Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 24, Issue 6

535 -- 538Samer H. Hamdar, Alireza Talebpour, Robert L. Bertini. Traffic and granular flow: the role of data and technology in the understanding of particle dynamics
539 -- 555Yildirim Dülgar, Sven-Eric Molzahn, Hubert Rehborn, Micha Koller, Boris S. Kerner, Dominik Wegerle, Michael Schreckenberg, Michael Menth, Sergey L. Klenov. Empirical random phase transitions between free flow and synchronized flow at highway bottlenecks
556 -- 568Antoine Tordeux, Mohcine Chraibi, Armin Seyfried, Andreas Schadschneider. Prediction of pedestrian dynamics in complex architectures with artificial neural networks
569 -- 584Sven-Eric Molzahn, Boris S. Kerner, Hubert Rehborn. Phase based jam warnings: an analysis of synchronized flow with floating car data
585 -- 597Muhammad Baqui, Manar D. Samad, Rainald Löhner. A novel framework for automated monitoring and analysis of high density pedestrian flow
598 -- 616Dominik Wegerle, Boris S. Kerner, Michael Schreckenberg, Sergej L. Klenov. Prediction of moving bottleneck through the use of probe vehicles: a simulation approach in the framework of three-phase traffic theory
617 -- 634Narayana Raju, Shriniwas Arkatkar, Gaurang Joshi. Evaluating performance of selected vehicle following models using trajectory data under mixed traffic conditions
635 -- 653Hari Krishna Gaddam, K. Ramachandra Rao. A two-sided lateral gap continuum model and its numerical simulation for non-lane based heterogeneous traffic environment

Volume 24, Issue 5

421 -- 436Harith Abdulsattar, Alireza Mostafizi, Mohammad Rayeedul Kalam Siam, Haizhong Wang. Measuring the impacts of connected vehicles on travel time reliability in a work zone environment: an agent-based approach
437 -- 448Yan Li, Majid Sarvi, Kourosh Khoshelham, Milad Haghani. Multi-view crowd congestion monitoring system based on an ensemble of convolutional neural network classifiers
449 -- 466Chaopeng Tan, Lei Liu, Hao Wu, Yumin Cao, Keshuang Tang. Fuzing license plate recognition data and vehicle trajectory data for lane-based queue length estimation at signalized intersections
467 -- 479Jianqing Wu, Hao Xu 0004, Yuan Tian, Yongsheng Zhang, Junxuan Zhao, Bin Lv. An automatic lane identification method for the roadside light detection and ranging sensor
480 -- 493Hua Wang, Wei Quan, Washington Yotto Ochieng. Smart road stud based two-lane traffic surveillance
494 -- 513Yina Wu, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Ling Wang, Md Sharikur Rahman. Combined connected vehicles and variable speed limit strategies to reduce rear-end crash risk under fog conditions
514 -- 533Sara El Hamdani, Nabil Benamar, Mohamed F. Younis. A protocol for pedestrian crossing and increased vehicular flow in smart cities

Volume 24, Issue 4

315 -- 330Md. Imrul Kayes, Haitham Al-Deek, Adrian Sandt. Comparison of two intelligent transportation systems Wrong-Way driving countermeasures currently deployed on Florida toll roads
331 -- 351Giuseppe Carlo Calafiore, Marco Ghirardi, Alessandro Rizzo. Robust dynamic traffic assignment for single destination networks under demand and capacity uncertainty
352 -- 364Sanhita Das, Akhilesh Kumar Maurya. Pore acceptance predictions of motorised Two-Wheelers during filtering at urban Mid-Block sections
365 -- 382Christina A. Iliopoulou, Christina P. Milioti, Eleni I. Vlahogianni, Konstantinos L. Kepaptsoglou. Identifying spatio-temporal patterns of bus bunching in urban networks
383 -- 403Meng Li, Xuan Di, Henry X. Liu, Hai-Jun Huang. A restricted path-based ridesharing user equilibrium
404 -- 420Nima Hoseinzadeh, Ramin Arvin, Asad J. Khattak, Lee D. Han. Integrating safety and mobility for pathfinding using big data generated by connected vehicles

Volume 24, Issue 3

217 -- 220Gwanggil Jeon, Marco Anisetti, Yong Fang. Special issue on dense surveillance systems for urban traffic
221 -- 236Zhou Bin, Yuhao Yao, Xiao Liu, Rongbo Zhu, Arun Kumar Sangaiah, Maode Ma. Storage and access optimization scheme based on correlation probabilities in the internet of vehicles
237 -- 253Zhongjiang Yan, Bo Li 0004, Qianqian Li, Mao Yang 0001. An efficient multiple access control protocol for directional dense urban traffic surveillance system
254 -- 263Qilei Li, Wei Wu 0002, Lu Lu 0005, Zuoyong Li, Awais Ahmad 0001, Gwanggil Jeon. Infrared and visible images fusion by using sparse representation and guided filter
264 -- 278Mohammad Asadul Hoque, Jackeline Rios-Torres, Ramin Arvin, Asad J. Khattak, Salman Ahmed. The extent of reliability for vehicle-to-vehicle communication in safety critical applications: an experimental study
279 -- 289Hua Cui, Gege Yuan, Ni Liu, Mingyuan Xu, Huansheng Song. Convolutional neural network for recognizing highway traffic congestion
290 -- 303Jingyue Chen, Xiaomin Yang, Lu Lu 0005, Qilei Li, Zuoyong Li, Wei Wu 0002. A Novel Infrared Image Enhancement Based on Correlation Measurement of Visible Image for Urban Traffic Surveillance Systems
304 -- 314Dandan Ding, Junchao Tong, Lingyi Kong. A deep learning approach for quality enhancement of surveillance video

Volume 24, Issue 2

109 -- 124Che-Ming Chen, Chia-Ching Liang, Chihpeng Chu. Long-term travel time prediction using gradient boosting
125 -- 141Xingbin Zhan, Shuaichao Zhang, Wai Yuen Szeto, Xiqun Michael Chen. Multi-step-ahead traffic speed forecasting using multi-output gradient boosting regression tree
142 -- 155Chengcheng Wang, Zhongzhi Xu, RongHua Du, Haifeng Li 0007, Pu Wang. A vehicle routing model based on large-scale radio frequency identification data
156 -- 170Zulqarnain H. Khattak, Mark J. Magalotti, Michael D. Fontaine. Operational performance evaluation of adaptive traffic control systems: A Bayesian modeling approach using real-world GPS and private sector PROBE data
171 -- 183Majid Bayat, Mostafa Barmshoory, Seyed Morteza Pournaghi, Majid Rahimi, Yaghoub Farjami, Mohammad Reza Aref. A new and efficient authentication scheme for vehicular ad hoc networks
184 -- 200Zhihong Yao, Yangsheng Jiang, Bin Zhao, Xiaoling Luo, Bo Peng. A dynamic optimization method for adaptive signal control in a connected vehicle environment
201 -- 215Sarah Hernandez, Kyung (Kate) Hyun. Fusion of weigh-in-motion and global positioning system data to estimate truck weight distributions at traffic count sites

Volume 24, Issue 1

0 -- 0. Correction
1 -- 10Ming Xu, Jianping Wu, Ling Huang, Rui Zhou, Tian Wang, Dongmei Hu. Network-wide traffic signal control based on the discovery of critical nodes and deep reinforcement learning
11 -- 23Jun Liu 0009, Asad J. Khattak. Informed decision-making by integrating historical on-road driving performance data in high-resolution maps for connected and automated vehicles
24 -- 39Huiying Zhao, Dalin Qian, Ying Lv, Bo Zhang, Rongyu Liang. Development of a global positioning system data-based trip-purpose inference method for hazardous materials transportation management
40 -- 53Adrian Sandt, Haitham Al-Deek. An optimization approach for deployment of intelligent transportation systems wrong-way driving countermeasures
54 -- 67Yanni Yang, Meng Li, Jiaying Yu, Fang He. Expressway bottleneck pattern identification using traffic big data - The case of ring roads in Beijing, China
68 -- 80Zhenyu Mei, Wei Zhang, Lihui Zhang, Dianhai Wang. Real-time multistep prediction of public parking spaces based on Fourier transform-least squares support vector regression
81 -- 92Pang-wei Wang, Yilun Jiang, Lin Xiao, Yi Zhao, Yinghong Li. A joint control model for connected vehicle platoon and arterial signal coordination
93 -- 107Altan Onat, Petr Voltr. Velocity measurement-based friction estimation for railway vehicles running on adhesion limit: swarm intelligence-based multiple models approach