Journal: J. Mobile Multimedia

Volume 7, Issue 4

237 -- 238Xingang Liu. Editorial
239 -- 255Jian-Xiong Yin, Min Chen. SSN: A Seamless Spontaneous Network Design around Opportunistic Contacts
256 -- 266Yong-Zhe Li, Huiyong Li, Jun Li, Zi-Sun He. Performance Comparison of Airborne Phased-Array and MIMO Radar with Subarrays
267 -- 278Xingang Liu, Chao Sun, Wenjie Yang. A Novel Full-reference Video Quality Assessment Metric for Multimedia Broadcasting Systems
279 -- 284Xiaowei Wang, Jin Pan, Pengcheng Li. r=10
285 -- 304Pei-Jun Lee, Effendi, Yung-Yen Sun. A 3D Interactive System for 3D Display

Volume 7, Issue 3

151 -- 162Vlado Menkovski, Georgios Exarchakos, Antonio Liotta. The Value of Relative Quality in Video Delivery
163 -- 176Tsutomu Terada, Yuhki Suzuki, Masahiko Tsukamoto. A Method for Distance Estimation Using Intra-frame Optical Flow with an Interlace Camera
177 -- 193Salah S. Al-Majeed, Martin Fleury. Adaptive Broadband Wideo Streaming for IPTV Wireless Access
194 -- 215Tassawar Iqbal, Klaus Hammermüller, A Min Tjoa. Realization of 3D Virtual World Platform for the Basic Education of Adult Illiterates
216 -- 235Muhammad Altaf, Martin Fleury, Mohammed Ghanbari. Resilient Video Stream Switching for Mobile Wireless Channels

Volume 7, Issue 1&2

1 -- 0Eric Pardede. Editorial
2 -- 29David Marin Díaz, Alejandro Rico Zuluaga, Angela Carrillo Ramos, María Paula Arias-Báez, Andrea Barraza-Urbina. Personalized Services for Commercial Establishments using PlaSerEs
30 -- 50Bartholomäus Wloka, Werner Winiwarter. Pervasive Language Learning on Modern Mobile Devices
51 -- 65Alton Yeow-Kuan Chua, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Khasfariyati Razikin, Ee-Peng Lim. A Usability Study of a Mobile Content Sharing System
66 -- 88Fernando Boronat, Mario Montagud, Vicent Vidal. A More Realistic RTP/RTCP-Based Simulation Platform for Video Streaming QoS Evaluation
89 -- 112Emad Abd-Elrahman, Mohammed Boutabia, Hossam Afifi. Hash Chain Links Resynchronization Methods in Video Streaming Security: Performance Comparison
113 -- 128Pedram Radmand, Jaipal Singh, Marc Domingo-Prieto, Joan Arnedo-Moreno, Alex Talevski. The Impact of Security on VoIP Call Quality
129 -- 133Tutun Juhana. Solution For TCP-Unfairness In IEEE802.11-based Ad-Hoc Network by Alleviating Exposed Terminal Problem Using Cross Layer Approach
134 -- 150Pejman Goudarzi. Differentiated QoS Based on Cross-layer Optimization in Wireless ad hoc Networks