Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 3, Issue 4

191 -- 201Petter Solding, Patrik Thollander, Philip R. Moore. Improved energy-efficient production using discrete event simulation
202 -- 210E. Jack Chen. Subset selection procedures
211 -- 219Badreddine Jerbi, Hichem Kamoun. Using simulation and goal programming to reschedule emergency department doctors' shifts: case of a Tunisian hospital
220 -- 234Esengul Tayfur, Kevin M. Taaffe. Simulating hospital evacuation - the influence of traffic and evacuation time windows
235 -- 247Trika Pitana, Eiichi Kobayashi. Optimization of ship evacuation procedures as part of tsunami preparation
248 -- 249Vassilis Zachariadis, James Amos. Crowd Simulation

Volume 3, Issue 3

129 -- 0Hazel Pilgrim. Simulation in healthcare - Part 1
130 -- 140Sally C. Brailsford, Paul R. Harper, Brijesh Patel, Martin A. Pitt. An analysis of the academic literature on simulation and modelling in health care
141 -- 149Christos Vasilakis, D. Lecznarowicz, Chooi Lee. Developing model requirements for patient flow simulation studies using the Unified Modelling Language (UML)
150 -- 162Tad Gonsalves, Kiyoshi Itoh. Service optimization with patient satisfaction in healthcare systems
163 -- 170Stephen Robinson, F. FitzGibbons, Julie Eatock, Thomas J. C. Hunniford, D. Dixon, Brian Meenan. Application of synthetic patient data in the assessment of rapid rule-out protocols using Point-of-Care testing during chest pain diagnosis in a UK emergency department
171 -- 178John Bowers 0002, Mikhail Ghattas, Gillian Mould. Success and failure in the simulation of an Accident and Emergency department
179 -- 188Julie Eatock, Tillal Eldabi. Incorporating remote visits into an outpatient clinic
189 -- 190Martin Pitt. Operations research and health care: a handbook of methods and applications

Volume 3, Issue 2

69 -- 83Jennifer M. Bekki, John W. Fowler, Gerald T. Mackulak, Murat Kulahci. Simulation-based cycle-time quantile estimation in manufacturing settings employing non-FIFO dispatching policies
84 -- 94Ghazi M. Magableh, Scott J. Mason. An integrated supply chain model with dynamic flow and replenishment requirements
95 -- 106A. K. da Silva, Rui Carlos Botter. Method for assessing and selecting discrete event simulation software applied to the analysis of logistic systems
107 -- 113Torbjorn P. E. Ilar, John Powell, Alexander F. H. Kaplan. Modelling, simulation and analyses of systems with breakdown imposed scrapping
114 -- 128A. K. Garg, Jayendran Venkateswaran, Young Jun Son. Generic interface specifications for integrating distributed discrete-event simulation models

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 2Simon J. E. Taylor, Stewart Robinson. Simulation software: evolution or revolution?
3 -- 16Csaba Attila Boer, Arie de Bruin, Alexander Verbraeck. A survey on distributed simulation in industry
17 -- 28Durk-Jouke van der Zee, Jannes Slomp. Simulation as a tool for gaming and training in operations management - a case study
29 -- 39D. Finley, Jorge R. Ramos, Vernon Rego, Janche Sang. A fast computational algorithm for simulating round-robin service
40 -- 49Bhakti S. S. Onggo. Towards a unified conceptual model representation: a case study in healthcare
50 -- 60Francesco Longo 0002, Giovanni Mirabelli. Effective design of an assembly line using modelling and simulation
61 -- 68G. Correia, J. M. Viegas. A conceptual model for carpooling systems simulation