Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 25, Issue 6

1041 -- 1051Jin Guo 0003, Ji-Feng Zhang, Yanlong Zhao. Adaptive tracking of a class of first-order systems with binary-valued observations and fixed thresholds
1052 -- 1067Hao Jiang, Wai-Ki Ching, Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita, Dianjing Guo. Modeling genetic regulatory networks: a delay discrete dynamical model approach
1068 -- 1079Qin Wang, Yu-Ping Tian, Yaojin Xu. Globally asymptotically stable formation control of three agents
1080 -- 1092Yangyang Xu, Jinchuan Cui. n-vehicle exploration problem: Complexity and algorithm
1093 -- 1107Xiang Li, Bo Huang, Zhengjun Liu, Xihui Zhang, Jing Sun. A novel method for planning a staged evacuation
1108 -- 1121Mingwang Zhang. A second order Mehrotra-type predictor-corrector algorithm for semidefinite optimization
1122 -- 1135Yinghui Tang, Miaomiao Yu, Xi Yun, Shujuan Huang. x/G/1 queueing system with unreliable service station and multiple adaptive delayed vacations
1136 -- 1142Xuanhe Wang, Maochao Xu, Shengwang Meng. Dependence analysis of regression models in time series
1143 -- 1157Jingyan Feng, Riquan Zhang. Inference on coefficient function for varying-coefficient partially linear model
1158 -- 1170Weiyan Mu, Xingzhong Xu. Inference for repeated measures models under heteroscedasticity
1171 -- 1184Fengqing Hu, Kam Chuen Yuen. Optimal proportional reinsurance under dependent risks
1185 -- 1201Xiaohui Liu, Guofu Wang, Xue-mei Hu, Bo Li. Zero finite-order serial correlation test in a partially linear single-index model
1202 -- 1214Maozai Tian, Youxi Luo, Yunan Su, Yan Fan, Junlin Han. Lack-of-fit tests based on weighted ratio of residuals and variances
1215 -- 1222Dengguo Feng, Xiubin Fan, Liping Ding, Zhang-yi Wang. x+1 conjecture
1223 -- 1233Lin Tan, Wenfeng Qi, Hong Xu. Distribution of one-error linear complexity of binary sequences for arbitrary prime period
1234 -- 1248Jiaofeng Zhu, Yinping Liu. Automated derivation of the conservation laws for nonlinear differential-difference equations

Volume 25, Issue 5

833 -- 844Zhixue Zhao, Bao-Zhu Guo. An algorithm for determination of age-specific fertility rate from initial age structure and total population
845 -- 855Zhongxin Liu, Zengqiang Chen, Zhuzhi Yuan. Event-triggered average-consensus of multi-agent systems with weighted and direct topology
856 -- 872Yongli Zhang, Jiayin Wang, Hongxing Li. ∞ regulator
873 -- 879Feng Jiang, Yi Shen, Xiaoxin Liao. A note on stability of the split-step backward Euler method for linear stochastic delay integro-differential equations
880 -- 895Yuelong Tang, Yanping Chen 0002. Variational discretization for parabolic optimal control problems with control constraints
896 -- 908Chao-lin He, Weidong Meng. Dynamic portfolio choice under the time-varying, jumps, and knight uncertainty of asset return process
909 -- 925Fan-Yong Meng, Qiang Zhang. Cooperative games on convex geometries with a coalition structure
926 -- 941Zhibin Liang, Junyi Guo. Optimal investment and proportional reinsurance in the Sparre Andersen model
942 -- 949Fan Ye, Naiming Dong, Jing Li, Zhenjie Hong. The sufficient and necessary condition of the major stochastic preference rule in group decision making
950 -- 963Li Cai, Detong Zhu. A line search filter inexact SQP method for nonlinear equality constrained optimization
964 -- 972Bo Wan, Xuegang Zhan. A proximal point algorithm for a system of generalized mixed variational inequalities
973 -- 986SiMing Li, Yong Li, Jiao Jin. Adaptive trimmed mean as a location estimate
987 -- 997Ximing Cheng, Li Luo. Variable selection for recurrent event data with informative censoring
998 -- 1013Jianjun Zhou, Min Chen. Functional coefficient autoregressive conditional root model
1014 -- 1031Xiaopei Guo, Kejian Xu, Tongsen Sun, Xiubin Fan. S-boxes of a class of generalized feistel block ciphers
1032 -- 1040Xiaoshan Kai, Shixin Zhu, Liqi Wang. 2

Volume 25, Issue 4

625 -- 640Chunzhe Zhao, Yi Huang. ADRC based input disturbance rejection for minimum-phase plants with unknown orders and/or uncertain relative degrees
641 -- 674Xiaolian Zheng, Ben M. Chen. Modeling and forecasting of stock markets under a system adaptation framework
675 -- 690Zhen Wu, Zhiyong Yu. Z for BSDEs with applications
691 -- 706Shanshan Wang, Chunsheng Zhang. Optimal investment with multiple risky assets under short-selling prohibition in a periodic environment
707 -- 719Yong Zhao, Qishao Lu, Zhaosheng Feng, Yonghui Xia. Delay differential equations under nonlinear impulsive control and applications to neural network models
720 -- 735Yasuo Sasaki, Kyoichi Kijima. Hypergames and bayesian games: A theoretical comparison of the models of games with incomplete information
736 -- 743Yuanling Niu, Chengjian Zhang. Almost sure and moment exponential stability of predictor-corrector methods for stochastic differential equations
744 -- 758Lina Guo, Houbao Xu, Chao Gao, Guangtian Zhu. Further research of a new kind of series repairable system
759 -- 777Jau-Chuan Ke, Kai-Bin Huang. Analysis of batch arrival queue with randomized vacation policy and an un-reliable server
778 -- 791Zhenyu Huang. Parametric equation solving and quantifier elimination in finite fields with the characteristic set method
792 -- 801Yonghong Xie, Lei Hu. A matrix construction of Boolean functions with maximum algebraic immunity
802 -- 820Jianguo Jiang, Jingzhong Zhang. A review and prospect of readable machine proofs for geometry theorems
821 -- 832Zihui Liu, Wende Chen. On the relative generalized hamming weights of a 4-dimensional linear code and a subcode with dimension one

Volume 25, Issue 3

417 -- 429Helong Liu, Jingyuan Yu, Guangtian Zhu. Global stability of an age-structured sir epidemic model with pulse vaccination strategy
430 -- 440Youcheng Lou, Yiguang Hong, Guodong Shi. Target aggregation of second-order multi-agent systems with switching interconnection
441 -- 450Zhenying Liang, Chaoli Wang. Robust exponential stabilization of uncertain nonholonomic chained systems based on visual feedback
451 -- 462Fei Yang, Shuang Cong. Preparation of entanglement states in a two-spin system by Lyapunov-based method
463 -- 485Yingting Luo, Yunmin Zhu, Xiaojing Shen, Enbin Song. Distributed Kalman filtering fusion with packet loss or intermittent communications from local estimators to fusion center
486 -- 503Veena Goswami, G. B. Mund. Analysis of discrete-time queues with batch renewal input and multiple vacations
504 -- 513Jinting Wang. Geo/G/1 retrial queues with general retrial time and Bernoulli vacation
514 -- 520Xunhua Gong. Necessary conditions for efficient solution of vector optimization problems
521 -- 528Shujun Lian, Liansheng Zhang. A simple smooth exact penalty function for smooth optimization problem
529 -- 548Xunfa Lu, Kin Keung Lai, Liang Liang. Dependence between stock returns and investor sentiment in Chinese markets: A copula approach
549 -- 555Yaqiong Wu, Yong Zhao, Chaoyuan Yue, Xianglin Wu. Budget constraints in homogenous multi-unit auctions
556 -- 566Hui Zhao, Ningning Jiang. A two-stage estimation algorithm for a type of current status data
567 -- 581Si-Li Niu, Yamei Liu. CLT of wavelet estimator in semiparametric model with correlated errors
582 -- 593Zhanshou Chen, Zheng Tian. Moving ratio test for multiple changes in persistence
594 -- 616Yinping Liu, Shijun Liao, Zhibin Li. A maple package of automated derivation of homotopy analysis solution for periodic nonlinear oscillations
617 -- 624Hongxi Tong. NNMDS codes

Volume 25, Issue 2

209 -- 226Yifen Mu, Lei Guo. Towards a theory of game-based non-equilibrium control systems
227 -- 237XueHua Yan, Yungang Liu. The further result on global practical tracking for high-order uncertain nonlinear systems
238 -- 248Yaozhong Hu, Chang-Li Yang. Optimal tracking for bilinear stochastic system driven by fractional Brownian motions
249 -- 261Jiang-Bo Yu, Yu Qiang Wu. Global asymptotic regulation control for nonlinear systems with iISS inverse dynamics
262 -- 274Wei Hu, Jianbin Li. Disposing the leftovers under the consignment contract with revenue sharing: Retailer vs supplier
275 -- 286Jie Wu 0004, Liang Liang. A DEA model for identifying critical input-output performance measures
287 -- 292Zhen Wang, Dachuan Xu. A cost-sharing method for an uncapacitated facility location game with penalties
293 -- 302Chuanyi Luo, Yinghui Tang, Wei Li, Kaili Xiang. N-policy
303 -- 314Yinghua Dong, Yuebao Wang. Ruin probabilities with pairwise quasi-asymptotically independent and dominatedly-varying tailed claims
315 -- 328Huixiu Zhao, Jinguan Lin. The large sample properties of the solutions of general estimating equations
329 -- 347Shang-Wei Zhao, Ruyong Feng, Xiao-Shan Gao. On functional decomposition of multivariate polynomials with differentiation and homogenization
348 -- 361Yuanjie Liu, Hongbo Li. B-spline patches and transfinite interpolation method for PDE controlled simulation
362 -- 374Ben Gao, Yufu Chen. Finding the topology of implicitly defined two algebraic plane curves
375 -- 384Minjia Shi, Shanlin Yang, Shixin Zhu. p-ary quasic-cyclic codes from cyclic codes over \(\mathbb{F}_p + v\mathbb{F}_p\)
385 -- 397Wanfu Tian, Yonghai Li. Superconvergence of mixed covolume method on quadrilateral grids for elliptic problems
398 -- 409Jiming Yang, Yanping Chen 0002. A posteriori error analysis for a fully discrete discontinuous Galerkin approximation to a kind of reactive transport problems
410 -- 416Jinghong Liu, Yijun Deng, Qiding Zhu. High accuracy analysis of tensor-product linear pentahedral finite elements for variable coefficient elliptic equations

Volume 25, Issue 1

1 -- 12Haitao Fang, Han-Fu Chen, Lei Wen. On control of strong consensus for networked agents with noisy observations
13 -- 29Cui-Qin Ma, Ji-Feng Zhang. On formability of linear continuous-time multi-agent systems
30 -- 45Wolfgang Löhr. Predictive models and generative complexity
46 -- 59Yang Weng, Lihua Xie, Wendong Xiao. Sensor selection for random field estimation in wireless sensor networks
60 -- 70Wei Ni, Daizhan Cheng. Stabilization of switched linear systems with constrained inputs
71 -- 89Xianbo Xiang, Chao Liu, Lionel Lapierre, Bruno Jouvencel. Synchronized path following control of multiple homogenous underactuated AUVs
90 -- 104Wei Wang, Huanshui Zhang. ∞ filtering for continuous-time systems with pointwise time-varying delay
105 -- 120Yanping Chen 0002, Zuliang Lu. ∞-estimates of mixed finite element methods for general nonlinear optimal control problems
121 -- 132Ai Han, K. K. Lai, Shouyang Wang, Shanying Xu. An interval method for studying the relationship between the Australian dollar exchange rate and the gold price
133 -- 155Qiming He. K]/1/FCFS queue: Age process, sojourn times, and queue lengths
156 -- 166Yan Xia, Cuihong Yang, Xikang Chen. Structural decomposition analysis on China's energy intensity change for 1987-2005
167 -- 177Jiyang Tan, Xiangqun Yang. The compound binomial model with a constant dividend barrier and periodically paid dividends
178 -- 185Hua Dong, Chuancun Yin. Complete monotonicity of the probability of ruin and de Finetti's dividend problem
186 -- 194Shixin Zhu, Yongsheng Tang. *)
195 -- 208Shaohong Du, Xiaoping Xie. Error reduction, convergence and optimality of an adaptive mixed finite element method