Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 18, Issue 9

1423 -- 1438Sander Martens, Jaap Munneke, Hendrikus Smid, Addie Johnson. Quick Minds Don't Blink: Electrophysiological Correlates of Individual Differences in Attentional Selection
1439 -- 1452Ian G. Dobbins, SangHoon Han. Cue- versus Probe-dependent Prefrontal Cortex Activity during Contextual Remembering
1453 -- 1465Lisa S. Scott, James W. Tanaka, David L. Sheinberg, Tim Curran. A Reevaluation of the Electrophysiological Correlates of Expert Object Processing
1466 -- 1476Daniel Fiset, Frédéric Gosselin, Caroline Blais, Martin Arguin. Inducing Letter-by-letter Dyslexia in Normal Readers
1477 -- 1487Mayra L. Padilla, Richard A. Wood, Laura A. Hale, Robert T. Knight. Lapses in a Prefrontal-Extrastriate Preparatory Attention Network Predict Mistakes
1488 -- 1497James W. Tanaka, Tim Curran, Albert L. Porterfield, Daniel Collins. Activation of Preexisting and Acquired Face Representations: The N250 Event-related Potential as an Index of Face Familiarity
1498 -- 1517Joseph W. Kable, Anjan Chatterjee. Specificity of Action Representations in the Lateral Occipitotemporal Cortex
1518 -- 1530Xun Liu, Hongbin Wang, Christine R. Corbly, Jiajie Zhang, Jane E. Joseph. The Involvement of the Inferior Parietal Cortex in the Numerical Stroop Effect and the Distance Effect in a Two-digit Number Comparison Task
1531 -- 1544Jeffrey D. Johnson, Michael D. Rugg. Electrophysiological Correlates of Retrieval Processing: Effects of Consistent versus Inconsistent Retrieval Demands
1545 -- 1554Bénédicte Poulin-Charronnat, Emmanuel Bigand, Stefan Koelsch. Processing of Musical Syntax Tonic versus Subdominant: An Event-related Potential Study
1555 -- 1569Marc Teichmann, Emmanuel Dupoux, Sid Kouider, Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Lévi. The Role of the Striatum in Processing Language Rules: Evidence from Word Perception in Huntington s Disease
1570 -- 1576Michael Esterman, Timothy Verstynen, Richard B. Ivry, Lynn C. Robertson. Coming Unbound: Disrupting Automatic Integration of Synesthetic Color and Graphemes by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Right Parietal Lobe
1577 -- 1585Ahmed A. Karim, Anne Schüler, Yiwen Li Hegner, Eva Friedel, Ben Godde. Facilitating Effect of 15-Hz Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Tactile Perceptual Learning
1586 -- 1594J. M. Moran, C. N. Macrae, Todd F. Heatherton, C. L. Wyland, William M. Kelley. Neuroanatomical Evidence for Distinct Cognitive and Affective Components of Self
1595 -- 1605Bertram Opitz, Sonia Cornell. Contribution of Familiarity and Recollection to Associative Recognition Memory: Insights from Event-related Potentials

Volume 18, Issue 8

1237 -- 1252Eleni Orfanidou, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Matthew H. Davis. Neural Response Suppression Predicts Repetition Priming of Spoken Words and Pseudowords
1253 -- 1265Leah H. Somerville, Gagan S. Wig, Paul J. Whalen, William M. Kelley. Dissociable Medial Temporal Lobe Contributions to Social Memory
1266 -- 1276Raffael Kalisch, Katja Wiech, Katrin Herrmann, Raymond J. Dolan. Neural Correlates of Self-distraction from Anxiety and a Process Model of Cognitive Emotion Regulation
1277 -- 1291Núria Sebastián-Gallés, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells, Ruth de Diego-Balaguer, Begoña Díaz. First- and Second-language Phonological Representations in the Mental Lexicon
1292 -- 1303Titia L. van Zuijen, Veerle L. Simoens, Petri Paavilainen, Risto Näätänen, Mari Tervaniemi. Implicit, Intuitive, and Explicit Knowledge of Abstract Regularities in a Sound Sequence: An Event-related Brain Potential Study
1304 -- 1313Satoru Yokoyama, Tadao Miyamoto, Jorge Riera, Jungho Kim, Yuko Akitsuki, Kazuki Iwata, Kei Yoshimoto, Kaoru Horie, Shigeru Sato, Ryuta Kawashima. Cortical Mechanisms Involved in the Processing of Verbs: An fMRI Study
1314 -- 1330James W. Lewis, Raymond E. Phinney, Julie A. Brefczynski-Lewis, Edgar A. DeYoe. Lefties Get It Right When Hearing Tool Sounds
1331 -- 1342Andrea Kübler, Veronica Dixon, Hugh Garavan. Automaticity and Reestablishment of Executive Control - An fMRI Study
1343 -- 1358Viola Macchi Cassia, Dana Kuefner, Alissa Westerlund, Charles A. Nelson. Modulation of Face-sensitive Event-related Potentials by Canonical and Distorted Human Faces: The Role of Vertical Symmetry and Up-Down Featural Arrangement
1359 -- 1367Karine Sergerie, Martin Lepage, Jorge L. Armony. A Process-specific Functional Dissociation of the Amygdala in Emotional Memory
1368 -- 1379Thomas M. Van Vleet, Lynn C. Robertson. Cross-modal Interactions in Time and Space: Auditory Influence on Visual Attention in Hemispatial Neglect
1380 -- 1393Nikolaus Steinbeis, Stefan Koelsch, John A. Sloboda. The Role of Harmonic Expectancy Violations in Musical Emotions: Evidence from Subjective, Physiological, and Neural Responses
1394 -- 1405Gijs Plomp, Lichan Liu, Cees van Leeuwen, Andreas A. Ioannides. The Mosaic Stage in Amodal Completion as Characterized by Magnetoencephalography Responses
1406 -- 1421Shlomo Bentin, Yulia Golland, Anastasia Flevaris, Lynn C. Robertson, Morris Moscovitch. Processing the Trees and the Forest during Initial Stages of Face Perception: Electrophysiological Evidence

Volume 18, Issue 7

1045 -- 1058K. Suzanne Scherf, John A. Sweeney, Beatriz Luna. Brain Basis of Developmental Change in Visuospatial Working Memory
1059 -- 1074Maurizio Gentilucci, Paolo Bernardis, Girolamo Crisi, Riccardo Dalla Volta. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Broca s Area Affects Verbal Responses to Gesture Observation
1075 -- 1086N. Azimian-Faridani, Edward L. Wilding. The Influence of Criterion Shifts on Electrophysiological Correlates of Recognition Memory
1087 -- 1097Ingrid R. Olson, Katherine Sledge Moore, Marianna Stark, Anjan Chatterjee. Visual Working Memory Is Impaired when the Medial Temporal Lobe Is Damaged
1098 -- 1111Mante S. Nieuwland, Jos J. A. Van Berkum. When Peanuts Fall in Love: N400 Evidence for the Power of Discourse
1112 -- 1119Geoffrey F. Potts, Laura E. Martin, Philip Burton, P. Read Montague. When Things Are Better or Worse than Expected: The Medial Frontal Cortex and the Allocation of Processing Resources
1120 -- 1132Christopher Summerfield, Jennifer A. Mangels. Dissociable Neural Mechanisms for Encoding Predictable and Unpredictable Events
1133 -- 1146Trudy Y. Kuo, Cyma Van Petten. Prefrontal Engagement during Source Memory Retrieval Depends on the Prior Encoding Task
1147 -- 1155L. Romero, Vincent Walsh, Costanza Papagno. The Neural Correlates of Phonological Short-term Memory: A Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study
1156 -- 1173Anthony J. Greene, William L. Gross, Catherine L. Elsinger, Stephen M. Rao. An fMRI Analysis of the Human Hippocampus: Inference, Context, and Task Awareness
1174 -- 1180Axel Larsen, Kristoffer Hougaard Madsen, Torben Ellegaard Lund, Claus Bundesen. Images of Illusory Motion in Primary Visual Cortex
1181 -- 1197Marieke van Herten, Dorothee J. Chwilla, Herman H. J. Kolk. When Heuristics Clash with Parsing Routines: ERP Evidence for Conflict Monitoring in Sentence Perception
1198 -- 1211Sabine Windmann, Peter Kirsch, Daniela Mier, Rudolf Stark, Bertram Walter, Onur Güntürkün, Dieter Vaitl. On Framing Effects in Decision Making: Linking Lateral versus Medial Orbitofrontal Cortex Activation to Choice Outcome Processing
1212 -- 1222Keith Cicerone, Harvey Levin, James Malec, Donald Stuss, John Whyte. Cognitive Rehabilitation Interventions for Executive Function: Moving from Bench to Bedside in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury
1223 -- 1236Anna M. Barrett, Laurel J. Buxbaum, H. Branch Coslett, Emmeline Edwards, Kenneth M. Heilman, Argye E. Hillis, William P. Milberg, Ian H. Robertson. Cognitive Rehabilitation Interventions for Neglect and Related Disorders: Moving from Bench to Bedside in Stroke Patients

Volume 18, Issue 6

871 -- 879Jennifer S. Beer, Oliver P. John, Donatella Scabini, Robert T. Knight. Orbitofrontal Cortex and Social Behavior: Integrating Self-monitoring and Emotion-Cognition Interactions
880 -- 888Markus Conci, Klaus Gramann, Hermann J. Müller, Mark A. Elliott. Electrophysiological Correlates of Similarity-based Interference during Detection of Visual Forms
889 -- 897Ben Corden, Hugo D. Critchley, David Skuse, Raymond J. Dolan. Fear Recognition Ability Predicts Differences in Social Cognitive and Neural Functioning in Men
898 -- 910Nicole David, Bettina H. Bewernick, Michael X. Cohen, Albert Newen, Silke Lux, Gereon R. Fink, Nadim Joni Shah, Kai Vogeley. Neural Representations of Self versus Other: Visual-Spatial Perspective Taking and Agency in a Virtual Ball-tossing Game
911 -- 922Joseph T. Devlin, Helen L. Jamison, Laura M. Gonnerman, Paul M. Matthews. The Role of the Posterior Fusiform Gyrus in Reading
923 -- 931Gui Xue, Chuansheng Chen, Zhen Jin, Qi Dong 0002. Cerebral Asymmetry in the Fusiform Areas Predicted the Efficiency of Learning a New Writing System
932 -- 948Sam J. Gilbert, Stephanie Spengler, Jon S. Simons, J. Douglas Steele, Stephen M. Lawrie, Christopher D. Frith, Paul W. Burgess. Functional Specialization within Rostral Prefrontal Cortex (Area 10): A Meta-analysis
949 -- 965Bruno Kopp, Sandra Tabeling, Carsten Moschner, Karl Wessel. Fractionating the Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control
966 -- 973Eleni Kotsoni, Denis Mareschal, Gergely Csibra, Mark H. Johnson. Common-onset Visual Masking in Infancy: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
974 -- 989Rahmat Muhammad, Jonathan D. Wallis, Earl K. Miller. A Comparison of Abstract Rules in the Prefrontal Cortex, Premotor Cortex, Inferior Temporal Cortex, and Striatum
990 -- 1003K. Schiltz, A. Szentkuti, S. Guderian, J. Kaufmann, Thomas F. Münte, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Emrah Düzel. Relationship between Hippocampal Structure and Memory Function in Elderly Humans
1004 -- 1017Emily R. Stern, Jennifer A. Mangels. An Electrophysiological Investigation of Preparatory Attentional Control in a Spatial Stroop Task
1018 -- 1028Guillaume Thierry, Cathy J. Price. Dissociating Verbal and Nonverbal Conceptual Processing in the Human Brain
1029 -- 1043Elizabeth Tricomi, Mauricio R. Delgado, Bruce D. McCandliss, James L. McClelland, Julie A. Fiez. Performance Feedback Drives Caudate Activation in a Phonological Learning Task

Volume 18, Issue 5

689 -- 700M. Sabri, Einat Liebenthal, Eric Waldron, David A. Medler, Jeffrey R. Binder. Attentional Modulation in the Detection of Irrelevant Deviance: A Simultaneous ERP/fMRI Study
701 -- 714Courtney Stevens, Helen J. Neville. Neuroplasticity as a Double-edged Sword: Deaf Enhancements and Dyslexic Deficits in Motion Processing
715 -- 729Kathrin Lange, Brigitte Röder. Orienting Attention to Points in Time Improves Stimulus Processing Both within and across Modalities
730 -- 736Elsa Daurignac, Olivier Houdé, Roland Jouvent. Negative Priming in a Numerical Piaget-like Task as Evidenced by ERP
737 -- 748Valentin Dragoi, Mriganka Sur. Image Structure at the Center of Gaze during Free Viewing
749 -- 765Kevin Johnston, Stefan Everling. Neural Activity in Monkey Prefrontal Cortex Is Modulated by Task Context and Behavioral Instruction during Delayed-match-to-sample and Conditional Prosaccade - Antisaccade Tasks
766 -- 780Sonia Crottaz-Herbette, Vinod Menon. Where and When the Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulates Attentional Response: Combined fMRI and ERP Evidence
781 -- 792Gaia Scerif, Michael S. Worden, Matthew Davidson, Liat Seiger, B. J. Casey. Context Modulates Early Stimulus Processing when Resolving Stimulus-response Conflict
793 -- 802Björn H. Rasch, Jan Born, Steffen Gais. Combined Blockade of Cholinergic Receptors Shifts the Brain from Stimulus Encoding to Memory Consolidation
803 -- 817Jana Schaich Borg, Catherine Hynes, John Van Horn, Scott Grafton, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. Consequences, Action, and Intention as Factors in Moral Judgments: An fMRI Investigation
818 -- 832Olaf Hauk, Karalyn Patterson, Anna M. Woollams, L. Watling, Friedemann Pulvermüller, Timothy T. Rogers. [Q: ] When Would You Prefer a SOSSAGE to a SAUSAGE? [A: ] At about 100 msec. ERP Correlates of Orthographic Typicality and Lexicality in Written Word Recognition
833 -- 843Scott Glover, Umberto Castiello. Recovering Space in Unilateral Neglect: A Neurological Dissociation Revealed by Virtual Reality
844 -- 858Eunsam Shin, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton. Multiple Levels of Stimulus Representation in Visual Working Memory
859 -- 870Natalie Sebanz, Günther Knoblich, Wolfgang Prinz, Edmund Wascher. Twin Peaks: An ERP Study of Action Planning and Control in Coacting Individuals

Volume 18, Issue 4

495 -- 507Michael W. L. Chee, Joshua O. S. Goh, Vinod Venkatraman, Jiat Chow Tan, Angela H. Gutchess, Brad Sutton, Andy Hebrank, Eric Leshikar, Denise C. Park. Age-related Changes in Object Processing and Contextual Binding Revealed Using fMR Adaptation
508 -- 521Kenneth P. Wright Jr., Joseph T. Hull, Rod J. Hughes, Joseph M. Ronda, Charles A. Czeisler. Sleep and Wakefulness Out of Phase with Internal Biological Time Impairs Learning in Humans
522 -- 538Christian C. Ruff, Jon Driver. Attentional Preparation for a Lateralized Visual Distractor: Behavioral and fMRI Evidence
539 -- 561Anna Christina Nobre, Anling Rao, Leonardo Chelazzi. Selective Attention to Specific Features within Objects: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
562 -- 579Ko Sakai, Haruka Nishimura. Surrounding Suppression and Facilitation in the Determination of Border Ownership
580 -- 593Galit Yovel, Brad Duchaine. Specialized Face Perception Mechanisms Extract Both Part and Spacing Information: Evidence from Developmental Prosopagnosia
594 -- 603Mathijs Raemaekers, Matthijs Vink, Martijn P. van den Heuvel, René S. Kahn, Nick F. Ramsey. Effects of Aging on BOLD fMRI during Prosaccades and Antisaccades
604 -- 613Clayton Hickey, John J. McDonald, Jan Theeuwes. Electrophysiological Evidence of the Capture of Visual Attention
614 -- 625Mara Mather, Karen J. Mitchell, Carol L. Raye, Deanna L. Novak, Erich J. Greene, Marcia K. Johnson. Emotional Arousal Can Impair Feature Binding in Working Memory
626 -- 636Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg, Geert J. M. van Boxtel, Maurits W. van der Molen, D. Andries Bosch, Johannes D. Speelman, Cornelis H. M. Brunia. Stimulation of the Subthalamic Region Facilitates the Selection and Inhibition of Motor Responses in Parkinson s Disease
637 -- 650Monica Fabiani, Kathy A. Low, Emily Wee, Jeffrey J. Sable, Gabriele Gratton. Reduced Suppression or Labile Memory? Mechanisms of Inefficient Filtering of Irrelevant Information in Older Adults
651 -- 664Markus Ullsperger, D. Yves von Cramon. The Role of Intact Frontostriatal Circuits in Error Processing
665 -- 679Colin Humphries, Jeffrey R. Binder, David A. Medler, Einat Liebenthal. Syntactic and Semantic Modulation of Neural Activity during Auditory Sentence Comprehension
680 -- 688Konstantinos Priftis, Marco Zorzi, Francesca Meneghello, Roberto Marenzi, Carlo Umilta. Explicit versus Implicit Processing of Representational Space in Neglect: Dissociations in Accessing the Mental Number Line

Volume 18, Issue 3

311 -- 319Stefan Fischer, Spyridon Drosopoulos, Jim Tsen, Jan Born. Implicit Learning-Explicit Knowing: A Role for Sleep in Memory System Interaction
320 -- 334Thomas Fangmeier, Markus Knauff, Christian C. Ruff, Vladimir Sloutsky. fMRI Evidence for a Three-Stage Model of Deductive Reasoning
335 -- 347P. De Weerd, E. Smith, P. Greenberg. Effects of Selective Attention on Perceptual Filling-in
363 -- 375J. D. Mendola, I. P. Conner, S. Sharma, A. Bahekar, S. Lemieux. fMRI Measures of Perceptual Filling-in in the Human Visual Cortex
376 -- 387Brian C. Rakitin, Nikolaos Scarmeas, Tina Li, Chariklia Malapani, Yaakov Stern. Single-dose Levodopa Administration and Aging Independently Disrupt Time Production
388 -- 398Birte U. Forstmann, Marcel Brass, Iring Koch, D. Yves von Cramon. Voluntary Selection of Task Sets Revealed by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
399 -- 417Tanya Orlov, Daniel J. Amit, Volodya Yakovlev, Ehud Zohary, Shaul Hochstein. Memory of Ordinal Number Categories in Macaque Monkeys
418 -- 429Christine Wu Nordahl, Charan Ranganath, Andrew P. Yonelinas, Charles DeCarli, Evan Fletcher, William J. Jagust. White Matter Changes Compromise Prefrontal Cortex Function in Healthy Elderly Individuals
430 -- 443Marc D. Lewis, Connie Lamm, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Jim Stieben, Philip David Zelazo. Neurophysiological Correlates of Emotion Regulation in Children and Adolescents
444 -- 455Christopher D. Chambers, Mark A. Bellgrove, Mark G. Stokes, Tracy R. Henderson, Hugh Garavan, Ian H. Robertson, Adam P. Morris, Jason B. Mattingley. Executive Brake Failure following Deactivation of Human Frontal Lobe
456 -- 471Sabine Windmann, Michaela Wehrmann, Pasquale Calabrese, Onur Güntürkün. Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Attentional Control over Bistable Vision
472 -- 493Christiane Neuhaus, Thomas R. Knösche, Angela D. Friederici. Effects of Musical Expertise and Boundary Markers on Phrase Perception in Music

Volume 18, Issue 2

149 -- 157Anne Fieger, Brigitte Röder, Wolfgang A. Teder-Sälejärvi, Steven A. Hillyard, Helen J. Neville. Auditory Spatial Tuning in Late-onset Blindness in Humans
158 -- 168Jeannette A. M. Lorteije, J. Leon Kenemans, Tjeerd Jellema, Rob H. J. van der Lubbe, Frederiek de Heer, Richard J. A. van Wezel. Delayed Response to Animate Implied Motion in Human Motion Processing Areas
169 -- 183Karalyn Patterson, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph, Elizabeth Jefferies, Anna M. Woollams, Roy Jones, John R. Hodges, Timothy T. Rogers. Presemantic Cognition in Semantic Dementia: Six Deficits in Search of an Explanation
184 -- 198Markus Kiefer, Doreen Brendel. Attentional Modulation of Unconscious Automatic Processes: Evidence from Event-related Potentials in a Masked Priming Paradigm
199 -- 211Cyrille Magne, Daniele Schön, Mireille Besson. Musician Children Detect Pitch Violations in Both Music and Language Better than Nonmusician Children: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Approaches
212 -- 226Satoe Ichihara-Takeda, Shintaro Funahashi. Reward-period Activity in Primate Dorsolateral Prefrontal and Orbitofrontal Neurons Is Affected by Reward Schedules
227 -- 241Cheryl L. Grady, Mellanie V. Springer, Donaya Hongwanishkul, Anthony R. McIntosh, Gordon Winocur. Age-related Changes in Brain Activity across the Adult Lifespan
242 -- 257George L. Chadderdon, Olaf Sporns. A Large-scale Neurocomputational Model of Task-oriented Behavior Selection and Working Memory in Prefrontal Cortex
258 -- 266Ralph Weidner, Nadim Joni Shah, Gereon R. Fink. The Neural Basis of Perceptual Hypothesis Generation and Testing
267 -- 277Irene P. Kan, Joseph W. Kable, Amanda Van Scoyoc, Anjan Chatterjee, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Fractionating the Left Frontal Response to Tools: Dissociable Effects of Motor Experience and Lexical Competition
278 -- 297Rutvik Desai, Lisa L. Conant, Eric Waldron, Jeffrey R. Binder. fMRI of Past Tense Processing: The Effects of Phonological Complexity and Task Difficulty
298 -- 310Antigona Martínez, Wolfgang A. Teder-Sälejärvi, M. Vazquez, S. Molholm, John J. Foxe, Daniel C. Javitt, F. Di Russo, M. S. Worden, Steven A. Hillyard. Objects Are Highlighted by Spatial Attention

Volume 18, Issue 12

1959 -- 1972Anne Caclin, Elvira Brattico, Mari Tervaniemi, Risto Näätänen, Dominique Morlet, Marie-Hélène Giard, Stephen McAdams. Separate Neural Processing of Timbre Dimensions in Auditory Sensory Memory
1973 -- 1983R. Cools, Richard B. Ivry, Mark D Esposito. The Human Striatum is Necessary for Responding to Changes in Stimulus Relevance
1984 -- 1997Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Scott H. Frey, Laura-Ann Petitto, Scott T. Grafton. Anatomical Substrates of Visual and Auditory Miniature Second-language Learning
1998 -- 2012Fabien Vinckier, Lionel Naccache, Caroline Papeix, Joachim Forget, Valérie Hahn-Barma, Stanislas Dehaene, Laurent Cohen. What and Where in Word Reading: Ventral Coding of Written Words Revealed by Parietal Atrophy
2013 -- 2029Uri Hasson, Howard C. Nusbaum, Steven L. Small. Repetition Suppression for Spoken Sentences and the Effect of Task Demands
2030 -- 2048Sonja Rossi, Manfred F. Gugler, Angela D. Friederici, Anja Hahne. The Impact of Proficiency on Syntactic Second-language Processing of German and Italian: Evidence from Event-related Potentials
2049 -- 2062J. Tang, Hugo D. Critchley, D. E. Glaser, Raymond J. Dolan, B. Butterworth. Imaging Informational Conflict: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Numerical Stroop
2063 -- 2076Steven A. Jax, Laurel J. Buxbaum, Adrienne D. Moll. Deficits in Movement Planning and Intrinsic Coordinate Control in Ideomotor Apraxia
2077 -- 2087Kirsten G. Volz, D. Yves von Cramon. What Neuroscience Can Tell about Intuitive Processes in the Context of Perceptual Discovery
2088 -- 2107Peter Ford Dominey, Michel Hoen, Toshio Inui. A Neurolinguistic Model of Grammatical Construction Processing
2108 -- 2129Gilles Pourtois, Michael De Pretto, Claude-Alain Hauert, Patrik Vuilleumier. Time Course of Brain Activity during Change Blindness and Change Awareness: Performance is Predicted by Neural Events before Change Onset
2130 -- 2137Andrea C. Pierno, Cristina Becchio, Matthew B. Wall, Andrew T. Smith, Luca Turella, Umberto Castiello. When Gaze Turns into Grasp
2138 -- 2151Roland Zahn, Peter Garrard, Jochen Talazko, Matthias Gondan, Philine Bubrowski, Freimut Juengling, Helen Slawik, Petra Dykierek, Bernd Koester, Michael Hull. Patterns of Regional Brain Hypometabolism Associated with Knowledge of Semantic Features and Categories in Alzheimer s Disease
2152 -- 2166Simone Lang, Nadine Kanngieser, Piotr Jaskowski, Hilde Haider, Michael Rose, Rolf Verleger. Precursors of Insight in Event-related Brain Potentials
2167 -- 2176Nicholas Cothros, Stefan Köhler, Erin W. Dickie, Seyed M. Mirsattari, Paul L. Gribble. Proactive Interference as a Result of Persisting Neural Representations of Previously Learned Motor Skills in Primary Motor Cortex

Volume 18, Issue 11

1789 -- 1798Angela Bartolo, Francesca Benuzzi, Luca Nocetti, Patrizia Baraldi, Paolo Nichelli. Humor Comprehension and Appreciation: An fMRI Study
1799 -- 1807Christoph Nissen, Ann E. Power, Eric A. Nofzinger, Bernd Feige, Ulrich Voderholzer, Corinna Kloepfer, Bernhard Waldheim, Marc-Philipp Radosa, Mathias Berger, Dieter Riemann. 1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonism Alters Sleep without Affecting Memory Consolidation
1808 -- 1819Jeroen J. A. van Boxtel, Raymond van Ee, Casper J. Erkelens. A Single System Explains Human Speed Perception
1820 -- 1828Daniel Ansari, Bibek Dhital. Age-related Changes in the Activation of the Intraparietal Sulcus during Nonsymbolic Magnitude Processing: An Event-related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
1829 -- 1842Jörg Bahlmann, Thomas C. Gunter, Angela D. Friederici. Hierarchical and Linear Sequence Processing: An Electrophysiological Exploration of Two Different Grammar Types
1843 -- 1849Darlene Floden, Donald T. Stuss. Inhibitory Control is Slowed in Patients with Right Superior Medial Frontal Damage
1850 -- 1862Juan R. Vidal, Maximilien Chaumon, J. Kevin O Regan, Catherine Tallon-Baudry. Visual Grouping and the Focusing of Attention Induce Gamma-band Oscillations at Different Frequencies in Human Magnetoencephalogram Signals
1863 -- 1876Deborah E. Hannula, Kara D. Federmeier, Neal J. Cohen. Event-related Potential Signatures of Relational Memory
1877 -- 1888Michael A. Kraut, Jeffery A. Pitcock, Vince D. Calhoun, Juan Li, Thomas Freeman, John Hart Jr.. Neuroanatomic Organization of Sound Memory in Humans
1889 -- 1898Argye E. Hillis, Shannon Chang, Jennifer E. Heidler-Gary, Melissa Newhart, Jonathan T. Kleinman, Cameron Davis, Peter B. Barker, Eric Aldrich, Lynda Ken. Neural Correlates of Modality-specific Spatial Extinction
1899 -- 1912Axel Lindner, Thomas Haarmeier, Michael Erb, Wolfgang Grodd, Peter Thier. Cerebrocerebellar Circuits for the Perceptual Cancellation of Eye-movement-induced Retinal Image Motion
1913 -- 1923Janice J. Snyder, Anjan Chatterjee. The Frontal Cortex and Exogenous Attentional Orienting
1924 -- 1936Kirsten G. Volz, Lael J. Schooler, Ricarda I. Schubotz, Markus Raab, Gerd Gigerenzer, D. Yves von Cramon. Why You Think Milan is Larger than Modena: Neural Correlates of the Recognition Heuristic
1937 -- 1946Qi Chen, Ping Wei, Xiaolin Zhou. Distinct Neural Correlates for Resolving Stroop Conflict at Inhibited and Noninhibited Locations in Inhibition of Return
1947 -- 1958Drew Westen, Pavel S. Blagov, Keith Harenski, Clint Kilts, Stephan Hamann. Neural Bases of Motivated Reasoning: An fMRI Study of Emotional Constraints on Partisan Political Judgment in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election

Volume 18, Issue 10

1607 -- 1615Véronique Boulenger, Alice C. Roy, Yves Paulignan, Viviane Deprez, Marc Jeannerod, Tatjana A. Nazir. Cross-talk between Language Processes and Overt Motor Behavior in the First 200 msec of Processing
1616 -- 1630Andrea Krott, R. Harald Baayen, Peter Hagoort. The Nature of Anterior Negativities Caused by Misapplications of Morphological Rules
1631 -- 1643Phillip J. Holcomb, Jonathan Grainger. On the Time Course of Visual Word Recognition: An Event-related Potential Investigation using Masked Repetition Priming
1644 -- 1653S. M. Brambati, D. Myers, A. Wilson, K. P. Rankin, S. C. Allison, H. J. Rosen, Bruce L. Miller, M. L. Gorno-Tempini. The Anatomy of Category-specific Object Naming in Neurodegenerative Diseases
1654 -- 1662Indre V. Viskontas, Barbara J. Knowlton, Peter N. Steinmetz, Itzhak Fried. Differences in Mnemonic Processing by Neurons in the Human Hippocampus and Parahippocampal Regions
1663 -- 1665Mark A. Elliott, Zhuanghua Shi, Sean D. Kelly. A Moment to Reflect upon Perceptual Synchrony
1666 -- 1675Wouter Braet, Glyn W. Humphreys. The Special Effect of Case Mixing on Word Identification: Neuropsychological and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Studies Dissociating Case Mixing from Contrast Reduction
1676 -- 1695B. Sabisch, Anja Hahne, E. Glass, W. von Suchodoletz, Angela D. Friederici. Auditory Language Comprehension in Children with Developmental Dyslexia: Evidence from Event-related Brain Potentials
1696 -- 1711Korinna Eckstein, Angela D. Friederici. It s Early: Event-related Potential Evidence for Initial Interaction of Syntax and Prosody in Speech Comprehension
1712 -- 1722Bradley R. Postle, Fabio Ferrarelli, Massihullah Hamidi, Eva Feredoes, Marcello Massimini, Michael Peterson, Andrew Alexander, Giulio Tononi. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Dissociates Working Memory Manipulation from Retention Functions in the Prefrontal, but not Posterior Parietal, Cortex
1723 -- 1733Timothy C. Rickard, Mieke Verfaellie, Jordan Grafman. Transverse Patterning and Human Amnesia
1734 -- 1748Francisco Barceló, Carles Escera, María-José Corral, Jose A. Periáñez. Task Switching and Novelty Processing Activate a Common Neural Network for Cognitive Control
1749 -- 1758Paul A. Skarratt, Michal Lavidor. Magnetic Stimulation of the Left Visual Cortex Impairs Expert Word Recognition
1759 -- 1773Kirk R. Daffner, Katherine K. Ryan, Danielle M. Williams, Andrew E. Budson, Dorene M. Rentz, David A. Wolk, Phillip J. Holcomb. Increased Responsiveness to Novelty is Associated with Successful Cognitive Aging
1774 -- 1787Xuesong Li, Hua Shu, Youyi Liu, Ping Li. Mental Representation of Verb Meaning: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence

Volume 18, Issue 1

1 -- 13Joel S. Snyder, Claude Alain, Terence W. Picton. Effects of Attention on Neuroelectric Correlates of Auditory Stream Segregation
14 -- 21Ulrich Mayr, Jörn Diedrichsen, Richard Ivry, Steven W. Keele. Dissociating Task-set Selection from Task-set Inhibition in the Prefrontal Cortex
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