Journal: J. Mathematical Cryptology

Volume 11, Issue 4

195 -- 203Ahmed Mohammed, Abdulrahman Alkhelaifi. RSA: A number of formulas to improve the search for p + q p+q
205 -- 214Dominik Reichl. Tame logarithmic signatures of abelian groups
215 -- 269Janaka Alawatugoda. On the leakage-resilient key exchange

Volume 11, Issue 3

131 -- 146Travis Scholl. Isolated elliptic curves and the MOV attack
147 -- 175Subhabrata Samajder, Palash Sarkar. Rigorous upper bounds on data complexities of block cipher cryptanalysis
177 -- 194Hassan Jameel Asghar, Mohamed Ali Kâafar. When are identification protocols with sparse challenges safe? The case of the Coskun and Herley attack

Volume 11, Issue 2

55 -- 0Massoud Hadian Dehkordi, Roghayeh Taghizadeh. Multiple differential-zero correlation linear cryptanalysis of reduced-round CAST-256
63 -- 0Vishal Saraswat, Rajeev Anand Sahu, Amit K. Awasthi. A secure anonymous proxy signcryption scheme
85 -- 0Kishan Chand Gupta, Sumit Kumar Pandey, Indranil Ghosh Ray. Applications of design theory for the constructions of MDS matrices for lightweight cryptography
117 -- 0Yao Lu, Liqiang Peng, Santanu Sarkar. Cryptanalysis of an RSA variant with moduli N=prql

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 24Masaya Yasuda, Kazuhiro Yokoyama, Takeshi Shimoyama, Jun Kogure, Takeshi Koshiba. Analysis of decreasing squared-sum of Gram-Schmidt lengths for short lattice vectors
25 -- 35Massoud Hadian Dehkordi, Ali Safi. The complexity of the connected graph access structure on seven participants
37 -- 43Serguei Popov. On a decentralized trustless pseudo-random number generation algorithm
45 -- 53Eugen Antal, Otokar Grosek, Peter Horák. On a mnemonic construction of permutations