Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 19, Issue 9

1421 -- 1434Roel Kerkhofs, Wietske Vonk, Herbert Schriefers, Dorothee J. Chwilla. Discourse, Syntax, and Prosody: The Brain Reveals an Immediate Interaction
1435 -- 1452Pia Rotshtein, Joy J. Geng, Jon Driver, Raymond J. Dolan. Role of Features and Second-order Spatial Relations in Face Discrimination, Face Recognition, and Individual Face Skills: Behavioral and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
1453 -- 1463Carlos Marques, Sylvain Moreno, São Luís Castro, Mireille Besson. Musicians Detect Pitch Violation in a Foreign Language Better Than Nonmusicians: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence
1464 -- 1475Mirjana Bozic, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Matthew H. Davis, Lorraine K. Tyler. Differentiating Morphology, Form, and Meaning: Neural Correlates of Morphological Complexity
1476 -- 1487Richard E. Frye, Janet McGraw Fisher, Alexis Coty, Melissa Zarella, Jacqueline Liederman, Eric Halgren. Linear Coding of Voice Onset Time
1488 -- 1497Johannes J. Fahrenfort, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. Lamme. Masking Disrupts Reentrant Processing in Human Visual Cortex
1498 -- 1507Daniel S. Marcus, Tracy H. Wang, Jamie Parker, John G. Csernansky, John C. Morris, Randy L. Buckner. Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS): Cross-sectional MRI Data in Young, Middle Aged, Nondemented, and Demented Older Adults
1508 -- 1519Andrew D. Engell, James V. Haxby, Alexander Todorov. Implicit Trustworthiness Decisions: Automatic Coding of Face Properties in the Human Amygdala
1520 -- 1534Hana Burianova, Cheryl Grady. Common and Unique Neural Activations in Autobiographical, Episodic, and Semantic Retrieval
1535 -- 1541Daniela Balslev, Jonathan Cole, R. Chris Miall. Proprioception Contributes to the Sense of Agency during Visual Observation of Hand Movements: Evidence from Temporal Judgments of Action
1542 -- 1555Denise H. Wu, Sara Waller, Anjan Chatterjee. The Functional Neuroanatomy of Thematic Role and Locative Relational Knowledge
1556 -- 1573Yasuo Terao, Toshiaki Furubayashi, Shingo Okabe, Hitoshi Mochizuki, Noritoshi Arai, Shunsuke Kobayashi, Yoshikazu Ugawa. Modifying the Cortical Processing for Motor Preparation by Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
1574 -- 1580Vinod Goel, Raymond J. Dolan. Social Regulation of Affective Experience of Humor

Volume 19, Issue 8

1231 -- 1240Jeannette A. M. Lorteije, J. Leon Kenemans, Tjeerd Jellema, Rob H. J. van der Lubbe, Marjolein W. Lommers, Richard J. A. van Wezel. Adaptation to Real Motion Reveals Direction-selective Interactions between Real and Implied Motion Processing
1241 -- 1258Guillaume A. Rousselet, Marc J.-M. Macé, Simon J. Thorpe, Michèle Fabre-Thorpe. Limits of Event-related Potential Differences in Tracking Object Processing Speed
1259 -- 1274Dietmar Roehm, Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky, Frank Rösler, Matthias Schlesewsky. To Predict or Not to Predict: Influences of Task and Strategy on the Processing of Semantic Relations
1275 -- 1285Sarah M. Shuwairi, Clayton E. Curtis, Scott P. Johnson. Neural Substrates of Dynamic Object Occlusion
1286 -- 1301Marianne de Chastelaine, David Friedman, Yael M. Cycowicz. The Development of Control Processes Supporting Source Memory Discrimination as Revealed by Event-related Potentials
1302 -- 1315Ovidiu V. Lungu, Tao Liu, Tobias Waechter, Daniel T. Willingham, James Ashe. Strategic Modulation of Cognitive Control
1316 -- 1322Monika Kiss, Brian A. Goolsby, Jane E. Raymond, Kimron L. Shapiro, Laetitia Silvert, Anna Christina Nobre, Nickolaos F. Fragopanagos, John G. Taylor, Martin Eimer. Efficient Attentional Selection Predicts Distractor Devaluation: Event-related Potential Evidence for a Direct Link between Attention and Emotion
1323 -- 1337Jennifer H. Pfeifer, Matthew D. Lieberman, Mirella Dapretto. "I Know You Are But What Am I?!": Neural Bases of Self- and Social Knowledge Retrieval in Children and Adults
1338 -- 1353O. Hauk, K. Patterson, A. Woollams, E. Cooper-Pye, Friedemann Pulvermüller, T. T. Rogers. How the Camel Lost Its Hump: The Impact of Object Typicality on Event-related Potential Signals in Object Decision
1354 -- 1372Martin Schulte-Rüther, Hans J. Markowitsch, Gereon R. Fink, Martina Piefke. Mirror Neuron and Theory of Mind Mechanisms Involved in Face-to-Face Interactions: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approach to Empathy
1373 -- 1387Zoë R. Hunter, Marc Brysbaert, Stefan Knecht. Foveal Word Reading Requires Interhemispheric Communication
1388 -- 1406Patrik Vuilleumier, Claire Sergent, Sophie Schwartz, Nathalie Valenza, Michele Girardi, Masud Husain, Jon Driver. Impaired Perceptual Memory of Locations across Gaze-shifts in Patients with Unilateral Spatial Neglect
1407 -- 1419Penny M. Pexman, Ian S. Hargreaves, Jodi D. Edwards, Luke C. Henry, Bradley G. Goodyear. Neural Correlates of Concreteness in Semantic Categorization

Volume 19, Issue 7

1067 -- 1080Daniel Y. Kimberg, H. Branch Coslett, Myrna F. Schwartz. Power in Voxel-based Lesion-Symptom Mapping
1081 -- 1088Chris Rorden, Hans-Otto Karnath, Leonardo Bonilha. Improving Lesion-Symptom Mapping
1089 -- 1103Angela H. Gutchess, Yoko Ieuji, Kara D. Federmeier. Event-related Potentials Reveal Age Differences in the Encoding and Recognition of Scenes
1104 -- 1112Mike Wendt, Marcus Heldmann, Thomas F. Münte, Rainer H. Kluwe. Disentangling Sequential Effects of Stimulus- and Response-related Conflict and Stimulus-Response Repetition using Brain Potentials
1113 -- 1124John L. Woodard, Michael Seidenberg, Kristy A. Nielson, Sarah K. Miller, Malgorzata Franczak, Piero Antuono, Kelli L. Douville, Stephen M. Rao. Temporally Graded Activation of Neocortical Regions in Response to Memories of Different Ages
1125 -- 1139Stephen R. Welbourne, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Using Parallel Distributed Processing Models to Simulate Phonological Dyslexia: The Key Role of Plasticity-related Recovery
1140 -- 1151Jacinta O Shea, Neil G. Muggleton, Alan Cowey, Vincent Walsh. Human Frontal Eye Fields and Spatial Priming of Pop-out
1152 -- 1162Kari M. Eddington, Florin Dolcos, Roberto Cabeza, K. Ranga R. Krishnan, Timothy J. Strauman. Neural Correlates of Promotion and Prevention Goal Activation: An fMRI Study using an Idiographic Approach
1163 -- 1174Ilana S. Hairston, Srikantan S. Nagarajan. Neural Mechanisms of the Time-order Error: An MEG Study
1175 -- 1192Henning Holle, Thomas C. Gunter. The Role of Iconic Gestures in Speech Disambiguation: ERP Evidence
1193 -- 1205Elisabet Service, Päivi Helenius, Sini Maury, Riitta Salmelin. Localization of Syntactic and Semantic Brain Responses using Magnetoencephalography
1206 -- 1217C. M. Kipps, A. J. Duggins, E. A. McCusker, A. J. Calder. Disgust and Happiness Recognition Correlate with Anteroventral Insula and Amygdala Volume Respectively in Preclinical Huntington s Disease
1218 -- 1230Stephanie Ortigue, Francesco Bianchi-Demicheli, A. F. de C. Hamilton, Scott T. Grafton. The Neural Basis of Love as a Subliminal Prime: An Event-related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Volume 19, Issue 6

907 -- 920Jennifer Adrienne Johnson, Antonio P. Strafella, Robert J. Zatorre. The Role of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Bimodal Divided Attention: Two Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Studies
921 -- 934Jasna Martinovic, Thomas Gruber, Matthias M. Müller. Induced Gamma Band Responses Predict Recognition Delays during Object Identification
935 -- 944Arnaud D Argembeau, Perrine Ruby, Fabienne Collette, Christian Degueldre, Evelyne Balteau, André Luxen, Pierre Maquet, Eric Salmon. Distinct Regions of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex Are Associated with Self-referential Processing and Perspective Taking
945 -- 956Ethan Kross, Tobias Egner, Kevin N. Ochsner, Joy Hirsch, Geraldine Downey. Neural Dynamics of Rejection Sensitivity
957 -- 970Roi Cohen Kadosh, Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, David E. J. Linden, Wim Gevers, Andrea Berger, Avishai Henik. The Brain Locus of Interaction between Number and Size: A Combined Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Event-related Potential Study
971 -- 980Friedemann Pulvermüller, Ramin Assadollahi. Grammar or Serial Order?: Discrete Combinatorial Brain Mechanisms Reflected by the Syntactic Mismatch Negativity
981 -- 992Daniel Smilek, Kelly A. Malcolmson, Jonathan S. A. Carriere, Meghan Eller, Donna Kwan, Michael G. Reynolds. When 3 is a Jerk and E is a King: Personifying Inanimate Objects in Synesthesia
993 -- 1003Tim V. Salomons, Tom Johnstone, Misha-Miroslav Backonja, Alexander J. Shackman, Richard J. Davidson. Individual Differences in the Effects of Perceived Controllability on Pain Perception: Critical Role of the Prefrontal Cortex
1004 -- 1012Ann Assmus, Carsten Giessing, Peter H. Weiss, Gereon R. Fink. Functional Interactions during the Retrieval of Conceptual Action Knowledge: An fMRI Study
1013 -- 1020Gorana Pobric, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Michal Lavidor. Magnetic Stimulation of the Right Visual Cortex Impairs Form-specific Priming
1021 -- 1032Jonas Persson, Cindy Lustig, James K. Nelson, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz. Age Differences in Deactivation: A Link to Cognitive Control?
1033 -- 1049Andrea Di Ferdinando, Domenico Parisi, Paolo Bartolomeo. Modeling Orienting Behavior and Its Disorders with Ecological Neural Networks
1050 -- 1065Juan Silva-Pereyra, Barbara T. Conboy, Lindsay Klarman, Patricia K. Kuhl. Grammatical Processing without Semantics? An Event-related Brain Potential Study of Preschoolers using Jabberwocky Sentences

Volume 19, Issue 5

721 -- 733Nava Levit-Binnun, Nestor Z. Handzy, Avi Peled, Ilan Modai, Elisha Moses. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in a Finger-tapping Task Separates Motor from Timing Mechanisms and Induces Frequency Doubling
734 -- 749Haline E. Schendan, Marta Kutas. Neurophysiological Evidence for the Time Course of Activation of Global Shape, Part, and Local Contour Representations during Visual Object Categorization and Memory
750 -- 760Fredrik Edin, Julian Macoveanu, Pernille Olesen, Jesper Tegnér, Torkel Klingberg. Stronger Synaptic Connectivity as a Mechanism behind Development of Working Memory-related Brain Activity during Childhood
761 -- 775Hannah R. Snyder, Keith Feigenson, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Prefrontal Cortical Response to Conflict during Semantic and Phonological Tasks
776 -- 798Sang-Hee Kim, Stephan Hamann. Neural Correlates of Positive and Negative Emotion Regulation
799 -- 816Frederic Dick, Ayse Pinar Saygin, Gaspare Galati, Sabrina Pitzalis, Simone Bentrovato, Simona D Amico, Stephen Wilson, Elizabeth Bates, Luigi Pizzamiglio. What is Involved and What is Necessary for Complex Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Auditory Processing: Evidence from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Lesion Data
830 -- 842Sara L. Bengtsson, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Fredrik Ullén. Cortical Regions Involved in the Generation of Musical Structures during Improvisation in Pianists
843 -- 854Andy J. Wills, A. Lavric, G. S. Croft, Timothy L. Hodgson. Predictive Learning, Prediction Errors, and Attention: Evidence from Event-related Potentials and Eye Tracking
855 -- 865Shirley-Ann Rüschemeyer, Marcel Brass, Angela D. Friederici. Comprehending Prehending: Neural Correlates of Processing Verbs with Motor Stems
866 -- 877Aureliu Lavric, Amanda Clapp, Kathleen Rastle. ERP Evidence of Morphological Analysis from Orthography: A Masked Priming Study
878 -- 892Chao He, Lisa Hotson, Laurel J. Trainor. Mismatch Responses to Pitch Changes in Early Infancy
893 -- 906Jessica A. Grahn, Matthew Brett. Rhythm and Beat Perception in Motor Areas of the Brain

Volume 19, Issue 4

557 -- 562M. C. Cutajar, T. M. Edwards. Evidence for the Role of Endogenous Carbon Monoxide in Memory Processing
563 -- 576Michael Andres, Xavier Seron, Etienne Olivier. Contribution of Hand Motor Circuits to Counting
577 -- 586Maurizio Codispoti, Vera Ferrari, Margaret M. Bradley. Repetition and Event-related Potentials: Distinguishing Early and Late Processes in Affective Picture Perception
587 -- 593Notger G. Müller, Andreas Kleinschmidt. Temporal Dynamics of the Attentional Spotlight: Neuronal Correlates of Attentional Capture and Inhibition of Return in Early Visual Cortex
594 -- 604Claudia K. Friedrich, Sonja A. Kotz. Event-related Potential Evidence of Form and Meaning Coding during Online Speech Recognition
605 -- 616Asli Özyürek, Roel M. Willems, Sotaro Kita, Peter Hagoort. On-line Integration of Semantic Information from Speech and Gesture: Insights from Event-related Brain Potentials
617 -- 631William W. Graves, Thomas J. Grabowski, Sonya Mehta, Jean K. Gordon. A Neural Signature of Phonological Access: Distinguishing the Effects of Word Frequency from Familiarity and Length in Overt Picture Naming
632 -- 641Frank Scharnowski, Frouke Hermens, Thomas Kammer, Haluk Ögmen, Michael H. Herzog. Feature Fusion Reveals Slow and Fast Visual Memories
642 -- 657Jérôme Prado, Ira A. Noveck. Overcoming Perceptual Features in Logical Reasoning: A Parametric Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
658 -- 670C. Giessing, G. R. Fink, F. Rösler, C. M. Thiel. fMRI Data Predict Individual Differences of Behavioral Effects of Nicotine: A Partial Least Square Analysis
671 -- 683Perrine Ruby, Christina Schmidt, Michaël Hogge, Arnaud D Argembeau, Fabienne Collette, Eric Salmon. Social Mind Representation: Where Does It Fail in Frontotemporal Dementia?
684 -- 693Marc Sato, Luigi Cattaneo, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Vittorio Gallese. Numbers within Our Hands: Modulation of Corticospinal Excitability of Hand Muscles during Numerical Judgment
694 -- 703Julia Simner, Emma Holenstein. Ordinal Linguistic Personification as a Variant of Synesthesia
704 -- 719Bettina Pollok, Markus Butz, Joachim Gross, Alfons Schnitzler. Intercerebellar Coupling Contributes to Bimanual Coordination
1984 -- 1997Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Scott H. Frey, Laura-Ann Peritto, Scott T. Grafton. Anatomical Substrates of Visual and Auditory Miniature Second-language Learning

Volume 19, Issue 3

363 -- 364Martha J. Farah. Social, Legal, and Ethical Implications of Cognitive Neuroscience: Neuroethics for Short
365 -- 375S. Pollmann, K. Mahn, B. Reimann, R. Weidner, Marc Tittgemeyer, Christoph Preul, H. J. Müller, D. Yves von Cramon. Selective Visual Dimension Weighting Deficit after Left Lateral Frontopolar Lesions
376 -- 385Krista L. Johnson, Trent G. Nicol, Steven G. Zecker, Nina Kraus. Auditory Brainstem Correlates of Perceptual Timing Deficits
386 -- 400Anna S. Hasting, Sonja A. Kotz, Angela D. Friederici. Setting the Stage for Automatic Syntax Processing: The Mismatch Negativity as an Indicator of Syntactic Priming
401 -- 408Martin Reuter, Ulrich Ott, Dieter Vaitl, Jürgen Hennig. Impaired Executive Control Is Associated with a Variation in the Promoter Region of the Tryptophan Hydroxylase 2 Gene
409 -- 419Tom Verguts. How to Compare Two Quantities? A Computational Model of Flutter Discrimination
420 -- 432Anthony T. Herdman, Jennifer D. Ryan. Spatio-temporal Brain Dynamics Underlying Saccade Execution, Suppression, and Error-related Feedback
433 -- 444Manuel Carreiras, Andrea Mechelli, Adelina Estévez, Cathy J. Price. Brain Activation for Lexical Decision and Reading Aloud: Two Sides of the Same Coin?
445 -- 454Marco Tamietto, Giuliano Geminiani, Rosanna Genero, Béatrice de Gelder. Seeing Fearful Body Language Overcomes Attentional Deficits in Patients with Neglect
455 -- 467Andrew R. Mayer, Deborah L. Harrington, Julia Stephen, John C. Adair, Roland R. Lee. An Event-related fMRIStudy of Exogenous Facilitation and Inhibition of Return in the Auditory Modality
468 -- 478Jessica K. Alexander, Ashleigh Hillier, Ryan M. Smith, Madalina E. Tivarus, David Q. Beversdorf. Beta-adrenergic Modulation of Cognitive Flexibility during Stress
479 -- 492Alexander Kraskov, Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, Leila Reddy, Itzhak Fried, Christof Koch. Local Field Potentials and Spikes in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe are Selective to Image Category
493 -- 512Patrick Khader, Kathrin Knoth, Michael Burke, Charan Ranganath, Siegfried Bien, Frank Rösler. Topography and Dynamics of Associative Long-term Memory Retrieval in Humans
513 -- 524Elisabeth Rounis, Kielan Yarrow, John C. Rothwell. Effects of rTMS Conditioning over the Fronto-parietal Network on Motor versus Visual Attention
525 -- 542Markus Kiefer, Eun-Jin Sim, Sarah Liebich, Olaf Hauk, James Tanaka. Experience-dependent Plasticity of Conceptual Representations in Human Sensory-Motor Areas
543 -- 555Bruno Rossion, Daniel Collins, Valérie Goffaux, Tim Curran. Long-term Expertise with Artificial Objects Increases Visual Competition with Early Face Categorization Processes

Volume 19, Issue 2

175 -- 193Hiroko Hagiwara, Takahiro Soshi, Masami Ishihara, Kuniyasu Imanaka. A Topographical Study on the Event-related Potential Correlates of Scrambled Word Order in Japanese Complex Sentences
194 -- 203Gijsbert Stoet, Lawrence H. Snyder. Correlates of Stimulus-Response Congruence in the Posterior Parietal Cortex
204 -- 213Julie Duque, Nagako Murase, Pablo Celnik, Friedhelm Hummel, Michelle Harris-Love, Riccardo Mazzocchio, Etienne Olivier, Leonardo G. Cohen. Intermanual Differences in Movement-related Interhemispheric Inhibition
214 -- 227Stefan Fischer, Ines Wilhelm, Jan Born. Developmental Differences in Sleep s Role for Implicit Off-line Learning: Comparing Children with Adults
228 -- 236Mante S. Nieuwland, Marte Otten, Jos J. A. Van Berkum. Who are You Talking About? Tracking Discourse-level Referential Processing with Event-related Brain Potentials
237 -- 248Carien M. van Reekum, Heather L. Urry, Tom Johnstone, Marchell E. Thurow, Corrina J. Frye, Cory A. Jackson, Hillary S. Schaefer, Andrew L. Alexander, Richard J. Davidson. Individual Differences in Amygdala and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Activity are Associated with Evaluation Speed and Psychological Well-being
249 -- 265Corinna M. Cincotta, Carol A. Seger. Dissociation between Striatal Regions while Learning to Categorize via Feedback and via Observation
266 -- 274Erik Chang, Tony Ro. Maintenance of Visual Stability in the Human Posterior Parietal Cortex
275 -- 286Giuseppe Di Pellegrino, Elisa Ciaramelli, Elisabetta Làdavas. The Regulation of Cognitive Control following Rostral Anterior Cingulate Cortex Lesion in Humans
287 -- 295Nobuhito Abe, Maki Suzuki, Etsuro Mori, Masatoshi Itoh, Toshikatsu Fujii. Deceiving Others: Distinct Neural Responses of the Prefrontal Cortex and Amygdala in Simple Fabrication and Deception with Social Interactions
296 -- 314Christian Gerlach. A Review of Functional Imaging Studies on Category Specificity
315 -- 330Kurt E. Weaver, Alexander A. Stevens. Attention and Sensory Interactions within the Occipital Cortex in the Early Blind: An fMRI Study
331 -- 340Farshad Moradi, Constanze Hipp, Christof Koch. Activity in the Visual Cortex is Modulated by Top-Down Attention Locked to Reaction Time
341 -- 350Carine Michel, Laure Pisella, Claude Prablanc, Gilles Rode, Yves Rossetti. Enhancing Visuomotor Adaptation by Reducing Error Signals: Single-step (Aware) versus Multiple-step (Unaware) Exposure to Wedge Prisms
351 -- 362Philippe-Olivier Harvey, Philippe Fossati, Martin Lepage. Modulation of Memory Formation by Stimulus Content: Specific Role of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex in the Successful Encoding of Social Pictures

Volume 19, Issue 12

1923 -- 1931Alexander Strobel, Gesine Dreisbach, Johannes Müller, Thomas Goschke, Burkhard Brocke, Klaus-Peter Lesch. Genetic Variation of Serotonin Function and Cognitive Control
1932 -- 1949Niklas Ihssen, Sabine Heim, Andreas Keil. The Costs of Emotional Attention: Affective Processing Inhibits Subsequent Lexico-semantic Analysis
1950 -- 1963Chantel S. Prat, Timothy A. Keller, Marcel Adam Just. Individual Differences in Sentence Comprehension: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Investigation of Syntactic and Lexical Processing Demands
1964 -- 1973Jeroen J. Stekelenburg, Jean Vroomen. Neural Correlates of Multisensory Integration of Ecologically Valid Audiovisual Events
1974 -- 1982Tom A. Schweizer, Chris Oriet, Nachshon Meiran, Michael P. Alexander, Michael Cusimano, Donald T. Stuss. The Cerebellum Mediates Conflict Resolution
1983 -- 1993Brian T. Gold, Kathleen Rastle. Neural Correlates of Morphological Decomposition during Visual Word Recognition
1994 -- 2004Flavio T. P. Oliveira, John J. McDonald, David Goodman. Performance Monitoring in the Anterior Cingulate is Not All Error Related: Expectancy Deviation and the Representation of Action-Outcome Associations
2005 -- 2018Barry Giesbrecht, Jocelyn L. Sy, James C. Elliott. Electrophysiological Evidence for Both Perceptual and Postperceptual Selection during the Attentional Blink
2019 -- 2034Chun-Chia Kung, Jessie J. Peissig, Michael J. Tarr. Is Region-of-Interest Overlap Comparison a Reliable Measure of Category Specificity?
2035 -- 2049Christian J. Fiebach, Angela D. Friederici, Edward E. Smith, David Swinney. Lateral Inferotemporal Cortex Maintains Conceptual - Semantic Representations in Verbal Working Memory
2050 -- 2059Roi Cohen Kadosh, Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, Avishai Henik. The Neuronal Correlate of Bidirectional Synesthesia: A Combined Event-related Potential and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
2060 -- 2070Meredith A. Shafto, Deborah M. Burke, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, Phyllis P. Tam, Lorraine K. Tyler. On the Tip-of-the-Tongue: Neural Correlates of Increased Word-finding Failures in Normal Aging
2071 -- 2081Allen Azizian, John Polich. Evidence for Attentional Gradient in the Serial Position Memory Curve from Event-related Potentials
2082 -- 2099David Badre, Mark D Esposito. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence for a Hierarchical Organization of the Prefrontal Cortex

Volume 19, Issue 11

1735 -- 1752Alice J. O Toole, Fang Jiang, Hervé Abdi, Nils Penard, Joseph P. Dunlop, Marc A. Parent. Theoretical, Statistical, and Practical Perspectives on Pattern-based Classification Approaches to the Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data
1753 -- 1767Cynthia K. Thompson, Borna Bonakdarpour, Stephen C. Fix, Henrike K. Blumenfeld, Todd B. Parrish, Darren R. Gitelman, M.-Marsel Mesulam. Neural Correlates of Verb Argument Structure Processing
1768 -- 1775Michele T. Diaz, Gregory McCarthy. Unconscious Word Processing Engages a Distributed Network of Brain Regions
1776 -- 1789Leun J. Otten, Josefin Sveen, Angela H. Quayle. Distinct Patterns of Neural Activity during Memory Formation of Nonwords versus Words
1790 -- 1802Joseph M. DeGutis, Shlomo Bentin, Lynn C. Robertson, Mark D Esposito. Functional Plasticity in Ventral Temporal Cortex following Cognitive Rehabilitation of a Congenital Prosopagnosic
1803 -- 1814Maria Ida Gobbini, Aaron C. Koralek, Ronald E. Bryan, Kimberly J. Montgomery, James V. Haxby. Two Takes on the Social Brain: A Comparison of Theory of Mind Tasks
1815 -- 1826Roxane J. Itier, Claude Alain, Katherine Sedore, Anthony R. McIntosh. Early Face Processing Specificity: It s in the Eyes!
1827 -- 1835Kenji Ogawa, Toshio Inui. Lateralization of the Posterior Parietal Cortex for Internal Monitoring of Self- versus Externally Generated Movements
1836 -- 1844Kartik K. Sreenivasan, Jennifer Katz, Amishi P. Jha. Temporal Characteristics of Top-Down Modulations during Working Memory Maintenance: An Event-related Potential Study of the N170 Component
1845 -- 1853Daniel Ansari, Ian M. Lyons, Lucia van Eimeren, Fei Xu. Linking Visual Attention and Number Processing in the Brain: The Role of the Temporo-parietal Junction in Small and Large Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Number Comparison
1854 -- 1871Emily S. Cross, Paul J. Schmitt, Scott T. Grafton. Neural Substrates of Contextual Interference during Motor Learning Support a Model of Active Preparation
1872 -- 1887Elizabeth A. Kensinger, Rachel J. Garoff-Eaton, Daniel L. Schacter. How Negative Emotion Enhances the Visual Specificity of a Memory
1888 -- 1904Bruno Laeng, Knut Waterloo, Stein Harald Johnsen, Søren Jacob Bakke, Torstein Låg, Synnøve Steiro Simonsen, Jørgen Høgsæt. The Eyes Remember It: Oculography and Pupillometry during Recollection in Three Amnesic Patients
1905 -- 1921Liina Pylkkänen, Brian McElree. An MEG Study of Silent Meaning

Volume 19, Issue 10

1581 -- 1583Michael C. Corballis. On Phrase Structure and Brain Responses: A Comment on Bahlmann, Gunter, and Friederici (2006)
1584 -- 1594Martin Kronbichler, Jürgen Bergmann, Florian Hutzler, Wolfgang Staffen, Alois Mair, Gunther Ladurner, Heinz Wimmer. Taxi vs. Taksi: On Orthographic Word Recognition in the Left Ventral Occipitotemporal Cortex
1595 -- 1608Leanne M. Williams, Andrew H. Kemp, Kim Felmingham, Belinda J. Liddell, Donna M. Palmer, Richard A. Bryant. Neural Biases to Covert and Overt Signals of Fear: Dissociation by Trait Anxiety and Depression
1609 -- 1623Jens Brauer, Angela D. Friederici. Functional Neural Networks of Semantic and Syntactic Processes in the Developing Brain
1624 -- 1632Gregory A. Light, Neal R. Swerdlow, David L. Braff. Preattentive Sensory Processing as Indexed by the MMN and P3a Brain Responses is Associated with Cognitive and Psychosocial Functioning in Healthy Adults
1633 -- 1642Yury Shtyrov, Friedemann Pulvermüller. Early MEG Activation Dynamics in the Left Temporal and Inferior Frontal Cortex Reflect Semantic Context Integration
1643 -- 1655Gui Xue, Russell A. Poldrack. The Neural Substrates of Visual Perceptual Learning of Words: Implications for the Visual Word Form Area Hypothesis
1656 -- 1663Sara Torriero, Massimiliano Oliveri, Giacomo Koch, Carlo Caltagirone, Laura Petrosini. The What and How of Observational Learning
1664 -- 1677Alexandra Bendixen, Urte Roeber, Erich Schröger. Regularity Extraction and Application in Dynamic Auditory Stimulus Sequences
1678 -- 1689Hongbin Wang, Jin Fan. Human Attentional Networks: A Connectionist Model
1690 -- 1705Deborah E. Hannula, Jennifer D. Ryan, Daniel Tranel, Neal J. Cohen. Rapid Onset Relational Memory Effects Are Evident in Eye Movement Behavior, but Not in Hippocampal Amnesia
1706 -- 1720James Danckert, Susanne Ferber, Carson Pun, Carol Broderick, Christopher Striemer, Sherry Rock, Dwight Stewart. Neglected Time: Impaired Temporal Perception of Multisecond Intervals in Unilateral Neglect
1721 -- 1733Katrin Krumbholz, Simon B. Eickhoff, Gereon R. Fink. Feature- and Object-based Attentional Modulation in the Human Auditory Where Pathway

Volume 19, Issue 1

13 -- 24Benjamin A. Parris, Ngoc J. Thai, Abdelmalek Benattayallah, Ian R. Summers, Timothy L. Hodgson. The Role of the Lateral Prefrontal Cortex and Anterior Cingulate in Stimulus-Response Association Reversals
25 -- 31Alexandra M. Hogan, Elinor L. Butterfield, Luke Phillips, Julie A. Hadwin. Brain Response to Unexpected Novel Noises in Children with Low and High Trait Anxiety
32 -- 41Kartik K. Sreenivasan, Amishi P. Jha. Selective Attention Supports Working Memory Maintenance by Modulating Perceptual Processing of Distractors
42 -- 58Claus Lamm, C. Daniel Batson, Jean Decety. The Neural Substrate of Human Empathy: Effects of Perspective-taking and Cognitive Appraisal
59 -- 68Jürgen Gallinat, Thomas Götz, Peter Kalus, Malek Bajbouj, Thomas Sander, Georg Winterer. Genetic Variations of the NR3A Subunit of the NMDA Receptor Modulate Prefrontal Cerebral Activity in Humans
69 -- 80Junichi Chikazoe, Seiki Konishi, Tomoki Asari, Koji Jimura, Yasushi Miyashita. Activation of Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus during Response Inhibition across Response Modalities
81 -- 90Hakwan C. Lau, Robert D. Rogers, Richard E. Passingham. Manipulating the Experienced Onset of Intention after Action Execution
91 -- 101Marianne Maertens, Stefan Pollmann. Illusory Contours Do Not Pass through the Blind Spot
102 -- 108George L. Malcolm, Jason J. S. Barton. Sequence Agnosia in Bálint s Syndrome: Defects in Visuotemporal Processing after Bilateral Parietal Damage
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