traffic management
557 -- 568Bai Li, Ning Jia, Pu Li, Xudong Ran, Yan Li. Incrementally constrained dynamic optimization: A computational framework for lane change motion planning of connected and automated vehicles
569 -- 582Wensi Wang, Zhihui Tian, Kewang Li, Bin Yu. Real-time short turning strategy based on passenger choice behavior
583 -- 604Gonçalo Gonçalves Duarte Santos, Gonçalo Homem De Almeida Correia. Finding the relevance of staff-based vehicle relocations in one-way carsharing systems through the use of a simulation-based optimization tool
605 -- 616Linchao Li, Xu Qu, Jian Zhang 0011, Yonggang Wang, Bin Ran. Traffic speed prediction for intelligent transportation system based on a deep feature fusion model
617 -- 631Xiangfu Kong, Jiawen Yang. A scenario-based map-matching algorithm for complex urban road network

Volume 23, Issue 5

417 -- 426Eleni G. Mantouka, Emmanouil N. Barmpounakis, Christina Milioti, Eleni I. Vlahogianni. Gamification in mobile applications: The case of airports
427 -- 440John El Khoury, Joud Khoury, Germain Zouein, Jean-Paul Arnaout. A practical decentralized access protocol for autonomous vehicles at isolated under-saturated intersections
441 -- 451Wanli Dong, Yunpeng Wang, Haiyang Yu. An identification model of critical control sub-regions based on macroscopic fundamental diagram theory
452 -- 476David J. Lovell. Kinematics-enabled lossless compression of freeway and arterial vehicle trajectories
477 -- 498Luthful A. Kawsar, Noraida Abdul Ghani, Anton Abdulbasah Kamil, Adli Mustafa. Optimization based controlled evacuation
499 -- 512Williams Ackaah, Klaus Bogenberger, Robert L. Bertini. Empirical evaluation of real-time traffic information for in-vehicle navigation and the variable speed limit system
513 -- 524Biao Xu, Xiaolong Chen, Keqiang Li, Manjiang Hu, Yougang Bian, Qianwen Yu, Jianqiang Wang. Double-layer speed optimization for reducing fuel consumption with vehicle-to-infrastructure communication

Volume 23, Issue 4

309 -- 318Meiyu Liu, Jing Shi. A cellular automata traffic flow model combined with a BP neural network based microscopic lane changing decision model
319 -- 331Wade Genders, Saiedeh N. Razavi. Asynchronous n-step Q-learning adaptive traffic signal control
332 -- 344Jacqueline Arriagada, Antonio Gschwender, Marcela A. Munizaga, Martin Trépanier. Modeling bus bunching using massive location and fare collection data
345 -- 356Warren S. Vaz. Intersection traffic energy management system (ITEMS): formulation and validation
357 -- 369Mingtao Xu, Kun An, Hai Le Vu, Zhirui Ye, Jiaxiao Feng, Enhui Chen. Optimizing multi-agent based urban traffic signal control system
370 -- 388Xiang Li 0018, Jian-Qiao Sun. Multi-objective optimal predictive control of signals in urban traffic network
389 -- 402Majid Hadavi, Yousef Shafahi. Vehicle identification sensors location problem for large networks
403 -- 415Juanyu Tang, Yi Zhu, Yizhe Huang, Zhong-Ren Peng, Zhanyong Wang. Identification and interpretation of spatial-temporal mismatch between taxi demand and supply using global positioning system data

Volume 23, Issue 3

203 -- 215Mohammad Tamannaei, Iman Irandoost. Carpooling problem: A new mathematical model, branch-and-bound, and heuristic beam search algorithm
216 -- 230Carl H. Häll, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Joakim Ekström, Nils-Hassan Quttineh. Adjustments of public transit operations planning process for the use of electric buses
231 -- 249Zhichao Cao, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Dewei Li, Silin Zhang. Optimal synchronization and coordination of actual passenger-rail timetables
250 -- 264Eby Lukose, Michael W. Levin, Stephen D. Boyles. Incorporating insights from signal optimization into reservation-based intersection controls
265 -- 281Khanh T. P. Nguyen, Julie Beugin, Marion Berbineau, Juliette Marais. Application of fuzzy theory for identifying the required availability of an autonomous localization unit in European Train Control System
282 -- 299Haengju Lee, Saerona Choi, Hojin Jung, Byungkyu Brian Park, Sang H. Son. A route guidance system considering travel time unreliability
300 -- 308Yan Li, Kourosh Khoshelham, Majid Sarvi, Milad Haghani. Direct generation of level of service maps from images using convolutional and long short-term memory networks

Volume 23, Issue 2

99 -- 102Zhengbing He, Jia Hu, B. Brian Park, Michael W. Levin. Vehicle sensor data-based transportation research: Modeling, analysis, and management
103 -- 119Vesal Ahsani, Mostafa Amin-Naseri, Skylar Knickerbocker, Anuj Sharma. Quantitative analysis of probe data characteristics: Coverage, speed bias and congestion detection precision
120 -- 132Xiqun Michael Chen, Lingxiao Zhou, Li Li 0013. Bayesian network for red-light-running prediction at signalized intersections
133 -- 143Xianbiao Hu, Yifei Yuan, Xiaoyu Zhu, Hong Yang, Kun Xie. Behavioral responses to pre-planned road capacity reduction based on smartphone GPS trajectory data: A functional data analysis approach
144 -- 160Geqi Qi, Wei Guan, Xucheng Li, Nick Hounsell, Neville A. Stanton. Vehicle sensor data-based analysis on the driving style differences between operating indoor simulator and on-road instrumented vehicle
161 -- 174Li Kuang, Han Yan, Yujia Zhu, Shenmei Tu, Xiaoliang Fan. Predicting duration of traffic accidents based on cost-sensitive Bayesian network and weighted K-nearest neighbor
175 -- 190Zhuang Dai, Xiaolei Ma, Xi Chen. Bus travel time modelling using GPS probe and smart card data: A probabilistic approach considering link travel time and station dwell time
191 -- 202Zhiqiang Zhai, Guohua Song, Ying Liu, Ying Cheng, Weinan He, Lei Yu. Characteristics of operating mode distributions of light duty vehicles by road type, average speed, and driver type for estimating on-road emissions: Case study of Beijing

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 11Zhenhua Zhang, Qing He, Jizhan Gou, Xiaoling Li. Analyzing travel time reliability and its influential factors of emergency vehicles with generalized extreme value theory
12 -- 27Kamonthep Tiaprasert, YunLong Zhang, Xin Ye. Platoon recognition using connected vehicle technology
28 -- 40Peng Chen 0021, Weiliang Zeng, Min Chen, Guizhen Yu, Yunpeng Wang. Modeling arterial travel time distribution by accounting for link correlations: a copula-based approach
41 -- 59Luís Conde Bento, Ricardo Parafita, Hesham A. Rakha, Urbano Nunes. A study of the environmental impacts of intelligent automated vehicle control at intersections via V2V and V2I communications
60 -- 71Seyed Omid Mousavizadeh Kashi, Meisam Akbarzadeh. A framework for short-term traffic flow forecasting using the combination of wavelet transformation and artificial neural networks
72 -- 83Hamid Reza Eftekhari, Mehdi Ghatee. A similarity-based neuro-fuzzy modeling for driving behavior recognition applying fusion of smartphone sensors
84 -- 98Biao Yu, Lin Dong, Deyi Xue, Hui Zhu, Xinli Geng, Ruling Huang, Jie Wang. A hybrid dead reckoning error correction scheme based on extended Kalman filter and map matching for vehicle self-localization