Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 2, Issue 3

127 -- 0Stewart Robinson, Simon J. E. Taylor. Celebrating 50 years of simulation software
128 -- 137Brian W. Hollocks. Intelligence, innovation and integrity - KD Tocher and the dawn of simulation
138 -- 142K. D. Tocher. Techniques for the application of computers to industrial simulation
143 -- 152K. D. Tocher, D. G. Owen. The automatic programming of simulations
153 -- 154Ruth Davies. The Art of Simulation
155 -- 161John David Salt. The seven habits of highly defective simulation projects
162 -- 169J. Chung, K. Preston White. versus specialized agents in an inbound call centre: a simulation-based methodology for trade-off analysis
170 -- 185Emily K. Lada, Natalie M. Steiger, James R. Wilson. SBatch: A spaced batch means procedure for steady-state simulation analysis
186 -- 194E. Jack Chen. Selecting designs with the smallest variance of normal populations

Volume 2, Issue 2

69 -- 80John W. Fowler, Sonia E. Leach, Gerald T. Mackulak, Barry L. Nelson. Variance-based sampling for simulating cycle time - throughput curves using simulation-based estimates
81 -- 89Leonardo Chwif, Paulo Sérgio Muniz Silva, Lúcio Mitio Shimada. A prescriptive technique for V&V of simulation models when no real-life data are available: results from a real-life project
91 -- 102Rizwan Ahmed, Tracy Hall, Paul Wernick, Stewart Robinson, Mahmood Hussain Shah. Software process simulation modelling: A survey of practice
103 -- 116Manuel D. Rossetti, Mehmet Miman, Vijith Varghese. An object-oriented framework for simulating supply systems
117 -- 126S. S. Desai, John L. Hunsucker. A sensitivity analysis tool for improving the capacity of amusement rides

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 2Simon J. E. Taylor, Stewart Robinson. Journal of Simulation is one year old!
3 -- 17James O. Henriksen. Taming the Complexity Dragon
19 -- 27Jack P. C. Kleijnen. Simulation experiments in practice: statistical design and regression analysis
29 -- 40Pierre L'Ecuyer, Eric Buist. On the interaction between stratification and control variates, with illustrations in a call centre simulation
41 -- 52Mohamed Sam Fayez, Assem Kaylani, Dayana Cope, N. Rychlik, Mansooreh Mollaghasemi. Managing airport operations using simulation
53 -- 60J. Crocker, Q. Sheng. Is prevention better than cure?
61 -- 65Nico M. van Dijk, Erik van der Sluis. Bounds for simulation
67 -- 0Andre Beck. Simulation: the practice of model development and use