Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 20, Issue 9

1529 -- 1546Jana Schaich Borg, Debra Lieberman, Kent A. Kiehl. Infection, Incest, and Iniquity: Investigating the Neural Correlates of Disgust and Morality
1547 -- 1556Joey Tang, Jamie Ward, Brian Butterworth. Number Forms in the Brain
1557 -- 1564Progress Njomboro, Shoumitro Deb, Glyn W. Humphreys. Dissociation between Decoding and Reasoning about Mental States in Patients with Theory of Mind Reasoning Impairments
1565 -- 1582Amanda E. Guyer, Christopher S. Monk, Erin B. McClure-Tone, Eric E. Nelson, Roxann Roberson-Nay, Abby D. Adler, Stephen J. Fromm, Ellen Leibenluft, Daniel S. Pine, Monique Ernst. A Developmental Examination of Amygdala Response to Facial Expressions
1583 -- 1594Thomas Nyffeler, Sophie Rivaud-Pechoux, Nicolas Wattiez, Bertrand Gaymard. Involvement of the Supplementary Eye Field in Oculomotor Predictive Behavior
1595 -- 1610Josep Marco-Pallarés, Estela Camara, Thomas F. Münte, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells. Neural Mechanisms Underlying Adaptive Actions after Slips
1611 -- 1623Sjoerd J. H. Ebisch, Mauro G. Perrucci, Antonio Ferretti, Cosimo Del Gratta, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio Gallese. The ::::Sense:::: of Touch: Embodied Simulation in a Visuotactile Mirroring Mechanism for Observed Animate or Inanimate Touch
1624 -- 1636John R. Anderson, Yulin Qin. Using Brain Imaging to Extract the Structure of Complex Events at the Rational Time Band
1637 -- 1655Boris Burle, Clémence Roger, Sonia Allain, Franck Vidal, Thierry Hasbroucq. Error Negativity Does Not Reflect Conflict: A Reappraisal of Conflict Monitoring and Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity
1656 -- 1669Paul Allen, Andrea Mechelli, Klaas E. Stephan, Fern Day, Jeffery Dalton, Steven Williams, Philip K. McGuire. Fronto-temporal Interactions during Overt Verbal Initiation and Suppression
1670 -- 1686Adam Hampshire, Aleksandra Gruszka, Sean J. Fallon, Adrian M. Owen. Inefficiency in Self-organized Attentional Switching in the Normal Aging Population is Associated with Decreased Activity in the Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex
1687 -- 1697R. Ferrucci, S. Marceglia, M. Vergari, F. Cogiamanian, S. Mrakic-Sposta, F. Mameli, S. Zago, S. Barbieri, A. Priori. Cerebellar Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Impairs the Practice-dependent Proficiency Increase in Working Memory
1698 -- 1710William W. Graves, Thomas J. Grabowski, Sonya Mehta, Prahlad Gupta. The Left Posterior Superior Temporal Gyrus Participates Specifically in Accessing Lexical Phonology
1711 -- 1726Xun Liu, Nicholas A. Steinmetz, Alison B. Farley, Charles D. Smith, Jane E. Joseph. Mid-fusiform Activation during Object Discrimination Reflects the Process of Differentiating Structural Descriptions
1727 -- 1736María Ruz, Anna C. Nobre. Attention Modulates Initial Stages of Visual Word Processing

Volume 20, Issue 8

1355 -- 1370Jana Lüdtke, Claudia K. Friedrich, Mónica De Filippis, Barbara Kaup. Event-related Potential Correlates of Negation in a Sentence-Picture Verification Paradigm
1371 -- 1380Do-Joon Yi, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Marvin M. Chun, Marcia K. Johnson. When a Thought Equals a Look: Refreshing Enhances Perceptual Memory
1381 -- 1389Lorraine K. Tyler, B. Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis. Cortical Differentiation for Nouns and Verbs Depends on Grammatical Markers
1390 -- 1402Nancy A. Dennis, Hongkeun Kim, Roberto Cabeza. Age-related Differences in Brain Activity during True and False Memory Retrieval
1403 -- 1414Richard S. Ehrlichman, Christina R. Maxwell, Sonalee Majumdar, Steven J. Siegel. Deviance-elicited Changes in Event-related Potentials are Attenuated by Ketamine in Mice
1415 -- 1422Agnes Flöel, Nina Rösser, Olesya Michka, Stefan Knecht, Caterina Breitenstein. Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Improves Language Learning
1423 -- 1433Martin Eimer, Monika Kiss. Involuntary Attentional Capture is Determined by Task Set: Evidence from Event-related Brain Potentials
1434 -- 1442Dongming Zheng, Tatsuro Oka, Hirokazu Bokura, Shuhei Yamaguchi. The Key Locus of Common Response Inhibition Network for No-go and Stop Signals
1443 -- 1453Thomas Fischer, Robert Langner, Niels Birbaumer, Burkhard Brocke. Arousal and Attention: Self-chosen Stimulation Optimizes Cortical Excitability and Minimizes Compensatory Effort
1454 -- 1463Olivier Collignon, Marco Davare, Anne G. De Volder, Colline Poirier, Etienne Olivier, Claude Veraart. Time-course of Posterior Parietal and Occipital Cortex Contribution to Sound Localization
1464 -- 1477Ulrike M. Krämer, Sarah Büttner, Gerhard Roth, Thomas F. Münte. Trait Aggressiveness Modulates Neurophysiological Correlates of Laboratory-induced Reactive Aggression in Humans
1478 -- 1489Bernhard P. Staresina, Lila Davachi. Selective and Shared Contributions of the Hippocampus and Perirhinal Cortex to Episodic Item and Associative Encoding
1490 -- 1506R. Shayna Rosenbaum, Morris Moscovitch, Jonathan K. Foster, David M. Schnyer, Fuqiang Gao, Natasa Kovacevic, Mieke Verfaellie, Sandra E. Black, Brian Levine. Patterns of Autobiographical Memory Loss in Medial-Temporal Lobe Amnesic Patients
1507 -- 1516Francesca Frassinetti, Manule Maini, Sabrina Romualdi, Emanuela Galante, Stefano Avanzi. Is it Mine? Hemispheric Asymmetries in Corporeal Self-recognition
1517 -- 1528Barbara Bliem, J. Florian M. Müller-Dahlhaus, Hubert R. Dinse, Ulf Ziemann. Homeostatic Metaplasticity in the Human Somatosensory Cortex

Volume 20, Issue 7

1131 -- 1145Iria SanMiguel, María-José Corral, Carles Escera. When Loading Working Memory Reduces Distraction: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence from an Auditory-Visual Distraction Paradigm
1146 -- 1160Kenneth R. Pugh, Stephen J. Frost, Rebecca Sandak, Nicole Landi, Jay G. Rueckl, R. Todd Constable, Mark S. Seidenberg, Robert K. Fulbright, Leonard Katz, W. Einar Mencl. Effects of Stimulus Difficulty and Repetition on Printed Word Identification: An fMRI Comparison of Nonimpaired and Reading-disabled Adolescent Cohorts
1161 -- 1173Elizabeth A. Kensinger, Daniel L. Schacter. Neural Processes Supporting Young and Older Adults Emotional Memories
1174 -- 1188Rutvik Desai, Einat Liebenthal, Eric Waldron, Jeffrey R. Binder. Left Posterior Temporal Regions are Sensitive to Auditory Categorization
1189 -- 1206Yulia Lerner, Boris Epshtein, Shimon Ullman, Rafael Malach. Class Information Predicts Activation by Object Fragments in Human Object Areas
1207 -- 1219Anna S. Hasting, Sonja A. Kotz. Speeding Up Syntax: On the Relative Timing and Automaticity of Local Phrase Structure and Morphosyntactic Processing as Reflected in Event-related Brain Potentials
1220 -- 1234Cheryl M. Capek, Dafydd Waters, Bencie Woll, Mairéad MacSweeney, Michael J. Brammer, Philip K. McGuire, Anthony S. David, Ruth Campbell. Hand and Mouth: Cortical Correlates of Lexical Processing in British Sign Language and Speechreading English
1235 -- 1249Roel M. Willems, Asli Özyürek, Peter Hagoort. Seeing and Hearing Meaning: ERP and fMRI Evidence of Word versus Picture Integration into a Sentence Context
1250 -- 1265Daniela B. Fenker, Julietta U. Frey, Hartmut Schütze, Dorothee Heipertz, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Emrah Düzel. Novel Scenes Improve Recollection and Recall of Words
1266 -- 1282Janne von Koss Torkildsen, Janne Mari Svangstu, Hanna Friis Hansen, Lars Smith, Hanne Gram Simonsen, Inger Moen, Magnus Lindgren. Productive Vocabulary Size Predicts Event-related Potential Correlates of Fast Mapping in 20-Month-Olds
1283 -- 1299Marina Mariol, Corentin Jacques, Marie-Anne Schelstraete, Bruno Rossion. The Speed of Orthographic Processing during Lexical Decision: Electrophysiological Evidence for Independent Coding of Letter Identity and Letter Position in Visual Word Recognition
1300 -- 1314Andrea Stocco, John R. Anderson. Endogenous Control and Task Representation: An fMRI Study in Algebraic Problem-solving
1315 -- 1326Ruth Filik, Anthony J. Sanford, Hartmut Leuthold. Processing Pronouns without Antecedents: Evidence from Event-related Brain Potentials
1327 -- 1341Peggy St. Jacques, David C. Rubin, Kevin S. LaBar, Roberto Cabeza. The Short and Long of It: Neural Correlates of Temporal-order Memory for Autobiographical Events
1342 -- 1353Maura L. Furey, Emiliano Ricciardi, Mark B. Schapiro, Stanley I. Rapoport, Pietro Pietrini. Cholinergic Enhancement Eliminates Modulation of Neural Activity by Task Difficulty in the Prefrontal Cortex during Working Memory

Volume 20, Issue 6

941 -- 951Jasmin Cloutier, Todd F. Heatherton, Paul J. Whalen, William M. Kelley. Are Attractive People Rewarding? Sex Differences in the Neural Substrates of Facial Attractiveness
952 -- 964Dilshat Abla, Kentaro Katahira, Kazuo Okanoya. On-line Assessment of Statistical Learning by Event-related Potentials
965 -- 976Anna Abraham, D. Yves von Cramon, Ricarda I. Schubotz. Meeting George Bush versus Meeting Cinderella: The Neural Response When Telling Apart What is Real from What is Fictional in the Context of Our Reality
977 -- 988Dan Foti, Greg Hajcak. Deconstructing Reappraisal: Descriptions Preceding Arousing Pictures Modulate the Subsequent Neural Response
989 -- 1002Helen M. Morgan, Christoph Klein, Stephan G. Boehm, Kimron L. Shapiro, David E. J. Linden. Working Memory Load for Faces Modulates P300, N170, and N250r
1003 -- 1020Christine Ecker, Michael J. Brammer, Steven C. Williams. Combining Path Analysis with Time-resolved Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: The Neurocognitive Network Underlying Mental Rotation
1021 -- 1029Chiang-shan Ray Li, Cong Huang, Peisi Yan, Prashni Paliwal, Robert Todd Constable, Rajita Sinha. Neural Correlates of Post-error Slowing during a Stop Signal Task: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
1030 -- 1042Jennifer D. Ryan, Sandra N. Moses, Melanie L. Ostreicher, Timothy Bardouille, Anthony T. Herdman, Lily Riggs, Endel Tulving. Seeing Sounds and Hearing Sights: The Influence of Prior Learning on Current Perception
1043 -- 1053Thomas Gruber, Dimitris Tsivilis, Claire-Marie Giabbiconi, Matthias M. Müller. Induced Electroencephalogram Oscillations during Source Memory: Familiarity is Reflected in the Gamma Band, Recollection in the Theta Band
1054 -- 1062Domenica Bueti, Bahador Bahrami, Vincent Walsh. Sensory and Association Cortex in Time Perception
1063 -- 1078Katherine L. Roberts, Deborah A. Hall. Examining a Supramodal Network for Conflict Processing: A Systematic Review and Novel Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data for Related Visual and Auditory Stroop Tasks
1079 -- 1093Einat Yehene, Nachshon Meiran, Nachum Soroker. Basal Ganglia Play a Unique Role in Task Switching within the Frontal-Subcortical Circuits: Evidence from Patients with Focal Lesions
1094 -- 1106M. Concetta Morrone, Andrea Guzzetta, Francesca Tinelli, Michela Tosetti, Michela Del Viva, Domenico Montanaro, David Burr, Giovanni Cioni. Inversion of Perceived Direction of Motion Caused by Spatial Undersampling in Two Children with Periventricular Leukomalacia
1107 -- 1113Lesley K. Fellows, Marianna Stark, Arlene Berg, Anjan Chatterjee. Patient Registries in Cognitive Neuroscience Research: Advantages, Challenges, and Practical Advice
1114 -- 1129Anna M. Woollams, Jason R. Taylor, Frini Karayanidis, Richard N. Henson. Event-related Potentials Associated with Masked Priming of Test Cues Reveal Multiple Potential Contributions to Recognition Memory

Volume 20, Issue 5

751 -- 761Stewart H. Mostofsky, Daniel J. Simmonds. Response Inhibition and Response Selection: Two Sides of the Same Coin
762 -- 778Bradley R. Buchsbaum, Mark D Esposito. The Search for the Phonological Store: From Loop to Convolution
779 -- 786Stuart W. S. MacDonald, Lars Nyberg, Johan Sandblom, Håkan Fischer, Lars Bäckman. Increased Response-time Variability is Associated with Reduced Inferior Parietal Activation during Episodic Recognition in Aging
787 -- 801Tamara C. Cristescu, Anna Christina Nobre. Differential Modulation of Word Recognition by Semantic and Spatial Orienting of Attention
802 -- 815Marieke Longcamp, Céline Boucard, Jean-Claude Gilhodes, Jean-Luc Anton, Muriel Roth, Bruno Nazarian, Jean-Luc Velay. Learning through Hand- or Typewriting Influences Visual Recognition of New Graphic Shapes: Behavioral and Functional Imaging Evidence
816 -- 827Antao Chen, Xuchu Weng, Jiajin Yuan, Xu Lei, Jiang Qiu, Dezhong Yao, Hong Li. The Temporal Features of Self-referential Processing Evoked by Chinese Handwriting
828 -- 840Bettina Pollok, Joachim Gross, Daniel Kamp, Alfons Schnitzler. Evidence for Anticipatory Motor Control within a Cerebello-Diencephalic-Parietal Network
841 -- 851Eva Ludowig, Peter Trautner, Martin Kurthen, Carlo Schaller, Christian G. Bien, Christian E. Elger, Timm Rosburg. Intracranially Recorded Memory-related Potentials Reveal Higher Posterior than Anterior Hippocampal Involvement in Verbal Encoding and Retrieval
852 -- 862Carol L. Raye, Karen J. Mitchell, John A. Reeder, Erich J. Greene, Marcia K. Johnson. Refreshing One of Several Active Representations: Behavioral and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Differences between Young and Older Adults
863 -- 878Alison Harris, Geoffrey Karl Aguirre. The Representation of Parts and Wholes in Face-selective Cortex
879 -- 891Christine M. Tipper, Todd C. Handy, Barry Giesbrecht, Alan Kingstone. Brain Responses to Biological Relevance
892 -- 905Jutta L. Mueller, Joerg Bahlmann, Angela D. Friederici. The Role of Pause Cues in Language Learning: The Emergence of Event-related Potentials Related to Sequence Processing
906 -- 915Xiaoqing Li, Peter Hagoort, Yufang Yang. Event-related Potential Evidence on the Influence of Accentuation in Spoken Discourse Comprehension in Chinese
916 -- 926Irina M. Harris, Claire T. Benito, Manuela Ruzzoli, Carlo Miniussi. Effects of Right Parietal Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on Object Identification and Orientation Judgments
927 -- 940Lesya Y. Ganushchak, Niels O. Schiller. Brain Error-monitoring Activity is Affected by Semantic Relatedness: An Event-related Brain Potentials Study

Volume 20, Issue 4

553 -- 562Yang Jiang, C. N. Boehler, Nina Nönnig, Emrah Düzel, Jens-Max Hopf, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld. Binding 3-D Object Perception in the Human Visual Cortex
563 -- 579Satoe Ichihara-Takeda, Shintaro Funahashi. Activity of Primate Orbitofrontal and Dorsolateral Prefrontal Neurons: Effect of Reward Schedule on Task-related Activity
580 -- 591Jos J. A. Van Berkum, Danielle van den Brink, Cathelijne M. J. Y. Tesink, Miriam Kos, Peter Hagoort. The Neural Integration of Speaker and Message
592 -- 612Eiling Yee, Sheila E. Blumstein, Julie C. Sedivy. Lexical-Semantic Activation in Broca s and Wernicke s Aphasia: Evidence from Eye Movements
613 -- 628Christine Stelzel, Antje Kraft, Stephan A. Brandt, Torsten Schubert. Dissociable Neural Effects of Task Order Control and Task Set Maintenance during Dual-task Processing
629 -- 642Nicola K. Ferdinand, Axel Mecklinger, Jutta Kray. Error and Deviance Processing in Implicit and Explicit Sequence Learning
643 -- 656David Caplan, Louise Stanczak, Gloria Waters. Syntactic and Thematic Constraint Effects on Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent Signal Correlates of Comprehension of Relative Clauses
657 -- 671Émilie Leblanc, David J. Prime, Pierre Jolicoeur. Tracking the Location of Visuospatial Attention in a Contingent Capture Paradigm
672 -- 681Qing Cai, Michal Lavidor, Marc Brysbaert, Yves Paulignan, Tatjana A. Nazir. Cerebral Lateralization of Frontal Lobe Language Processes and Lateralization of the Posterior Visual Word Processing System
682 -- 693Carter Wendelken, Denis Nakhabenko, Sarah E. Donohue, Cameron S. Carter, Silvia A. Bunge. Brain Is to Thought as Stomach Is to ?? : Investigating the Role of Rostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Relational Reasoning
694 -- 706Sarah E. Donohue, Carter Wendelken, Silvia A. Bunge. Neural Correlates of Preparation for Action Selection as a Function of Specific Task Demands
707 -- 720Marinella Cappelletti, Felipe Fregni, Kevin Shapiro, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Alfonso Caramazza. Processing Nouns and Verbs in the Left Frontal Cortex: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study
721 -- 733Andrea S. Heberlein, Alisa A. Padon, Seth J. Gillihan, Martha J. Farah, Lesley K. Fellows. Ventromedial Frontal Lobe Plays a Critical Role in Facial Emotion Recognition
734 -- 740Justin A. Harris, Colin W. G. Clifford, Carlo Miniussi. The Functional Effect of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Signal Suppression or Neural Noise Generation?
741 -- 749Victoria Southgate, Gergely Csibra, Jordy Kaufman, Mark H. Johnson. Distinct Processing of Objects and Faces in the Infant Brain

Volume 20, Issue 3

371 -- 388Nurit Gronau, Maital Neta, Moshe Bar. Integrated Contextual Representation for Objects Identities and Their Locations
389 -- 399Philipp Sterzer, Geraint Rees. A Neural Basis for Percept Stabilization in Binocular Rivalry
400 -- 405Peter E. Wais, Laura Mickes, John T. Wixted. Remember/Know Judgments Probe Degrees of Recollection
406 -- 420Atira Bick, Gadi Goelman, Ram Frost. Neural Correlates of Morphological Processes in Hebrew
421 -- 431Marco Loh, Anitha Pasupathy, Earl K. Miller, Gustavo Deco. Neurodynamics of the Prefrontal Cortex during Conditional Visuomotor Associations
432 -- 446Robert S. Ross, Scott D. Slotnick. The Hippocampus is Preferentially Associated with Memory for Spatial Context
447 -- 457Jon S. Simons, Richard N. A. Henson, Sam J. Gilbert, Paul C. Fletcher. Separable Forms of Reality Monitoring Supported by Anterior Prefrontal Cortex
458 -- 469Jonathan Smallwood, Emily Beach, Jonathan W. Schooler, Todd C. Handy. Going AWOL in the Brain: Mind Wandering Reduces Cortical Analysis of External Events
470 -- 477Deena Skolnick Weisberg, Frank C. Keil, Joshua Goodstein, Elizabeth Rawson, Jeremy R. Gray. The Seductive Allure of Neuroscience Explanations
478 -- 493Stacy J. Suskauer, Daniel J. Simmonds, Sunaina Fotedar, Joanna G. Blankner, James J. Pekar, Martha B. Denckla, Stewart H. Mostofsky. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Evidence for Abnormalities in Response Selection in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Differences in Activation Associated with Response Inhibition but Not Habitual Motor Response
494 -- 504Marina Pavlova, Alexander N. Sokolov, Niels Birbaumer, Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann. Perception and Understanding of Others Actions and Brain Connectivity
505 -- 512P. J. Bayley, J. T. Wixted, R. O. Hopkins, L. R. Squire. Yes/No Recognition, Forced-choice Recognition, and the Human Hippocampus
513 -- 525Yasuki Noguchi, Ryusuke Kakigi. Knowledge-based Correction of Flash-lag Illusion
526 -- 540Eliot Hazeltine, Andrea Weinstein, Richard B. Ivry. Parallel Response Selection after Callosotomy
541 -- 552Eveline Geiser, Tino Zaehle, Lutz Jancke, Martin Meyer. The Neural Correlate of Speech Rhythm as Evidenced by Metrical Speech Processing

Volume 20, Issue 2

193 -- 203Elizabeth M. Brannon, Melissa E. Libertus, Warren H. Meck, Marty G. Woldorff. Electrophysiological Measures of Time Processing in Infant and Adult Brains: Weber s Law Holds
204 -- 214Domenica Bueti, Vincent Walsh, Chris Frith, Geraint Rees. Different Brain Circuits Underlie Motor and Perceptual Representations of Temporal Intervals
215 -- 225Simon Hanslmayr, Bernhard Pastötter, Karl-Heinz Bäuml, Sieglinde Gruber, Maria Wimber, Wolfgang Klimesch. The Electrophysiological Dynamics of Interference during the Stroop Task
226 -- 239Joyce L. Chen, Virginia B. Penhune, Robert J. Zatorre. Moving on Time: Brain Network for Auditory-Motor Synchronization is Modulated by Rhythm Complexity and Musical Training
240 -- 254Melina R. Uncapher, Michael D. Rugg. Fractionation of the Component Processes Underlying Successful Episodic Encoding: A Combined fMRI and Divided-attention Study
255 -- 267Duncan E. Astle, G. M. Jackson, R. Swainson. Fractionating the Cognitive Control Required to Bring About a Change in Task: A Dense-sensor Event-related Potential Study
268 -- 284Cibu Thomas, Linda Moya, Galia Avidan, Kate Humphreys, Kwan Jin Jung, Mary A. Peterson, Marlene Behrmann. Reduction in White Matter Connectivity, Revealed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging, May Account for Age-related Changes in Face Perception
285 -- 295Claude Alain, Yu He, Cheryl Grady. The Contribution of the Inferior Parietal Lobe to Auditory Spatial Working Memory
296 -- 311Perrine Ruby, Anne Caclin, Sabrina Boulet, Claude Delpuech, Dominique Morlet. Odd Sound Processing in the Sleeping Brain
312 -- 323Clare Press, Cecilia Heyes, Patrick Haggard, Martin Eimer. Visuotactile Learning and Body Representation: An ERP Study with Rubber Hands and Rubber Objects
324 -- 341Vaia Lestou, Frank E. Pollick, Zoe Kourtzi. Neural Substrates for Action Understanding at Different Description Levels in the Human Brain
342 -- 355Tomoyo Morita, Shoji Itakura, Daisuke N. Saito, Satoshi Nakashita, Tokiko Harada, Takanori Kochiyama, Norihiro Sadato. The Role of the Right Prefrontal Cortex in Self-evaluation of the Face: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
356 -- 370Evelyn Eger, John Ashburner, John-Dylan Haynes, Raymond J. Dolan, Geraint Rees. fMRI Activity Patterns in Human LOC Carry Information about Object Exemplars within Category

Volume 20, Issue 12

2125 -- 2136Grit Hein, Robert T. Knight. Superior Temporal Sulcus - It s My Area: Or Is It?
2137 -- 2152Kelly A. Snyder, Andreas Keil. Repetition Suppression of Induced Gamma Activity Predicts Enhanced Orienting toward a Novel Stimulus in 6-month-old Infants
2153 -- 2166Anna Mestres-Missé, Estela Camara, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells, Michael Rotte, Thomas F. Münte. Functional Neuroanatomy of Meaning Acquisition from Context
2167 -- 2174Joan Y. Chiao, Tetsuya Iidaka, Heather L. Gordon, Junpei Nogawa, Moshe Bar, Elissa Aminoff, Norihiro Sadato, Nalini Ambady. Cultural Specificity in Amygdala Response to Fear Faces
2175 -- 2184Daniel S. Kislyuk, Riikka Möttönen, Mikko Sams. Visual Processing Affects the Neural Basis of Auditory Discrimination
2185 -- 2197Jennifer T. Coull, Bruno Nazarian, Franck Vidal. Timing, Storage, and Comparison of Stimulus Duration Engage Discrete Anatomical Components of a Perceptual Timing Network
2198 -- 2210Judy Pa, Stephen M. Wilson, Herbert Pickell, Ursula Bellugi, Gregory Hickok. Neural Organization of Linguistic Short-term Memory is Sensory Modality-dependent: Evidence from Signed and Spoken Language
2211 -- 2225Mark E. Wheeler, Steven E. Petersen, Steven M. Nelson, Elisabeth J. Ploran, Katerina Velanova. Dissociating Early and Late Error Signals in Perceptual Recognition
2226 -- 2237Elissa Aminoff, Daniel L. Schacter, Moshe Bar. The Cortical Underpinnings of Context-based Memory Distortion
2238 -- 2249Simon Baumann, Martin Meyer, Lutz Jäncke. Enhancement of Auditory-evoked Potentials in Musicians Reflects an Influence of Expertise but not Selective Attention
2250 -- 2262William J. Tays, Jane Dywan, Karen J. Mathewson, Sidney J. Segalowitz. Age Differences in Target Detection and Interference Resolution in Working Memory: An Event-related Potential Study
2263 -- 2273Martin Maier, Marco Steinhauser, Ronald Hübner. Is the Error-related Negativity Amplitude Related to Error Detectability? Evidence from Effects of Different Error Types
2274 -- 2284Sandra Virtue, Todd B. Parrish, Mark Jung-Beeman. Inferences during Story Comprehension: Cortical Recruitment Affected by Predictability of Events and Working Memory Capacity
2285 -- 2297Artem V. Belopolsky, Arthur F. Kramer, Jan Theeuwes. The Role of Awareness in Processing of Oculomotor Capture: Evidence from Event-related Potentials
2298 -- 2307Janet Hui-wen Hsiao, Danke X. Shieh, Garrison W. Cottrell. Convergence of the Visual Field Split: Hemispheric Modeling of Face and Object Recognition

Volume 20, Issue 11

1927 -- 1939Petya D. Radoeva, Sashank Prasad, David H. Brainard, Geoffrey K. Aguirre. Neural Activity within Area V1 Reflects Unconscious Visual Performance in a Case of Blindsight
1940 -- 1951Sebastian Jentschke, Stefan Koelsch, Stephan Sallat, Angela D. Friederici. Children with Specific Language Impairment Also Show Impairment of Music-syntactic Processing
1952 -- 1965Vincent van Veen, Marie K. Krug, Cameron S. Carter. The Neural and Computational Basis of Controlled Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff during Task Performance
1966 -- 1979Fredrik Bissmarck, Hiroyuki Nakahara, Kenji Doya, Okihide Hikosaka. Combining Modalities with Different Latencies for Optimal Motor Control
1980 -- 1992James B. Rowe, Doris Eckstein, Todd Braver, Adrian M. Owen. How Does Reward Expectation Influence Cognition in the Human Brain?
1993 -- 2005Julien Vitay, Fred Henrik Hamker. Sustained Activities and Retrieval in a Computational Model of the Perirhinal Cortex
2006 -- 2014Hiroki M. Morimoto, Satoshi Hirose, Junichi Chikazoe, Koji Jimura, Tomoki Asari, Ken-ichiro Yamashita, Yasushi Miyashita, Seiki Konishi. On Verbal/Nonverbal Modality Dependence of Left and Right Inferior Prefrontal Activation during Performance of Flanker Interference Task
2015 -- 2024Chia-Chin Tsai, Wen-Jui Kuo, Daisy L. Hung, Ovid J. L. Tzeng. Action Co-representation is Tuned to Other Humans
2025 -- 2036Stefan Van der Stigchel, Wieske van Zoest, Jan Theeuwes, Jason J. S. Barton. The Influence of Blind Distractors on Eye Movement Trajectories in Visual Hemifield Defects
2037 -- 2057Tatiana Sitnikova, Phillip J. Holcomb, Kristi A. Kiyonaga, Gina R. Kuperberg. Two Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Semantic Integration during the Comprehension of Visual Real-world Events
2058 -- 2069Julia P. Goyer, Marty G. Woldorff, Scott A. Huettel. Rapid Electrophysiological Brain Responses are Influenced by Both Valence and Magnitude of Monetary Rewards
2070 -- 2087Evelyne Mercure, Frederic Dick, Hanife Halit, Jordy Kaufman, Mark H. Johnson. Differential Lateralization for Words and Faces: Category or Psychophysics?
2088 -- 2096Atsushi Matsumoto, Tetsuya Iidaka. Gamma Band Synchronization and the Formation of Representations in Visual Word Processing: Evidence from Repetition and Homophone Priming
2097 -- 2109H. Steven Scholte, Jacob Jolij, Johannes J. Fahrenfort, Victor A. F. Lamme. Feedforward and Recurrent Processing in Scene Segmentation: Electroencephalography and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2110 -- 2124Uwe Friese, Roland Rutschmann, Markus Raabe, Franz Schmalhofer. Neural Indicators of Inference Processes in Text Comprehension: An Event-related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Volume 20, Issue 10

1737 -- 1752Antje Heinrich, Robert P. Carlyon, Matthew H. Davis, Ingrid S. Johnsrude. Illusory Vowels Resulting from Perceptual Continuity: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
1753 -- 1761Vera Ferrari, Maurizio Codispoti, Rossella Cardinale, Margaret M. Bradley. Directed and Motivated Attention during Processing of Natural Scenes
1762 -- 1776Anja Soldan, Yunglin Gazes, H. John Hilton, Yaakov Stern. Aging Does Not Affect Brain Patterns of Repetition Effects Associated with Perceptual Priming of Novel Objects
1777 -- 1787Johan Eriksson, Anne Larsson, Lars Nyberg. Item-specific Training Reduces Prefrontal Cortical Involvement in Perceptual Awareness
1788 -- 1798Gayannée Kédia, Sylvie Berthoz, Michele Wessa, Denis Hilton, Jean-Luc Martinot. An Agent Harms a Victim: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study on Specific Moral Emotions
1799 -- 1814Klaus Hoenig, Eun-Jin Sim, Viktor Bochev, Bärbel Herrnberger, Markus Kiefer. Conceptual Flexibility in the Human Brain: Dynamic Recruitment of Semantic Maps from Visual, Motor, and Motion-related Areas
1815 -- 1826Edmund T. Rolls, Fabian Grabenhorst, Christian Margot, Maria A. A. P. da Silva, Maria Ines Velazco. Selective Attention to Affective Value Alters How the Brain Processes Olfactory Stimuli
1827 -- 1838Patrice Senot, Sylvain Baillet, Bernard Renault, Alain Berthoz. Cortical Dynamics of Anticipatory Mechanisms in Interception: A Neuromagnetic Study
1839 -- 1853Margaret C. McKinnon, Elena I. Nica, Pheth Sengdy, Natasa Kovacevic, Morris Moscovitch, Morris Freedman, Bruce L. Miller, Sandra E. Black, Brian Levine. Autobiographical Memory and Patterns of Brain Atrophy in Fronto-temporal Lobar Degeneration
1854 -- 1865Birte U. Forstmann, Wery P. M. van den Wildenberg, K. Richard Ridderinkhof. Neural Mechanisms, Temporal Dynamics, and Individual Differences in Interference Control
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Volume 20, Issue 1

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