Journal: J. Mobile Multimedia

Volume 4, Issue 3&4

163 -- 164Markus Aleksy, Martin Schader. Editorial
165 -- 184Pankaj Kamthan. Towards High-Quality Mobile Applications
185 -- 199Lu Yan. On Foundation of Engineering Context-sensitive Applications
200 -- 209Markus Aleksy, Ralf Gitzel, Gerhard Vollmar, Nicolaie Fantana, Christian Stich, Makoto Takizawa. Techniques for the Efficient Resource Management of Context-Sensitive Mobile Applications and Their Utilization in Industrial Field Service
210 -- 226Colin Atkinson, Philipp Bostan, Thomas Butter. SALSA - a Framework for Context-Sensitive Service Discovery in Mobile Commerce Applications
227 -- 240Rocco Aversa, Beniamino Di Martino, Nicola Mazzocca, Salvatore Venticinque. Proxy Agents for Adaptive Delivery of Multimedia
241 -- 258Leonard Barolli, Junpei Anno, Fatos Xhafa, Arjan Durresi, Akio Koyama. A Context-Aware Fuzzy-Based Handover System for Wireless Cellular Network and its Performance Evaluation
259 -- 274Feng Huang, Lifeng Sun, Bin Li, Yuzhuo Zhong. Joint Error Concealment and Error Recovery for Consecutive Frame Losses under the unbalanced Multiple Description Coding Architecture
275 -- 292Ghaida A. Al-Suhail. An Efficient Error-Robust Wireless Video Transmission

Volume 4, Issue 2

83 -- 0Eric Pardede, David Taniar, Ismail Khalil Ibrahim, Gabriele Kotsis. Editorial
84 -- 103Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Mohammad Zulkernine, Sailaja Bulusu, Mehrab Monjur. Architecture and Implementation of a trust Model for Pervasive Applications
104 -- 117Toshihiro Uchibayashi, Bernady O. Apduhan, Itsujiro Arita. Navilite: a Lightweight Indoor Location-Aware Mobile Navigation Service for the Handicapped and the Elderly
118 -- 138Cecilia Challiol, Andres Fortier, Silvia E. Gordillo, Gustavo Rossi. Architectural and Implementation Issues for a Context-Awar Hypermedia Platform
139 -- 148Christian Vogt, Robert Walter, Jörg Rasinger, Günther Specht. INFOAREA - an Open Multi-Purpose Information System for the Mobile Age

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 0Mieso K. Denko, Elhadi Shakshuki, Akio Koyama. Editorial
2 -- 18Rocco Aversa, Beniamino Di Martino, Nicola Mazzocca, Salvatore Venticinque. An Agents Based Middleware for Personalization of Multimedia Service Delivery in SOAs
19 -- 41Xiaofei Zhou, Kenneth Ong. A Rule-based Intelligent Multimedia Streaming Server System
42 -- 58Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, Laurence Tianruo Yang. Mobile Multimedia for Multiuser Environments
59 -- 70Tarek R. Sheltami. Performance Evaluation of H.264 protocol in Ad hoc Networks
71 -- 82Arjan Durresi, Vamsi Paruchuri, Leonard Barolli. Network Adaptive Layered Multicast for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks