Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 30, Issue 9

0 -- 0Mariam Aly, Janice Chen, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Uri Hasson. Learning Naturalistic Temporal Structure in the Posterior Medial Network
0 -- 0Katherine W. Turk, Ala'a A. Elshaar, Rebecca G. Deason, Nadine C. Heyworth, Corrine Nagle, Bruno Frustace, Sean Flannery, Ann Zumwalt, Andrew E. Budson. Late Positive Component Event-related Potential Amplitude Predicts Long-term Classroom-based Learning
0 -- 0Anne S. Berry, Vyoma D. Shah, William J. Jagust. The Influence of Dopamine on Cognitive Flexibility Is Mediated by Functional Connectivity in Young but Not Older Adults
0 -- 0Mariya E. Manahova, Pim Mostert, Peter Kok, Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, Floris P. de Lange. Stimulus Familiarity and Expectation Jointly Modulate Neural Activity in the Visual Ventral Stream
0 -- 0Rüdiger J. Seitz, Raymond F. Paloutzian, Hans-Ferdinand Angel. From Believing to Belief: A General Theoretical Model
0 -- 0David Rothlein, Joe DeGutis, Michael Esterman. Attentional Fluctuations Influence the Neural Fidelity and Connectivity of Stimulus Representations
0 -- 0Alexa Tompary, Naseem Al-Aidroos, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne. Attending to What and Where: Background Connectivity Integrates Categorical and Spatial Attention
0 -- 0Nash Unsworth, Matthew K. Robison, Ashley L. Miller. Pupillary Correlates of Fluctuations in Sustained Attention
0 -- 0Sori Baek, Amy Daitch, Pedro Pinheiro Chagas, Josef Parvizi. Neuronal Population Responses in the Human Ventral Temporal and Lateral Parietal Cortex during Arithmetic Processing with Digits and Number Words
0 -- 0Ye Yuan, Judy Major-Girardin, Steven Brown. Storytelling Is Intrinsically Mentalistic: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Narrative Production across Modalities
0 -- 0Kirsten C. S. Adam, Matthew K. Robison, Edward K. Vogel. Contralateral Delay Activity Tracks Fluctuations in Working Memory Performance
0 -- 0Nicholas Gaspelin, Steven J. Luck. Combined Electrophysiological and Behavioral Evidence for the Suppression of Salient Distractors

Volume 30, Issue 8

0 -- 0Lars Meyer, Matthias Gumbert. Synchronization of Electrophysiological Responses with Speech Benefits Syntactic Information Processing
0 -- 0Armand Mensen, William Marshall, Shuntaro Sasai, Giulio Tononi. Differentiation Analysis of Continuous Electroencephalographic Activity Triggered by Video Clip Contents
0 -- 0Nicolas J. Bourguignon, Senne Braem, Egbert Hartstra, Jan De Houwer, Marcel Brass. Encoding of Novel Verbal Instructions for Prospective Action in the Lateral Prefrontal Cortex: Evidence from Univariate and Multivariate Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Analysis
0 -- 0William H. Alexander, Joshua W. Brown, Anne G. E. Collins, Benjamin Y. Hayden, Eliana Vassena. Prefrontal Cortex in Control: Broadening the Scope to Identify Mechanisms
0 -- 0Elisabetta Ambron, Nicole White, Olufunsho Faseyitan, Sudha K. Kessler, Jared Medina, H. Branch Coslett. Magnifying the View of the Hand Changes Its Cortical Representation. A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Study
0 -- 0Cooper A. Smout, Jason B. Mattingley. Spatial Attention Enhances the Neural Representation of Invisible Signals Embedded in Noise
0 -- 0Rodolfo Solís-Vivanco, Ole Jensen, Mathilde Bonnefond. Top-Down Control of Alpha Phase Adjustment in Anticipation of Temporally Predictable Visual Stimuli
0 -- 0Tobias Feldmann-Wüstefeld, Edward K. Vogel, Edward Awh. Contralateral Delay Activity Indexes Working Memory Storage, Not the Current Focus of Spatial Attention
0 -- 0Simon Nougaret, Sabrina Ravel. Dynamic Encoding of Effort and Reward throughout the Execution of Action by External Globus Pallidus Neurons in Monkeys
0 -- 0Lin Wang, Peter Hagoort, Ole Jensen. Gamma Oscillatory Activity Related to Language Prediction
0 -- 0Feng-Kuei Chiang, Joni D. Wallis. Neuronal Encoding in Prefrontal Cortex during Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
0 -- 0Linda Drijvers, Asli Özyürek, Ole Jensen. Alpha and Beta Oscillations Index Semantic Congruency between Speech and Gestures in Clear and Degraded Speech
0 -- 0Ruth B. Elijah, Mike E. Le Pelley, Thomas J. Whitford. Act Now, Play Later: Temporal Expectations Regarding the Onset of Self-initiated Sensations Can Be Modified with Behavioral Training

Volume 30, Issue 7

0 -- 0Oshin Vartanian, Erin L. Beatty, Ingrid Smith, Kristen Blackler, Quan Lam, Sarah Forbes, Wim De Neys. The Reflective Mind: Examining Individual Differences in Susceptibility to Base Rate Neglect with fMRI
0 -- 0Andrew D. Engell, Na Yeon Kim, Gregory McCarthy. Sensitivity to Faces with Typical and Atypical Part Configurations within Regions of the Face-processing Network: An fMRI Study
0 -- 0Sharon Gilad-Gutnick, Elia Samuel Harmatz, Kleovoulos Tsourides, Galit Yovel, Pawan Sinha. Recognizing Facial Slivers
0 -- 0Lina Teichmann, Tijl Grootswagers, Thomas A. Carlson, Anina N. Rich. Decoding Digits and Dice with Magnetoencephalography: Evidence for a Shared Representation of Magnitude
0 -- 0Bernhard Pastötter, Christian Frings. It's the Other Way Around! Early Modulation of Sensory Distractor Processing Induced by Late Response Conflict
0 -- 0Johannes C. Ziegler, Marie Montant, Benny B. Briesemeister, Tila T. Brink, Bruno Wicker, Aurélie Ponz, Mireille Bonnard, Arthur M. Jacobs, Mario Braun. Do Words Stink? Neural Reuse as a Principle for Understanding Emotions in Reading
0 -- 0David A. Ross, Benjamin J. Tamber-Rosenau, Thomas J. Palmeri, JieDong Zhang, Yaoda Xu, Isabel Gauthier. High-resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reveals Configural Processing of Cars in Right Anterior Fusiform Face Area of Car Experts
0 -- 0Alexander V. Lebedev, Jonna Nilsson, Martin Lövdén. Working Memory and Reasoning Benefit from Different Modes of Large-scale Brain Dynamics in Healthy Older Adults
0 -- 0Erez Freud, Amanda K. Robinson, Marlene Behrmann. More than Action: The Dorsal Pathway Contributes to the Perception of 3-D Structure
0 -- 0Zoran Tiganj, Jason A. Cromer, Jefferson E. Roy, Earl K. Miller, Marc W. Howard. Compressed Timeline of Recent Experience in Monkey Lateral Prefrontal Cortex

Volume 30, Issue 6

0 -- 0Joshua D. Koen, Erin D. Horne, Nedra Hauck, Michael D. Rugg. Age-related Differences in Prestimulus Subsequent Memory Effects Assessed with Event-related Potentials
0 -- 0Jean-Paul Noel, David Simon, Antonia Thelen, Alexander Maier, Randolph Blake, Mark T. Wallace. Probing Electrophysiological Indices of Perceptual Awareness across Unisensory and Multisensory Modalities
0 -- 0Jessica de Boer, Katrin Krumbholz. Auditory Attention Causes Gain Enhancement and Frequency Sharpening at Successive Stages of Cortical Processing - Evidence from Human Electroencephalography
0 -- 0Shuo Wang, Virginia Falvello, Jenny Porter, Christopher P. Said, Alexander Todorov. Behavioral and Neural Adaptation in Approach Behavior
0 -- 0Magdalena Chechlacz, Peter C. Hansen, Joy J. Geng, Dario Cazzoli. Polarity-dependent Effects of Biparietal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on the Interplay between Target Location and Distractor Saliency in Visual Attention
0 -- 0Kohinoor M. Darda, Emily E. Butler, Richard Ramsey. Functional Specificity and Sex Differences in the Neural Circuits Supporting the Inhibition of Automatic Imitation
0 -- 0Marcus Paul, Marie-Christin Fellner, Gerd T. Waldhauser, John Paul Minda, Nikolai Axmacher, Boris Suchan, Oliver T. Wolf. Stress Elevates Frontal Midline Theta in Feedback-based Category Learning of Exceptions
0 -- 0Seng Bum Michael Yoo, Brianna J. Sleezer, Benjamin Y. Hayden. Robust Encoding of Spatial Information in Orbitofrontal Cortex and Striatum
0 -- 0Friederike Leimbach, Dejan Georgiev, Vladimir Litvak, Chrystalina Antoniades, Patricia Limousin, Marjan Jahanshahi, Rafal Bogacz. Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus Does Not Affect the Decrease of Decision Threshold during the Choice Process When There Is No Conflict, Time Pressure, or Reward
0 -- 0Edward Rhodes, William C. Gaetz, Jonathan Marsden, Stephen D. Hall. Transient Alpha and Beta Synchrony Underlies Preparatory Recruitment of Directional Motor Networks

Volume 30, Issue 5

0 -- 0Natalie V. Covington, Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Melissa C. Duff. The Necessity of the Hippocampus for Statistical Learning
0 -- 0Meghan L. Meyer, Matthew D. Lieberman. Why People Are Always Thinking about Themselves: Medial Prefrontal Cortex Activity during Rest Primes Self-referential Processing
0 -- 0Iske Bakker-Marshall, Atsuko Takashima, Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, Janet G. van Hell, Gabriele Janzen, James M. McQueen. Theta-band Oscillations in the Middle Temporal Gyrus Reflect Novel Word Consolidation
0 -- 0Stephen D. Auger, Eleanor A. Maguire. Dissociating Landmark Stability from Orienting Value Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
0 -- 0Lucia M. Sacheli, Gaetano Tieri, Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Matteo Candidi. Transitory Inhibition of the Left Anterior Intraparietal Sulcus Impairs Joint Actions: A Continuous Theta-Burst Stimulation Study
0 -- 0Tobias Katus, Martin Eimer. Independent Attention Mechanisms Control the Activation of Tactile and Visual Working Memory Representations
0 -- 0Eun Young Choi, Garrett K. Drayna, David Badre. Evidence for a Functional Hierarchy of Association Networks
0 -- 0Benjamin L. Chernoff, Alex Teghipco, Frank Garcea, Max H. Sims, David A. Paul, Madalina E. Tivarus, Susan O. Smith, Webster H. Pilcher, Bradford Z. Mahon. A Role for the Frontal Aslant Tract in Speech Planning: A Neurosurgical Case Study
0 -- 0Sarah C. Tyler, Federica Contò, Lorella Battelli. Rapid Improvement on a Temporal Attention Task within a Single Session of High-frequency Transcranial Random Noise Stimulation
0 -- 0Torben Ott, Stephanie Westendorff, Andreas Nieder. Dopamine Receptors Influence Internally Generated Oscillations during Rule Processing in Primate Prefrontal Cortex
0 -- 0Jessica Ross, John R. Iversen, Ramesh Balasubramaniam. The Role of Posterior Parietal Cortex in Beat-based Timing Perception: A Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation Study
0 -- 0David A. Vogelsang, Matthias J. Gruber, Zara M. Bergström, Charan Ranganath, Jon S. Simons. Alpha Oscillations during Incidental Encoding Predict Subsequent Memory for New "Foil" Information

Volume 30, Issue 4

0 -- 0Giovanni Mento, Duncan E. Astle, Gaia Scerif. Cross-frequency Phase-Amplitude Coupling as a Mechanism for Temporal Orienting of Attention in Childhood
0 -- 0Iris Wiegand, Natan Napiórkowski, Thomas Töllner, Anders Petersen, Thomas Habekost, Hermann J. Müller, Kathrin Finke. Event-related Electroencephalographic Lateralizations Mark Individual Differences in Spatial and Nonspatial Visual Selection
0 -- 0Michael M. Craig, Anne E. Manktelow, Barbara J. Sahakian, David K. Menon, Emmanuel A. Stamatakis. Spectral Diversity in Default Mode Network Connectivity Reflects Behavioral State
0 -- 0Sara B. Pillay, William L. Gross, William W. Graves, Colin Humphries, Diane S. Book, Jeffrey R. Binder. The Neural Basis of Successful Word Reading in Aphasia
0 -- 0Aliette Lochy, Friederike G. S. Zimmermann, Renaud Laguesse, Verena Willenbockel, Bruno Rossion, Quoc C. Vuong. Does Extensive Training at Individuating Novel Objects in Adulthood Lead to Visual Expertise? The Role of Facelikeness
0 -- 0Andrea N. Goldstein-Piekarski, Stephanie M. Greer, Jared M. Saletin, Allison G. Harvey, Leanne M. Williams, Matthew P. Walker. Sex, Sleep Deprivation, and the Anxious Brain
0 -- 0Wen Wen, Patrick Haggard. Control Changes the Way We Look at the World
0 -- 0Marlies E. Vissers, K. Richard Ridderinkhof, Michael X. Cohen, Heleen A. Slagter. Oscillatory Mechanisms of Response Conflict Elicited by Color and Motion Direction: An Individual Differences Approach
0 -- 0Christian Graulty, Orestis Papaioannou, Phoebe Bauer, Michael A. Pitts, Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez. Hearing Shapes: Event-related Potentials Reveal the Time Course of Auditory-Visual Sensory Substitution
0 -- 0Marc André Wittenberg, Thomas J. Baumgarten, Alfons Schnitzler, Joachim Lange. U-shaped Relation between Prestimulus Alpha-band and Poststimulus Gamma-band Power in Temporal Tactile Perception in the Human Somatosensory Cortex
0 -- 0Wei Zhang, Vanessa A. van Ast, Floris Klumpers, Karin Roelofs, Erno J. Hermans. Memory Contextualization: The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Functional Integration across Item and Context Representational Regions
0 -- 0Daniel R. Lametti, Harriet J. Smith, Phoebe F. Freidin, Kate E. Watkins. Cortico-cerebellar Networks Drive Sensorimotor Learning in Speech

Volume 30, Issue 3

0 -- 0Juri Fujiwara, Nobuo Usui, Satoshi Eifuku, Toshio Iijima, Masato Taira, Ken-Ichiro Tsutsui, Philippe N. Tobler. Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Updates Chosen Value According to Choice Set Size
0 -- 0Floris Tijmen van Vugt, David J. Ostry. The Structure and Acquisition of Sensorimotor Maps
0 -- 0David M. Simon, Mark T. Wallace. Integration and Temporal Processing of Asynchronous Audiovisual Speech
0 -- 0Genevieve Quek, Dan Nemdorov, Bruno Rossion, Joan Liu-Shuang. Selective Attention to Faces in a Rapid Visual Stream: Hemispheric Differences in Enhancement and Suppression of Category-selective Neural Activity
0 -- 0Marijn van Vliet, Marc M. Van Hulle, Riitta Salmelin. Exploring the Organization of Semantic Memory through Unsupervised Analysis of Event-related Potentials
0 -- 0Sarah M. Pope, Jared P. Taglialatela, Sara A. Skiba, William D. Hopkins. Pan troglodytes)
0 -- 0Lin Wang, Peter Hagoort, Ole Jensen. Language Prediction Is Reflected by Coupling between Frontal Gamma and Posterior Alpha Oscillations
0 -- 0Xin Xie, Emily B. Myers. Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus Sensitivity to Phonetic Competition in Receptive Language Processing: A Comparison of Clear and Conversational Speech
0 -- 0Edward F. Chang, Garret Kurteff, Stephen M. Wilson. Selective Interference with Syntactic Encoding during Sentence Production by Direct Electrocortical Stimulation of the Inferior Frontal Gyrus
0 -- 0Elaine Foley, Gina Rippon, Carl Senior. Modulation of Neural Oscillatory Activity during Dynamic Face Processing
0 -- 0Ethan M. McCormick, Eva H. Telzer. Not Doomed to Repeat: Enhanced Medial Prefrontal Cortex Tracking of Errors Promotes Adaptive Behavior during Adolescence
0 -- 0Maya L. Rosen, Margaret A. Sheridan, Kelly A. Sambrook, Matthew Peverill, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Katie A. McLaughlin. The Role of Visual Association Cortex in Associative Memory Formation across Development
0 -- 0Robert S. Blumenfeld, Daniel P. Bliss, Mark D'Esposito. Quantitative Anatomical Evidence for a Dorsoventral and Rostrocaudal Segregation within the Nonhuman Primate Frontal Cortex

Volume 30, Issue 2

0 -- 0Paola Marangolo, Valentina Fiori, Carlo Caltagirone, Francesca Pisano, Alberto Priori. Transcranial Cerebellar Direct Current Stimulation Enhances Verb Generation but Not Verb Naming in Poststroke Aphasia
0 -- 0Masih Rahmati, Golbarg T. Saber, Clayton E. Curtis. Population Dynamics of Early Visual Cortex during Working Memory
0 -- 0Johannes Rennig, Sonja Cornelsen, Helmut Wilhelm, Marc Himmelbach, Hans-Otto Karnath. Preserved Expert Object Recognition in a Case of Visual Hemiagnosia
0 -- 0Dirk van Moorselaar, Joshua J. Foster, David W. Sutterer, Jan Theeuwes, Christian N. L. Olivers, Edward Awh. Spatially Selective Alpha Oscillations Reveal Moment-by-Moment Trade-offs between Working Memory and Attention
0 -- 0Steve Majerus, Frédéric Peters, Marion Bouffier, Nelson Cowan, Christophe Phillips. The Dorsal Attention Network Reflects Both Encoding Load and Top-down Control during Working Memory
0 -- 0Erika Nyhus. Brain Networks Related to Beta Oscillatory Activity during Episodic Memory Retrieval
0 -- 0Monica D. Rosenberg, Wei-Ting Hsu, Dustin Scheinost, R. Todd Constable, Marvin M. Chun. Connectome-based Models Predict Separable Components of Attention in Novel Individuals
0 -- 0Frank J. Kanayet, Andrew Mattarella-Micke, Peter J. Kohler, Anthony M. Norcia, Bruce D. McCandliss, James L. McClelland. Distinct Representations of Magnitude and Spatial Position within Parietal Cortex during Number-Space Mapping
0 -- 0Corianne Rogalsky, Arianna N. LaCroix, Kuan-Hua Chen, Steven W. Anderson, Hanna Damasio, Tracy Love, Gregory Hickok. The Neurobiology of Agrammatic Sentence Comprehension: A Lesion Study

Volume 30, Issue 12

0 -- 0Pedro Pinheiro Chagas, Amy Daitch, Josef Parvizi, Stanislas Dehaene. Brain Mechanisms of Arithmetic: A Crucial Role for Ventral Temporal Cortex
0 -- 0Jeongmi Lee, Carly J. Leonard, Steven J. Luck, Joy J. Geng. Dynamics of Feature-based Attentional Selection during Color-Shape Conjunction Search
0 -- 0Michele Fornaciai, Joonkoo Park. Early Numerosity Encoding in Visual Cortex Is Not Sufficient for the Representation of Numerical Magnitude
0 -- 0Ian A. Clark, Misun Kim, Eleanor A. Maguire. Verbal Paired Associates and the Hippocampus: The Role of Scenes
0 -- 0Marieke Jepma, Stephen B. R. E. Brown, Peter R. Murphy, Stephany C. Koelewijn, Boukje de Vries, Arn M. J. M. van den Maagdenberg, Sander Nieuwenhuis. Noradrenergic and Cholinergic Modulation of Belief Updating
0 -- 0Rachel Wu, Andria Shimi, Michael Solis, Gaia Scerif. Learning What to Attend to: From the Lab to the Classroom
0 -- 0Nick Berggren, Martin Eimer. Visual Working Memory Load Disrupts Template-guided Attentional Selection during Visual Search
0 -- 0Daniel Baldauf. Visual Selection of the Future Reach Path in Obstacle Avoidance
0 -- 0Roger Beaty, Preston P. Thakral, Kevin P. Madore, Mathias Benedek, Daniel L. Schacter. Core Network Contributions to Remembering the Past, Imagining the Future, and Thinking Creatively
0 -- 0Guannan Shen, Nathan Smyk, Andrew N. Meltzoff, Peter J. Marshall. Neuropsychology of Human Body Parts: Exploring Categorical Boundaries of Tactile Perception Using Somatosensory Mismatch Responses
0 -- 0Tal Ness, Aya Meltzer-Asscher. Predictive Pre-updating and Working Memory Capacity: Evidence from Event-related Potentials
0 -- 0Rachel Rac-Lubashevsky, Yoav Kessler. Oscillatory Correlates of Control over Working Memory Gating and Updating: An EEG Study Using the Reference-back Paradigm
0 -- 0Nicolò F. Bernardi, Floris Tijmen van Vugt, Ricardo Ruy Valle-Mena, Shahabeddin Vahdat, David J. Ostry. Error-related Persistence of Motor Activity in Resting-state Networks

Volume 30, Issue 11

0 -- 0Méadhbh B. Brosnan, Mahnaz Arvaneh, Siobhán Harty, Tara Maguire, Redmond G. O'Connell, Ian H. Robertson, Paul M. Dockree. Prefrontal Modulation of Visual Processing and Sustained Attention in Aging, a tDCS-EEG Coregistration Approach
0 -- 0Gavin Buckingham, Desiree Holler, Elizabeth E. Michelakakis, Jacqueline C. Snow. Preserved Object Weight Processing after Bilateral Lateral Occipital Complex Lesions
0 -- 0Anna Maria Alexandrou, Timo Saarinen, Jan Kujala, Riitta Salmelin. Cortical Tracking of Global and Local Variations of Speech Rhythm during Connected Natural Speech Perception
0 -- 0Suzanne Hoogeveen, Uffe Schjoedt, Michiel van Elk. Did I Do That? Expectancy Effects of Brain Stimulation on Error-related Negativity and Sense of Agency
0 -- 0Michele Scaltritti, Francois-Xavier Alario, Marieke Longcamp. The Scope of Planning Serial Actions during Typing
0 -- 0Ekaterina Denkova, Emily G. Brudner, Kristen Zayan, Joseph Dunn, Amishi P. Jha. Attenuated Face Processing during Mind Wandering
0 -- 0Sebastian Michelmann, Howard Bowman, Simon Hanslmayr. Replay of Stimulus-specific Temporal Patterns during Associative Memory Formation
0 -- 0Seyed-Mahdi Khaligh-Razavi, Radoslaw Martin Cichy, Dimitrios Pantazis, Aude Oliva. Tracking the Spatiotemporal Neural Dynamics of Real-world Object Size and Animacy in the Human Brain
0 -- 0Matthias J. Gruber, Liang-Tien Hsieh, Bernhard P. Staresina, Christian Erich Elger, Jürgen Fell, Nikolai Axmacher, Charan Ranganath. Theta Phase Synchronization between the Human Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex Increases during Encoding of Unexpected Information: A Case Study
0 -- 0Rachel M. Brown, Virginia B. Penhune. Efficacy of Auditory versus Motor Learning for Skilled and Novice Performers
0 -- 0Alex Clarke, Barry J. Devereux, Lorraine K. Tyler. Oscillatory Dynamics of Perceptual to Conceptual Transformations in the Ventral Visual Pathway
0 -- 0Julia Wertheim, Marco Ragni. The Neural Correlates of Relational Reasoning: A Meta-analysis of 47 Functional Magnetic Resonance Studies
0 -- 0Andrea Olguin, Tristan A. Bekinschtein, Mirjana Bozic. Neural Encoding of Attended Continuous Speech under Different Types of Interference

Volume 30, Issue 10

0 -- 0Richard Ramsey. Neural Integration in Body Perception
0 -- 0Alexander J. Millner, Samuel J. Gershman, Matthew K. Nock, Hanneke E. M. den Ouden. Pavlovian Control of Escape and Avoidance
0 -- 0Apoorva Bhandari, Christopher Gagne, David Badre. Just above Chance: Is It Harder to Decode Information from Prefrontal Cortex Hemodynamic Activity Patterns?
0 -- 0Arielle Tambini, Derek Evan Nee, Mark D'Esposito. Hippocampal-targeted Theta-burst Stimulation Enhances Associative Memory Formation
0 -- 0Kayoko Okada, William Matchin, Gregory Hickok. Phonological Feature Repetition Suppression in the Left Inferior Frontal Gyrus
0 -- 0David St-Amand, Signy Sheldon, A. Ross Otto. Modulating Episodic Memory Alters Risk Preference during Decision-making
0 -- 0Paolo A. Grasso, Elisabetta Làdavas, Caterina Bertini, Serena Caltabiano, Gregor Thut, Stephanie Morand. Decoupling of Early V5 Motion Processing from Visual Awareness: A Matter of Velocity as Revealed by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
0 -- 0Harrison Ritz, Matthew R. Nassar, Michael J. Frank, Amitai Shenhav. A Control Theoretic Model of Adaptive Learning in Dynamic Environments
0 -- 0Wouter Kool, Samuel J. Gershman, Fiery Cushman. Planning Complexity Registers as a Cost in Metacontrol
0 -- 0Valentinos Zachariou, Zaid N. Safiullah, Leslie G. Ungerleider. The Fusiform and Occipital Face Areas Can Process a Nonface Category Equivalently to Faces
0 -- 0Anne G. E. Collins. The Tortoise and the Hare: Interactions between Reinforcement Learning and Working Memory
0 -- 0Matthew C. Costello, Aaron T. Buss. Age-related Decline of Visual Working Memory: Behavioral Results Simulated with a Dynamic Neural Field Model

Volume 30, Issue 1

0 -- 0Rachel E. Rickard, Andrew M. J. Young, Todor V. Gerdjikov. Cortical Local Field Potential Power Is Associated with Behavioral Detection of Near-threshold Stimuli in the Rat Whisker System: Dissociation between Orbitofrontal and Somatosensory Cortices
0 -- 0Johanna Wagner, Jan R. Wessel, Ayda Ghahremani, Adam R. Aron. Establishing a Right Frontal Beta Signature for Stopping Action in Scalp EEG: Implications for Testing Inhibitory Control in Other Task Contexts
0 -- 0Francesco Rigoli, Benjamin Chew, Peter Dayan, Raymond J. Dolan. Learning Contextual Reward Expectations for Value Adaptation
0 -- 0Weizhen Xie, Weiwei Zhang. Familiarity Speeds Up Visual Short-term Memory Consolidation: Electrophysiological Evidence from Contralateral Delay Activities
0 -- 0Tom R. Marshall, Sebastiaan den Boer, Roshan Cools, Ole Jensen, Sean James Fallon, Johanna M. Zumer. Occipital Alpha and Gamma Oscillations Support Complementary Mechanisms for Processing Stimulus Value Associations
0 -- 0Jessica Slater, Richard Ashley, Adam Tierney, Nina Kraus. Got Rhythm? Better Inhibitory Control Is Linked with More Consistent Drumming and Enhanced Neural Tracking of the Musical Beat in Adult Percussionists and Nonpercussionists
0 -- 0Clara R. Grabitz, Katherine S. Button, Marcus Munafò, Dianne F. Newbury, Cyril R. Pernet, Paul A. Thompson, Dorothy V. M. Bishop. Logical and Methodological Issues Affecting Genetic Studies of Humans Reported in Top Neuroscience Journals
0 -- 0Giulia Dormal, Maxime Pelland, Mohamed Rezk, Esther Yakobov, Franco Lepore, Olivier Collignon. Functional Preference for Object Sounds and Voices in the Brain of Early Blind and Sighted Individuals
0 -- 0Gabriela Meade, Katherine J. Midgley, Ton Dijkstra, Phillip J. Holcomb. Cross-language Neighborhood Effects in Learners Indicative of an Integrated Lexicon