Journal: J. Simulation

Volume 9, Issue 4

261 -- 262Angel A. Juan, M. Rabe, Javier Faulin, Scott E. Grasman. Guest Editorial
263 -- 278Fermín Mallor, Cristina Azcárate, Rosa Blanco, Pedro M. Mateo. Operational management of renewable energy systems with storage using an optimisation-based simulation methodology
279 -- 286Hebert Pérez-Rosés, Francesc Sebé. Synthetic generation of social network data with endorsements
287 -- 295Eloi Gabaldon, J. L. Lerida, Fernando Guirado, Jordi Planes. Multi-criteria genetic algorithm applied to scheduling in multi-cluster environments Open
296 -- 311Nilson Herazo-Padilla, Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Santiago Nieto Isaza, J. Alvarado-Valencia. Simulation-optimization approach for the stochastic location-routing problem
312 -- 324Ketki Kulkarni, Jayendran Venkateswaran. Hybrid approach using simulation-based optimisation for job shop scheduling problems
325 -- 336M. Güller, Y. Uygun, B. Noche. Simulation-based optimization for a capacitated multi-echelon production-inventory system

Volume 9, Issue 3

195 -- 205Stewart Robinson. Modelling without queues: adapting discrete-event simulation for service operations
206 -- 222Yang Liu, Junichi Iijima. Business process simulation in the context of enterprise engineering
223 -- 231N. S. A. A. Jalil, Sabariah Julai, R. Ramli. Parametric modelling of flexible plate structures using continuous ant colony optimization
232 -- 237Robert G. Sargent. An interval statistical procedure for use in validation of simulation models
238 -- 248Jason R. W. Merrick, Douglas J. Morrice, John C. Butler. Using multiattribute utility theory to avoid bad outcomes by focusing on the best systems in ranking and selection
249 -- 259Y. Lin, Eunhye Song, Barry L. Nelson. Single-experiment input uncertainty

Volume 9, Issue 2

83 -- 85Navonil Mustafee, Korina Katsaliaki. Simulation for sustainable health care
86 -- 98Matthew E. H. Petering, Osman T. Aydas, Kaan Kuzu, Anthony D. Ross. Simulation analysis of hospital intensive care unit reimbursement policies from the triple bottom line perspective
99 -- 110N. J. Borgman, Martijn R. K. Mes, Ingrid M. H. Vliegen, Erwin W. Hans. Improving the design and operation of an integrated emergency post via simulation
111 -- 120J. Patrick, K. Nelson, D. Lane. A simulation model for capacity planning in community care
121 -- 128Christophe Van Huele, Mario Vanhoucke. Operating theatre modelling: integrating social measures
129 -- 139G. J. Lyons, J. Duggan. System dynamics modelling to support policy analysis for sustainable health care
140 -- 155Jeri Brittin, Ozgur M. Araz, Yunwoo Nam, Terry T.-K. Huang. A system dynamics model to simulate sustainable interventions on chronic disease outcomes in an urban community
156 -- 169Sonia A. Vanderby, Michael W. Carter, Tom Noseworthy, D. A. Marshall. Modelling the complete continuum of care using system dynamics: the case of osteoarthritis in Alberta
170 -- 181Honora K. Smith, Paul R. Harper. Can you model growth of trust? A study of the sustainability of a rural community health centre in North India
182 -- 194Camille Jean, Marija Jankovic, Julie Stal-Le Cardinal, Jean-Claude Bocquet. Predictive modelling of telehealth system deployment

Volume 9, Issue 1

1 -- 15Ola Ghazi Batarseh, Edward Huang, Leon F. McGinnis. Capturing simulation tool and application domain knowledge for automating simulation model creation
16 -- 26Greg S. Ruthenbeck, Karen J. Reynolds. Virtual reality for medical training: the state-of-the-art
27 -- 42João José de Assis Rangel, Anna Christine Azevedo Cordeiro. Free and Open-Source Software for sustainable analysis in logistics systems design
43 -- 53L. Chwif, J. Banks, D. R. Vieira. Simulating breakdowns: a taxonomy for modelling
54 -- 63Stefan Greuter, David J. Roberts. Controlling viewpoint from markerless head tracking in an immersive ball game using a commodity depth-based camera
64 -- 72X. Chen, J.-h Li, Q. Gao. A simple process simulation model for strategic planning on the airside of an airport: a case study
73 -- 82B. Jamshidnezhad, K. M. Carley. Agent-based modelling of quality management effects on organizational productivity