Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 13, Issue 4

239 -- 253Jianqiang Wang 0004, Wenjuan Zhou, Shiwei Li, Danlei Shan. Impact of personalised route recommendation in the cooperation vehicle-infrastructure systems on the network traffic flow evolution
254 -- 271Taiwo Joel Omoleye, Abdullah A. Alabdulkarim, Kwok-Leung Tsui. Impact of resources and monitoring effectiveness on prognostics enabled condition based maintenance policy
272 -- 285Peter Salemi. First-order intrinsic Gaussian Markov random fields for discrete optimisation via simulation
286 -- 303Luca Fumagalli, Adalberto Polenghi, Elisa Negri, Irene Roda. Framework for simulation software selection
304 -- 315Hyunjin Cho, Myoungin Shin, Jinho Lee, Wan-Jin Kim, Woo-Shik Kim, Wooyoung Hong. A study of the effectiveness analysis for survivability of a surface warship from a torpedo attack

Volume 13, Issue 3

163 -- 180Shihui Jia, Douglas J. Morrice, Jonathan F. Bard. A performance analysis of dispatch rules for semiconductor assembly & test operations
181 -- 194Jiafu Su, Xuefeng Zhang, Jiaquan Yang, Xiaoduo Qian. Modelling and simulating knowledge diffusion in knowledge collaboration organisations using improved cellular automata
195 -- 208Wim De Mulder, Bernhard Rengs, Geert Molenberghs, Thomas Fent, Geert Verbeke. Extending Gaussian process emulation using cluster analysis and artificial neural networks to fit big training sets
209 -- 225Doraid M. Dalalah, Omar Bataineh, Khaled A. Alkhaledi. Platelets inventory management: A rolling horizon Sim-Opt approach for an age-differentiated demand
226 -- 237Zachary C. Little, Jeffery D. Weir, Raymond R. Hill, Brian B. Stone, Jason K. Freels. Second-order extensions to nearly orthogonal-and-balanced (NOAB) mixed-factor experimental designs

Volume 13, Issue 2

83 -- 95Orçun Dayibas, Halit Oguztüzün, Levent Yilmaz. On the use of model-driven engineering principles for the management of simulation experiments
96 -- 110Dina Elreedy, Amir F. Atiya, Hatem A. Fayed, Mohamed Saleh. A framework for an agent-based dynamic pricing for broadband wireless price rate plans
111 -- 127Zhou He, Chunling Luo, Chin Hon Tan, Hang Wu, Bo Fan 0004. Simulating an agent's decision-making process in black-box managerial environment: An estimation-and-optimisation approach
128 -- 137Eliana María González-Neira, Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Juan Pablo Caballero-Villalobos. A comparison of dispatching rules hybridised with Monte Carlo Simulation in stochastic permutation flow shop problem
138 -- 151Fabian Dunke, Stefan Nickel. Day-ahead and online decision-making for collaborative on-site logistics
152 -- 162Canan G. Corlu, Bahar Biller, Sridhar R. Tayur. Driving inventory system simulations with limited demand data: Insights from the newsvendor problem

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 13M. Ehsan Shafiee, Emily Zechman Berglund. Agent-based modelling approach to evaluate the effect of collaboration among scientists in scientific workflows
14 -- 27Patsorn Thammatadatrakul, Navee Chiadamrong. Optimal inventory control policy of a hybrid manufacturing - remanufacturing system using a hybrid simulation optimisation algorithm
28 -- 43Anuj Mittal, Caroline C. Krejci. A hybrid simulation modeling framework for regional food hubs
44 -- 54Youlong Lv, Jie Zhang 0041, Wei Qin. Simulation-based production analysis of mixed-model assembly lines with uncertain processing times
55 -- 67Thomas Monks, Christine S. M. Currie, Bhakti Stephan Onggo, Stewart Robinson, Martin H. Kunc, Simon J. E. Taylor. Strengthening the reporting of empirical simulation studies: Introducing the STRESS guidelines
68 -- 82Geraint I. Palmer, Vincent A. Knight, Paul R. Harper, Asyl L. Hawa. Ciw: An open-source discrete event simulation library