Journal: Journal of Interconnection Networks

Volume 8, Issue 4

305 -- 320Wen-Chih Chang, Hui-Huang Hsu, Timothy K. Shih, Hsuan-Che Yang. Integrating SPC Table Formative Assessment with SCORM
321 -- 336Hiroaki Echigo, Yoshitaka Shibata, Kazuo Takahata. Performance Evaluation of a Large Scale Distributed Disaster Information Network System
337 -- 354Hiroyuki Sago, Masako Shinohara, Takahiro Hara, Shojiro Nishio. Effective Data Dissemination for Information Sharing Based on Inter-Vehicle Communication
355 -- 367Sajid Hussain, Md. Ashiqur Rahman. Energy Efficient Data Dissemination for Uniform Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
369 -- 385Lan Wang, Geyong Min, Irfan Awan. Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of an Active Congestion Control Protocol under Differentiated Bursty Traffic
387 -- 405Tao Yang, Leonard Barolli, Makoto Ikeda, Arjan Durresi, Fatos Xhafa. Performance Evaluation of Reactive and Proactive Protocols for Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks Using Different Radio Models
407 -- 426Liang Ma, Mieso K. Denko. Enhanced Routing Metric for Load-Balancing in Wireless Mesh Networks
427 -- 443Fatos Xhafa, Leonard Barolli, Arjan Durresi. An Experimental Study on Genetic Algorithms for Resource Allocation on Grid Systems

Volume 8, Issue 3

181 -- 208K. Selçuk Candan, Wen-Syan Li, Divyakant Agrawal. Improving User Response Times in Application Delivery Networks through Reduction of Network and Server Latencies
209 -- 227Chi-Fu Huang, Yu-Chee Tseng, Li-Chu Lo. The Coverage Problem in Three-Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks
229 -- 251Kofi A. Laing, Rajmohan Rajaraman. A Space Lower Bound for Name-Independent Compact Routing in Trees
253 -- 284Iain A. Stewart. Distributed Algorithms for Building Hamiltonian Cycles in k-Ary n-Cubes and Hypercubes with Faulty Links
285 -- 304Dajin Wang. An Empirical Study of Hierarchical Division for Mesh-Structured Networks

Volume 8, Issue 2

101 -- 118Maria Artishchev-Zapolotsky, Yefim Dinitz, Shimon Even, Vladimir Yanovski. Layout of an Arbitrary Permutation in a Minimal Right Triangle Area
119 -- 132Satoshi Fujita, Akira Ohtsubo, Masaya Mito. Extended Skip Graphs for Efficient Key Search in Peer-to-Peer Environment
133 -- 145Chao-Ming Sun, Chun-Nan Hung, Hua-Min Huang, Lih-Hsing Hsu, Yue-Dar Jou. Hamiltonian laceability of Faulty Hypercubes
147 -- 162James Zijun Wang, Vipul Bhulawala. Design and Implementation of a P2P Cooperative Proxy Cache System
163 -- 178Fatos Xhafa, Javier Carretero, Leonard Barolli, Arjan Durresi. Requirements for an Event-Based Simulation Package for Grid Systems
179 -- 0Jérôme Galtier, Alexandre Laugier. Erratum: flow on Data Network and a Positive Semidefinite Representable Delay Function

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 28Kevin F. Chen, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha. Universal Routing and Performance Assurance for Distributed Networks
29 -- 43Jérôme Galtier, Alexandre Laugier. Flow on Data Network and a Positive Semidefinite Representable Delay Function
45 -- 74Wen-Syan Li, Divyakant Agrawal, K. Selçuk Candan, Yusuf Akca, Murat Kantarcioglu. Virtual Active Network for Live Streaming Media Delivery
75 -- 99Nicolas Thibault, Christian Laforest. An Optimal Rebuilding Strategy for an Incremental Tree Problem