Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 23, Issue 9

2103 -- 2116Christopher L. Suhler, Patricia Churchland. Can Innate, Modular "Foundations" Explain Morality? Challenges for Haidt's Moral Foundations Theory
2117 -- 2122Jonathan Haidt, Craig Joseph. How Moral Foundations Theory Succeeded in Building on Sand: A Response to Suhler and Churchland
2123 -- 2134Leah H. Somerville, Todd Hare, B. J. Casey. Frontostriatal Maturation Predicts Cognitive Control Failure to Appetitive Cues in Adolescents
2135 -- 2146Martin Vestergaard, Kathrine Skak Madsen, William F. C. Baaré, Arnold Skimminge, Lisser Rye Ejersbo, Thomas Z. Ramsøy, Christian Gerlach, Per Åkeson, Olaf B. Paulson, Terry L. Jernigan. White Matter Microstructure in Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus Associated with Spatial Working Memory Performance in Children
2147 -- 2158Simone Kühn, Florian Schmiedek, Björn Schott, Roger Ratcliff, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Emrah Düzel, Ulman Lindenberger, Martin Lövdén. Brain Areas Consistently Linked to Individual Differences in Perceptual Decision-making in Younger as well as Older Adults before and after Training
2171 -- 2185Brett W. Fling, Christine M. Walsh, Ashley S. Bangert, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Robert C. Welsh, Rachael D. Seidler. Differential Callosal Contributions to Bimanual Control in Young and Older Adults
2186 -- 2196Bradley C. Thomas, Katie E. Croft, Daniel Tranel. Harming Kin to Save Strangers: Further Evidence for Abnormally Utilitarian Moral Judgments after Ventromedial Prefrontal Damage
2197 -- 2210Simon Evans, Stephen M. Fleming, Raymond J. Dolan, Bruno B. Averbeck. Effects of Emotional Preferences on Value-based Decision-making Are Mediated by Mentalizing and Reward Networks
2211 -- 2221Bong J. Walsh, Michael H. Buonocore, Cameron S. Carter, George R. Mangun. Integrating Conflict Detection and Attentional Control Mechanisms
2222 -- 2230Joseph M. Moran, Su Mei Lee, John D. E. Gabrieli. Dissociable Neural Systems Supporting Knowledge about Human Character and Appearance in Ourselves and Others
2231 -- 2239Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Jens-Max Hopf. Object-based Selection of Irrelevant Features Is Not Confined to the Attended Object
2240 -- 2251Emily J. Mayberry, Karen Sage, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. At the Edge of Semantic Space: The Breakdown of Coherent Concepts in Semantic Dementia Is Constrained by Typicality and Severity but Not Modality
2252 -- 2267Clemens Maidhof, Stefan Koelsch. Effects of Selective Attention on Syntax Processing in Music and Language
2268 -- 2279Judy H. Song, Erika Skoe, Karen Banai, Nina Kraus. Perception of Speech in Noise: Neural Correlates
2280 -- 2290Atira S. Bick, Gadi Goelman, Ram Frost. Hebrew Brain vs. English Brain: Language Modulates the Way It Is Processed
2291 -- 2308Georg F. Meyer, Mark W. Greenlee, Sophie M. Wuerger. Interactions between Auditory and Visual Semantic Stimulus Classes: Evidence for Common Processing Networks for Speech and Body Actions
2309 -- 2323Valentina Fiori, Michela Coccia, Chiara V. Marinelli, Veronica Vecchi, Silvia Bonifazi, M. Gabriella Ceravolo, Leandro Provinciali, Francesco Tomaiuolo, Paola Marangolo. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Improves Word Retrieval in Healthy and Nonfluent Aphasic Subjects
2324 -- 2335Greig I. de Zubicaray, Katie McMahon, Simon Dennis, John C. Dunn. Memory Strength Effects in fMRI Studies: A Matter of Confidence
2336 -- 2351Daniel C. Hyde, Justin N. Wood. Spatial Attention Determines the Nature of Nonverbal Number Representation
2352 -- 2362Caroline Catmur, Rogier B. Mars, Matthew F. S. Rushworth, Cecilia Heyes. Making Mirrors: Premotor Cortex Stimulation Enhances Mirror and Counter-mirror Motor Facilitation
2363 -- 2375Maria G. Knyazeva, Cristian Carmeli, Eleonora Fornari, Reto Meuli, Michael Small, Richard S. Frackowiak, Philippe Maeder. Binding under Conflict Conditions: State-Space Analysis of Multivariate EEG Synchronization
2376 -- 2386Rutvik Desai, Jeffrey R. Binder, Lisa L. Conant, Quintino R. Mano, Mark S. Seidenberg. The Neural Career of Sensory-motor Metaphors
2387 -- 2399Michal Ben-Shachar, Robert Dougherty, Gayle K. Deutsch, Brian A. Wandell. The Development of Cortical Sensitivity to Visual Word Forms
2400 -- 2414Dorothee J. Chwilla, Daniele Virgillito, Constance Th. W. M. Vissers. The Relationship of Language and Emotion: N400 Support for an Embodied View of Language Comprehension
2415 -- 2431Ivan Enrici, Mauro Adenzato, Stefano F. Cappa, Bruno G. Bara, Marco Tettamanti. Intention Processing in Communication: A Common Brain Network for Language and Gestures
2432 -- 2446Paul Hoffman, Timothy T. Rogers, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Semantic Diversity Accounts for the Missing Word Frequency Effect in Stroke Aphasia: Insights Using a Novel Method to Quantify Contextual Variability in Meaning
2447 -- 2467Sara Bögels, Herbert Schriefers, Wietske Vonk, Dorothee J. Chwilla. The Role of Prosodic Breaks and Pitch Accents in Grouping Words during On-line Sentence Processing
2468 -- 2480Timothy Verstynen, Richard B. Ivry. Network Dynamics Mediating Ipsilateral Motor Cortex Activity during Unimanual Actions
2481 -- 2493Ulrike M. Krämer, Robert T. Knight, Thomas F. Münte. Electrophysiological Evidence for Different Inhibitory Mechanisms When Stopping or Changing a Planned Response
2494 -- 2502Barbara F. Händel, Thomas Haarmeier, Ole Jensen. Alpha Oscillations Correlate with the Successful Inhibition of Unattended Stimuli
2503 -- 2520Tsukasa Kamigaki, Tetsuya Fukushima, Yasushi Miyashita. Neuronal Signal Dynamics during Preparation and Execution for Behavioral Shifting in Macaque Posterior Parietal Cortex
2521 -- 2532Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Anna Blasi, Nick Everdell, Clare E. Elwell, Mark H. Johnson. Selective Cortical Mapping of Biological Motion Processing in Young Infants
2533 -- 2543Heekyeong Park, Michael D. Rugg. Neural Correlates of Encoding Within- and Across-domain Inter-item Associations
2544 -- 2557Nina S. Hsu, David J. M. Kraemer, Robyn T. Oliver, Margaret L. Schlichting, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Color, Context, and Cognitive Style: Variations in Color Knowledge Retrieval as a Function of Task and Subject Variables
2558 -- 2568Chi-Hua Chen, Semir Zeki. Frontoparietal Activation Distinguishes Face and Space from Artifact Concepts
2569 -- 2581Laura N. Martin, Mauricio R. Delgado. The Influence of Emotion Regulation on Decision-making under Risk
2582 -- 2592Steffen Gais, Björn H. Rasch, Johannes C. Dahmen, Susan Sara, Jan Born. The Memory Function of Noradrenergic Activity in Non-REM Sleep
2593 -- 2604Paige E. Scalf, Paul E. Dux, René Marois. Working Memory Encoding Delays Top-Down Attention to Visual Cortex
2605 -- 2619Andrea B. Protzner, Mary Pat McAndrews. Network Alterations Supporting Word Retrieval in Patients with Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
2620 -- 2628Lawrence G. Appelbaum, David V. Smith, Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Wen D. Chen, Marty G. Woldorff. Rapid Modulation of Sensory Processing Induced by Stimulus Conflict

Volume 23, Issue 8

1845 -- 1854Boukje Habets, Sotaro Kita, Zeshu Shao, Asli Özyürek, Peter Hagoort. The Role of Synchrony and Ambiguity in Speech-Gesture Integration during Comprehension
1855 -- 1863Hidehiko Okamoto, Henning Stracke, Patrick Bermudez, Christo Pantev. Sound Processing Hierarchy within Human Auditory Cortex
1864 -- 1874Markus Kiefer, Eun-Jin Sim, Hannah Helbig, Markus Graf. Tracking the Time Course of Action Priming on Object Recognition: Evidence for Fast and Slow Influences of Action on Perception
1875 -- 1886Yee-Joon Kim, Marcia Grabowecky, Ken A. Paller, Satoru Suzuki. Differential Roles of Frequency-following and Frequency-doubling Visual Responses Revealed by Evoked Neural Harmonics
1887 -- 1899Alex Clarke, Kirsten I. Taylor, Lorraine K. Tyler. The Evolution of Meaning: Spatio-temporal Dynamics of Visual Object Recognition
1900 -- 1910Annabelle Darsaud, Ullrich Wagner, Evelyne Balteau, Martin Desseilles, Virginie Sterpenich, Gilles Vandewalle, Geneviève Albouy, Thanh Dang-Vu, Fabienne Collette, Mélanie Boly, Manuel Schabus, Christian Degueldre, André Luxen, Pierre Maquet. Neural Precursors of Delayed Insight
1911 -- 1920Maria Ida Gobbini, Claudio Gentili, Emiliano Ricciardi, Claudia Bellucci, Pericle Salvini, Cecilia Laschi, Mario Guazzelli, Pietro Pietrini. Distinct Neural Systems Involved in Agency and Animacy Detection
1921 -- 1934Claire Sergent, Christian C. Ruff, Antoine Barbot, Jon Driver, Geraint Rees. Top-Down Modulation of Human Early Visual Cortex after Stimulus Offset Supports Successful Postcued Report
1935 -- 1951Cristina Ramponi, Philip J. Barnard, Ferath Kherif, Richard N. A. Henson. Voluntary Explicit versus Involuntary Conceptual Memory Are Associated with Dissociable fMRI Responses in Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Parietal Cortex for Emotional and Neutral Word Pairs
1952 -- 1963Kathryn E. Demos, William M. Kelley, Todd F. Heatherton. Dietary Restraint Violations Influence Reward Responses in Nucleus Accumbens and Amygdala
1964 -- 1972Alison R. Lane, Daniel T. Smith, Thomas Schenk, Amanda Ellison. The Involvement of Posterior Parietal Cortex in Feature and Conjunction Visuomotor Search
1973 -- 1986Matthias J. Wieser, Lisa M. McTeague, Andreas Keil. Sustained Preferential Processing of Social Threat Cues: Bias without Competition?
1987 -- 1997Flavia Mancini, Nadia Bolognini, Emanuela Bricolo, Giuseppe Vallar. Cross-modal Processing in the Occipito-temporal Cortex: A TMS Study of the Müller-Lyer Illusion
1998 -- 2012Yuan Deng, Tai-li Chou, Guosheng Ding, Danling Peng, James R. Booth. The Involvement of Occipital and Inferior Frontal Cortex in the Phonological Learning of Chinese Characters
2013 -- 2029Simon S. Keller, Neil Roberts, Marta García-Fiñana, Siawoosh Mohammadi, E. Bernd Ringelstein, Stefan Knecht, Michael Deppe. Can the Language-dominant Hemisphere Be Predicted by Brain Anatomy?
2030 -- 2045Irene E. Nagel, Claudia Preuschhof, Shu-Chen Li, Lars Nyberg, Lars Bäckman, Ulman Lindenberger, Hauke R. Heekeren. Load Modulation of BOLD Response and Connectivity Predicts Working Memory Performance in Younger and Older Adults
2046 -- 2058Helen E. Payne, Harriet A. Allen. Active Ignoring in Early Visual Cortex
2059 -- 2067Stefano Anzellotti, Bradford Z. Mahon, Jens Schwarzbach, Alfonso Caramazza. Differential Activity for Animals and Manipulable Objects in the Anterior Temporal Lobes
2068 -- 2078Barbara Tomasino, Miran Skrap, Raffaella Ida Rumiati. Causal Role of the Sensorimotor Cortex in Action Simulation: Neuropsychological Evidence
2079 -- 2101James W. Lewis, William J. Talkington, Aina Puce, Lauren R. Engel, Chris Frum. Cortical Networks Representing Object Categories and High-level Attributes of Familiar Real-world Action Sounds

Volume 23, Issue 7

1567 -- 1586Sabrina Aristei, Alissa Melinger, Rasha Abdel Rahman. Electrophysiological Chronometry of Semantic Context Effects in Language Production
1587 -- 1596Marieke Jepma, Sander Nieuwenhuis. Pupil Diameter Predicts Changes in the Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off: Evidence for the Adaptive Gain Theory
1597 -- 1608Talya Sadeh, Daphna Shohamy, Dana Rubi Levy, Niv Reggev, Anat Maril. Cooperation between the Hippocampus and the Striatum during Episodic Encoding
1609 -- 1623Andreea Oliviana Diaconescu, Claude Alain, Anthony Randal McIntosh. Modality-dependent What and Where Preparatory Processes in Auditory and Visual Systems
1624 -- 1633Gui Xue, Leilei Mei, Chuansheng Chen, Zhong-Lin Lu, Russell A. Poldrack, Qi Dong 0002. Spaced Learning Enhances Subsequent Recognition Memory by Reducing Neural Repetition Suppression
1634 -- 1647Katherine J. Midgley, Phillip J. Holcomb, Jonathan Grainger. Effects of Cognate Status on Word Comprehension in Second Language Learners: An ERP Investigation
1648 -- 1663Christian Obermeier, Henning Holle, Thomas C. Gunter. What Iconic Gesture Fragments Reveal about Gesture-Speech Integration: When Synchrony Is Lost, Memory Can Help
1664 -- 1680Corianne Rogalsky, Gregory Hickok. The Role of Broca s Area in Sentence Comprehension
1681 -- 1696David Brang, Stanley Kanai, Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, Seana Coulson. Contextual Priming in Grapheme-Color Synesthetes and Yoked Controls: 400 msec in the Life of a Synesthete
1697 -- 1709Todd M. Gureckis, Thomas W. James, Robert M. Nosofsky. Re-evaluating Dissociations between Implicit and Explicit Category Learning: An Event-related fMRI Study
1710 -- 1722Kevin Dent, Harriet A. Allen, Glyn W. Humphreys. Comparing Segmentation by Time and by Motion in Visual Search: An fMRI Investigation
1723 -- 1740Nicholas Furl, Lúcia Garrido, Raymond J. Dolan, Jon Driver, Bradley Duchaine. Fusiform Gyrus Face Selectivity Relates to Individual Differences in Facial Recognition Ability
1741 -- 1751Nadia Bolognini, Elisabetta Làdavas, Alessandro Farnè. Spatial Perspective and Coordinate Systems in Autoscopy: A Case Report of a Fantome de Profil in Occipital Brain Damage
1752 -- 1764Sonja Rossi, Ina B. Jürgenson, Adriana Hanulíková, Silke Telkemeyer, Isabell Wartenburger, Hellmuth Obrig. Implicit Processing of Phonotactic Cues: Evidence from Electrophysiological and Vascular Responses
1765 -- 1780Alison J. Wiggett, Paul E. Downing. Representation of Action in Occipito-temporal Cortex
1781 -- 1793Reka Daniel, Gerd Wagner, Kathrin Koch, Jürgen R. Reichenbach, Heinrich Sauer, Ralf G. M. Schlösser. Assessing the Neural Basis of Uncertainty in Perceptual Category Learning through Varying Levels of Distortion
1794 -- 1807Masayuki Watanabe, Douglas P. Munoz. Saccade Reaction Times Are Influenced by Caudate Microstimulation Following and Prior to Visual Stimulus Appearance
1808 -- 1822Sjoerd J. H. Ebisch, Francesca Ferri, Anatolia Salone, Mauro Gianni Perrucci, Luigi D Amico, Filippo Maria Ferro, Gian Luca Romani, Vittorio Gallese. Differential Involvement of Somatosensory and Interoceptive Cortices during the Observation of Affective Touch
1823 -- 1828Jason A. Cromer, Michelle Machon, Earl K. Miller. Rapid Association Learning in the Primate Prefrontal Cortex in the Absence of Behavioral Reversals
1829 -- 1843Sven Panis, Johan Wagemans, Hans P. Op de Beeck. Dynamic Norm-based Encoding for Unfamiliar Shapes in Human Visual Cortex

Volume 23, Issue 6

1275 -- 1284Peggy St. Jacques, Martin A. Conway, Matthew W. Lowder, Roberto Cabeza. Watching My Mind Unfold versus Yours: An fMRI Study Using a Novel Camera Technology to Examine Neural Differences in Self-projection of Self versus Other Perspectives
1285 -- 1297Jessica D. Payne, Elizabeth A. Kensinger. Sleep Leads to Changes in the Emotional Memory Trace: Evidence from fMRI
1298 -- 1314Kirk R. Daffner, Hyemi Chong, Xue Sun, Elise C. Tarbi, Jenna L. Riis, Scott M. McGinnis, Phillip J. Holcomb. Mechanisms Underlying Age- and Performance-related Differences in Working Memory
1315 -- 1331Marieke van der Linden, Miranda van Turennout, Guillén Fernández. Category Training Induces Cross-modal Object Representations in the Adult Human Brain
1332 -- 1345Matthew B. Pontifex, Lauren B. Raine, Christopher R. Johnson, Laura Chaddock, Michelle W. Voss, Neal J. Cohen, Arthur F. Kramer, Charles H. Hillman. Cardiorespiratory Fitness and the Flexible Modulation of Cognitive Control in Preadolescent Children
1346 -- 1357Bruno B. Averbeck, James Kilner, Christopher D. Frith. Neural Correlates of Sequence Learning with Stochastic Feedback
1358 -- 1367Daniel J. Acheson, Massihullah Hamidi, Jeffrey R. Binder, Bradley R. Postle. A Common Neural Substrate for Language Production and Verbal Working Memory
1368 -- 1378Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Troy M. Herter, Daniel Guitton. Control of Reflexive Saccades following Hemispherectomy
1379 -- 1394Rajasimhan Rajagovindan, Mingzhou Ding. From Prestimulus Alpha Oscillation to Visual-evoked Response: An Inverted-U Function and Its Attentional Modulation
1395 -- 1404Ruth Seurinck, Floris P. de Lange, Erik Achten, Guy Vingerhoets. Mental Rotation Meets the Motion Aftereffect: The Role of hV5/MT+ in Visual Mental Imagery
1405 -- 1418Giulia Galli, Leun J. Otten. Material-specific Neural Correlates of Recollection: Objects, Words, and Faces
1419 -- 1436Stéphanie Riès, Niels Janssen, Stéphane Dufau, Francois-Xavier Alario, Borís Burle. General-Purpose Monitoring during Speech Production
1437 -- 1446Edward F. Chang, Erik Edwards, Srikantan S. Nagarajan, Noa Fogelson, Sarang S. Dalal, Ryan T. Canolty, Heidi E. Kirsch, Nicholas M. Barbaro, Robert T. Knight. Cortical Spatio-temporal Dynamics Underlying Phonological Target Detection in Humans
1447 -- 1474Frédéric Lavigne, Laurent Dumercy, Nelly Darmon. Determinants of Multiple Semantic Priming: A Meta-analysis and Spike Frequency Adaptive Model of a Cortical Network
1475 -- 1493Jessica A. Church, David A. Balota, Steven E. Petersen, Bradley L. Schlaggar. Manipulation of Length and Lexicality Localizes the Functional Neuroanatomy of Phonological Processing in Adult Readers
1494 -- 1506Akiko Ikkai, Trenton A. Jerde, Clayton E. Curtis. Perception and Action Selection Dissociate Human Ventral and Dorsal Cortex
1507 -- 1521Ioan Opris, Robert E. Hampson, Terrence R. Stanford, Greg A. Gerhardt, Sam A. Deadwyler. Neural Activity in Frontal Cortical Cell Layers: Evidence for Columnar Sensorimotor Processing
1522 -- 1532Maki Suzuki, Jeffrey D. Johnson, Michael D. Rugg. Decrements in Hippocampal Activity with Item Repetition during Continuous Recognition: An fMRI Study
1533 -- 1548Jeannette A. M. Lorteije, Nick E. Barraclough, Tjeerd Jellema, Mathijs Raemaekers, Jacob Duijnhouwer, Dengke Xiao, Mike W. Oram, Martin J. M. Lankheet, David I. Perrett, Richard J. A. van Wezel. Implied Motion Activation in Cortical Area MT Can Be Explained by Visual Low-level Features
1549 -- 1566F. Gregory Ashby, Matthew J. Crossley. A Computational Model of How Cholinergic Interneurons Protect Striatal-dependent Learning

Volume 23, Issue 5

1027 -- 1041Yoshiya Moriguchi, Alyson Negreira, Mariann Weierich, Rebecca Dautoff, Bradford C. Dickerson, Christopher I. Wright, Lisa Feldman Barrett. Differential Hemodynamic Response in Affective Circuitry with Aging: An fMRI Study of Novelty, Valence, and Arousal
1042 -- 1051Carrie L. Masten, Eva H. Telzer, Naomi I. Eisenberger. An fMRI Investigation of Attributing Negative Social Treatment to Racial Discrimination
1052 -- 1064Khena M. Swallow, Deanna M. Barch, Denise Head, Corey J. Maley, Derek Holder, Jeffrey M. Zacks. Changes in Events Alter How People Remember Recent Information
1065 -- 1079Michael Wei Liang Chee, Hui Zheng, Joshua Oon Soo Goh, Denise Park, Bradley P. Sutton. Brain Structure in Young and Old East Asians and Westerners: Comparisons of Structural Volume and Cortical Thickness
1080 -- 1087Kaat Alaerts, Stephan P. Swinnen, Nicole Wenderoth. Action Perception in Individuals with Congenital Blindness or Deafness: How Does the Loss of a Sensory Modality from Birth Affect Perception-induced Motor Facilitation?
1088 -- 1099Matthew E. Roser, József Fiser, Richard N. Aslin, Michael S. Gazzaniga. Right Hemisphere Dominance in Visual Statistical Learning
1100 -- 1112Janine D. Bijsterbosch, Kwang-Hyuk Lee, Michael D. Hunter, Daniel T. Tsoi, Sudheer Lankappa, Iain D. Wilkinson, Anthony T. Barker, Peter W. R. Woodruff. The Role of the Cerebellum in Sub- and Supraliminal Error Correction during Sensorimotor Synchronization: Evidence from fMRI and TMS
1113 -- 1124Nathan A. Parks, Matthew R. Hilimire, Paul M. Corballis. Steady-state Signatures of Visual Perceptual Load, Multimodal Distractor Filtering, and Neural Competition
1125 -- 1135Faye Corbett, Elizabeth Jefferies, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Deregulated Semantic Cognition Follows Prefrontal and Temporo-parietal Damage: Evidence from the Impact of Task Constraint on Nonverbal Object Use
1136 -- 1147Johanna Rimmele, Hajnal Jolsvai, Elyse Sussman. Auditory Target Detection Is Affected by Implicit Temporal and Spatial Expectations
1148 -- 1159Zhong-Lin Lu, Xiangrui Li, Bosco S. Tjan, Barbara Anne Dosher, Wilson Chu. Attention Extracts Signal in External Noise: A BOLD fMRI Study
1160 -- 1169Takuro Ikeda, Masatoshi Yoshida, Tadashi Isa. Lesion of Primary Visual Cortex in Monkey Impairs the Inhibitory but Not the Facilitatory Cueing Effect on Saccade
1170 -- 1179Mikael Roll, Merle Horne, Magnus Lindgren. Activating without Inhibiting: Left-edge Boundary Tones and Syntactic Processing
1180 -- 1197Brenda Rapp, Kate Lipka. The Literate Brain: The Relationship between Spelling and Reading
1198 -- 1204Yu-Chin Chiu, Michael Esterman, Yuefeng Han, Heather Rosen, Steven Yantis. Decoding Task-based Attentional Modulation during Face Categorization
1205 -- 1217Roozbeh Behroozmand, Hanjun Liu, Charles R. Larson. Time-dependent Neural Processing of Auditory Feedback during Voice Pitch Error Detection
1218 -- 1229Sanne de Wit, Roger A. Barker, Anthony D. Dickinson, Roshan Cools. Habitual versus Goal-directed Action Control in Parkinson Disease
1230 -- 1246Gina R. Kuperberg, Martin Paczynski, Tali Ditman. Establishing Causal Coherence across Sentences: An ERP Study
1247 -- 1262Tim Curran, Jeanne Doyle. Picture Superiority Doubly Dissociates the ERP Correlates of Recollection and Familiarity
1263 -- 1273Olga Sachs, Susanne Weis, Nadia Zellagui, Katharina Sass, Walter Huber, Mikhail Zvyagintsev, Klaus Mathiak, Tilo Kircher. How Different Types of Conceptual Relations Modulate Brain Activation during Semantic Priming

Volume 23, Issue 4

757 -- 771Maureen Ritchey, Kevin S. LaBar, Roberto Cabeza. Level of Processing Modulates the Neural Correlates of Emotional Memory Formation
772 -- 781Susanne Diekelmann, Ines Wilhelm, Ullrich Wagner, Jan Born. Elevated Cortisol at Retrieval Suppresses False Memories in Parallel with Correct Memories
782 -- 800Louis Maillard, Emmanuel J. Barbeau, Cedric Baumann, Laurent Koessler, Christian Bénar, Patrick Chauvel, Catherine Liégeois-Chauvel. From Perception to Recognition Memory: Time Course and Lateralization of Neural Substrates of Word and Abstract Picture Processing
801 -- 815Antonino Vallesi, Anthony R. McIntosh, Donald T. Stuss. Overrecruitment in the Aging Brain as a Function of Task Demands: Evidence for a Compensatory View
816 -- 831Ranjani Prabhakaran, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. The Price of Fame: The Impact of Stimulus Familiarity on Proactive Interference Resolution
832 -- 844Elena Gherri, Martin Eimer. Active Listening Impairs Visual Perception and Selectivity: An ERP Study of Auditory Dual-task Costs on Visual Attention
845 -- 856Antoinette Nicolle, Dominik R. Bach, Jon Driver, Raymond J. Dolan. A Role for the Striatum in Regret-related Choice Repetition
857 -- 866Jason P. Mitchell, Jessica Schirmer, Daniel L. Ames, Daniel T. Gilbert. Medial Prefrontal Cortex Predicts Intertemporal Choice
867 -- 879Darlene Floden, Antonino Vallesi, Donald T. Stuss. Task Context and Frontal Lobe Activation in the Stroop Task
880 -- 895Michael A. Pitts, Antígona Martínez, James B. Brewer, Steven A. Hillyard. Early Stages of Figure-Ground Segregation during Perception of the Face-Vase
896 -- 904Simone Kühn, André W. Keizer, Lorenza S. Colzato, Serge A. R. B. Rombouts, Bernhard Hommel. The Neural Underpinnings of Event-file Management: Evidence for Stimulus-induced Activation of and Competition among Stimulus-Response Bindings
905 -- 922Louis Renoult, J. Bruno Debruille. N400-like Potentials and Reaction Times Index Semantic Relations between Highly Repeated Individual Words
923 -- 935Sarah E. Forster, Cameron S. Carter, Jonathan D. Cohen, Raymond Y. Cho. Parametric Manipulation of the Conflict Signal and Control-state Adaptation
936 -- 946Henry W. Chase, Rachel Swainson, Lucy Durham, Laura Benham, Roshan Cools. Feedback-related Negativity Codes Prediction Error but Not Behavioral Adjustment during Probabilistic Reversal Learning
947 -- 960Kristiina Kompus, Tom Eichele, Kenneth Hugdahl, Lars Nyberg. Multimodal Imaging of Incidental Retrieval: The Low Route to Memory
961 -- 977Carolyn McGettigan, Jane E. Warren, Frank Eisner, Chloe R. Marshall, Pradheep Shanmugalingam, Sophie K. Scott. Neural Correlates of Sublexical Processing in Phonological Working Memory
978 -- 991Bradley R. Buchsbaum, Aarthi Padmanabhan, Karen Faith Berman. The Neural Substrates of Recognition Memory for Verbal Information: Spanning the Divide between Short- and Long-term Memory
992 -- 1002Anna M. Woollams, Giorgia Silani, Kayoko Okada, Karalyn Patterson, Cathy J. Price. Word or Word-like? Dissociating Orthographic Typicality from Lexicality in the Left Occipito-temporal Cortex
1003 -- 1014Ying Huang, Jingyu Li, Xuefei Zou, Tianshu Qu, Xihong Wu, Lihua Mao, Yanhong Wu, Liang Li. Perceptual Fusion Tendency of Speech Sounds
1015 -- 1026Psyche Loui, H. Charles Li, Anja Hohmann, Gottfried Schlaug. Enhanced Cortical Connectivity in Absolute Pitch Musicians: A Model for Local Hyperconnectivity

Volume 23, Issue 3

503 -- 513Flavia Cardini, Marcello Costantini, Gaspare Galati, Gian Luca Romani, Elisabetta Làdavas, Andrea Serino. Viewing One s Own Face Being Touched Modulates Tactile Perception: An fMRI Study
514 -- 523Anthony J. Sanford, Hartmut Leuthold, Jason Bohan, Alison J. S. Sanford. Anomalies at the Borderline of Awareness: An ERP Study
524 -- 539Nelleke C. van Wouwe, Guido P. H. Band, K. Richard Ridderinkhof. Positive Affect Modulates Flexibility and Evaluative Control
540 -- 551Mina Cikara, Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Susan T. Fiske. From Agents to Objects: Sexist Attitudes and Neural Responses to Sexualized Targets
552 -- 569Michael Wolmetz, David Poeppel, Brenda Rapp. What Does the Right Hemisphere Know about Phoneme Categories?
570 -- 578Audrey Vanhaudenhuyse, Athena Demertzi, Manuel Schabus, Quentin Noirhomme, Serge Bredart, Mélanie Boly, Christophe Phillips, Andrea Soddu, André Luxen, Gustave Moonen, Steven Laureys. Two Distinct Neuronal Networks Mediate the Awareness of Environment and of Self
579 -- 592Dorothea Hämmerer, Shu-Chen Li, Viktor Müller, Ulman Lindenberger. Life Span Differences in Electrophysiological Correlates of Monitoring Gains and Losses during Probabilistic Reinforcement Learning
593 -- 603Dasun Peramunage, Sheila E. Blumstein, Emily B. Myers, Matthew Goldrick, Melissa Baese-Berk. Phonological Neighborhood Effects in Spoken Word Production: An fMRI Study
604 -- 621Nikolaus Steinbeis, Stefan Koelsch. Affective Priming Effects of Musical Sounds on the Processing of Word Meaning
622 -- 630Karolien Notebaert, Sabine Nelis, Bert Reynvoet. The Magnitude Representation of Small and Large Symbolic Numbers in the Left and Right Hemisphere: An Event-related fMRI Study
631 -- 644Joseph L. Brooks, Stephen E. Palmer. Cue Competition Affects Temporal Dynamics of Edge-assignment in Human Visual Cortex
645 -- 660Agnieszka Wykowska, Anna Schubö. Irrelevant Singletons in Visual Search Do Not Capture Attention but Can Produce Nonspatial Filtering Costs
661 -- 669Daniela Balslev, Emma Gowen, R. Chris Miall. Decreased Visual Attention Further from the Perceived Direction of Gaze for Equidistant Retinal Targets
670 -- 682Nicole M. Dudukovic, Alison R. Preston, Jermaine J. Archie, Gary H. Glover, Anthony D. Wagner. High-resolution fMRI Reveals Match Enhancement and Attentional Modulation in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe
683 -- 698Ran Liu, Lori L. Holt. Neural Changes Associated with Nonspeech Auditory Category Learning Parallel Those of Speech Category Acquisition
699 -- 715Motoaki Sugiura, Yoko Mano, Akihiro Sasaki, Norihiro Sadato. Beyond the Memory Mechanism: Person-selective and Nonselective Processes in Recognition of Personally Familiar Faces
716 -- 727Esther Aarts, Ardi Roelofs. Attentional Control in Anterior Cingulate Cortex Based on Probabilistic Cueing
728 -- 736Petra Vetter, Brian Butterworth, Bahador Bahrami. A Candidate for the Attentional Bottleneck: Set-size Specific Modulation of the Right TPJ during Attentive Enumeration
737 -- 745Seiki Konishi, Takamitsu Watanabe, Koji Jimura, Junichi Chikazoe, Satoshi Hirose, Hiroko M. Kimura, Yasushi Miyashita. Role for Presupplementary Motor Area in Inhibition of Cognitive Set Interference
746 -- 756Vadim Axelrod, Galit Yovel. Nonpreferred Stimuli Modify the Representation of Faces in the Fusiform Face Area

Volume 23, Issue 2

267 -- 276Daniel J. Graham, Daniel N. Rockmore. The Packet Switching Brain
277 -- 293Stefanie Regel, Thomas C. Gunter, Angela D. Friederici. Isn t It Ironic? An Electrophysiological Exploration of Figurative Language Processing
294 -- 305Céline Marie, Cyrille Magne, Mireille Besson. Musicians and the Metric Structure of Words
306 -- 324Benjamin Straube, Antonia Green, Anjan Chatterjee, Tilo Kircher. Encoding Social Interactions: The Neural Correlates of True and False Memories
325 -- 337Usha Goswami, H.-L. Sharon Wang, Alicia Cruz, Tim Fosker, Natasha Mead, Martina Huss. Language-universal Sensory Deficits in Developmental Dyslexia: English, Spanish, and Chinese
338 -- 348Sara Torriero, Massimiliano Oliveri, Giacomo Koch, Emanuele Lo Gerfo, Silvia Salerno, Fabio Ferlazzo, Carlo Caltagirone, Laura Petrosini. Changes in Cerebello-motor Connectivity during Procedural Learning by Actual Execution and Observation
349 -- 361Jamila Andoh, Tomás Paus. Combining Functional Neuroimaging with Off-line Brain Stimulation: Modulation of Task-related Activity in Language Areas
362 -- 373Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Nico Bunzeck, Ruth M. Krebs, Tömme Noesselt, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Thomas F. Münte, Marty G. Woldorff, Jens-Max Hopf. Substantia Nigra Activity Level Predicts Trial-to-Trial Adjustments in Cognitive Control
374 -- 381Marina Laganaro, Stéphanie Morand, Christoph M. Michel, Laurent Spinelli, Armin Schnider. ERP Correlates of Word Production before and after Stroke in an Aphasic Patient
382 -- 390Simon van Gaal, H. Steven Scholte, Victor A. F. Lamme, Johannes J. Fahrenfort, K. Richard Ridderinkhof. Pre-SMA Graymatter Density Predicts Individual Differences in Action Selection in the Face of Conscious and Unconscious Response Conflict
391 -- 403Pierre Gagnepain, Richard Henson, Gaël Chetelat, Béatrice Desgranges, Karine Lebreton, Francis Eustache. Is Neocortical-Hippocampal Connectivity a Better Predictor of Subsequent Recollection than Local Increases in Hippocampal Activity? New Insights on the Role of Priming
404 -- 413Paul Wright, Billi Randall, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Lorraine K. Tyler. Dissociating Linguistic and Task-related Activity in the Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus
414 -- 424Simone Vossel, Ralph Weidner, Gereon R. Fink. Dynamic Coding of Events within the Inferior Frontal Gyrus in a Probabilistic Selective Attention Task
425 -- 434Gavin M. Bidelman, Jackson T. Gandour, Ananthanarayan Krishnan. Cross-domain Effects of Music and Language Experience on the Representation of Pitch in the Human Auditory Brainstem
435 -- 446Axel Mecklinger, Nicole Brunnemann, Kerstin H. Kipp. Two Processes for Recognition Memory in Children of Early School Age: An Event-related Potential Study
447 -- 459Holger Wiese, Stefan R. Schweinberger. Accessing Semantic Person Knowledge: Temporal Dynamics of Nonstrategic Categorical and Associative Priming
460 -- 470Julia W. Y. Kam, Elizabeth Dao, James Farley, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Smallwood, Jonathan W. Schooler, Todd C. Handy. Slow Fluctuations in Attentional Control of Sensory Cortex
471 -- 480Judith Pijnacker, Bart Geurts, Michiel van Lambalgen, Jan K. Buitelaar, Peter Hagoort. Reasoning with Exceptions: An Event-related Brain Potentials Study
481 -- 490Jessica M. Phillips, Kevin Johnston, Stefan Everling. Effects of Anterior Cingulate Microstimulation on Pro- and Antisaccades in Nonhuman Primates
491 -- 501Hans Supèr, August Romeo. Rebound Spiking as a Neural Mechanism for Surface Filling-in

Volume 23, Issue 12

3703 -- 3712Ines Wilhelm, Ullrich Wagner, Jan Born. Opposite Effects of Cortisol on Consolidation of Temporal Sequence Memory during Waking and Sleep
3713 -- 3724Daniel J. Shaw, Marie-Helene Grosbras, Gabriel Leonard, G. Bruce Pike, Tomás Paus. Development of Functional Connectivity during Adolescence: A Longitudinal Study Using an Action-Observation Paradigm
3725 -- 3733David J. Turk, Kim van Bussel, Joanne L. Brebner, Andreea S. Toma, Olav E. Krigolson, Todd C. Handy. When "It" Becomes "Mine": Attentional Biases Triggered by Object Ownership
3734 -- 3745Jacob Jolij, H. Steven Scholte, Simon van Gaal, Timothy L. Hodgson, Victor A. F. Lamme. Act Quickly, Decide Later: Long-latency Visual Processing Underlies Perceptual Decisions but Not Reflexive Behavior
3746 -- 3756Fiona M. Richardson, Sue Ramsden, Caroline Ellis, Stephanie Burnett, Odette Megnin, Caroline Catmur, Tom M. Schofield, Alexander P. Leff, Cathy J. Price. Auditory Short-term Memory Capacity Correlates with Gray Matter Density in the Left Posterior STS in Cognitively Normal and Dyslexic Adults
3757 -- 3766Gabriela Cantarero, Joseph M. Galea, Loni Ajagbe, Rachel Salas, Jeff Willis, Pablo Celnik. Disrupting the Ventral Premotor Cortex Interferes with the Contribution of Action Observation to Use-dependent Plasticity
3767 -- 3777Lucie Angel, Séverine Fay, Badiâa Bouazzaoui, Michel Isingrini. Two Hemispheres for Better Memory in Old Age: Role of Executive Functioning
3778 -- 3790Jie Zhuang, Billi Randall, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Lorraine K. Tyler. The Interaction of Lexical Semantics and Cohort Competition in Spoken Word Recognition: An fMRI Study
3791 -- 3803Mina Cikara, Susan T. Fiske. Bounded Empathy: Neural Responses to Outgroup Targets' (Mis)fortunes
3804 -- 3816Nicole D. Anderson, Patrick S. R. Davidson, Warren P. Mason, Fuqiang Gao, Malcolm A. Binns, Gordon Winocur. Right Frontal Lobe Mediation of Recollection- and Familiarity-based Verbal Recognition Memory: Evidence from Patients with Tumor Resections
3817 -- 3828Antje Gentsch, Simone Schütz-Bosbach. I Did It: Unconscious Expectation of Sensory Consequences Modulates the Experience of Self-agency and Its Functional Signature
3829 -- 3840Navid G. Sadeghi, Vani Pariyadath, Sameer Apte, David M. Eagleman, Erik P. Cook. Neural Correlates of Subsecond Time Distortion in the Middle Temporal Area of Visual Cortex
3841 -- 3854Joost Wegman, Gabriele Janzen. Neural Encoding of Objects Relevant for Navigation and Resting State Correlations with Navigational Ability
3855 -- 3861Alan Baddeley, Christopher Jarrold, Faraneh Vargha-Khadem. Working Memory and the Hippocampus
3862 -- 3873David E. Warren, Melissa C. Duff, Daniel Tranel, Neal J. Cohen. Observing Degradation of Visual Representations over Short Intervals When Medial Temporal Lobe Is Damaged
3874 -- 3887Julie Chobert, Céline Marie, Clément François, Daniele Schön, Mireille Besson. Enhanced Passive and Active Processing of Syllables in Musician Children
3888 -- 3902Sara Agosta, Umberto Castiello, Davide Rigoni, Stefano Lionetti, Giuseppe Sartori. The Detection and the Neural Correlates of Behavioral (Prior) Intentions
3903 -- 3913Tobias Egner. Right Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Mediates Individual Differences in Conflict-driven Cognitive Control
3914 -- 3932Matthew H. Davis, Michael A. Ford, Ferath Kherif, Ingrid S. Johnsrude. Does Semantic Context Benefit Speech Understanding through "Top-Down" Processes? Evidence from Time-resolved Sparse fMRI
3933 -- 3938Marc Guitart-Masip, Ulrik R. Beierholm, Raymond J. Dolan, Emrah Düzel, Peter Dayan. Vigor in the Face of Fluctuating Rates of Reward: An Experimental Examination
3939 -- 3948Liuba Papeo, Corrado Corradi-Dell'Acqua, Raffaella Ida Rumiati. "She" Is Not Like "I": The Tie between Language and Action Is in Our Imagination
3949 -- 3958Marijke Brants, Johan Wagemans, Hans P. Op de Beeck. Activation of Fusiform Face Area by Greebles Is Related to Face Similarity but Not Expertise
3959 -- 3971Scott M. Hayes, Norbou Buchler, Jared Stokes, James E. Kragel, Roberto Cabeza. Neural Correlates of Confidence during Item Recognition and Source Memory Retrieval: Evidence for Both Dual-process and Strength Memory Theories
3972 -- 3982Mathias Scharinger, William J. Idsardi, Samantha Poe. A Comprehensive Three-dimensional Cortical Map of Vowel Space
3983 -- 3997John R. Anderson, Daniel Bothell, Jon M. Fincham, Abraham R. Anderson, Ben Poole, Yulin Qin. Brain Regions Engaged by Part- and Whole-task Performance in a Video Game: A Model-based Test of the Decomposition Hypothesis
3998 -- 4007Sami Schiff, Lara Bardi, Demis Basso, Daniela Mapelli. Timing Spatial Conflict within the Parietal Cortex: A TMS Study
4008 -- 4021Tullia Padovani, Thomas Koenig, Daniel Brandeis, Walter J. Perrig. Different Brain Activities Predict Retrieval Success during Emotional and Semantic Encoding
4022 -- 4037Angela R. Laird, P. Mickle Fox, Simon B. Eickhoff, Jessica A. Turner, Kimberly L. Ray, David Reese McKay, David C. Glahn, Christian F. Beckmann, Stephen M. Smith, Peter T. Fox. Behavioral Interpretations of Intrinsic Connectivity Networks
4038 -- 4047Zarinah K. Agnew, Carolyn McGettigan, Sophie K. Scott. Discriminating between Auditory and Motor Cortical Responses to Speech and Nonspeech Mouth Sounds
4048 -- 4056Anna M. Arend, Hubert D. Zimmer. What Does Ipsilateral Delay Activity Reflect? Inferences from Slow Potentials in a Lateralized Visual Working Memory Task
4057 -- 4066Jeffrey M. Zacks, Christopher A. Kurby, Michelle L. Eisenberg, Nayiri Haroutunian. Prediction Error Associated with the Perceptual Segmentation of Naturalistic Events
4067 -- 4081Brenda Rapp, Olivier Dufor. The Neurotopography of Written Word Production: An fMRI Investigation of the Distribution of Sensitivity to Length and Frequency
4082 -- 4093Patrick C. M. Wong, Alice H. D. Chan, Anil Roy, Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis. The Bimusical Brain Is Not Two Monomusical Brains in One: Evidence from Musical Affective Processing
4094 -- 4105Chien-Te Wu, Melissa E. Libertus, Karen L. Meyerhoff, Marty G. Woldorff. The Temporal Dynamics of Object Processing in Visual Cortex during the Transition from Distributed to Focused Spatial Attention
4106 -- 4121Irene van de Vijver, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Michael X. Cohen. Frontal Oscillatory Dynamics Predict Feedback Learning and Action Adjustment
4122 -- 4137John C. Taylor, Paul E. Downing. Division of Labor between Lateral and Ventral Extrastriate Representations of Faces, Bodies, and Objects
4138 -- 4149Mathieu Hainselin, Peggy Quinette, Béatrice Desgranges, Olivier Martinaud, Didier Hannequin, Vincent de La Sayette, Fausto Viader, Francis Eustache. Can We Remember Future Actions yet Forget the Last Two Minutes? Study in Transient Global Amnesia
4150 -- 4163Marie St-Laurent, Hervé Abdi, Hana Burianova, Cheryl L. Grady. Influence of Aging on the Neural Correlates of Autobiographical, Episodic, and Semantic Memory Retrieval
4164 -- 4173Greig I. de Zubicaray, Katie McMahon, Lydia Hayward, John C. Dunn. Pre-experimental Familiarization Increases Hippocampal Activity for Both Targets and Lures in Recognition Memory: An fMRI Study
4174 -- 4184Caitlin R. Mullin, Jennifer K. E. Steeves. TMS to the Lateral Occipital Cortex Disrupts Object Processing but Facilitates Scene Processing

Volume 23, Issue 11

3181 -- 3196Laura Batterink, Helen J. Neville. Implicit and Explicit Mechanisms of Word Learning in a Narrative Context: An Event-related Potential Study
3197 -- 3208Alice Mado Proverbio, Federica Riva, Alberto Zani, Eleonora Martin. Is It a Baby? Perceived Age Affects Brain Processing of Faces Differently in Women and Men
3209 -- 3217Roberto Cabeza, Yonatan S. Mazuz, Jared Stokes, James E. Kragel, Marty G. Woldorff, Elisa Ciaramelli, Ingrid R. Olson, Morris Moscovitch. Overlapping Parietal Activity in Memory and Perception: Evidence for the Attention to Memory Model
3218 -- 3227Franziska Plessow, Rico Fischer, Clemens Kirschbaum, Thomas Goschke. Inflexibly Focused under Stress: Acute Psychosocial Stress Increases Shielding of Action Goals at the Expense of Reduced Cognitive Flexibility with Increasing Time Lag to the Stressor
3228 -- 3240Manuela Friedrich, Angela D. Friederici. Word Learning in 6-Month-Olds: Fast Encoding-Weak Retention
3241 -- 3253Annett Schirmer, Yong Hao Soh, Trevor B. Penney, Lonce Wyse. Perceptual and Conceptual Priming of Environmental Sounds
3254 -- 3266E. Matthew Husband, Lisa A. Kelly, David C. Zhu. Using Complement Coercion to Understand the Neural Basis of Semantic Composition: Evidence from an fMRI Study
3267 -- 3279Matthew Waxer, J. Bruce Morton. Multiple Processes Underlying Dimensional Change Card Sort Performance: A Developmental Electrophysiological Investigation
3280 -- 3293Iris Gordon, James W. Tanaka. Putting a Name to a Face: The Role of Name Labels in the Formation of Face Memories
3294 -- 3303Melanie Rose Burke, Graham R. Barnes. The Neural Correlates of Inhibiting Pursuit to Smoothly Moving Targets
3304 -- 3317Jason D. Yeatman, Robert F. Dougherty, Elena I. Rykhlevskaia, Anthony Sherbondy, Gayle K. Deutsch, Brian A. Wandell, Michal Ben-Shachar. Anatomical Properties of the Arcuate Fasciculus Predict Phonological and Reading Skills in Children
3318 -- 3330Karen Davranche, Bruno Nazarian, Franck Vidal, Jennifer T. Coull. Orienting Attention in Time Activates Left Intraparietal Sulcus for Both Perceptual and Motor Task Goals
3331 -- 3342Viktor Kharlamov, Kenneth Campbell, Nina Kazanina. Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence for Early and Automatic Detection of Phonological Equivalence in Variable Speech Inputs
3343 -- 3354Jay J. Van Bavel, Dominic J. Packer, William A. Cunningham. Modulation of the Fusiform Face Area following Minimal Exposure to Motivationally Relevant Faces: Evidence of In-group Enhancement (Not Out-group Disregard)
3355 -- 3365Jason A. Cromer, Jefferson E. Roy, Timothy J. Buschman, Earl K. Miller. Comparison of Primate Prefrontal and Premotor Cortex Neuronal Activity during Visual Categorization
3366 -- 3379Minna Lehtonen, Philip J. Monahan, David Poeppel. Evidence for Early Morphological Decomposition: Combining Masked Priming with Magnetoencephalography
3380 -- 3387Liron Jacobson, Daniel C. Javitt, Michal Lavidor. Activation of Inhibition: Diminishing Impulsive Behavior by Direct Current Stimulation over the Inferior Frontal Gyrus
3388 -- 3399Agatha Lenartowicz, Frederick Verbruggen, Gordon D. Logan, Russell A. Poldrack. Inhibition-related Activation in the Right Inferior Frontal Gyrus in the Absence of Inhibitory Cues
3400 -- 3409Richard Ramsey, Emily S. Cross, Antonia F. de C. Hamilton. Eye Can See What You Want: Posterior Intraparietal Sulcus Encodes the Object of an Actor's Gaze
3410 -- 3418Greg L. West, Adam A. K. Anderson, Susanne Ferber, Jay Pratt. Electrophysiological Evidence for Biased Competition in V1 for Fear Expressions
3419 -- 3432Srikanth Padmala, Luiz Pessoa. Reward Reduces Conflict by Enhancing Attentional Control and Biasing Visual Cortical Processing
3433 -- 3447Yunjo Lee, Cheryl L. Grady, Claudine Habak, Hugh R. Wilson, Morris Moscovitch. Face Processing Changes in Normal Aging Revealed by fMRI Adaptation
3448 -- 3455Naomi I. Eisenberger, Tristen K. Inagaki, Keely A. Muscatell, Kate E. Byrne Haltom, Mark R. Leary. The Neural Sociometer: Brain Mechanisms Underlying State Self-esteem
3456 -- 3469Femke E. van den Berg, Stephan P. Swinnen, Nicole Wenderoth. Involvement of the Primary Motor Cortex in Controlling Movements Executed with the Ipsilateral Hand Differs between Left- and Right-handers
3470 -- 3482Hannah R. Snyder, Marie T. Banich, Yuko Munakata. Choosing Our Words: Retrieval and Selection Processes Recruit Shared Neural Substrates in Left Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex
3483 -- 3497Jérôme Prado, Angad Chadha, James R. Booth. The Brain Network for Deductive Reasoning: A Quantitative Meta-analysis of 28 Neuroimaging Studies
3498 -- 3514Michiko Sakaki, Kazuhisa Niki, Mara Mather. Updating Existing Emotional Memories Involves the Frontopolar/Orbito-frontal Cortex in Ways that Acquiring New Emotional Memories Does Not
3515 -- 3528Andrew J. Butler, Thomas W. James, Karin Harman James. Enhanced Multisensory Integration and Motor Reactivation after Active Motor Learning of Audiovisual Associations
3529 -- 3539Christine Stelzel, Ulrike Basten, Christian J. Fiebach. Functional Connectivity Separates Switching Operations in the Posterior Lateral Frontal Cortex
3540 -- 3554Patrick Khader, Thorsten Pachur, Stefanie Meier, Siegfried Bien, Kerstin Jost, Frank Rösler. Memory-based Decision-making with Heuristics: Evidence for a Controlled Activation of Memory Representations
3555 -- 3575Hyekyung Hwang, Karsten Steinhauer. Phrase Length Matters: The Interplay between Implicit Prosody and Syntax in Korean "Garden Path" Sentences
3576 -- 3585Lorenza S. Colzato, Heleen A. Slagter, Mischa de Rover, Bernhard Hommel. Dopamine and the Management of Attentional Resources: Genetic Markers of Striatal D2 Dopamine Predict Individual Differences in the Attentional Blink
3586 -- 3597Michele T. Diaz, Larson J. Hogstrom. The Influence of Context on Hemispheric Recruitment during Metaphor Processing
3598 -- 3619Christopher H. Chatham, Seth A. Herd, Angela M. Brant, Thomas E. Hazy, Akira Miyake, Randy O'Reilly, Naomi P. Friedman. n-back Task
3620 -- 3636David B. Miele, Tor D. Wager, Jason P. Mitchell, Janet Metcalfe. Dissociating Neural Correlates of Action Monitoring and Metacognition of Agency
3637 -- 3656So-yeon Kim, Kelly S. Giovanello. The Effects of Attention on Age-related Relational Memory Deficits: fMRI Evidence from a Novel Attentional Manipulation
3657 -- 3668David J. Turk, Kim van Bussel, Gordon D. Waiter, C. Neil Macrae. Mine and Me: Exploring the Neural Basis of Object Ownership
3669 -- 3680Yanbo Hu, Robin Walker. The Neural Basis of Parallel Saccade Programming: An fMRI Study
3681 -- 3693Elizabeth J. P. O'Nions, Raymond J. Dolan, Jonathan P. Roiser. Serotonin Transporter Genotype Modulates Subgenual Response to Fearful Faces Using an Incidental Task
3694 -- 3702Zheng Ye, Boukje Habets, Bernadette M. Jansma, Thomas F. Münte. Neural Basis of Linearization in Speech Production

Volume 23, Issue 10

2629 -- 2631Gregory Hickok, Corianne Rogalsky. What Does Broca s Area Activation to Sentences Reflect?
2632 -- 2635Evelina Fedorenko, Nancy Kanwisher. Some Regions within Broca s Area ::::Do:::: Respond More Strongly to Sentences than to Linguistically Degraded Stimuli: A Comment on Rogalsky and Hickok ()
2636 -- 2649Susanne Quadflieg, Joset A. Etzel, Valeria Gazzola, Christian Keysers, Thomas W. Schubert, Gordon D. Waiter, C. Neil Macrae. Puddles, Parties, and Professors: Linking Word Categorization to Neural Patterns of Visuospatial Coding
2650 -- 2664Nancy B. Carlisle, Geoffrey F. Woodman. When Memory Is Not Enough: Electrophysiological Evidence for Goal-dependent Use of Working Memory Representations in Guiding Visual Attention
2665 -- 2674Kenneth I. Vaden Jr., Tepring Piquado, Gregory Hickok. Sublexical Properties of Spoken Words Modulate Activity in Broca s Area but Not Superior Temporal Cortex: Implications for Models of Speech Recognition
2675 -- 2689Antje Heinrich, Robert P. Carlyon, Matthew H. Davis, Ingrid S. Johnsrude. The Continuity Illusion Does Not Depend on Attentional State: fMRI Evidence from Illusory Vowels
2690 -- 2700Bharath Chandrasekaran, Alice H. D. Chan, Patrick C. M. Wong. Neural Processing of What and Who Information in Speech
2701 -- 2715Céline Marie, Franco Delogu, Giulia Lampis, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Mireille Besson. Influence of Musical Expertise on Segmental and Tonal Processing in Mandarin Chinese
2716 -- 2730Noriaki Yusa, Masatoshi Koizumi, Jungho Kim, Naoki Kimura, Shinya Uchida, Satoru Yokoyama, Naoki Miura, Ryuta Kawashima, Hiroko Hagiwara. Second-language Instinct and Instruction Effects: Nature and Nurture in Second-language Acquisition
2731 -- 2751Efrat Pauker, Inbal Itzhak, Shari R. Baum, Karsten Steinhauer. Effects of Cooperating and Conflicting Prosody in Spoken English Garden Path Sentences: ERP Evidence for the Boundary Deletion Hypothesis
2752 -- 2765Eric Pakulak, Helen J. Neville. Maturational Constraints on the Recruitment of Early Processes for Syntactic Processing
2766 -- 2781Alexander Todorov, Christopher P. Said, Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Andrew D. Engell. Task-invariant Brain Responses to the Social Value of Faces
2782 -- 2796Milena P. Dzhelyova, Amanda Ellison, Anthony P. Atkinson. Event-related Repetitive TMS Reveals Distinct, Critical Roles for Right OFA and Bilateral Posterior STS in Judging the Sex and Trustworthiness of Faces
2797 -- 2810Özgür A. Onur, Martina Piefke, Chuh-Hyoun Lie, Christiane M. Thiel, Gereon R. Fink. Modulatory Effects of Levodopa on Cognitive Control in Young but not in Older Subjects: A Pharmacological fMRI Study
2811 -- 2821Martin Wiener, Falk W. Lohoff, H. Branch Coslett. Double Dissociation of Dopamine Genes and Timing in Humans
2822 -- 2837Elia Valentini, Diana M. E. Torta, André Mouraux, Gian Domenico Iannetti. Dishabituation of Laser-evoked EEG Responses: Dissecting the Effect of Certain and Uncertain Changes in Stimulus Modality
2838 -- 2851Veronica Mazza, Monica Dallabona, Leonardo Chelazzi, Massimo Turatto. Cooperative and Opposing Effects of Strategic and Involuntary Attention
2852 -- 2863Nelson Cowan, Dawei Li, Amanda J. Moffitt, Theresa M. Becker, Elizabeth A. Martin, J. Scott Saults, Shawn E. Christ. A Neural Region of Abstract Working Memory
2864 -- 2877Franco Cauda, Andrea E. Cavanna, Federico D agata, Katiuscia Sacco, Sergio Duca, Giuliano Carlo Geminiani. Functional Connectivity and Coactivation of the Nucleus Accumbens: A Combined Functional Connectivity and Structure-Based Meta-analysis
2878 -- 2891Gian Daniele Zannino, Francesco Barban, Emiliano Macaluso, Carlo Caltagirone, Giovanni A. Carlesimo. The Neural Correlates of Object Familiarity and Domain Specificity in the Human Visual Cortex: An fMRI Study
2892 -- 2904Chi-Ming A. Chen, Daniel H. Mathalon, Brian J. Roach, Idil Cavus, Dennis D. Spencer, Judith M. Ford. The Corollary Discharge in Humans Is Related to Synchronous Neural Oscillations
2905 -- 2919Benjamin J. Tamber-Rosenau, Michael Esterman, Yu-Chin Chiu, Steven Yantis. Cortical Mechanisms of Cognitive Control for Shifting Attention in Vision and Working Memory
2920 -- 2934John Christopher Mizelle, Teresa Tang, Nikta Pirouz, Lewis A. Wheaton. Forming Tool Use Representations: A Neurophysiological Investigation into Tool Exposure
2935 -- 2944Lisa S. Scott. Mechanisms Underlying the Emergence of Object Representations during Infancy
2945 -- 2955Diana I. Tamir, Jason P. Mitchell. The Default Network Distinguishes Construals of Proximal versus Distal Events
2956 -- 2967Andrea Serino, Elisa Canzoneri, Alessio Avenanti. Fronto-parietal Areas Necessary for a Multisensory Representation of Peripersonal Space in Humans: An rTMS Study
2968 -- 2982Stephen M. Emrich, Hana Burianova, Susanne Ferber. Transient Perceptual Neglect: Visual Working Memory Load Affects Conscious Object Processing
2983 -- 2993Hans-Otto Karnath, André Mandler, Simon Clavagnier. Object-based Neglect Varies with Egocentric Position
2994 -- 3007Anna Weinberg, Greg Hajcak. The Late Positive Potential Predicts Subsequent Interference with Target Processing
3008 -- 3020Mikael Lundqvist, Pawel Herman, Anders Lansner. Theta and Gamma Power Increases and Alpha/Beta Power Decreases with Memory Load in an Attractor Network Model
3021 -- 3036Jan R. Wessel, Claudia Danielmeier, Markus Ullsperger. Error Awareness Revisited: Accumulation of Multimodal Evidence from Central and Autonomic Nervous Systems
3037 -- 3051Julia Weiler, Boris Suchan, Benno Koch, Michael Schwarz, Irene Daum. Differential Impairment of Remembering the Past and Imagining Novel Events after Thalamic Lesions
3052 -- 3067Morgan D. Barense, Richard N. A. Henson, Kim S. Graham. Perception and Conception: Temporal Lobe Activity during Complex Discriminations of Familiar and Novel Faces and Objects
3068 -- 3083Dan Lopez-Paniagua, Carol A. Seger. Interactions within and between Corticostriatal Loops during Component Processes of Category Learning
3084 -- 3094Sukhbinder Kumar, William Sedley, Kirill V. Nourski, Hiroto Kawasaki, Hiroyuki Oya, Roy D. Patterson, Matthew A. Howard III, Karl J. Friston, Timothy D. Griffiths. Predictive Coding and Pitch Processing in the Auditory Cortex
3095 -- 3104Frédéric Marmel, Fabien Perrin, Barbara Tillmann. Tonal Expectations Influence Early Pitch Processing
3105 -- 3120Ruth de Diego-Balaguer, Lluis Fuentemilla, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells. Brain Dynamics Sustaining Rapid Rule Extraction from Speech
3121 -- 3131M. Visser, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph. Differential Contributions of Bilateral Ventral Anterior Temporal Lobe and Left Anterior Superior Temporal Gyrus to Semantic Processes
3132 -- 3145Ulrike Basten, Christine Stelzel, Christian J. Fiebach. Trait Anxiety Modulates the Neural Efficiency of Inhibitory Control
3146 -- 3152Bo Yao, Pascal Belin, Christoph Scheepers. Silent Reading of Direct versus Indirect Speech Activates Voice-selective Areas in the Auditory Cortex
3153 -- 3161Renana H. Ofan, Nava Rubin, David M. Amodio. Seeing Race: N170 Responses to Race and Their Relation to Automatic Racial Attitudes and Controlled Processing
3162 -- 3180Carolyn Parkinson, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Philipp E. Koralus, Angela Mendelovici, Victoria McGeer, Thalia Wheatley. Is Morality Unified? Evidence that Distinct Neural Systems Underlie Moral Judgments of Harm, Dishonesty, and Disgust

Volume 23, Issue 1

1 -- 10Brian T. Miller, Jason Vytlacil, David Fegen, Suraj Pradhan, Mark D Esposito. The Prefrontal Cortex Modulates Category Selectivity in Human Extrastriate Cortex
11 -- 25Joaquin A. Anguera, Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz, Daniel T. Willingham, Rachael D. Seidler. Failure to Engage Spatial Working Memory Contributes to Age-related Declines in Visuomotor Learning
26 -- 40Annabelle Darsaud, Hedwige Dehon, Olaf Lahl, Virginie Sterpenich, Mélanie Boly, Thanh Dang-Vu, Martin Desseilles, Stephen Gais, Luca Matarazzo, Frédéric Peters, Manuel Schabus, Christina Schmidt, Gilberte Tinguely, Gilles Vandewalle, André Luxen, Pierre Maquet, Fabienne Collette. Does Sleep Promote False Memories?
41 -- 52Ben Eppinger, Jutta Kray. To Choose or to Avoid: Age Differences in Learning from Positive and Negative Feedback
53 -- 62Anjan Chatterjee. Neuroaesthetics: A Coming of Age Story
63 -- 74Robert P. Spunt, Ajay B. Satpute, Matthew D. Lieberman. Identifying the What, Why, and How of an Observed Action: An fMRI Study of Mentalizing and Mechanizing during Action Observation
75 -- 90Mercedes Atienza, Maite Crespo-Garcia, Jose Luis Cantero. Semantic Congruence Enhances Memory of Episodic Associations: Role of Theta Oscillations
91 -- 105Simon van Gaal, Victor A. F. Lamme, Johannes J. Fahrenfort, K. Richard Ridderinkhof. Dissociable Brain Mechanisms Underlying the Conscious and Unconscious Control of Behavior
106 -- 118Javier Rodríguez-Ferreiro, Silvia P. Gennari, Robert Davies, Fernando Cuetos. Neural Correlates of Abstract Verb Processing
119 -- 136Jason Fischer, Nicole Spotswood, David Whitney. The Emergence of Perceived Position in the Visual System
137 -- 150Thomas Töllner, Michael Zehetleitner, Joseph Krummenacher, Hermann J. Müller. Perceptual Basis of Redundancy Gains in Visual Pop-out Search
151 -- 167Ahmed A. Moustafa, Mark A. Gluck. A Neurocomputational Model of Dopamine and Prefrontal-Striatal Interactions during Multicue Category Learning by Parkinson Patients
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