Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 22, Issue 4

541 -- 0Lei Guo. Preface
542 -- 554K. C. Chang. A nonlinear Krein Rutman theorem
555 -- 559Qun Lin, Hong Wang, Shuhua Zhang. Uniform optimal-order estimates for finite element methods for advection-diffusion equations
560 -- 586Banghe Li, Bo Li, Yuefeng Shen. Minimum Hausdorff distance under rigid motions and comparison of protein structures
587 -- 596Zhisheng Duan, Lin Huang. Two kinds of harmonic problems in control systems
597 -- 613Xiangqing Liu, Yuxia Guo, Jiaquan Liu. n
614 -- 626Daizhan Cheng, Yupeng Qiao, Wei Ni. Design of control invariant sets of planar systems
627 -- 635Chun-Ming Yuan, Xiao-Shan Gao. A criterion for testing whether a difference ideal is prime
636 -- 646Xun Zhang, Kin Keung Lai, Shouyang Wang. Did speculative activities contribute to high crude oil prices during 1993 to 2008?
647 -- 682Lionel Rosier, Bing-Yu Zhang. Control and stabilization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation: recent progresses
683 -- 696Zhong-Ping Jiang, Yuandan Lin, Yuan Wang. Stabilization of nonlinear time-varying systems: a control lyapunov function approach
697 -- 721Zongli Lin. An overview of the development of low gain feedback and low-and-high gain feedback
722 -- 731Yiguang Hong, Xiaoli Wang. Multi-agent tracking of a high-dimensional active leader with switching topology
732 -- 748Haiying Wang, Xinyu Zhang, Guohua Zou. Frequentist model averaging estimation: a review
749 -- 776Li Deng, Peng-Fei Yao. Global smooth solutions for semilinear Schrödinger equations with boundary feedback on 2-dimensional Riemannian manifolds

Volume 22, Issue 3

345 -- 359Jiang Zhang. Energy flows in complex ecological systems: a review
360 -- 371Fenghua Wen, Xiaoguang Yang. Skewness of return distribution and coefficient of risk premium
372 -- 394Hossein Hassani, Anatoly A. Zhigljavsky. Singular spectrum analysis: methodology and application to economics data
395 -- 406Qunying Liao, Keqin Feng. On the complexity of the normal bases via prime Gauss period over finite fields
407 -- 414Jingzhi Li, Kai-Yong Wang, Yuebao Wang. Finite-time ruin probability with NQD dominated varying-tailed claims and NLOD inter-arrival times
415 -- 421Lingling Mu, Junhai Ma, Liwen Chen. A 3-dimensional discrete model of housing price and its inherent complexity analysis
422 -- 434Xiaoe Ruan, Huizhuo Wu, Na Li, Bai-Wu Wan. p norm of decentralized non-repetitive iterative learning control for linear large-scale systems
435 -- 445Ronghu Chi, Zhongsheng Hou. A new neural network-based adaptive ILC for nonlinear discrete-time systems with dead zone scheme
446 -- 459Haozhi Zhang, ZiYou Gao. Bilevel programming model and solution method for mixed transportation network design problem
460 -- 468Qingzhu Lei, Yongsong Qin. A modified likelihood ratio test for homogeneity in bivariate normal mixtures of two samples
469 -- 482Riquan Zhang, Jingyan Feng, Kaichun Wen, Jianhua Ding. Estimation on semivarying coefficient models with different degrees of smoothness
483 -- 494Xuemei Hu, Feng Liu, Zhizhong Wang. Testing serial correlation in semiparametric varying coefficient partially linear errors-in-variables model
495 -- 502Youai Li. A posteriori error analysis of nonconforming methods for the eigenvalue problem
503 -- 517Fang Zhang, Yongfu Su. A general iterative method of fixed points for equilibrium problems and optimization problems
518 -- 532Dongyang Shi, Wei Gong. A low order nonconforming anisotropic finite element approximation to parabolic problem
533 -- 540Li Zhang, Jia-Yu Shao. On the Laplacian spectral radii of trees with nearly perfect matchings

Volume 22, Issue 2

159 -- 170Xue Fu, Xikang Chen. A multiyear lags input-holding-output model on education with excluding idle capital
171 -- 185Rong Zhang, Xuexiang Huang. A differential game model for a developing and a developed country
186 -- 206Jinzhi Wang, Ying Tan, Iven Mareels. Robustness analysis of leader-follower consensus
207 -- 219Yao Yu, Yisheng Zhong. Robust attitude control of a 3DOF helicopter with multi-operation points
220 -- 227Weisheng Jiang, Falun Huang, Tingyu Zhu. Stability radius of non-smooth pritchard-salamon systems and the algebraic Riccati equation
228 -- 242Stan Lipovetsky. Optimal hierarchy structures for multi-attribute-criteria decisions
243 -- 251Liuqing Xiao, Shipeng Zhou. On spectrum of networks based on matrix of link-state and its symmetry
252 -- 259Bo Yang, Xiaorong Chen. Method for quickly inferring the mechanisms of large-scale complex networks based on the census of subgraph concentrations
260 -- 279Chunming Tang, Zheng-an Yao. Σ-protocol
280 -- 290Hui Wang, Guangle Yan, Yanghua Xiao. Symmetry in world trade network
291 -- 302Jinting Wang, Jianghua Li. A single server retrial queue with general retrial times and two-phase service
303 -- 312Chuanyi Luo, Yinghui Tang, Cailiang Li. G / 1 Queue with Feedback-A Recursive Method
313 -- 323XiaoBin Wang, Wansheng Tang. Fuzzy EPQ inventory models with backorder
324 -- 332Hongchu Wang, Shigeng Hu. Exponential estimates for stochastic delay equations with norm-bounded uncertainties
333 -- 344Meijuan Shang, Yongfu Su, Xiaolong Qin. Three-step iterations for nonexpansive mappings and inverse-strongly monotone mappings

Volume 22, Issue 1

1 -- 34Xinjia Chen, Kemin Zhou, Jorge L. Aravena. A new statistical approach for the analysis of uncertain systems
35 -- 48Zhongkui Li, Zhisheng Duan, Lin Huang. ∞ control of networked multi-agent systems
49 -- 62Pingke Li, Shu-Cherng Fang. T equations with a continuous Archimedean triangular norm
63 -- 76Norimasa Kobayashi, Kyoichi Kijima. Optimal substructure of set-valued solutions of normal-form games and coordination
77 -- 87Ancheng Xue, Yiguang Hong. Performance evaluation for damping controllers of power systems based on multi-agent models
88 -- 108Xiaohu Li, T. Paul Parker, Shouhuai Xu. A probabilistic characterization of a fault-tolerant gossiping algorithm
109 -- 121Wei Wang 0016, Changyun Wen, GuangHong Yang. Stability analysis of decentralized adaptive backstepping control systems with actuator failures
122 -- 136Huaibin Tang, Zhen Wu. Stochastic differential equations and stochastic linear quadratic optimal control problem with Lévy processes
137 -- 149Juan Zhao, Yunmin Zhu. New results about the relationship between optimally weighted least squares estimate and linear minimum variance estimate
150 -- 158Yan-Qin Qu, Yu-Mei Jiang, Da-Ren He. Fruit nutritive factor network