Journal: J. Cognitive Neuroscience

Volume 31, Issue 9

1271 -- 1289Holger Dannenberg, Andrew S. Alexander, Jennifer C. Robinson, Michael E. Hasselmo. The Role of Hierarchical Dynamical Functions in Coding for Episodic Memory and Cognition
1290 -- 1307Aneta Brzezicka, Jan Kaminski, Chrystal M. Reed, Jeffrey M. Chung, Adam N. Mamelak, Ueli Rutishauser. Working Memory Load-related Theta Power Decreases in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Predict Individual Differences in Performance
1308 -- 1317Vishnu P. Murty, Sarah Dubrow, Lila Davachi. Decision-making Increases Episodic Memory via Postencoding Consolidation
1318 -- 1328Samuel Nummela, Michael J. Jutras, John T. Wixted, Elizabeth A. Buffalo, Cory T. Miller. Recognition Memory in Marmoset and Macaque Monkeys: A Comparison of Active Vision
1329 -- 1342Alessandro Grillini, Remco J. Renken, Frans W. Cornelissen. Attentional Modulation of Visual Spatial Integration: Psychophysical Evidence Supported by Population Coding Modeling
1343 -- 1353Dominic Minh Duc Tran, Justin A. Harris, Irina M. Harris, Evan Livesey. Motor Memory: Revealing Conditioned Action Tendencies Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
1354 -- 1367Yael Holzinger, Shimon Ullman, Daniel Harari, Marlene Behrmann, Galia Avidan. Minimal Recognizable Configurations Elicit Category-selective Responses in Higher Order Visual Cortex
1368 -- 1379Tahnée Engelen, Rosanne L. Rademaker, Alexander T. Sack. Reduced Fading of Visual Afterimages after Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation over Early Visual Cortex
1380 -- 1391Andrew J. Westphal, Tiffany E. Chow, Corey Ngoy, Xiaoye Zuo, Vivian Liao, Laryssa A. Storozuk, Megan A. K. Peters, Allan D. Wu, Jesse Rissman. Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation to the Left Rostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Selectively Improves Source Memory Retrieval
1392 -- 1403Alex I. Wiesman, Tony W. Wilson. Alpha Frequency Entrainment Reduces the Effect of Visual Distractors
1404 -- 1421Kelsey K. Sundby, Johanna Wagner, Adam R. Aron. The Functional Role of Response Suppression during an Urge to Relieve Pain
1422 -- 1429Goran Papenberg, Nina Karalija, Alireza Salami, Micael Andersson, Jan Axelsson, Katrine Riklund, Ulman Lindenberger, Lars Nyberg, Lars Bäckman. KIBRA Polymorphisms
1430 -- 1442Witold X. Chmielewski, Christian Beste. Stimulus Feature Conflicts Enhance Motor Inhibitory Control Processes in the Lateral Prefrontal Cortex

Volume 31, Issue 8

1091 -- 1109Caroline D. C. Alencar, Blake E. Butler, Stephen G. Lomber. What and How the Deaf Brain Sees
1110 -- 1125Maria V. Stuckenberg, Erich Schröger, Andreas Widmann. Presentation Probability of Visual-Auditory Pairs Modulates Visually Induced Auditory Predictions
1126 -- 1140Talia L. Retter, Michael A. Webster, Fang Jiang. Directional Visual Motion Is Represented in the Auditory and Association Cortices of Early Deaf Individuals
1141 -- 1154Ivan Patané, Lucilla Cardinali, Romeo Salemme, Francesco Pavani, Alessandro Farnè, Claudio Brozzoli. Action Planning Modulates Peripersonal Space
1155 -- 1172Jean-Paul Noel, Andrea Serino, Mark T. Wallace. Increased Neural Strength and Reliability to Audiovisual Stimuli at the Boundary of Peripersonal Space
1173 -- 1183Nika Adamian, Elena Slaustaite, Søren K. Andersen. Top-Down Attention Is Limited Within but Not Between Feature Dimensions
1184 -- 1204Anthony P. Zanesco, Brandon G. King, Chivon Powers, Rosanna De Meo, Kezia Wineberg, Katherine A. MacLean, Clifford D. Saron. Modulation of Event-related Potentials of Visual Discrimination by Meditation Training and Sustained Attention
1205 -- 1215Victor J. Boucher, Annie C. Gilbert, Boutheina Jemel. The Role of Low-frequency Neural Oscillations in Speech Processing: Revisiting Delta Entrainment
1216 -- 1226Peter D. Weller, Milena Rabovsky, Rasha Abdel Rahman. Semantic Knowledge Enhances Conscious Awareness of Visual Objects
1227 -- 1247Amir Homayoun Javadi, Eva Zita Patai, Eugenia Marin-Garcia, Aaron Margolis, Heng-Ru May Tan, Dharshan Kumaran, Marko Nardini, Will D. Penny, Emrah Düzel, Peter S. Dayan, Hugo J. Spiers. Prefrontal Dynamics Associated with Efficient Detours and Shortcuts: A Combined Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Magnetoencenphalography Study
1248 -- 1259Lu-Chun Yeh, Yei-Yu Yeh, Bo-Cheng Kuo. Spatially Specific Attention Mechanisms Are Sensitive to Competition during Visual Search
1260 -- 1269Zhisen J. Urgolites, Ramona O. Hopkins, Larry R. Squire. Spared Perception of the Structure of Scenes after Hippocampal Damage

Volume 31, Issue 7

937 -- 947Viola S. Störmer, Michael A. Cohen, George A. Alvarez. Tuning Attention to Object Categories: Spatially Global Effects of Attention to Faces in Visual Processing
948 -- 960Tony Ro. Alpha Oscillations and Feedback Processing in Visual Cortex for Conscious Perception
961 -- 977Gali Ellenblum, Jeremy J. Purcell, Xiaowei Song, Brenda Rapp. High-level Integrative Networks: A Resting-state fMRI Investigation of Reading and Spelling
978 -- 1001Royce Anders, Anaïs Llorens, Anne Sophie Dubarry, Agnès Trébuchon, Catherine Liégeois-Chauvel, Francois-Xavier Alario. Cortical Dynamics of Semantic Priming and Interference during Word Production: An Intracerebral Study
1002 -- 1017John Plass, EunSeon Ahn, Vernon L. Towle, William C. Stacey, Vibhangini S. Wasade, James Tao, Shasha Wu, Naoum P. Issa, David Brang. Joint Encoding of Auditory Timing and Location in Visual Cortex
1018 -- 1029Zhiheng Zhou, Tutis Vilis, Lars Strother. Functionally Separable Font-invariant and Font-sensitive Neural Populations in Occipitotemporal Cortex
1030 -- 1043Svetlana Pinet, Gary S. Dell, Francois-Xavier Alario. Tracking Keystroke Sequences at the Cortical Level Reveals the Dynamics of Serial Order Production
1044 -- 1053Gerard M. Loughnane, Méadhbh B. Brosnan, Jessica J. M. Barnes, Angela J. Dean, L. Sanjay Nandam, Redmond G. O'Connell, Mark A. Bellgrove. Catecholamine Modulation of Evidence Accumulation during Perceptual Decision Formation: A Randomized Trial
1054 -- 1064Corrie R. Camalier, Kaylee Scarim, Mortimer Mishkin, Bruno B. Averbeck. A Comparison of Auditory Oddball Responses in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, Basolateral Amygdala, and Auditory Cortex of Macaque
1065 -- 1078Katarzyna Raczy, Aleksandra Urbanczyk, Maksymilian Korczyk, Jakub Michal Szewczyk, Ewa Sumera, Marcin Szwed. Orthographic Priming in Braille Reading as Evidence for Task-specific Reorganization in the Ventral Visual Cortex of the Congenitally Blind
1079 -- 1090Peter S. Whitehead, Mathilde M. Ooi, Tobias Egner, Marty G. Woldorff. Neural Dynamics of Cognitive Control over Working Memory Capture of Attention

Volume 31, Issue 6

781 -- 790Michael Kennefick, Joel S. Burma, Paul van Donkelaar, Chris J. McNeil. The Time Course of Motoneuronal Excitability during the Preparation of Complex Movements
791 -- 807Valentina Borghesani, Marianna Riello, Benno Gesierich, Valentina Brentari, Alessia Monti, Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini. The Neural Representations of Movement across Semantic Categories
808 -- 820Molly Simmonite, Thad A. Polk. Independent Components of Neural Activation Associated with 100 Days of Cognitive Training
821 -- 836Elliot Collins, Erez Freud, Jana M. Kainerstorfer, Jiaming Cao, Marlene Behrmann. Temporal Dynamics of Shape Processing Differentiate Contributions of Dorsal and Ventral Visual Pathways
837 -- 854Taylor James, M. Natasha Rajah, Audrey Duarte. Multielement Episodic Encoding in Young and Older Adults
855 -- 873Diana Omigie, Marcus T. Pearce, Katia Lehongre, Dominique Hasboun, Vincent Navarro, Claude Adam, Séverine Samson. Intracranial Recordings and Computational Modeling of Music Reveal the Time Course of Prediction Error Signaling in Frontal and Temporal Cortices
874 -- 884Anna Jafarpour, Sandon Griffin, Jack J. Lin, Robert T. Knight. Medial Orbitofrontal Cortex, Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, and Hippocampus Differentially Represent the Event Saliency
885 -- 899Nathan Van der Stoep, Stefan Van der Stigchel, Renske C. Van Engelen, J. Matthijs Biesbroek, Tanja C. W. Nijboer. Impairments in Multisensory Integration after Stroke
900 -- 912Lieke Heil, Olympia Colizoli, Egbert Hartstra, Johan Kwisthout, Stan van Pelt, Iris van Rooij, Harold Bekkering. Processing of Prediction Errors in Mentalizing Areas
913 -- 921Hanna S. Gauvin, Katie L. McMahon, Marcus Meinzer, Greig I. de Zubicaray. The Shape of Things to Come in Speech Production: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Visual Form Interference during Lexical Access
922 -- 935Christopher Fassnidge, Danny Ball, Zainab Kazaz, Synøve Knudsen, Andrew Spicer, Anthony Tipple, Elliot D. Freeman. Hearing through Your Eyes: Neural Basis of Audiovisual Cross-activation, Revealed by Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation

Volume 31, Issue 5

625 -- 638Helen C. Mayrhofer, Felix Duecker, Vincent van de Ven, Heidi I. L. Jacobs, Alexander Thomas Sack. Hemifield-specific Correlations between Cue-related Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Activity in Bilateral Nodes of the Dorsal Attention Network and Attentional Benefits in a Spatial Orienting Paradigm
639 -- 656Nadège Bault, Giuseppe Di Pellegrino, Martina Puppi, Gaëlle Opolczynski, Alessia Monti, Davide Braghittoni, Florence Thibaut, Aldo Rustichini, Giorgio Coricelli. Dissociation between Private and Social Counterfactual Value Signals Following Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Damage
657 -- 668Vignesh Muralidharan, Xinze Yu, Mike X. Cohen, Adam R. Aron. Preparing to Stop Action Increases Beta Band Power in Contralateral Sensorimotor Cortex
669 -- 685Tamar I. Regev, Israel Nelken, Leon Y. Deouell. Evidence for Linear but Not Helical Automatic Representation of Pitch in the Human Auditory System
686 -- 698Brianna Ruth Doherty, Freek van Ede, Alexander Fraser, Eva Zita Patai, Anna Christina Nobre, Gaia Scerif. The Functional Consequences of Social Attention for Memory-guided Attention Orienting and Anticipatory Neural Dynamics
699 -- 710Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius. Multisensory Integration and Exogenous Spatial Attention: A Time-window-of-integration Analysis
711 -- 729Lok-Kin Yeung, Rosanna K. Olsen, Bryan Hong, Valentina Mihajlovic, Maria C. D'Angelo, Arber Kacollja, Jennifer D. Ryan, Morgan D. Barense. Object-in-place Memory Predicted by Anterolateral Entorhinal Cortex and Parahippocampal Cortex Volume in Older Adults
730 -- 753Lara M. Wierenga, Marieke G. N. Bos, Fabienne van Rossenberg, Eveline A. Crone. Sex Effects on Development of Brain Structure and Executive Functions: Greater Variance than Mean Effects
754 -- 767Nima Khalighinejad, Elisa Brann, Alexander Dorgham, Patrick Haggard. Dissociating Cognitive and Motoric Precursors of Human Self-Initiated Action
768 -- 779Justin Riddle, Kai Hwang, Dillan Cellier, Sofia Dhanani, Mark D'Esposito. Causal Evidence for the Role of Neuronal Oscillations in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Attention

Volume 31, Issue 4

0 -- 0Christian Meyer, Srikanth Padmala, Luiz Pessoa. Dynamic Threat Processing
0 -- 0Timothy L. Hodgson, Frouke Hermens, Kyla Pennington, Jade S. Pickering, Gemma Ezard, Richard Clarke, Jagdish Sharma, Adrian M. Owen. Eye Movements in the "Morris Maze" Spatial Working Memory Task Reveal Deficits in Strategic Planning
0 -- 0Farah Naaz, Lindsay K. Knight, Brendan E. Depue. Explicit and Ambiguous Threat Processing: Functionally Dissociable Roles of the Amygdala and Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis
0 -- 0Haydee G. Garcia-Lazaro, Mandy V. Bartsch, Carsten Nicolas Boehler, Ruth M. Krebs, Sarah E. Donohue, Joseph A. Harris, Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld, Jens-Max Hopf. Dissociating Reward- and Attention-driven Biasing of Global Feature-based Selection in Human Visual Cortex
0 -- 0Eleanna Varangis, Qolamreza R. Razlighi, Christian G. Habeck, Zachary Fisher, Yaakov Stern. Between-network Functional Connectivity Is Modified by Age and Cognitive Task Domain
0 -- 0Jong H. Yoon, Edward Dong Bo Cui, Michael J. Minzenberg, Cameron S. Carter. Subthalamic Nucleus Activation Occurs Early during Stopping and Is Associated with Trait Impulsivity
0 -- 0Brandi Lee Drisdelle, Pierre Jolicoeur. Stimulus- and Response-locked Posterior Contralateral Negativity Bisect Cognitive Operations in Visual Search
0 -- 0Adam Waytz, John T. Cacioppo, René Hurlemann, Fulvia Castelli, Ralph Adolphs, Lynn K. Paul. Anthropomorphizing without Social Cues Requires the Basolateral Amygdala
0 -- 0Kenny Skagerlund, Taylor Bolt, Jason S. Nomi, Mikael Skagenholt, Daniel Västfjäll, Ulf Träff, Lucina Q. Uddin. Disentangling Mathematics from Executive Functions by Investigating Unique Functional Connectivity Patterns Predictive of Mathematics Ability
0 -- 0Laura Crucianelli, Yannis Paloyelis, Lucia Ricciardi, Paul M. Jenkinson, Aikaterini Fotopoulou. Embodied Precision: Intranasal Oxytocin Modulates Multisensory Integration

Volume 31, Issue 3

0 -- 0Sibel Altikulaç, Nikki C. Lee, Chiel van der Veen, Ilona Benneker, Lydia Krabbendam, Nienke van Atteveldt. The Teenage Brain: Public Perceptions of Neurocognitive Development during Adolescence
0 -- 0Julia Föcker, Matin Mortazavi, Wayne Khoe, Steven A. Hillyard, Daphne Bavelier. Neural Correlates of Enhanced Visual Attentional Control in Action Video Game Players: An Event-Related Potential Study
0 -- 0Dana Bevilacqua, Ido Davidesco, Lu Wan, Kim Chaloner, Jess Rowland, Mingzhou Ding, David Poeppel, Suzanne Dikker. Brain-to-Brain Synchrony and Learning Outcomes Vary by Student-Teacher Dynamics: Evidence from a Real-world Classroom Electroencephalography Study
0 -- 0Taylor Hanayik, Grigori Yourganov, Roger Newman-Norlund, Makayla Gibson, Chris Rorden. Visual Simultaneity Judgments Activate a Bilateral Frontoparietal Timing System
0 -- 0Pawel J. Matusz, Suzanne Dikker, Alexander G. Huth, Catherine Perrodin. Are We Ready for Real-world Neuroscience?
0 -- 0Pawel J. Matusz, Nora Turoman, Ruxandra I. Tivadar, Chrysa Retsa, Micah M. Murray. Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms of Top-Down Attentional Control in a Multisensory World: Benefits of Electrical Neuroimaging
0 -- 0Micah M. Murray, Antonia Thelen, Silvio Ionta, Mark T. Wallace. Contributions of Intraindividual and Interindividual Differences to Multisensory Processes
0 -- 0Kerensa tiberghien, Muhammet I. Sahan, Bert De Smedt, Wim Fias, Ian M. Lyons. Disentangling Neural Sources of Problem Size and Interference Effects in Multiplication
0 -- 0Artyom Zinchenko, Markus Conci, Paul C. J. Taylor, Hermann J. Müller, Thomas Geyer. Taking Attention Out of Context: Frontopolar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Abolishes the Formation of New Context Memories in Visual Search
0 -- 0Talia Brandman, Marius V. Peelen. Signposts in the Fog: Objects Facilitate Scene Representations in Left Scene-selective Cortex

Volume 31, Issue 2

0 -- 0Adam Bryant Miller, Mitchell J. Prinstein, Emily Munier, Laura S. Machlin, Margaret A. Sheridan. Emotion Reactivity and Regulation in Adolescent Girls Following an Interpersonal Rejection
0 -- 0Christine D. Wilson-Mendenhall, Alexa Henriques, Lawrence W. Barsalou, Lisa Feldman Barrett. Primary Interoceptive Cortex Activity during Simulated Experiences of the Body
0 -- 0Nina Karalija, Goran Papenberg, Anders Wåhlin, Jarkko Johansson, Micael Andersson, Jan Axelsson, Katrine Riklund, Martin Lövdén, Ulman Lindenberger, Lars Bäckman, Lars Nyberg. 11C-raclopride Binding Potential and Cognition
0 -- 0Carmen Kohl, Laure Spieser, Bettina Forster, Sven Bestmann, Kielan Yarrow. The Neurodynamic Decision Variable in Human Multi-alternative Perceptual Choice
0 -- 0Gundula Zerbes, Franziska Magdalena Kausche, Jana Christina Müller, Klaus Wiedemann, Lars Schwabe. Glucocorticoids, Noradrenergic Arousal, and the Control of Memory Retrieval
0 -- 0Tobias Katus, Martin Eimer. The Sources of Dual-task Costs in Multisensory Working Memory Tasks
0 -- 0Berit Brummerloh, Christopher Gundlach, Matthias M. Müller. Attentional Facilitation of Constituent Features of an Object Does Not Spread Automatically along Object-defining Cortical Boundaries
0 -- 0M. Berk Mirza, Rick A. Adams, Thomas Parr, Karl J. Friston. Impulsivity and Active Inference
0 -- 0Gino Coudé, Giulia Toschi, Fabrizia Festante, Marco Bimbi, James Bonaiuto, Pier Francesco Ferrari. Grasping Neurons in the Ventral Premotor Cortex of Macaques Are Modulated by Social Goals
0 -- 0Daniela J. Palombo, Joseph M. Di Lascio, Marc W. Howard, Mieke Verfaellie. Medial Temporal Lobe Amnesia Is Associated with a Deficit in Recovering Temporal Context
0 -- 0Heather D. Lucas, Melissa C. Duff, Neal J. Cohen. The Hippocampus Promotes Effective Saccadic Information Gathering in Humans

Volume 31, Issue 12

1777 -- 1781Michael S. Gazzaniga. Following Schrödinger's Code: A Personal Journey
1782 -- 1795Luke E. Miller, Matthew R. Longo, Ayse Pinar Saygin. Tool Use Modulates Somatosensory Cortical Processing in Humans
1796 -- 1826Andrea N. Grant, Jordi Manuello, Donato Liloia, Sergio Duca, Tommaso Costa, Franco Cauda. The Neural Correlates of Time: A Meta-analysis of Neuroimaging Studies
1827 -- 1839Zarrar Shehzad, Gregory McCarthy. Perceptual and Semantic Phases of Face Identification Processing: A Multivariate Electroencephalography Study
1840 -- 1856Sebastian Kübler, Alexander Soutschek, Torsten Schubert. The Causal Role of the Lateral Prefrontal Cortex for Task-order Coordination in Dual-task Situations: A Study with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
1857 -- 1872Hillary Schwarb, Curtis L. Johnson, Michael R. Dulas, Matthew D. J. McGarry, Joseph L. Holtrop, Patrick D. Watson, Jane X. Wang, Joel L. Voss, Bradley P. Sutton, Neal J. Cohen. Structural and Functional MRI Evidence for Distinct Medial Temporal and Prefrontal Roles in Context-dependent Relational Memory
1873 -- 1894Ingmar E. J. de Vries, Ece Savran, Joram van Driel, Christian N. L. Olivers. Oscillatory Mechanisms of Preparing for Visual Distraction
1895 -- 1916Sivaniya Subramaniapillai, Sricharana Rajagopal, Abdelhalim Elshiekh, Stamatoula Pasvanis, Elizabeth Ankudowich, M. Natasha Rajah. Sex Differences in the Neural Correlates of Spatial Context Memory Decline in Healthy Aging
1917 -- 1932Betina Korka, Erich Schröger, Andreas Widmann. Action Intention-based and Stimulus Regularity-based Predictions: Same or Different?
1933 -- 1945Zhenhong Hu, Christopher M. Barkley, Susan E. Marino, Chao Wang, Abhijit Rajan, Ke Bo, Immanuel Babu Henry Samuel, Mingzhou Ding. Working Memory Capacity Is Negatively Associated with Memory Load Modulation of Alpha Oscillations in Retention of Verbal Working Memory
1946 -- 1957Samuel J. Hansen, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. de Zubicaray. Neural Mechanisms for Monitoring and Halting of Spoken Word Production
1958 -- 1975Lea E. Frank, Caitlin R. Bowman, Dagmar Zeithamova. Differential Functional Connectivity along the Long Axis of the Hippocampus Aligns with Differential Role in Memory Specificity and Generalization
1976 -- 1996M. Fiona Molloy, Giwon Bahg, Zhong-Lin Lu, Brandon M. Turner. Individual Differences in the Neural Dynamics of Response Inhibition

Volume 31, Issue 11

1599 -- 1616Charlotte Murphy, Shirley-Ann Rüschemeyer, Jonathan Smallwood, Elizabeth Jefferies. Imagining Sounds and Images: Decoding the Contribution of Unimodal and Transmodal Brain Regions to Semantic Retrieval in the Absence of Meaningful Input
1617 -- 1630Sneha Shashidhara, Daniel J. Mitchell, Yaara Erez, John Duncan. Progressive Recruitment of the Frontoparietal Multiple-demand System with Increased Task Complexity, Time Pressure, and Reward
1631 -- 1640Maria Kuehne, Isabelle Siwy, Tino Zaehle, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Janek S. Lobmaier. Out of Focus: Facial Feedback Manipulation Modulates Automatic Processing of Unattended Emotional Faces
1641 -- 1657Tadeusz W. Kononowicz, Virginie van Wassenhove. Evaluation of Self-generated Behavior: Untangling Metacognitive Readout and Error Detection
1658 -- 1673Michael S. Cohen, Larry Y. Cheng, Ken A. Paller, Paul J. Reber. Separate Memory-Enhancing Effects of Reward and Strategic Encoding
1674 -- 1688Vinod Goel, Miriam Marling, Vanessa Raymont, Frank Krueger, Jordan Henry Grafman. Patients with Lesions to Left Prefrontal Cortex (BA 9 and BA 10) Have Less Entrenched Beliefs and Are More Skeptical Reasoners
1689 -- 1698Sisi Wang, Jason Rajsic, Geoffrey F. Woodman. The Contralateral Delay Activity Tracks the Sequential Loading of Objects into Visual Working Memory, Unlike Lateralized Alpha Oscillations
1699 -- 1709Satwant Kumar, Rufin Vogels. Body Patches in Inferior Temporal Cortex Encode Categories with Different Temporal Dynamics
1710 -- 1725Alexandra M. Gaynor, Elizabeth F. Chua. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over the Prefrontal Cortex Alters Encoding and Judgments of Learning Based on Fluency
1726 -- 1741Sarah M. Tashjian, João F. Guassi Moreira, Adriana Galván. Multivoxel Pattern Analysis Reveals a Neural Phenotype for Trust Bias in Adolescents
1742 -- 1754Oriel FeldmanHall, Paul Glimcher, Augustus L. Baker, Elizabeth A. Phelps. The Functional Roles of the Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex in Processing Uncertainty
1755 -- 1767Holly J. Bowen, Eric C. Fields, Elizabeth A. Kensinger. Prior Emotional Context Modulates Early Event-Related Potentials to Neutral Retrieval Cues
1768 -- 1776Witney Chen, Coralie de Hemptinne, Michael Leibbrand, Andrew M. Miller, Paul S. Larson, Philip A. Starr. Altered Prefrontal Theta and Gamma Activity during an Emotional Face Processing Task in Parkinson Disease

Volume 31, Issue 10

1443 -- 1454Jessica K. Stanek, Kathryn C. Dickerson, Kimberly Chiew, Nathaniel J. Clement, R. Alison Adcock. Expected Reward Value and Reward Uncertainty Have Temporally Dissociable Effects on Memory Formation
1455 -- 1467Katherine Duncan, Annika Semmler, Daphna Shohamy. Modulating the Use of Multiple Memory Systems in Value-based Decisions with Contextual Novelty
1468 -- 1483Marius Zimmermann, Veit Kubik, Jonas Persson, Timo Mäntylä. Monitoring Multiple Deadlines Relies on Spatial Processing in Posterior Parietal Cortex
1484 -- 1490Mohsen Naji, Giri P. Krishnan, Elizabeth A. McDevitt, Maxim Bazhenov, Sara C. Mednick. Timing between Cortical Slow Oscillations and Heart Rate Bursts during Sleep Predicts Temporal Processing Speed, but Not Offline Consolidation
1491 -- 1505George Samrani, Lars Bäckman, Jonas Persson. Interference Control in Working Memory Is Associated with Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Volume
1506 -- 1519Rosa Li, Amanda V. Utevsky, Scott A. Huettel, Barbara R. Braams, Sabine Peters, Eveline A. Crone, Anna C. K. van Duijvenvoorde. Developmental Maturation of the Precuneus as a Functional Core of the Default Mode Network
1520 -- 1534Phui Cheng Lim, Emily J. Ward, Timothy J. Vickery, Matthew R. Johnson. Not-so-working Memory: Drift in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Pattern Representations during Maintenance Predicts Errors in a Visual Working Memory Task
1535 -- 1548Benchi Wang, Joram van Driel, Eduard Ort, Jan Theeuwes. Anticipatory Distractor Suppression Elicited by Statistical Regularities in Visual Search
1549 -- 1562Alexander Jones, Emma V. Ward. Rhythmic Temporal Structure at Encoding Enhances Recognition Memory
1563 -- 1572Clayton Hickey, Daniele Pollicino, Giacomo Bertazzoli, Ludwig Barbaro. Ultrafast Object Detection in Naturalistic Vision Relies on Ultrafast Distractor Suppression
1573 -- 1588Eelke de Vries, Daniel Baldauf. Attentional Weighting in the Face Processing Network: A Magnetic Response Image-guided Magnetoencephalography Study Using Multiple Cyclic Entrainments
1589 -- 1597Erez Freud, David C. Plaut, Marlene Behrmann. Protracted Developmental Trajectory of Shape Processing along the Two Visual Pathways

Volume 31, Issue 1

0 -- 0Chantel S. Prat, Brianna L. Yamasaki, Erica R. Peterson. Individual Differences in Resting-state Brain Rhythms Uniquely Predict Second Language Learning Rate and Willingness to Communicate in Adults
0 -- 0Deborah Talmi, Martina Slapkova, Matthias J. Wieser. Testing the Possibility of Model-based Pavlovian Control of Attention to Threat
0 -- 0José Ribas-Fernandes, Danesh Shahnazian, Clay B. Holroyd, Matthew Botvinick. Subgoal- and Goal-related Reward Prediction Errors in Medial Prefrontal Cortex
0 -- 0Maryam Vaziri-Pashkam, JohnMark Taylor, Yaoda Xu. Spatial Frequency Tolerant Visual Object Representations in the Human Ventral and Dorsal Visual Processing Pathways
0 -- 0Amy S. Finn, Maria Kharitonova, Natalie Holtby, Margaret A. Sheridan. Prefrontal and Hippocampal Structure Predict Statistical Learning Ability in Early Childhood
0 -- 0Valentina Borghesani, Marco Buiatti, Evelyn Eger, Manuela Piazza. Conceptual and Perceptual Dimensions of Word Meaning Are Recovered Rapidly and in Parallel during Reading
0 -- 0Andrea De Cesarei, Shari Cavicchi, Antonia Micucci, Maurizio Codispoti. Categorization Goals Modulate the Use of Natural Scene Statistics
0 -- 0Laura A. Libby, Zachariah M. Reagh, Nichole R. Bouffard, John Daniel Ragland, Charan Ranganath. The Hippocampus Generalizes across Memories that Share Item and Context Information
0 -- 0Moti Salti, Asaf Harel, Sébastien Marti. Conscious Perception: Time for an Update?
0 -- 0J. Brendan Ritchie, Hans P. Op de Beeck. A Varying Role for Abstraction in Models of Category Learning Constructed from Neural Representations in Early Visual Cortex
0 -- 0Sophia Vinci-Booher, Hu Cheng, Karin Harman James. An Analysis of the Brain Systems Involved with Producing Letters by Hand
0 -- 0Juliet Y. Davidow, Margaret A. Sheridan, Koene R. A. Van Dijk, Rosario M. Santillana, Jenna Snyder, Constanza M. Vidal Bustamante, Bruce R. Rosen, Leah H. Somerville. Development of Prefrontal Cortical Connectivity and the Enduring Effect of Learned Value on Cognitive Control