Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 10, Issue 4

237 -- 250Behnam Momeni, Mehdi Kharrazi. Partov: a network simulation and emulation tool
251 -- 259Alberto Álvarez, Laura Pozueco, Xabiel G. Pañeda, Roberto García, David Melendi, Sergio Cabrero, Gabriel Díaz Orueta. Limits for the real-time simulation of video services over commodity hardware
260 -- 271Ce Yu, Xiang Chen, Chunyu Wang, Yuelei Li, Jizhou Sun, Hutong Wu, Xiaotao Zhang. LBMIC: communication-aware load balancing in distributed ASMs with evolving social networks
272 -- 282Benjamin Marlin, Han-Suk Sohn. Using DEA in conjunction with designs of experiments: an approach to assess simulated futures in the Afghan educational system
283 -- 309Yilin Huang, Alexander Verbraeck, Mamadou D. Seck. Graph transformation based simulation model generation
310 -- 320Jie Xu, Edward Huang, Liam Y. Hsieh, Loo Hay Lee, Qing-Shan Jia, Chun-Hung Chen. Simulation optimization in the era of Industrial 4.0 and the Industrial Internet

Volume 10, Issue 3

157 -- 165Teus A. van Vianen, Jaap A. Ottjes, Gabriël Lodewijks. Belt conveyor network design using simulation
166 -- 181Daniel Castro Silva, Pedro Henriques Abreu, Luís Paulo Reis, Eugenio Oliveira. Development of a flexible language for disturbance description for multi-robot missions
182 -- 192M. Estela Sousa-Vieira. Applicability of the Whittle estimator to non-stationary and non-linear long-memory processes
193 -- 206Georgios Dagkakis, Cathal Heavey. A review of open source discrete event simulation software for operations research
207 -- 215Simaan M. AbouRizk, Stephen Hague, Ronald Ekyalimpa, Sean Newstead. Simphony: a next generation simulation modelling environment for the construction domain
216 -- 226Miquel Angel Piera Eroles, Roman Buil, Egils Ginters. State space analysis for model plausibility validation in multi-agent system simulation of urban policies
227 -- 236Stepán Kuchár, Ivo Vondrák. Automatic allocation of resources in software process simulations using their capability and productivity

Volume 10, Issue 2

79 -- 0Sigrid Wenzel, Markus Rabe, Christoph Laroque. Editorial
80 -- 88Tao Zhang, Oliver Rose. Scheduling in a flexible job shop with continuous operations at the last stage
89 -- 94N. Höppe, Florian Seeanner, Sven Spieckermann. Simulation-based dispatching in a production system
95 -- 102Uwe Clausen, Jan Kaffka. Development of priority rules for handlings in inland port container terminals with simulation
103 -- 112Alexander Klaas, Christoph Laroque, Hendrik Renken, Wilhelm Dangelmaier. Using simulation as an adaptive source of knowledge for the control of material handling systems
113 -- 122Johannes Stoldt, A. Schlegel, M. Putz. Enhanced integration of energy-related considerations in discrete event simulation for manufacturing applications
123 -- 136P. Müller-Boyaci, Sigrid Wenzel. Simulation Toolkit for autonomous control in serial production networks of automotive suppliers
137 -- 143Tobias Staab, Eva Klenk, Stefan Galka, Willibald A. Günthner. Efficiency in in-plant milk-run systems - The influence of routing strategies on system utilization and process stability
144 -- 156Charles M. Macal. Everything you need to know about agent-based modelling and simulation

Volume 10, Issue 1

1 -- 0Christine S. M. Currie. Editorial
2 -- 11Barry L. Nelson. 'Some tactical problems in digital simulation' for the next 10 years
12 -- 23M. Zhou, Y. Pan, Z. Chen, B. Li. Enterprise behaviour under Cap-and-Trade conditions: an experimental study with system dynamic models
24 -- 35M. J. Bova, Frank W. Ciarallo, Raymond R. Hill. Development of an agent-based model for the secondary threat resulting from a ballistic impact event
36 -- 49Jang Won Bae, J. H. Kim, Il-Chul Moon, Tag Gon Kim. Accelerated simulation of hierarchical military operations with tabulation technique
50 -- 68T.-L. Chen, C.-C. Wang. Multi-objective simulation optimization for medical capacity allocation in emergency department
69 -- 77Alex Grasas, Angel A. Juan, Helena R. Lourenço. SimILS: a simulation-based extension of the iterated local search metaheuristic for stochastic combinatorial optimization