Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 21, Issue 9

1653 -- 1669Thomas Töllner, Klaus Gramann, Hermann J. Müller, Martin Eimer. The Anterior N1 Component as an Index of Modality Shifting
1670 -- 1679Tobias Brosch, Didier Grandjean, David Sander, Klaus R. Scherer. Cross-modal Emotional Attention: Emotional Voices Modulate Early Stages of Visual Processing
1680 -- 1692Noa Fogelson, Xue Wang, Jeffrey B. Lewis, Mark M. Kishiyama, Mingzhou Ding, Robert T. Knight. Multimodal Effects of Local Context on Target Detection: Evidence from P3b
1693 -- 1708Maren Schmidt-Kassow, Sonja A. Kotz. Event-related Brain Potentials Suggest a Late Interaction of Meter and Syntax in the P600
1709 -- 1719Susannah E. Murphy, Carlo Longhitano, Rachael E. Ayres, Philip J. Cowen, Catherine J. Harmer, Robert D. Rogers. The Role of Serotonin in Nonnormative Risky Choice: The Effects of Tryptophan Supplements on the "Reflection Effect" in Healthy Adult Volunteers
1720 -- 1735Ian M. Lyons, Daniel Ansari. The Cerebral Basis of Mapping Nonsymbolic Numerical Quantities onto Abstract Symbols: An fMRI Training Study
1736 -- 1750Stephanie Burnett, Geoffrey Bird, Jorge Moll, Chris Frith, Sarah-Jayne Blakemore. Development during Adolescence of the Neural Processing of Social Emotion
1751 -- 1765Elizabeth F. Chua, Daniel L. Schacter, Reisa A. Sperling. Neural Correlates of Metamemory: A Comparison of Feeling-of-Knowing and Retrospective Confidence Judgments
1766 -- 1781Elizabeth A. Race, Shanti Shanker, Anthony D. Wagner. Neural Priming in Human Frontal Cortex: Multiple Forms of Learning Reduce Demands on the Prefrontal Executive System
1782 -- 1789Tali Siman-Tov, David Papo, Natan Gadoth, Tom Schonberg, Avi Mendelsohn, Daniella Perry, Talma Hendler. Mind Your Left: Spatial Bias in Subcortical Fear Processing
1790 -- 1804Christopher W. Bishop, Lee M. Miller. A Multisensory Cortical Network for Understanding Speech in Noise
1805 -- 1819Nick E. Barraclough, Rebecca H. Keith, Dengke Xiao, Mike W. Oram, David I. Perrett. Visual Adaptation to Goal-directed Hand Actions
1820 -- 1832Daphna Shohamy, Catherine Myers, Ramona O. Hopkins, Jake Sage, Mark A. Gluck. Distinct Hippocampal and Basal Ganglia Contributions to Probabilistic Learning and Reversal
1833 -- 1840Olav E. Krigolson, Lara J. Pierce, Clay B. Holroyd, James W. Tanaka. Learning to Become an Expert: Reinforcement Learning and the Acquisition of Perceptual Expertise
1841 -- 1854Kevin N. Ochsner, Brent Hughes, Elaine R. Robertson, Jeffrey C. Cooper, John D. E. Gabrieli. Neural Systems Supporting the Control of Affective and Cognitive Conflicts

Volume 21, Issue 8

1461 -- 1472Ángel Correa, Anling Rao, Anna Christina Nobre. Anticipating Conflict Facilitates Controlled Stimulus-response Selection
1473 -- 1487Li Liu, Xiaoxiang Deng, Danling Peng, Fan Cao, Guosheng Ding, Zhen Jin, Yawei Zeng, Ke Li, Lei Zhu, Ning Fan, Yuan Deng, Donald J. Bolger, James R. Booth. Modality- and Task-specific Brain Regions Involved in Chinese Lexical Processing
1488 -- 1498Benjamin Rich Zendel, Claude Alain. Concurrent Sound Segregation Is Enhanced in Musicians
1499 -- 1510Marina Laganaro, Stéphanie Morand, Armin Schnider. Time Course of Evoked-potential Changes in Different Forms of Anomia in Aphasia
1511 -- 1522Kristiina Relander, Pia Rämä, Teija Kujala. Word Semantics Is Processed Even without Attentional Effort
1523 -- 1535Christine L. Larson, Joel Aronoff, Issidoros C. Sarinopoulos, David C. Zhu. Recognizing Threat: A Simple Geometric Shape Activates Neural Circuitry for Threat Detection
1536 -- 1549Heleen A. Slagter, Antoine Lutz, Lawrence L. Greischar, Sander Nieuwenhuis, Richard J. Davidson. Theta Phase Synchrony and Conscious Target Perception: Impact of Intensive Mental Training
1550 -- 1559Chiara F. Sambo, Bettina Forster. An ERP Investigation on Visuotactile Interactions in Peripersonal and Extrapersonal Space: Evidence for the Spatial Rule
1560 -- 1570Susanne Quadflieg, David J. Turk, Gordon D. Waiter, Jason P. Mitchell, Adrianna C. Jenkins, C. Neil Macrae. Exploring the Neural Correlates of Social Stereotyping
1571 -- 1583Julia Hocking, Katie McMahon, Greig I. de Zubicaray. Semantic Context and Visual Feature Effects in Object Naming: An fMRI Study using Arterial Spin Labeling
1584 -- 1601Joy J. Geng, George R. Mangun. Anterior Intraparietal Sulcus is Sensitive to Bottom-Up Attention Driven by Stimulus Salience
1602 -- 1610Oliver J. Hulme, Karl F. Friston, Semir Zeki. Neural Correlates of Stimulus Reportability
1611 -- 1627Krishna Srihasam, Daniel Bullock, Stephen Grossberg. Target Selection by the Frontal Cortex during Coordinated Saccadic and Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements
1628 -- 1641Sabrina Fagioli, Emiliano Macaluso. Attending to Multiple Visual Streams: Interactions between Location-based and Category-based Attentional Selection
1642 -- 1652Johannes Hewig, Thomas Straube, Ralf H. Trippe, Nora Kretschmer, Holger Hecht, Michael G. H. Coles, Wolfgang H. R. Miltner. Decision-making under Risk: An fMRI Study

Volume 21, Issue 7

1229 -- 1243Gregory Hickok. Eight Problems for the Mirror Neuron Theory of Action Understanding in Monkeys and Humans
1244 -- 1254Jena B. Hales, Sarah L. Israel, Nicole C. Swann, James B. Brewer. Dissociation of Frontal and Medial Temporal Lobe Activity in Maintenance and Binding of Sequentially Presented Paired Associates
1255 -- 1268Thomas Ethofer, Benjamin Kreifelts, Sarah Wiethoff, Jonathan Wolf, Wolfgang Grodd, Patrik Vuilleumier, Dirk Wildgruber. Differential Influences of Emotion, Task, and Novelty on Brain Regions Underlying the Processing of Speech Melody
1269 -- 1279Bhavin R. Sheth, Simone Sandkühler, Joydeep Bhattacharya. Posterior Beta and Anterior Gamma Oscillations Predict Cognitive Insight
1280 -- 1301Zara M. Bergström, Jan de Fockert, Alan Richardson-Klavehn. Event-related Potential Evidence that Automatic Recollection Can Be Voluntarily Avoided
1302 -- 1310Rebecca M. C. Spencer, Richard B. Ivry. Sequence Learning is Preserved in Individuals with Cerebellar Degeneration when the Movements are Directly Cued
1311 -- 1320Marjolein P. M. Kammers, Lennart Verhagen, H. Chris Dijkerman, Hinze Hogendoorn, Frederique De Vignemont, Dennis J. L. G. Schutter. Is This Hand for Real? Attenuation of the Rubber Hand Illusion by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation over the Inferior Parietal Lobule
1321 -- 1331Martin Lotze, Matthias Reimold, Ulrike Heymans, Arto Laihinen, Marianne Patt, Ulrike Halsband. Reduced Ventrolateral fMRI Response during Observation of Emotional Gestures Related to the Degree of Dopaminergic Impairment in Parkinson Disease
1332 -- 1345Thorsten Kahnt, Soyoung Q. Park, Michael X. Cohen, Anne Beck, Andreas Heinz, Jana Wrase. Dorsal Striatal-midbrain Connectivity in Humans Predicts How Reinforcements Are Used to Guide Decisions
1346 -- 1364Jeremy B. Caplan, Mackenzie G. Glaholt, Anthony R. McIntosh. EEG Activity Underlying Successful Study of Associative and Order Information
1365 -- 1379Manuel Martín-Loeches, Annekathrin Schacht, Pilar Casado, Annette Hohlfeld, Rasha Abdel Rahman, Werner Sommer. Rules and Heuristics during Sentence Comprehension: Evidence from a Dual-task Brain Potential Study
1380 -- 1395Gabriele Gratton, Emily Wee, Elena I. Rykhlevskaia, Echo E. Leaver, Monica Fabiani. Does White Matter Matter? Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Task Switching in Aging
1396 -- 1405Liane Young, Rebecca Saxe. An fMRI Investigation of Spontaneous Mental State Inference for Moral Judgment
1406 -- 1421Elizabeth A. Olson, Paul F. Collins, Catalina J. Hooper, Ryan Muetzel, Kelvin O. Lim, Monica Luciana. White Matter Integrity Predicts Delay Discounting Behavior in 9- to 23-Year-Olds: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study
1422 -- 1434Michael P. Alexander, Donald T. Stuss, Susan Gillingham. Impaired List Learning Is Not a General Property of Frontal Lesions
1435 -- 1446Dominique Lamy, Moti Salti, Yair Bar-Haim. Neural Correlates of Subjective Awareness and Unconscious Processing: An ERP Study
1447 -- 1460Julie A. Brefczynski-Lewis, Ritobrato Datta, James W. Lewis, Edgar A. DeYoe. The Topography of Visuospatial Attention as Revealed by a Novel Visual Field Mapping Technique

Volume 21, Issue 6

1039 -- 1053Daniel C. Hyde, Elizabeth S. Spelke. All Numbers Are Not Equal: An Electrophysiological Investigation of Small and Large Number Representations
1054 -- 1064Céline R. Gillebert, Hans P. Op de Beeck, Sven Panis, Johan Wagemans. Subordinate Categorization Enhances the Neural Selectivity in Human Object-selective Cortex for Fine Shape Differences
1065 -- 1080Karen Johanne Pallesen, Elvira Brattico, Christopher J. Bailey, Antti Korvenoja, Albert Gjedde. Cognitive and Emotional Modulation of Brain Default Operation
1081 -- 1091Judith C. Peters, Rainer Goebel, Pieter R. Roelfsema. Remembered but Unused: The Accessory Items in Working Memory that Do Not Guide Attention
1092 -- 1105Ananthanarayan Krishnan, Jayaganesh Swaminathan, Jackson T. Gandour. Experience-dependent Enhancement of Linguistic Pitch Representation in the Brainstem Is Not Specific to a Speech Context
1106 -- 1115Mark M. Kishiyama, W. Thomas Boyce, Amy M. Jimenez, Lee M. Perry, Robert T. Knight. Socioeconomic Disparities Affect Prefrontal Function in Children
1116 -- 1126Antonino Vallesi, Anthony R. McIntosh, Tim Shallice, Donald T. Stuss. When Time Shapes Behavior: fMRI Evidence of Brain Correlates of Temporal Monitoring
1127 -- 1134Jennifer J. Heisz, Judith M. Shedden. Semantic Learning Modifies Perceptual Face Processing
1135 -- 1145Tali Bitan, Jimmy Cheon, Dong Lu, Douglas D. Burman, James R. Booth. Developmental Increase in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processing in a Phonological Task: An Effective Connectivity, fMRI Study
1146 -- 1161Christian C. Ruff, Felix Blankenburg, Otto Bjoertomt, Sven Bestmann, Nikolaus Weiskopf, Jon Driver. Hemispheric Differences in Frontal and Parietal Influences on Human Occipital Cortex: Direct Confirmation with Concurrent TMS-fMRI
1162 -- 1178Steven W. Kennerley, Aspandiar F. Dahmubed, Antonio H. Lara, Jonathan D. Wallis. Neurons in the Frontal Lobe Encode the Value of Multiple Decision Variables
1179 -- 1192Markus Aichhorn, Josef Perner, Benjamin Weiss, Martin Kronbichler, Wolfgang Staffen, Gunther Ladurner. Temporo-parietal Junction Activity in Theory-of-Mind Tasks: Falseness, Beliefs, or Attention
1193 -- 1203James P. Coxon, Cathy M. Stinear, Winston D. Byblow. Stop and Go: The Neural Basis of Selective Movement Prevention
1204 -- 1214Carmel Mevorach, Glyn W. Humphreys, Lilach Shalev. Reflexive and Preparatory Selection and Suppression of Salient Information in the Right and Left Posterior Parietal Cortex
1215 -- 1227Simone Schütz-Bosbach, Alessio Avenanti, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Patrick Haggard. Don t Do It! Cortical Inhibition and Self-attribution during Action Observation

Volume 21, Issue 5

837 -- 846Marina Pavlova, Christel Bidet-Ildei, Alexander N. Sokolov, Christoph Braun, Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann. Neuromagnetic Response to Body Motion and Brain Connectivity
847 -- 864Marieke Jepma, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Guido P. H. Band, Sander Nieuwenhuis. The Effects of Accessory Stimuli on Information Processing: Evidence from Electrophysiology and a Diffusion Model Analysis
865 -- 874Denise A. Minnebusch, Boris Suchan, Irene Daum. Losing your Head: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Effects of Body Inversion
875 -- 889Michael X. Cohen, Nikolai Axmacher, Doris Lenartz, Christian Erich Elger, Volker Sturm, Thomas E. Schlaepfer. Good Vibrations: Cross-frequency Coupling in the Human Nucleus Accumbens during Reward Processing
890 -- 904Janaina Mourão Miranda, Christine Ecker, João Ricardo Sato, Michael J. Brammer. Dynamic Changes in the Mental Rotation Network Revealed by Pattern Recognition Analysis of fMRI Data
905 -- 921Davina Bristow, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, Jeremie Mattout, Catherine Soares, Teodora Gliga, Sylvain Baillet, Jean-François Mangin. Hearing Faces: How the Infant Brain Matches the Face It Sees with the Speech It Hears
922 -- 937SangHoon Han, Scott A. Huettel, Ian G. Dobbins. Rule-dependent Prefrontal Cortex Activity across Episodic and Perceptual Decisions: An fMRI Investigation of the Criterial Classification Account
938 -- 944Irene P. Kan, Michael P. Alexander, Mieke Verfaellie. Contribution of Prior Semantic Knowledge to New Episodic Learning in Amnesia
945 -- 959Branka Milivojevic, Jeff P. Hamm, Michael C. Corballis. Functional Neuroanatomy of Mental Rotation
960 -- 975Natalia Y. Bilenko, Christopher M. Grindrod, Emily B. Myers, Sheila E. Blumstein. Neural Correlates of Semantic Competition during Processing of Ambiguous Words
976 -- 990Bernhard Spitzer, Simon Hanslmayr, Bertram Opitz, Axel Mecklinger, Karl-Heinz Bäuml. Oscillatory Correlates of Retrieval-induced Forgetting in Recognition Memory
991 -- 999David J. Prime, Pierre Jolicoeur. Response-selection Conflict Contributes to Inhibition of Return
1000 -- 1012Anne-Dominique Devauchelle, Catherine Oppenheim, Luigi Rizzi, Stanislas Dehaene, Christophe Pallier. Sentence Syntax and Content in the Human Temporal Lobe: An fMRI Adaptation Study in Auditory and Visual Modalities
1013 -- 1022Liana E. Brown, Elizabeth T. Wilson, Paul L. Gribble. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to the Primary Motor Cortex Interferes with Motor Learning by Observing
1023 -- 1038Kevin Johnston, Stefan Everling. Task-relevant Output Signals are Sent from Monkey Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex to the Superior Colliculus during a Visuospatial Working Memory Task

Volume 21, Issue 4

623 -- 624Martha J. Farah. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars
625 -- 641Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Stefan R. Schweinberger, A. MikeBurton. N250 ERP Correlates of the Acquisition of Face Representations across Different Images
642 -- 653Ricarda I. Schubotz, D. Yves von Cramon. The Case of Pretense: Observing Actions and Inferring Goals
654 -- 668Ferath Kherif, Goulven Josse, Mohamed L. Seghier, Cathy J. Price. The Main Sources of Intersubject Variability in Neuronal Activation for Reading Aloud
669 -- 683Christina M. Karns, Robert T. Knight. Intermodal Auditory, Visual, and Tactile Attention Modulates Early Stages of Neural Processing
684 -- 696Rongjun Yu, Xiaolin Zhou. To Bet or Not to Bet? The Error Negativity or Error-related Negativity Associated with Risk-taking Choices
697 -- 712Carin Whitney, Susanne Weis, Timo Krings, Walter Huber, Murray Grossman, Tilo Kircher. Task-dependent Modulations of Prefrontal and Hippocampal Activity during Intrinsic Word Production
713 -- 724Abigail A. Marsh, Karina S. Blair, Matthew M. Jones, Niveen Soliman, R. James R. Blair. Dominance and Submission: The Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex and Responses to Status Cues
725 -- 733John J. McDonald, Clayton Hickey, Jessica J. Green, Jennifer C. Whitman. Inhibition of Return in the Covert Deployment of Attention: Evidence from Human Electrophysiology
734 -- 744Thomas F. Denson, William C. Pedersen, Jaclyn Ronquillo, Anirvan S. Nandy. The Angry Brain: Neural Correlates of Anger, Angry Rumination, and Aggressive Personality
745 -- 759Mario Bonato, Konstantinos Priftis, Roberto Marenzi, Marco Zorzi. Normal and Impaired Reflexive Orienting of Attention after Central Nonpredictive Cues
760 -- 775Clayton Hickey, Vincent Di Lollo, John J. McDonald. Electrophysiological Indices of Target and Distractor Processing in Visual Search
776 -- 790Maike D. Hesse, Roland Sparing, Gereon R. Fink. End or Means - The "What" and "How" of Observed Intentional Actions
791 -- 802Sheye O. Aliu, John F. Houde, Srikantan S. Nagarajan. Motor-induced Suppression of the Auditory Cortex
803 -- 820Matthew H. Davis, Anna Maria Di Betta, Mark J. E. Macdonald, M. Gareth Gaskell. Learning and Consolidation of Novel Spoken Words
821 -- 836Benjamin Straube, Antonia Green, Susanne Weis, Anjan Chatterjee, Tilo Kircher. Memory Effects of Speech and Gesture Binding: Cortical and Hippocampal Activation in Relation to Subsequent Memory Performance

Volume 21, Issue 3

415 -- 432Karuna Subramaniam, John Kounios, Todd B. Parrish, Mark Jung-Beeman. A Brain Mechanism for Facilitation of Insight by Positive Affect
433 -- 446Douglas J. Davidson, Peter Indefrey. An Event-related Potential Study on Changes of Violation and Error Responses during Morphosyntactic Learning
447 -- 460Georg Stenberg, Johan Hellman, Mikael Johansson, Ingmar Rosén. Familiarity or Conceptual Priming: Event-related Potentials in Name Recognition
461 -- 473Kerrie L. Grove, Edward L. Wilding. Retrieval Processes Supporting Judgments of Recency
474 -- 488Rolf Verleger, Andreas Sprenger, Sina Gebauer, Michaela Fritzmannova, Monique Friedrich, Stefanie Kraft, Piotr Jaskowski. On Why Left Events are the Right Ones: Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Left-hemifield Advantage in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
489 -- 510R. Nathan Spreng, Raymond A. Mar, Alice S. N. Kim. The Common Neural Basis of Autobiographical Memory, Prospection, Navigation, Theory of Mind, and the Default Mode: A Quantitative Meta-analysis
511 -- 518Yaoda Xu. Distinctive Neural Mechanisms Supporting Visual Object Individuation and Identification
519 -- 528Christopher P. Said, Sean G. Baron, Alexander Todorov. Nonlinear Amygdala Response to Face Trustworthiness: Contributions of High and Low Spatial Frequency Information
529 -- 537Chris Dodds, Ulrich Müller, Tom Manly. Effects of Psychostimulants on Alertness and Spatial Bias in Healthy Participants
538 -- 549Maria Wimber, Roland Marcus Rutschmann, Mark W. Greenlee, Karl-Heinz Bäuml. Retrieval from Episodic Memory: Neural Mechanisms of Interference Resolution
550 -- 566Patrick Craston, Bradley P. Wyble, Srivas Chennu, Howard Bowman. The Attentional Blink Reveals Serial Working Memory Encoding: Evidence from Virtual and Human Event-related Potentials
567 -- 580Dries J. W. Froyen, Milene L. Bonte, Nienke van Atteveldt, Leo Blomert. The Long Road to Automation: Neurocognitive Development of Letter-Speech Sound Processing
581 -- 593Ilke Öztekin, Brian McElree, Bernhard P. Staresina, Lila Davachi. Working Memory Retrieval: Contributions of the Left Prefrontal Cortex, the Left Posterior Parietal Cortex, and the Hippocampus
594 -- 604Jason P. Mitchell, Daniel L. Ames, Adrianna C. Jenkins, Mahzarin R. Banaji. Neural Correlates of Stereotype Application
605 -- 622Nozomi Akanuma, Laurence J. Reed, Paul K. Marsden, Jozeph Jarosz, Naoto Adachi, William A. Hallett, Gonzalo Alarcón, Robin G. Morris, Michael Koutroumanidis. Hemisphere-specific Episodic Memory Networks in the Human Brain: A Correlation Study between Intracarotid Amobarbital Test and [:::18:::F]FDG-PET

Volume 21, Issue 2

207 -- 221Alexander T. Sack, Roi Cohen Kadosh, Teresa Schuhmann, Michelle Moerel, Vincent Walsh, Rainer Goebel. Optimizing Functional Accuracy of TMS in Cognitive Studies: A Comparison of Methods
222 -- 229Martin Kronbichler, Johannes Klackl, Fabio Richlan, Matthias Schurz, Wolfgang Staffen, Gunther Ladurner, Heinz Wimmer. On the Functional Neuroanatomy of Visual Word Processing: Effects of Case and Letter Deviance
230 -- 245Joy J. Geng, Christian C. Ruff, Jon Driver. Saccades to a Remembered Location Elicit Spatially Specific Activation in Human Retinotopic Visual Cortex
246 -- 258Jonathan S. A. Carriere, Daniel Eaton, Michael G. Reynolds, Mike J. Dixon, Daniel Smilek. Grapheme-Color Synesthesia Influences Overt Visual Attention
259 -- 274Ingo Hertrich, Klaus Mathiak, Werner Lutzenberger, Hermann Ackermann. Time Course of Early Audiovisual Interactions during Speech and Nonspeech Central Auditory Processing: A Magnetoencephalography Study
275 -- 288Manuel Carreiras, Margaret Gillon-Dowens, Marta Vergara, Manuel Perea. Are Vowels and Consonants Processed Differently? Event-related Potential Evidence with a Delayed Letter Paradigm
289 -- 302David J. Madden, Julia Spaniol, Matthew C. Costello, Barbara Bucur, Leonard E. White, Roberto Cabeza, Simon W. Davis, Nancy A. Dennis, James M. Provenzale, Scott A. Huettel. Cerebral White Matter Integrity Mediates Adult Age Differences in Cognitive Performance
303 -- 315Carmel Mevorach, Lilach Shalev, Harriet A. Allen, Glyn W. Humphreys. The Left Intraparietal Sulcus Modulates the Selection of Low Salient Stimuli
316 -- 332Moriah E. Thomason, Elizabeth Race, Brittany Burrows, Susan L. Whitfield-Gabrieli, Gary H. Glover, John D. E. Gabrieli. Development of Spatial and Verbal Working Memory Capacity in the Human Brain
333 -- 346Katharina Merten, Andreas Nieder. Compressed Scaling of Abstract Numerosity Representations in Adult Humans and Monkeys
347 -- 358Peter N. Steinmetz. Alternate Task Inhibits Single-neuron Category-selective Responses in the Human Hippocampus while Preserving Selectivity in the Amygdala
359 -- 371Risa Sawaki, Jun ichi Katayama. Difficulty of Discrimination Modulates Attentional Capture by Regulating Attentional Focus
372 -- 389Grégoria Kalpouzos, Gaël Chetelat, Brigitte Landeau, Patrice Clochon, Fausto Viader, Francis Eustache, Béatrice Desgranges. Structural and Metabolic Correlates of Episodic Memory in Relation to the Depth of Encoding in Normal Aging
390 -- 402Michael X. Cohen, Christian Erich Elger, Jürgen Fell. Oscillatory Activity and Phase-Amplitude Coupling in the Human Medial Frontal Cortex during Decision Making
403 -- 414Giorgio Fuggetta, Silvia Rizzo, Gorana Pobric, Michal Lavidor, Vincent Walsh. Functional Representation of Living and Nonliving Domains across the Cerebral Hemispheres: A Combined Event-related Potential/Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study

Volume 21, Issue 12

2263 -- 2275Ami Tsuchida, Lesley K. Fellows. Lesion Evidence That Two Distinct Regions within Prefrontal Cortex are Critical for ::::n::::-Back Performance in Humans
2276 -- 2286Tobias Grossmann, Teodora Gliga, Mark H. Johnson, Denis Mareschal. The Neural Basis of Perceptual Category Learning in Human Infants
2287 -- 2299Maximilien Chaumon, Denis Schwartz, Catherine Tallon-Baudry. Unconscious Learning versus Visual Perception: Dissociable Roles for Gamma Oscillations Revealed in MEG
2300 -- 2319Nicolas Brunel, Frédéric Lavigne. Semantic Priming in a Cortical Network Model
2320 -- 2327Matthew R. Johnson, Marcia K. Johnson. Top-Down Enhancement and Suppression of Activity in Category-selective Extrastriate Cortex from an Act of Reflective Attention
2328 -- 2342Elena Magno, Cristina Simões-Franklin, Ian H. Robertson, Hugh Garavan. The Role of the Dorsal Anterior Cingulate in Evaluating Behavior for Achieving Gains and Avoiding Losses
2343 -- 2357Núria Sebastián-Gallés, Fátima Vera Constán, Johan P. Larsson, Albert Costa, Gustavo Deco. Lexical Plasticity in Early Bilinguals Does Not Alter Phoneme Categories: II. Experimental Evidence
2358 -- 2368Laura Menenti, Karl Magnus Petersson, René Scheeringa, Peter Hagoort. When Elephants Fly: Differential Sensitivity of Right and Left Inferior Frontal Gyri to Discourse and World Knowledge
2369 -- 2383Debora Brignani, Jöran Lepsien, Matthew F. S. Rushworth, Anna Christina Nobre. The Timing of Neural Activity during Shifts of Spatial Attention
2384 -- 2397Valerio Santangelo, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Charles Spence, Emiliano Macaluso. Interactions between Voluntary and Stimulus-driven Spatial Attention Mechanisms across Sensory Modalities
2398 -- 2406Melissa E. Libertus, Laura B. Pruitt, Marty G. Woldorff, Elizabeth M. Brannon. Induced Alpha-band Oscillations Reflect Ratio-dependent Number Discrimination in the Infant Brain
2407 -- 2419Ruth Schubert, Stefan Haufe, Felix Blankenburg, Arno Villringer, Gabriel Curio. Now You ll Feel It, Now You Won t: EEG Rhythms Predict the Effectiveness of Perceptual Masking
2420 -- 2433Kelly J. Jantzen, Fred L. Steinberg, J. A. Scott Kelso. Coordination Dynamics of Large-scale Neural Circuitry Underlying Rhythmic Sensorimotor Behavior
2434 -- 2444David January, John C. Trueswell, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Co-localization of Stroop and Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution in Broca s Area: Implications for the Neural Basis of Sentence Processing
2445 -- 2461Kirsten Hötting, Claudia K. Friedrich, Brigitte Röder. Neural Correlates of Cross-modally Induced Changes in Tactile Awareness

Volume 21, Issue 11

2047 -- 2072Joaquín M. Fuster. Cortex and Memory: Emergence of a New Paradigm
2073 -- 2084Jared Medina, Vijay Kannan, Mikolaj A. Pawlak, Jonathan T. Kleinman, Melissa Newhart, Cameron Davis, Jennifer E. Heidler-Gary, Edward Herskovits, Argye E. Hillis. Neural Substrates of Visuospatial Processing in Distinct Reference Frames: Evidence from Unilateral Spatial Neglect
2085 -- 2099Cathelijne M. J. Y. Tesink, Karl Magnus Petersson, Jos J. A. Van Berkum, Danielle van den Brink, Jan K. Buitelaar, Peter Hagoort. Unification of Speaker and Meaning in Language Comprehension: An fMRI Study
2100 -- 2113Ralph Weidner, Joseph Krummenacher, Brit Reimann, Hermann J. Müller, Gereon R. Fink. Sources of Top-Down Control in Visual Search
2114 -- 2120Michael S. Franklin, John Jonides. Order and Magnitude Share a Common Representation in Parietal Cortex
2121 -- 2128Jade Wang, Trent G. Nicol, Erika Skoe, Mikko Sams, Nina Kraus. Emotion Modulates Early Auditory Response to Speech
2129 -- 2138Elena Salillas, Demis Basso, Maurizia Baldi, Carlo Semenza, Tomaso Vecchi. Motion on Numbers: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on the Ventral Intraparietal Sulcus Alters Both Numerical and Motion Processes
2139 -- 2153Pamela M. Greenwood, Ramya Sundararajan, Ming-Kuan Lin, Reshma Kumar, Karl J. Fryxell, Raja Parasuraman. Both a Nicotinic Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) and a Noradrenergic SNP Modulate Working Memory Performance when Attention is Manipulated
2154 -- 2171Anna Mestres-Missé, Thomas F. Münte, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells. Functional Neuroanatomy of Contextual Acquisition of Concrete and Abstract Words
2172 -- 2184Henry Lütcke, Holger Gevensleben, Björn Albrecht, Jens Frahm. Brain Networks Involved in Early versus Late Response Anticipation and Their Relation to Conflict Processing
2185 -- 2194Ralph Mager, Sven G. Meuth, Kurt Kräuchi, Maria Schmidlin, Franz Müller-Spahn, Michael Falkenstein. Mismatch and Conflict: Neurophysiological and Behavioral Evidence for Conflict Priming
2195 -- 2206Dénes Szücs, Fruzsina Soltész, Donna Bryce, David Whitebread. Real-time Tracking of Motor Response Activation and Response Competition in a Stroop Task in Young Children: A Lateralized Readiness Potential Study
2207 -- 2216Pascale Touzalin-Chretien, Solange Ehrler, André Dufour. Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence of Motor Cortex Activation Related to an Amputated Limb: A Multisensorial Approach
2217 -- 2229Jessica F. Cantlon, Melissa E. Libertus, Philippe Pinel, Stanislas Dehaene, Elizabeth M. Brannon, Kevin A. Pelphrey. The Neural Development of an Abstract Concept of Number
2230 -- 2244Elvira Brattico, Karen Johanne Pallesen, Olga Varyagina, Christopher J. Bailey, Irina Anourova, Miika Järvenpää, Tuomas Eerola, Mari Tervaniemi. Neural Discrimination of Nonprototypical Chords in Music Experts and Laymen: An MEG Study
2245 -- 2262Daphne J. Holt, Spencer K. Lynn, Gina R. Kuperberg. Neurophysiological Correlates of Comprehending Emotional Meaning in Context

Volume 21, Issue 10

1855 -- 1868Motoaki Sugiura, Yuko Sassa, Jobu Watanabe, Yuko Akitsuki, Yasuhiro Maeda, Yoshihiko Matsue, Ryuta Kawashima. Anatomical Segregation of Representations of Personally Familiar and Famous People in the Temporal and Parietal Cortices
1869 -- 1881Aviva I. Goller, Leun J. Otten, Jamie Ward. Seeing Sounds and Hearing Colors: An Event-related Potential Study of Auditory-Visual Synesthesia
1882 -- 1892Jérôme Daltrozzo, Daniele Schön. Conceptual Processing in Music as Revealed by N400 Effects on Words and Musical Targets
1893 -- 1906Amy S. Desroches, Randy Lynn Newman, Marc F. Joanisse. Investigating the Time Course of Spoken Word Recognition: Electrophysiological Evidence for the Influences of Phonological Similarity
1907 -- 1919Ullrich K. H. Ecker, Hubert D. Zimmer. ERP Evidence for Flexible Adjustment of Retrieval Orientation and Its Influence on Familiarity
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