Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 21, Issue 4

485 -- 486Zhi Jin, Xiaoguang Yang, Hanqin Zhang. Preface
487 -- 518Tingting Xiao, Ke Liu, Kin Keung Lai. Tax Evasion: Models with Self-Audit
519 -- 526Yunhui Xu, Zhongfei Li, Ken Seng Tan. Optimal Investment with Noise Trading Risk
527 -- 539Lean Yu, Shouyang Wang, Fenghua Wen, Kin Keung Lai, Shaoyi He. Designing a Hybrid Intelligent Mining System for Credit Risk Evaluation
540 -- 557Xiaoya Li, Jinchuan Cui. A Comprehensive Dea Approach for the Resource Allocation Problem based on Scale Economies Classification
558 -- 573Ai Han, Yongmiao Hong, Kin Keung Lai, Shouyang Wang. Interval Time Series Analysis with an Application to the Sterling-Dollar Exchange Rate
574 -- 596Kedian Mu, Zhi Jin, Didar Zowghi. A Priority-Based Negotiations Approach for Handling Inconsistencies in Multi-Perspective Software Requirements
597 -- 608Jian Tang, Liwei Zheng, Zhi Jin. Web Services Composing by Multiagent Negotiation
609 -- 625Haixia Du, Terry Yoo, Hong Qin. PDE-Based Medial Axis Extraction and Shape Manipulation of Arbitrary Meshes
626 -- 636Jianming Zhu, Xiaodong Hu. Improved Algorithm for Minimum Data Aggregation Time Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks
637 -- 644Jiguang Wang, Yu-Qing Qiu, Rui-Sheng Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang. Remarks on Network Community Properties
645 -- 650Lan Xiao, Guiying Yan, Yuwen Wu, Wei Ren. Induced Subgraph in Random Regular Graph
651 -- 664Xiaoguang Yang, Jianzhong Zhang. Inverse Center Location Problem on a Tree
665 -- 675Lin Wang, Yu-Qing Qiu, Jiguang Wang, Xiang-Sun Zhang. Recognition of Structure Similarities in Proteins

Volume 21, Issue 3

325 -- 336Jiangping Hu, Xiaoming Hu. Optimal Target Trajectory Estimation and Filtering Using Networked Sensors
337 -- 346Xiaoli Li, Yugeng Xi. Flocking of Multi-Agent Dynamic Systems with Guaranteed Group Connectivity
347 -- 361Qin Li, Zhong-Ping Jiang. Relaxed Conditions for Consensus in Multi-Agent Coordination
362 -- 377Zhiqiang Li, Yupeng Qiao, Hongsheng Qi, Daizhan Cheng. Stability of Switched Polynomial Systems
378 -- 393Qi-jiang Song, Han-Fu Chen. Identification for Wiener Systems with Internal Noise
394 -- 405Qingwei Liu, Yi Li, Shouyang Wang. From Hedging to Speculation - An Explanaton Based on Prospect Theory
406 -- 415Lin Wang, Lei Guo. Robust Consensus and Soft Control of Multi-Agent Systems with Noises
416 -- 426Yuhong Li. On the Almost Surely Asymptotic Bounds of a Class of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Processes in Infinite Dimensions
427 -- 440Xinzhu Meng, Lansun Chen. A Stage-Structured SI Eco-Epidemiological Model with Time Delay and Impulsive Controlling
441 -- 445Xianjiu Huang, Xi Wen, Fanping Zeng. Pre-Image Entropy of Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems
446 -- 455Xiu-li Xu, Naishuo Tian. The M/M/c Queue with (e, d) Setup Time
456 -- 462Dongyang Shi, Xiaobin Hao. Accuracy Analysis for Quasi-Carey Element
463 -- 473Qibing Gao, Yaohua Wu, Chunhua Zhu, Zhanfeng Wang. Asymptotic Normality of Maximum Quasi-Likelihood Estimators in Generalized Linear Models with Fixed Design
474 -- 482Yongfu Su, Xiaolong Qin. Strong Convergence of Monotone Hybrid Method for Fixed Point Iteration Processes

Volume 21, Issue 2

161 -- 171Yoshiharu Maeno, Yukio Ohsawa. Predicting relevant empty spots in social interaction
172 -- 183Nevin Lianwen Zhang, Yi Wang 0006, Tao Chen. Discovery of latent structures: Experience with the CoIL Challenge 2000 data set
184 -- 190Jin Zhang, Shouyang Wang, Lei Zu. Stability of International Environmental Agreements in leadership model
191 -- 208Fengjuan Chai, Xiao-Shan Gao, Chun-Ming Yuan. A characteristic set method for solving boolean equations and applications in cryptanalysis of stream ciphers
209 -- 216Sheng Chen, Lindu Zhao, Ying Han. Multi-agent aggregation behavior analysis: The dynamic communication topology
217 -- 225Jianjun Jiao, Lansun Chen, Shaohong Cai. An SEIRS epidemic model with two delays and pulse vaccination
226 -- 238Desheng Tian. Periodic solution and persistence for a three-species ratio-dependent predator-prey model with time delays in two-patch environments
239 -- 249Haifeng Yan, Jianqi Yang, Limin Liu. Mixed hedging under additive market price information
250 -- 259Junhai Ma, Yaqiang Cui, Lixia Liu. Hopf bifurcation and chaos of financial system on condition of specific combination of parameters
260 -- 266Zhaoqiang Ge, Guangtian Zhu, Dexing Feng. Hopf bifurcation and chaos of financial system on condition of specific combination of parameters
267 -- 275Xiaohua Liu, Chunyan Han. Robust model predictive control of continuous uncertain systems
276 -- 282Weiyan Mu, Shifeng Xiong, Xingzhong Xu. Generalized confidence regions of fixed effects in the two-way ANOVA
283 -- 295Yongjiang Guo. Stability of generalized Jackson networks with infinite supply of work
296 -- 303Hongluan Zhao, Guojun Li. Unbounded batch scheduling with a common due window on a single machine
304 -- 315Jinting Wang. On the single server retrial queue with priority subscribers and server breakdowns
316 -- 322Dengju Ma, Han Ren. The projective plane crossing numbers of circular graphs

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 19Lean Yu, Shouyang Wang, Kin Keung Lai. Forecasting China's Foreign Trade Volume with a Kernel-Based Hybrid Econometric-Ai Ensemble Learning Approach
20 -- 33Liang Chen, Junan Lu. Cluster Synchronization in a Complex Dynamical Network with Two Nonidentical Clusters
34 -- 45Xijin Tang, Nan Zhang, Zheng Wang. Exploration of TCM Masters Knowledge Mining
46 -- 59Hongguo Zhao, Huanshui Zhang, Hongxia Wang, Chenghui Zhang. Linear Quadratic Regulation for Discrete-Time Systems with Input Delay: Spectral Factorization Approach
60 -- 66Shixin Zhu, Xiaoshan Kai. a, m)
67 -- 75Zeraoulia Elhadj. Dynamical Analysis of a 3-D Chaotic System with only Two Quadratic Nonlinearities
76 -- 84Xiwang Cao. Some Results on Generalized Difference Sets
85 -- 113Peihua Guo, Detong Zhu. Nonmonotonic Reduced Projected Hessian Method Via an Affine Scaling Interior Modified Gradient Path for Bounded-Constrained Optimization
114 -- 118Shoupeng Liu, Yuzhong Zhang. On-Line Scheduling of Unit Time Jobs with Rejection on Uniform Machines
119 -- 128Jiaqi Mo, Wantao Lin. Asymptotic Solution of Activator Inhibitor Systems for Nonlinear Reaction Diffusion Equations
129 -- 143Min Yang. A Multistep Finite Volume Method with Penalty for Thermal Convection Problems in Two or Three Dimensions
144 -- 158Xueling Ma, Jianming Zhan. BL-Algebras