Journal: J. Intellig. Transport. Systems

Volume 25, Issue 6

561 -- 573Yaobang Gong, Mohamed A. Abdel-Aty, Juneyoung Park. Evaluation and augmentation of traffic data including Bluetooth detection system on arterials
574 -- 586Hao Liu, Steven E. Shladover, Xiao-Yun Lu, Xingan (david) Kan. Freeway vehicle fuel efficiency improvement via cooperative adaptive cruise control
587 -- 608András Várhelyi, Clemens Kaufmann, Carl Johnsson, Sverker Almqvist. Driving with and without automation on the motorway - an observational study
609 -- 625Chenfeng Xiong, Xianfeng Terry Yang, Lei Zhang 0118, Minha Lee, Weiyi Zhou, Mohammed Raqib. An integrated modeling framework for active traffic management and its applications in the Washington, DC area
626 -- 643Daichi Yanagisawa, Keisuke Yamazaki. Detecting aggressive agents in egress process by using conflict data in cellular automaton model
644 -- 656Zhenxing Yao, Yanchen Wang, Fei Yang, Yang Cheng, Bin Ran. Map matching for travel route identification based on Earth Mover's Distance algorithm using wireless cell trajectory data

Volume 25, Issue 5

439 -- 454Jinjun Tang, Xinshao Zhang, Weiqi Yin, Yajie Zou, Yinhai Wang. Missing data imputation for traffic flow based on combination of fuzzy neural network and rough set theory
455 -- 468Dongfang Ma, Jiawang Xiao, Xiaolong Ma. A decentralized model predictive traffic signal control method with fixed phase sequence for urban networks
469 -- 481Yu Bai, Yu Zhang, Jia Hu. A motion planner enabling cooperative lane changing: Reducing congestion under partially connected and automated environment
482 -- 500Asim Sinan Yüksel, S. Atmaca. Driver's black box: a system for driver risk assessment using machine learning and fuzzy logic
501 -- 512Lili Lu, Zhengbing He, Jian Wang, Jufeng Chen, Wei Wang 0044. Estimation of lane-level travel time distributions under a connected environment
513 -- 532Md Nasim Khan, Anik Das, Mohamed M. Ahmed, Shaun S. Wulff. Multilevel weather detection based on images: a machine learning approach with histogram of oriented gradient and local binary pattern-based features
533 -- 546Xiaofeng Chen, Yu Chen, Guohui Zhang 0001. A computer vision algorithm for locating and recognizing traffic signal control light status and countdown time
547 -- 559Bidoura Khondaker, Lina Kattan. Variable speed limit strategy with anticipatory lane changing decisions

Volume 25, Issue 4

331 -- 342Zheng Wang, Wei-Hua Lin, Wangtu Xu. A data driven approach to assessing the reliability of using taxicab as probes for Real-Time route selections
343 -- 355Prashanth Venkatraman, Michael W. Levin. A congestion-aware Tabu search heuristic to solve the shared autonomous vehicle routing problem
356 -- 375Konstantinos Gkiotsalitis. Bus rescheduling in rolling horizons for regularity-based services
376 -- 383Yanyan Qin, Hao Wang, Bin Ran. Impacts of cooperative adaptive cruise control platoons on emissions under traffic oscillation
384 -- 400Wenzhe Sun, Jan-Dirk Schmöcker, Toshiyuki Nakamura. On the tradeoff between sensitivity and specificity in bus bunching prediction
401 -- 411Starla M. Weaver, Stacy A. Balk, Brian H. Philips. Merging into strings of cooperative-adaptive cruise-control vehicles
412 -- 422Hongyan Gao, Qian Yun, Rundong Ran, Jun Ma. Smartphone-based parking guidance algorithm and implementation
423 -- 438Rui Ma 0009, Shenyang Chen, H. Michael Zhang. Time series relations between parking garage occupancy and traffic speed in macroscopic downtown areas - a data driven study

Volume 25, Issue 3

221 -- 234Jaeyoung Jung, Andre Tok, Stephen G. Ritchie. Determining optimal sensor locations under uncertainty for a truck activity monitoring system on California freeways
235 -- 248Shams Tanvir, R. T. Chase, N. M. Roupahil. Development and analysis of eco-driving metrics for naturalistic instrumented vehicles
249 -- 262Ying Yao, Xiaohua Zhao, Yiping Wu, YunLong Zhang, Jian Rong. Clustering driver behavior using dynamic time warping and hidden Markov model
263 -- 280Yanyan Chen, Cong Chen, Qiong Wu, Jianming Ma, Guohui Zhang 0001, John Milton. Spatial-temporal traffic congestion identification and correlation extraction using floating car data
281 -- 292Apoorba Bibeka, Praprut Songchitruksa, YunLong Zhang. Assessing environmental impacts of ad-hoc truck platooning on multilane freeways
293 -- 312Xiaowen Jiang, Peter J. Jin, Yizhou Wang. A dynamic merge assistance method based on the concept of instantaneous virtual trajectory for vehicle-to-infrastructure connected vehicles
313 -- 329Kun Tang, Shuyan Chen, Aemal J. Khattak, Yingjiu Pan. Deep Architecture for Citywide Travel Time Estimation Incorporating Contextual Information

Volume 25, Issue 2

135 -- 138C. Y. David Yang, Donald L. Fisher. Safety impacts and benefits of connected and automated vehicles: How real are they?
139 -- 156Mafruhatul Jannat, Stephanie M. Roldan, Stacy A. Balk, Karen Timpone. Assessing potential safety benefits of advanced pedestrian technologies through a Pedestrian Technology Test Bed
157 -- 169Richard Romano, Davide Maggi, Toshiya Hirose, Zara Broadhead, Oliver M. J. Carsten. Impact of lane keeping assist system camera misalignment on driver behavior
170 -- 187Ramin Arvin, Asad J. Khattak, Mohsen Kamrani, Jackeline Rios-Torres. Safety evaluation of connected and automated vehicles in mixed traffic with conventional vehicles at intersections
188 -- 196Roni Utriainen. The potential impacts of automated vehicles on pedestrian safety in a four-season country
197 -- 220Laura-Bianca Bilius, Radu-Daniel Vatavu. A multistudy investigation of drivers and passengers' gesture and voice input preferences for in-vehicle interactions

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 20Seyed Mehdi Mohtavipour, Morteza Mollajafari. An analytically derived reference signal to guarantee safety and comfort in adaptive cruise control systems
21 -- 40Chaoru Lu, Jing Dong, Andrew Houchin, Chenhui Liu. Incorporating the standstill distance and time headway distributions into freeway car-following models and an application to estimating freeway travel time reliability
41 -- 57Fushi Lian, Bokui Chen, Kai Zhang 0012, Lixin Miao, Jinchao Wu, Shichao Luan. Adaptive traffic signal control algorithms based on probe vehicle data
58 -- 76Abdhul Khadhir, B. Anil Kumar, Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi. Analysis of global positioning system based bus travel time data and its use for advanced public transportation system applications
77 -- 92Kelli Raboy, Jiaqi Ma, Edward Leslie, Fang Zhou. A proof-of-concept field experiment on cooperative lane change maneuvers using a prototype connected automated vehicle testing platform
93 -- 106Nengchao Lyu, Zhicheng Duan, Changxi Ma, Chaozhong Wu. Safety margins - a novel approach from risk homeostasis theory for evaluating the impact of advanced driver assistance systems on driving behavior in near-crash events
107 -- 121Tianzhu Ren, Yuanchang Xie, Liming Jiang. New England merge: a novel cooperative merge control method for improving highway work zone mobility and safety
122 -- 134Seiran Heshami, Lina Kattan. A queue length estimation and prediction model for long freeway off-ramps