Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 27, Issue 9

1675 -- 1684Marissa L. Gamble, Marty G. Woldorff. Rapid Context-based Identification of Target Sounds in an Auditory Scene
1685 -- 1696Eva H. Telzer, Jessica Flannery, Kathryn L. Humphreys, Bonnie Goff, Laurel Gabard-Durman, Dylan G. Gee, Nim Tottenham. "The Cooties Effect": Amygdala Reactivity to Opposite- versus Same-sex Faces Declines from Childhood to Adolescence
1697 -- 1707Michael Schwartze, Sonja A. Kotz. The Timing of Regular Sequences: Production, Perception, and Covariation
1708 -- 1722Edward B. O'Neil, Hilary C. Watson, Sonya Dhillon, Nancy J. Lobaugh, Andy C. H. Lee. Multivariate fMRI and Eye Tracking Reveal Differential Effects of Visual Interference on Recognition Memory Judgments for Objects and Scenes
1723 -- 1737Chun-Yu Tse, Gabriele Gratton, Susan M. Garnsey, Michael A. Novak, Monica Fabiani. Read My Lips: Brain Dynamics Associated with Audiovisual Integration and Deviance Detection
1738 -- 1751Yuanyuan Chen, Matthew H. Davis, Friedemann Pulvermüller, Olaf Hauk. Early Visual Word Processing Is Flexible: Evidence from Spatiotemporal Brain Dynamics
1752 -- 1765Wouter De Baene, Wouter Duyck, Marcel Brass, Manuel Carreiras. Brain Circuit for Cognitive Control Is Shared by Task and Language Switching
1766 -- 1774Matthew A. Scult, Joey W. Trampush, Fengyu Zheng, Emily Drabant Conley, Todd Lencz, Anil K. Malhotra, Dwight Dickinson, Daniel R. Weinberger, Ahmad R. Hariri. SCN2A Predicts General Cognitive Ability through Effects on PFC Physiology
1775 -- 1788Maria Kharitonova, Warren Winter, Margaret A. Sheridan. As Working Memory Grows: A Developmental Account of Neural Bases of Working Memory Capacity in 5- to 8-Year Old Children and Adults
1789 -- 1800Jason L. Chan, Aaron Kucyi, Joseph F. X. DeSouza. Stable Task Representations under Attentional Load Revealed with Multivariate Pattern Analysis of Human Brain Activity
1801 -- 1810Hugo C. Baggio, Barbara Segura, Carme Junque, Marcel A. de Reus, Roser Sala Llonch, Martijn P. van den Heuvel. Rich Club Organization and Cognitive Performance in Healthy Older Participants
1811 -- 1822Sanne ten Oever, Nienke van Atteveldt, Alexander Thomas Sack. Increased Stimulus Expectancy Triggers Low-frequency Phase Reset during Restricted Vigilance
1823 -- 1839Matthew R. Johnson, Gregory McCarthy, Kathleen A. Muller, Samuel N. Brudner, Marcia K. Johnson. Electrophysiological Correlates of Refreshing: Event-related Potentials Associated with Directing Reflective Attention to Face, Scene, or Word Representations
1840 -- 1853Janine Bijsterbosch, Stephen Smith, Sonia J. Bishop. Functional Connectivity under Anticipation of Shock: Correlates of Trait Anxious Affect versus Induced Anxiety
1854 -- 1869Glyn W. Humphreys, Magdalena Chechlacz. A Neural Decomposition of Visual Search Using Voxel-based Morphometry
1870 -- 1885Stefanie Regel, Andreas Opitz, Gereon Müller, Angela D. Friederici. The Past Tense Debate Revisited: Electrophysiological Evidence for Subregularities of Irregular Verb Inflection

Volume 27, Issue 8

1471 -- 1491John D. Medaglia, Mary-Ellen Lynall, Danielle S. Bassett. Cognitive Network Neuroscience
1492 -- 1502Omri Perez, Roy Mukamel, Ariel Tankus, Jonathan D. Rosenblatt, Yehezkel Yeshurun, Itzhak Fried. Preconscious Prediction of a Driver's Decision Using Intracranial Recordings
1503 -- 1512Sunbin Song, Stephen J. Gotts, Eran Dayan, Leonardo G. Cohen. Practice Structure Improves Unconscious Transitional Memories by Increasing Synchrony in a Premotor Network
1513 -- 1527Echo E. Leaver, Kathy A. Low, Assunta Di Vacri, Arcangelo Merla, Monica Fabiani, Gabriele Gratton. The Devil Is in the Detail: Brain Dynamics in Preparation for a Global-Local Task
1528 -- 1541Vicky Tzuyin Lai, Roel M. Willems, Peter Hagoort. Feel between the Lines: Implied Emotion in Sentence Comprehension
1542 -- 1551Kristof Strijkers, Daisy Bertrand, Jonathan Grainger. Seeing the Same Words Differently: The Time Course of Automaticity and Top-Down Intention in Reading
1552 -- 1572Dong-Youl Kim, Seung-Schik Yoo, Marion Tegethoff, Gunther Meinlschmidt, Jong-Hwan Lee. The Inclusion of Functional Connectivity Information into fMRI-based Neurofeedback Improves Its Efficacy in the Reduction of Cigarette Cravings
1573 -- 1586Rosanne M. van Diepen, Michael X. Cohen, Damiaan Denys, Ali Mazaheri. Attention and Temporal Expectations Modulate Power, Not Phase, of Ongoing Alpha Oscillations
1587 -- 1600Johannes Rennig, Marc Himmelbach, Elisabeth Huberle, Hans-Otto Karnath. Involvement of the TPJ Area in Processing of Novel Global Forms
1601 -- 1616Kirsten C. S. Adam, Irida Mance, Keisuke Fukuda, Edward K. Vogel. The Contribution of Attentional Lapses to Individual Differences in Visual Working Memory Capacity
1617 -- 1632Ravi D. Mill, Ian Cavin, Akira R. O'Connor. Differentiating the Functional Contributions of Resting Connectivity Networks to Memory Decision-making: fMRI Support for Multistage Control Processes
1633 -- 1647Ben Deen, Rebecca Saxe, Marina Bedny. Occipital Cortex of Blind Individuals Is Functionally Coupled with Executive Control Areas of Frontal Cortex
1648 -- 1658Dominik P. J. Heib, Kerstin Hoedlmoser, Peter Anderer, Georg Gruber, Josef Zeitlhofer, Manuel Schabus. Oscillatory Theta Activity during Memory Formation and Its Impact on Overnight Consolidation: A Missing Link?
1659 -- 1673Valeria C. Caruso, Evan Balaban. Auditory Perceptual Category Formation Does Not Require Perceptual Warping

Volume 27, Issue 7

1275 -- 1285Alexa M. Morcom, Wendy Johnson. Neural Reorganization and Compensation in Aging
1286 -- 1297Iske Bakker, Atsuko Takashima, Janet G. van Hell, Gabriele Janzen, James M. McQueen. Changes in Theta and Beta Oscillations as Signatures of Novel Word Consolidation
1298 -- 1307Yuranny Cabral-Calderin, Carsten Schmidt-Samoa, Melanie Wilke. Rhythmic Gamma Stimulation Affects Bistable Perception
1308 -- 1321Luba Daikhin, Merav Ahissar. Fast Learning of Simple Perceptual Discriminations Reduces Brain Activation in Working Memory and in High-level Auditory Regions
1322 -- 1333Annika C. Linke, Rhodri Cusack. Flexible Information Coding in Human Auditory Cortex during Perception, Imagery, and STM of Complex Sounds
1334 -- 1343Sylvia Kreutzer, Ralph Weidner, Gereon R. Fink. Rescaling Retinal Size into Perceived Size: Evidence for an Occipital and Parietal Bottleneck
1344 -- 1359Sara Jahfari, Lourens J. Waldorp, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, H. Steven Scholte. Visual Information Shapes the Dynamics of Corticobasal Ganglia Pathways during Response Selection and Inhibition
1360 -- 1375Heida M. Sigurdardottir, David L. Sheinberg. The Effects of Short-term and Long-term Learning on the Responses of Lateral Intraparietal Neurons to Visually Presented Objects
1376 -- 1387Jessica Bulthé, Bert De Smedt, Hans P. Op de Beeck. Visual Number Beats Abstract Numerical Magnitude: Format-dependent Representation of Arabic Digits and Dot Patterns in Human Parietal Cortex
1388 -- 1396Rebecca L. Jackson, Matthew A. Lambon-Ralph, Gorana Pobric. The Timing of Anterior Temporal Lobe Involvement in Semantic Processing
1397 -- 1411Marina Pavlovskaya, Nachum Soroker, Yoram S. Bonneh, Shaul Hochstein. Computing an Average When Part of the Population Is Not Perceived
1412 -- 1426Sébastien Hélie, Jessica L. Roeder, Lauren Vucovich, Dennis Rünger, F. Gregory Ashby. A Neurocomputational Model of Automatic Sequence Production
1412 -- 1426Erik C. Nook, Jamil Zaki. Social Norms Shift Behavioral and Neural Responses to Foods
1427 -- 1446Marius Catalin Iordan, Michelle R. Greene, Diane M. Beck, Fei-Fei Li. Basic Level Category Structure Emerges Gradually across Human Ventral Visual Cortex
1447 -- 1455Rossella Breveglieri, Claudio Galletti, Annalisa Bosco, Michela Gamberini, Patrizia Fattori. Object Affordance Modulates Visual Responses in the Macaque Medial Posterior Parietal Cortex

Volume 27, Issue 6

1069 -- 1089Irena P. Ilieva, Cayce J. Hook, Martha J. Farah. Prescription Stimulants' Effects on Healthy Inhibitory Control, Working Memory, and Episodic Memory: A Meta-analysis
1090 -- 1103Martín Graziano, Lucas C. Parra, Mariano Sigman. Neural Correlates of Perceived Confidence in a Partial Report Paradigm
1104 -- 1115Bram-Ernst Verhoef, Pascal Michelet, Rufin Vogels, Peter Janssen. Choice-related Activity in the Anterior Intraparietal Area during 3-D Structure Categorization
1116 -- 1124Robert P. Spunt, Meghan L. Meyer, Matthew D. Lieberman. The Default Mode of Human Brain Function Primes the Intentional Stance
1125 -- 1136Nicolas Chevalier, Shaina Bailey Martis, Tim Curran, Yuko Munakata. Metacognitive Processes in Executive Control Development: The Case of Reactive and Proactive Control
1137 -- 1145John M. Henderson, Wonil Choi. Neural Correlates of Fixation Duration during Real-world Scene Viewing: Evidence from Fixation-related (FIRE) fMRI
1146 -- 1160Scott H. Frey, Marc Hansen, Noah Marchal. Grasping with the Press of a Button: Grasp-selective Responses in the Human Anterior Intraparietal Sulcus Depend on Nonarbitrary Causal Relationships between Hand Movements and End-effector Actions
1161 -- 1171Charlotte Willems, Atser Damsma, Stefan M. Wierda, Niels Taatgen, Sander Martens. Training-induced Changes in the Dynamics of Attention as Reflected in Pupil Dilation
1172 -- 1179Martin Paczynski, Adam M. Burton, Amishi P. Jha. Brief Exposure to Aversive Stimuli Impairs Visual Selective Attention
1180 -- 1193Felix Bacigalupo, Steven J. Luck. The Allocation of Attention and Working Memory in Visual Crowding
1194 -- 1206Nanthia A. Suthana, Markus Donix, David R. Wozny, Adam J. Bazih, Michael Jones, Robin M. Heidemann, Robert Trampel, Arne D. Ekstrom, Maria Scharf, Barbara J. Knowlton, Robert Turner, Susan Y. Bookheimer. High-resolution 7T fMRI of Human Hippocampal Subfields during Associative Learning
1207 -- 1214Sarah A. Gerson, Harold Bekkering, Sabine Hunnius. Short-term Motor Training, but Not Observational Training, Alters Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Action Processing in Infancy
1215 -- 1237Giorgio Tommasi, Mirta Fiorio, Jérôme Yelnik, Paul Krack, Francesca Sala, Emmanuelle Schmitt, Valérie Fraix, Laura Bertolasi, Jean-François Le Bas, Giuseppe Kenneth Ricciardi, Antonio Fiaschi, Jan Theeuwes, Pierre Pollak, Leonardo Chelazzi. Disentangling the Role of Cortico-Basal Ganglia Loops in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Visual Attention: An Investigation of Attention Deficits in Parkinson Disease
1238 -- 1248Jong H. Yoon, Paul Larson, Anthony Grandelis, Christian La, Edward Cui, Cameron S. Carter, Michael J. Minzenberg. Delay Period Activity of the Substantia Nigra during Proactive Control of Response Selection as Determined by a Novel fMRI Localization Method
1249 -- 1258Christian G. Habeck, Jason Steffener, Daniel Barulli, Yunglin Gazes, Qolamreza Razlighi, Danielle Shaked, Timothy Salthouse, Yaakov Stern. Making Cognitive Latent Variables Manifest: Distinct Neural Networks for Fluid Reasoning and Processing Speed
1259 -- 1274Chotiga Pattamadilok, Luis Carlo Bulnes, Joseph T. Devlin, Mathieu Bourguignon, José Morais, Serge Goldman, Régine Kolinsky. How Early Does the Brain Distinguish between Regular Words, Irregular Words, and Pseudowords during the Reading Process? Evidence from Neurochronometric TMS

Volume 27, Issue 5

853 -- 865Nash Unsworth, Keisuke Fukuda, Edward Awh, Edward K. Vogel. Working Memory Delay Activity Predicts Individual Differences in Cognitive Abilities
866 -- 875Brittany M. Christian, Carolyn Parkinson, C. Neil Macrae, Lynden K. Miles, Thalia Wheatley. When Imagining Yourself in Pain, Visual Perspective Matters: The Neural and Behavioral Correlates of Simulated Sensory Experiences
876 -- 892Kane W. Elfman, Andrew P. Yonelinas. Recollection and Familiarity Exhibit Dissociable Similarity Gradients: A Test of the Complementary Learning Systems Model
893 -- 901Andrew S. Persichetti, Geoffrey K. Aguirre, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Value Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Early Visual Cortex Codes Monetary Value of Objects during a Diverted Attention Task
902 -- 912Rebecca Nako, Tim J. Smith, Martin Eimer. Activation of New Attentional Templates for Real-world Objects in Visual Search
913 -- 925Eva M. Dundas, David C. Plaut, Marlene Behrmann. Variable Left-hemisphere Language and Orthographic Lateralization Reduces Right-hemisphere Face Lateralization
926 -- 944Diego Fernandez-Duque, Jessica Evans, Colton Christian, Sara D. Hodges. Superfluous Neuroscience Information Makes Explanations of Psychological Phenomena More Appealing
945 -- 958Laura Dugué, Philippe Marque, Rufin VanRullen. Theta Oscillations Modulate Attentional Search Performance Periodically
959 -- 973Teresa K. Pegors, Joseph W. Kable, Anjan Chatterjee, Russell A. Epstein. Common and Unique Representations in pFC for Face and Place Attractiveness
974 -- 987Christian Gerlach, Xun Zhu, Jane E. Joseph. Structural Similarity Exerts Opposing Effects on Perceptual Differentiation and Categorization: An fMRI Study
988 -- 1000Malte Wöstmann, Erich Schröger, Jonas Obleser. Acoustic Detail Guides Attention Allocation in a Selective Listening Task
1001 -- 1016Ivo D. Popivanov, Jan Jastorff, Wim Vanduffel, Rufin Vogels. Tolerance of Macaque Middle STS Body Patch Neurons to Shape-preserving Stimulus Transformations
1017 -- 1028Paul Metzner, Titus von der Malsburg, Shravan Vasishth, Frank Rösler. Brain Responses to World Knowledge Violations: A Comparison of Stimulus- and Fixation-triggered Event-related Potentials and Neural Oscillations
1029 -- 1043Erez Freud, Gideon Rosenthal, Tzvi Ganel, Galia Avidan. Sensitivity to Object Impossibility in the Human Visual Cortex: Evidence from Functional Connectivity
1044 -- 1059Benjamin Rich Zendel, Charles-David Tremblay, Sylvie Belleville, Isabelle Peretz. The Impact of Musicianship on the Cortical Mechanisms Related to Separating Speech from Background Noise
1060 -- 1067Nicole A. Folland, Blake E. Butler, Jennifer E. Payne, Laurel J. Trainor. Cortical Representations Sensitive to the Number of Perceived Auditory Objects Emerge between 2 and 4 Months of Age: Electrophysiological Evidence

Volume 27, Issue 4

639 -- 654Joaquín M. Fuster, Steven L. Bressler. Past Makes Future: Role of pFC in Prediction
655 -- 664Daniel L. Ames, Christopher J. Honey, Michael A. Chow, Alexander Todorov, Uri Hasson. Contextual Alignment of Cognitive and Neural Dynamics
665 -- 678Long Sha, James V. Haxby, Hervé Abdi, J. Swaroop Guntupalli, Nikolaas N. Oosterhof, Yaroslav O. Halchenko, Andrew C. Connolly. The Animacy Continuum in the Human Ventral Vision Pathway
679 -- 691Erik A. Wing, Maureen Ritchey, Roberto Cabeza. Reinstatement of Individual Past Events Revealed by the Similarity of Distributed Activation Patterns during Encoding and Retrieval
692 -- 704Jérôme Prado, Nicola Spotorno, Eric Koun, Emily Hewitt, Jean-Baptiste Van der Henst, Dan Sperber, Ira A. Noveck. Neural Interaction between Logical Reasoning and Pragmatic Processing in Narrative Discourse
705 -- 719Mark E. Wheeler, Sarah G. Woo, Tobin Ansel, Joshua J. Tremel, Amanda L. Collier, Katerina Velanova, Elisabeth J. Ploran, Tianming Yang. The Strength of Gradually Accruing Probabilistic Evidence Modulates Brain Activity during a Categorical Decision
720 -- 735Roberto Dell'Acqua, Paul E. Dux, Brad Wyble, Mattia Doro, Paola Sessa, Federica Meconi, Pierre Jolicoeur. The Attentional Blink Impairs Detection and Delays Encoding of Visual Information: Evidence from Human Electrophysiology
736 -- 751Ella Gabitov, David Manor, Avi Karni. Patterns of Modulation in the Activity and Connectivity of Motor Cortex during the Repeated Generation of Movement Sequences
752 -- 764Simandeep K. Poonian, Jessica McFadyen, Jessica Ogden, Ross Cunnington. Implicit Agency in Observed Actions: Evidence for N1 Suppression of Tones Caused by Self-made and Observed Actions
765 -- 774Russell Cohen Hoffing, Aaron R. Seitz. Pupillometry as a Glimpse into the Neurochemical Basis of Human Memory Encoding
775 -- 786Erin Hawkins, Duncan E. Astle, Kathleen Rastle. Semantic Advantage for Learning New Phonological Form Representations
787 -- 797Matthias Guggenmos, Marcus Rothkirch, Klaus Obermayer, John-Dylan Haynes, Philipp Sterzer. A Hippocampal Signature of Perceptual Learning in Object Recognition
798 -- 818Hao Tam Ho, Erich Schröger, Sonja A. Kotz. Selective Attention Modulates Early Human Evoked Potentials during Emotional Face-Voice Processing
819 -- 831Jennifer A. Segawa, Jason A. Tourville, Deryk S. Beal, Frank H. Guenther. The Neural Correlates of Speech Motor Sequence Learning
832 -- 841Amanda K. Robinson, Judith Reinhard, Jason B. Mattingley. Olfaction Modulates Early Neural Responses to Matching Visual Objects
842 -- 851Paul E. Stillman, Jay J. Van Bavel, William A. Cunningham. Valence Asymmetries in the Human Amygdala: Task Relevance Modulates Amygdala Responses to Positive More than Negative Affective Cues

Volume 27, Issue 3

425 -- 439Giovanni Mento, Vincenza Tarantino, Antonino Vallesi, Patrizia Silvia Bisiacchi. Spatiotemporal Neurodynamics Underlying Internally and Externally Driven Temporal Prediction: A High Spatial Resolution ERP Study
440 -- 452Benjamin Baird, Matthew Cieslak, Jonathan Smallwood, Scott T. Grafton, Jonathan W. Schooler. Regional White Matter Variation Associated with Domain-specific Metacognitive Accuracy
453 -- 463Satoe Ichihara-Takeda, Shogo Yazawa, Takashi Murahara, Takanobu Toyoshima, Jun Shinozaki, Masanori Ishiguro, Hideaki Shiraishi, Nozomu Ikeda, Kiyoji Matsuyama, Shintaro Funahashi, Takashi Nagamine. Modulation of Alpha Activity in the Parieto-occipital Area by Distractors during a Visuospatial Working Memory Task: A Magnetoencephalographic Study
464 -- 473Robert S. Hurley, Borna Bonakdarpour, Xue Wang, M.-Marsel Mesulam. Asymmetric Connectivity between the Anterior Temporal Lobe and the Language Network
474 -- 491Mayu Nishimura, K. Suzanne Scherf, Valentinos Zachariou, Michael J. Tarr, Marlene Behrmann. Size Precedes View: Developmental Emergence of Invariant Object Representations in Lateral Occipital Complex
492 -- 508Nicholas E. Myers, Lena Walther, George Wallis, Mark G. Stokes, Anna C. Nobre. Temporal Dynamics of Attention during Encoding versus Maintenance of Working Memory: Complementary Views from Event-related Potentials and Alpha-band Oscillations
509 -- 521Marissa A. Gorlick, Darrell A. Worthy, Valerie S. Knopik, John E. McGeary, Christopher G. Beevers, W. Todd Maddox. DRD4 Long Allele Carriers Show Heightened Attention to High-priority Items Relative to Low-priority Items
522 -- 532Nathan S. Rose, Fergus I. M. Craik, Bradley R. Buchsbaum. Levels of Processing in Working Memory: Differential Involvement of Frontotemporal Networks
533 -- 545Rebecca E. Millman, Sam R. Johnson, Garreth Prendergast. The Role of Phase-locking to the Temporal Envelope of Speech in Auditory Perception and Speech Intelligibility
560 -- 572Kazutaka Maeda, Hiroaki Ishida, Katsumi Nakajima, Masahiko Inase, Akira Murata. Functional Properties of Parietal Hand Manipulation-related Neurons and Mirror Neurons Responding to Vision of Own Hand Action
573 -- 582Daniel Zeller, Vladimir Litvak, Karl J. Friston, Joseph Classen. Sensory Processing and the Rubber Hand Illusion - An Evoked Potentials Study
583 -- 592Haiteng Jiang, Marcel A. J. van Gerven, Ole Jensen. Modality-specific Alpha Modulations Facilitate Long-term Memory Encoding in the Presence of Distracters
593 -- 604Magdalena W. Sliwinska, Alyson James, Joseph T. Devlin. Inferior Parietal Lobule Contributions to Visual Word Recognition
605 -- 613Jennifer J. Heisz, Michelle Gould, Anthony Randal McIntosh. Age-related Shift in Neural Complexity Related to Task Performance and Physical Activity
614 -- 622Tirta Susilo, Hua Yang, Zachary Potter, Rachel Robbins, Bradley Duchaine. Normal Body Perception despite the Loss of Right Fusiform Gyrus
623 -- 637Lars Rogenmoser, Stefan Elmer, Lutz Jäncke. Absolute Pitch: Evidence for Early Cognitive Facilitation during Passive Listening as Revealed by Reduced P3a Amplitudes

Volume 27, Issue 2

211 -- 221Liad Mudrik, Uri Maoz. "Me & My Brain": Exposing Neuroscience's Closet Dualism
222 -- 233Tim V. Salomons, Robin Nusslock, Allison Detloff, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. Davidson. Neural Emotion Regulation Circuitry Underlying Anxiolytic Effects of Perceived Control over Pain
234 -- 245Jim M. Monti, Gillian E. Cooke, Patrick D. Watson, Michelle W. Voss, Arthur F. Kramer, Neal J. Cohen. Relating Hippocampus to Relational Memory Processing across Domains and Delays
246 -- 265Caroline Whiting, Yury Shtyrov, William D. Marslen-Wilson. Real-time Functional Architecture of Visual Word Recognition
266 -- 279Kamila Smigasiewicz, Dariusz Asanowicz, Nicole Westphal, Rolf Verleger. Bias for the Left Visual Field in Rapid Serial Visual Presentation: Effects of Additional Salient Cues Suggest a Critical Role of Attention
280 -- 291Sonja Schall, Stefan J. Kiebel, Burkhard Maess, Katharina von Kriegstein. Voice Identity Recognition: Functional Division of the Right STS and Its Behavioral Relevance
292 -- 307Christian Obermeier, Thomas C. Gunter. Multisensory Integration: The Case of a Time Window of Gesture-Speech Integration
308 -- 318Janosch Linkersdörfer, Alina Jurcoane, Sven Lindberg, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus Hasselhorn, Christian J. Fiebach, Jan Lonnemann. The Association between Gray Matter Volume and Reading Proficiency: A Longitudinal Study of Beginning Readers
319 -- 333A. Ross Otto, Anya Skatova, Seth Madlon-Kay, Nathaniel D. Daw. Cognitive Control Predicts Use of Model-based Reinforcement Learning
334 -- 351Marc Sato, Coriandre Vilain, Laurent Lamalle, Krystyna Grabski. Adaptive Coding of Orofacial and Speech Actions in Motor and Somatosensory Spaces with and without Overt Motor Behavior
352 -- 364Xing Tian, David Poeppel. Dynamics of Self-monitoring and Error Detection in Speech Production: Evidence from Mental Imagery and MEG
365 -- 376Sven Bestmann, Diane Ruge, John C. Rothwell, Joseph M. Galea. The Role of Dopamine in Motor Flexibility
377 -- 386Dario Cazzoli, René M. Müri, Christopher Kennard, Clive R. Rosenthal. The Role of the Right Posterior Parietal Cortex in Letter Migration between Words
387 -- 399Stephan Ripke, Thomas Hübner, Eva Mennigen, Kathrin U. Müller, Shu-Chen Li, Michael N. Smolka. Common Neural Correlates of Intertemporal Choices and Intelligence in Adolescents
400 -- 408Adam Tierney, Nina Kraus. Neural Entrainment to the Rhythmic Structure of Music
409 -- 423Alexander Soutschek, Christine Stelzel, Lena Paschke, Henrik Walter, Torsten Schubert. Dissociable Effects of Motivation and Expectancy on Conflict Processing: An fMRI Study

Volume 27, Issue 12

2309 -- 2323Megan A. Boudewyn, Debra L. Long, Matthew J. Traxler, Tyler A. Lesh, Shruti Dave, George R. Mangun, Cameron S. Carter, Tamara Y. Swaab. Sensitivity to Referential Ambiguity in Discourse: The Role of Attention, Working Memory, and Verbal Ability
2324 -- 2338Sarah H. Solomon, Nicholas C. Hindy, Gerry T. M. Altmann, Sharon L. Thompson-Schill. Competition between Mutually Exclusive Object States in Event Comprehension
2339 -- 2351Ahren B. Fitzroy, Lisa D. Sanders. Musical Meter Modulates the Allocation of Attention across Time
2352 -- 2368David Peeters, Mingyuan Chu, Judith Holler, Peter Hagoort, Asli Özyürek. Electrophysiological and Kinematic Correlates of Communicative Intent in the Planning and Production of Pointing Gestures and Speech
2369 -- 2381Amanda Elton, Wei Gao. Task-positive Functional Connectivity of the Default Mode Network Transcends Task Domain
2382 -- 2393Raquel E. London, Heleen A. Slagter. Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over Left Dorsolateral pFC on the Attentional Blink Depend on Individual Baseline Performance
2394 -- 2405Louise Kauffmann, Jessica Bourgin, Nathalie Guyader, Carole Peyrin. The Neural Bases of the Semantic Interference of Spatial Frequency-based Information in Scenes
2406 -- 2415Yifeng Wang, Gang-Shu Dai, Feng Liu, Zhi-Liang Long, Jin H. Yan, Huafu Chen. Steady-state BOLD Response to Higher-order Cognition Modulates Low-Frequency Neural Oscillations
2416 -- 2426João Castelhano, Inês Bernardino, José Rebola, Eugenio Rodriguez, Miguel Castelo-Branco. Oscillations or Synchrony? Disruption of Neural Synchrony despite Enhanced Gamma Oscillations in a Model of Disrupted Perceptual Coherence
2427 -- 2441Niki Katerina Vavatzanidis, Dirk Mürbe, Angela D. Friederici, Anja Hahne. The Basis for Language Acquisition: Congenitally Deaf Infants Discriminate Vowel Length in the First Months after Cochlear Implantation
2442 -- 2461Valentinos Zachariou, Christine V. Nikas, Zaid N. Safiullah, Marlene Behrmann, Roberta L. Klatzky, Leslie G. Ungerleider. Common Dorsal Stream Substrates for the Mapping of Surface Texture to Object Parts and Visual Spatial Processing
2462 -- 2476Gary R. Turner, R. Nathan Spreng. Prefrontal Engagement and Reduced Default Network Suppression Co-occur and Are Dynamically Coupled in Older Adults: The Default-Executive Coupling Hypothesis of Aging
2477 -- 2490Annelinde R. E. Vandenbroucke, Ilja G. Sligte, Jade G. de Vries, Michael X. Cohen, Victor A. F. Lamme. Neural Correlates of Visual Short-term Memory Dissociate between Fragile and Working Memory Representations
2491 -- 2511Leyla Y. Tarhan, Christine E. Watson, Laurel J. Buxbaum. Shared and Distinct Neuroanatomic Regions Critical for Tool-related Action Production and Recognition: Evidence from 131 Left-hemisphere Stroke Patients
2512 -- 2528Catherine Stamoulis, Ross E. Vanderwert, Charles H. Zeanah, Nathan A. Fox, Charles A. Nelson. Early Psychosocial Neglect Adversely Impacts Developmental Trajectories of Brain Oscillations and Their Interactions
2529 -- 2540Rachael L. Elward, Michael D. Rugg. Retrieval Goal Modulates Memory for Context

Volume 27, Issue 11

2095 -- 2107Marcel C. M. Bastiaansen, Peter Hagoort. Frequency-based Segregation of Syntactic and Semantic Unification during Online Sentence Level Language Comprehension
2108 -- 2116Liv J. Hoversten, Trevor Brothers, Tamara Y. Swaab, Matthew J. Traxler. Language Membership Identification Precedes Semantic Access: Suppression during Bilingual Word Recognition
2117 -- 2125Reshanne R. Reeder, Francesca Perini, Marius V. Peelen. Preparatory Activity in Posterior Temporal Cortex Causally Contributes to Object Detection in Scenes
2126 -- 2132Roberta Sellaro, Jelle W. R. van Leusden, Klodiana-Daphne Tona, Bart Verkuil, Sander Nieuwenhuis, Lorenza S. Colzato. Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Enhances Post-error Slowing
2133 -- 2146Ariel Furstenberg, Assaf Breska, Haim Sompolinsky, Leon Y. Deouell. Evidence of Change of Intention in Picking Situations
2147 -- 2157R. Nathan Spreng, Kathy D. Gerlach, Gary R. Turner, Daniel L. Schacter. Autobiographical Planning and the Brain: Activation and Its Modulation by Qualitative Features
2158 -- 2173J. Daniel McCarthy, Peter J. Kohler, Peter U. Tse, Gideon Paul Caplovitz. Extrastriate Visual Areas Integrate Form Features over Space and Time to Construct Representations of Stationary and Rigidly Rotating Objects
2174 -- 2185Amir Homayoun Javadi, Angeliki Beyko, Vincent Walsh, Ryota Kanai. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Motor Cortex Biases Action Choice in a Perceptual Decision Task
2186 -- 2196Ada W. S. Leung, Pierre Jolicoeur, Claude Alain. Attentional Capacity Limits Gap Detection during Concurrent Sound Segregation
2197 -- 2214Yulia Oganian, Markus Conrad, Arash Aryani, Katharina Spalek, Hauke R. Heekeren. Activation Patterns throughout the Word Processing Network of L1-dominant Bilinguals Reflect Language Similarity and Language Decisions
2215 -- 2228Mante S. Nieuwland. The Truth Before and After: Brain Potentials Reveal Automatic Activation of Event Knowledge during Sentence Comprehension
2229 -- 2239Risa Sawaki, Steven J. Luck, Jane E. Raymond. How Attention Changes in Response to Incentives
2240 -- 2252Michael A. Cohen, Ken Nakayama, Talia Konkle, Mirta Stantic, George A. Alvarez. Visual Awareness Is Limited by the Representational Architecture of the Visual System
2253 -- 2268Felix Ball, Fosco Bernasconi, Niko A. Busch. Semantic Relations between Visual Objects Can Be Unconsciously Processed but Not Reported under Change Blindness
2269 -- 2280Joshua D. Davis, Piotr Winkielman, Seana Coulson. Facial Action and Emotional Language: ERP Evidence that Blocking Facial Feedback Selectively Impairs Sentence Comprehension
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Volume 27, Issue 10

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Volume 27, Issue 1

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13 -- 25Lauren E. Kahn, Shannon J. Peake, Thomas J. Dishion, Elizabeth A. Stormshak, Jennifer H. Pfeifer. Learning to Play It Safe (or Not): Stable and Evolving Neural Responses during Adolescent Risky Decision-making
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