Journal: J. Mobile Multimedia

Volume 5, Issue 4

271 -- 286Ana Elisa P. Goulart, Wei Zhan, Robert Arnold. Optimal Channel Selection for Real-Time Multimedia Uplink Transmissions in Ambulances
287 -- 300Hanna Risku, Eva Mayr, Michael Smuc. Situated Interaction and Cognition in the Wild, Wild World : Unleashing the Power of Users as Innovators
301 -- 316Nadia N. Qadri, Antonio Liotta, Muhammad Altaf, Martin Fleury, Mohammed Ghanbari. Effective Video Streaming using Mesh P2P with MDC over MANETs
317 -- 332Vilmos Simon, László Bokor, Sándor Imre. A Hierarchical Network Design Solution for Mobile IPv6
333 -- 350Khaled Mahdi, Maytham Safar, Hisham Farahat. Analysis of Temporal Evolution of Social Networks
351 -- 370Karin A. Hummel, Thomas Grill, Andrea Hess. On Context-Sensitive Usability Evaluation in Mobile HCI

Volume 5, Issue 3

181 -- 202Sulata Mitra, Mosa Ali Abu-Rgheff. Quality of Service (QoS) Issues in Multimedia Wireless Network
203 -- 237Federico Covino, Massimo Mecella. Mesh-based P2P Live Video Streaming with StreamComplete
238 -- 254Tiina Heikkinen, Ari Hottinen. Distributed Scheduling in a Time-Varying Ad Hoc Network
255 -- 270Yusuke Gotoh, Kentaro Suzuki, Tomoki Yoshihisa, Masanori Kanazawa. A Scheduling Method to Reduce Waiting Time for P2P Streaming Systems

Volume 5, Issue 2

81 -- 112Otso Kassinen, Timo Koskela, Erkki Harjula, Jukka Riekki, Mika Ylianttila. Analysis of Connectivity and Session Management for Mobile Peer-to-Peer Applications
113 -- 124Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, Laurence Tianruo Yang. Fault Tolerance in the Mobile Environment
125 -- 139Mudar Sarem, Yunping Zheng, Chuanbo Chen. A New Lossy and Lossless Image Representation by using Non-symmetry and Anti-packing Model with Rectangles for Gray Images
140 -- 157Tsutomu Terada, Masakazu Miyamae, Yasue Kishino, Takahito Fukuda, Masahiko Tsukamoto. An Event-Driven Wearable System for Supporting Pit-crew and Audiences on Motorbike Races
158 -- 180Vivian Prinz, Michele Brocco, Wolfgang Woerndl. Distributed Information Management and Publish/Subscribe in VANETs

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 2Qun Jin, Tomoya Enokido. Editorial
3 -- 11Arjan Durresi, Mimoza Durresi, Leonard Barolli, Fatos Xhafa. MPLS Traffic Engineering for Multimedia on Satellite Networks
29 -- 44Nikolay N. Mirenkov, Kamen Kanev, Hiroshi Takezawa. Mobile Music Therapy with Multimedia Quality of Life Supporters for Elderly and Disabled
45 -- 63Alireza Goudarzi Nemati, Makoto Takizawa. Data Transmission Procedures for a Multi-Source Streaming Model in Mobile Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Overlay Networks
64 -- 80Mieso K. Denko, Tao Sun, Isaac Woungang. Deterministic Trust Management in Pervasive Computing