Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 27, Issue 6

1079 -- 1094Julei Fu, Ying Fan, Yang Wang, Shouyang Wang. Network analysis of terrorist activities
1095 -- 1120Qiao Li, Baihai Zhang, Lingguo Cui, Zhun Fan, V. Vasilakos Athanasios. Epidemics on small worlds of tree-based wireless sensor networks
1121 -- 1137Dequan Li, Xiao Fan Wang, Zhixiang Yin. Robust consensus for multi-agent systems over unbalanced directed networks
1138 -- 1157Shaobo Zhou, Minggao Xue, Fuke Wu. Robustness of hybrid neutral differential systems perturbed by noise
1158 -- 1171Huaxiong Chen, Jianhe Shen, Zheyan Zhou. Existence and analytical approximations of limit cycles in a three-dimensional nonlinear autonomous feedback control system
1172 -- 1191Xinghu Wang, Haibo Ji, Jie Sheng. Output regulation problem for a class of SISO infinite dimensional systems via a finite dimensional dynamic control
1192 -- 1203Qiang Zhang, Shancun Liu, Wanhua Qiu. The effects of market depth on the arrival rate of orders
1204 -- 1212Rong Zhu, Sherry Zhefang Zhou. Testing inequality constraints in a linear regression model with spherically symmetric disturbances
1213 -- 1226Yuesong Wei, Zheng Tian, Yanting Xiao. Learning causal graphs of nonlinear structural vector autoregressive model using information theory criteria
1227 -- 1246Xuejing Li, Jiang Du, Gaorong Li, Mingzhi Fan. Variable selection for covariate adjusted regression model
1247 -- 1262Xiaoping Shi, Yanyan Liu, Yuanshan Wu. Continuous auxiliary covariate in additive hazards regression for survival data
1263 -- 1285Yongqing Xu, Xiaoli Li, Gemai Chen. Estimation and inference for varying-coefficient regression models with error-prone covariates
1286 -- 1304Jiang Liu 0009, Ming Xu, Naijun Zhan, Hengjun Zhao. Discovering non-terminating inputs for multi-path polynomial programs
1305 -- 1319Han Cai, Xiangyong Zeng, Lei Hu. p-ary sequences with low correlation and large linear complexity
1320 -- 1344Jin-San Cheng, Xiao-Shan Gao. Multiplicity-preserving triangular set decomposition of two polynomials

Volume 27, Issue 5

817 -- 835Jingli Ren, Zhibo Cheng, Lei Guo. Further results on limitations of sampled-data feedback
836 -- 852Xiaomin Cao, Peng-Fei Yao. General decay rate estimates for viscoelastic wave equation with variable coefficients
853 -- 865Xueliang Liu, Bugong Xu, Lihua Xie. Distributed tracking control of second-order multi-agent systems under measurement noises
866 -- 882Yanzhen Chang, Danping Yang. Finite element approximation for a class of parameter estimation problems
883 -- 898Renming Yang, Yuzhen Wang. New delay-dependent stability criteria and robust control of nonlinear time-delay systems
899 -- 910Qixia Zhang. ∞ control problems of backward stochastic systems
911 -- 927Hao Chang, Kai Chang. Legendre transform-dual solution for investment and consumption problem under the Vasicek model
928 -- 949Guohe Deng. American continuous-installment options of barrier type
950 -- 969Jun Li, Liang Pan, Muzi Chen, Xiaoguang Yang. Parametric and non-parametric combination model to enhance overall performance on default prediction
970 -- 992Jie Zhang, Baozhuang Niu, Jianbin Li. Optimal pricing and inventory policy with order cancelations under the cash-on-delivery payment scheme
993 -- 1007Jian Liu, Weixing Wu, Jingfeng Xu, Haijian Zhao. An accurate binomial model for pricing American Asian option
1008 -- 1026Yingxue Zhao, Xiaoge Meng, Han Qiao, Shouyang Wang, Luis Coladas. Characterizations of semi-prequasi-invexity
1027 -- 1044Danhua Zhu, Mingwang Zhang. κ) linear complementarity problem
1045 -- 1063Quanxin Zhu, Xianping Guo. n-discount and finite-horizon optimality for continuous-time Markov decision processes
1064 -- 1078Fan-Yong Meng, Chunqiao Tan, Qiang Zhang. The generalized symmetric coalitional Banzhaf value for multichoice games with a coalition structure

Volume 27, Issue 4

605 -- 631Le Yi Wang, Ali Syed, Gang George Yin, Abhilash Pandya, Hongwei Zhang. Control of vehicle platoons for highway safety and efficient utility: Consensus with communications and vehicle dynamics
632 -- 649Hong-xiang Hu, Zhe Zhang, Li Yu, Wenwu Yu, Guangming Xie. Group consensus for multiple networked Euler-Lagrange systems with parametric uncertainties
650 -- 665Pei Wang, Chengeng Tian, Jun-An Lu. Identifying influential spreaders in artificial complex networks
666 -- 678Haitao Li, Yuzhen Wang, Zhenbin Liu. On the observability of free Boolean networks via the semi-tensor product method
679 -- 693Shuang Cong, Jianxiu Liu. Trajectory tracking theory of quantum systems
694 -- 700Xinxing Wu, Peiyong Zhu. Linear chaos in the quantum harmonic oscillator
701 -- 711Zhenhua Wang, Keyou You, Juanjuan Xu, Huanshui Zhang. Consensus design for continuous-time multi-agent systems with communication delay
712 -- 728Zhirui Mu, Cuihong Yang. Optimizing China's export structure combining goal programming and non-competitive input-output model
729 -- 742Pu Zhou, Fengbin Lu, Shouyang Wang. Testing linear and nonlinear granger causality in CSI300 futures and spot markets based on new concepts of nonlinear positive/negative spillover
743 -- 759Yanfang Dong, Jun Wang. Complex system analysis of market return percolation model on Sierpinski carpet lattice fractal
760 -- 776Bo Tang, Jianzhong Gao. System simulation and reliability assessment of Chinese carbon sequestration market
777 -- 784Hao Chen, Xiwang Cao. Some semi-bent functions with polynomial trace form
785 -- 794Baofeng Wu, Zhuojun Liu, Qingfang Jin, Xiaoming Zhang. A note on two classes of Boolean functions with optimal algebraic immunity
795 -- 810Minjia Shi, Yu Wang. 4
811 -- 816Haifeng Yu, Shixin Zhu, Xiaoshan Kai. p)

Volume 27, Issue 3

413 -- 429Jiangping Hu, Xiaoming Hu, Tielong Shen. Cooperative shift estimation of target trajectory using clustered sensors
430 -- 444Lei Zhang, Jinhuan Wang, Qiongyu Shi. Multi-agent based modeling and simulating for evacuation process in stadium
445 -- 452Xin Cai, Shaoyuan Li. Performance limitations for a class of Kleinman control systems
453 -- 462Lin Chai, Chunjiang Qian. State feedback stabilization for a class of nonlinear time-delay systems via dynamic linear controllers
463 -- 475Dongxia Zhao, Junmin Wang. Spectral analysis and stabilization of a coupled wave-ODE system
476 -- 493Wei Wang, Chunyan Han, Fang He. White noise estimation for discrete-time systems with random delay and packet dropout
494 -- 506David Matthew Garner, Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling. Measuring and locating zones of chaos and irregularity
507 -- 523Yifang Liu, Yue Wang, Heng Qiao. Dynamic price model based on transmission delay - Petroleum price fluctuation in China
524 -- 536Zhaoyang Lu. Asymptotic results for over-dispersed operational risk by using the asymptotic expansion method
537 -- 564Jing Gao, Detong Zhu. An affine scaling derivative-free trust region method with interior backtracking technique for bounded-constrained nonlinear programming
565 -- 580Zhujun Wang, Detong Zhu. A nonmonotone filter line search technique for the MBFGS method in unconstrained optimization
581 -- 593Qipeng Liu, Aili Fang, Lin Wang, Xiaofan Wang. Social learning with time-varying weights
594 -- 604Xuemei Hu. Estimation in a semi-varying coefficient model for panel data with fixed effects

Volume 27, Issue 2

237 -- 251Jinhuan Wang, Zhixin Liu, Xiaoming Hu. Consensus control design for multi-agent systems using relative output feedback
252 -- 262Lequn Zhang, Jun-e Feng, Juan Yao. r-consensus problems for singular systems
263 -- 275Leping Bao, Shumin Fei, Lei Yu. Exponential stability of linear distributed parameter switched systems with time-delay
276 -- 288Yudong Sun, Yimin Shi, Xin Gu. An integro-differential parabolic variational inequality arising from the valuation of double barrier American option
289 -- 306Xiaoming Yan, Ke Liu, Yong Wang. Optimal pricing, production, and sales policies for new product under supply constraint
307 -- 326Yong Zhang, Detong Zhu. A family of the local convergence of the improved secant methods for nonlinear equality constrained optimization subject to bounds on variables
327 -- 337Min Jiang, Zhiqing Meng, Rui Shen, Xinsheng Xu. A quadratic objective penalty function for bilevel programming
338 -- 349Guolin Yu. Henig globally efficiency for set-valued optimization and vector variational inequality
350 -- 359Xuemei Hu. Empirical likelihood inference for logistic equation with random perturbation
360 -- 369Yuyang Qiu, Ke-Ang Fu, Wei Huang. Asymptotics for the distribution function estimators of the errors in semi-parametric regression models
370 -- 381Fulin Li, Honggang Hu, Shixin Zhu. N)
382 -- 412Xiaoyu Chen. Representation and automated transformation of geometric statements

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 2Hossein Hassani, Shouyang Wang, Xun Zhang. Preface - special issue on complex data processing methods and their applications to economic systems
3 -- 20Hossein Hassani, Majid Abdollahzadeh, Hossein Iranmanesh, Arash Miranian. A self-similar local neuro-fuzzy model for short-term demand forecasting
21 -- 28Christina Beneki, Masoud Yarmohammadi. Forecasting exchange rates: An optimal approach
29 -- 46Moisés Lima de Menezes, Reinaldo Castro Souza, José Francisco Moreira Pessanha. p) structures to model wind speed time series
47 -- 55Mansi Ghodsi, Masoud Yarmohammadi. Exchange rate forecasting with optimum singular spectrum analysis
56 -- 74Jiawei Zhang, Hossein Hassani, Haibin Xie, Xun Zhang. Estimating multi-country prosperity index: A two-dimensional singular spectrum analysis approach
75 -- 91Yue Yu, Zhihong Chen, Jie Yang. Cluster-based regularized sliced inverse regression for forecasting macroeconomic variables
92 -- 116Xu Feng, Wei Zhang 0026, Yongjie Zhang, Xiong Xiong. Information identification in different networks with heterogeneous information sources
117 -- 129Fengmei Yang, Meng Li, Anqiang Huang, Jian Li. Forecasting time series with genetic programming based on least square method
130 -- 143Hui Bu, Li Pi. Does investor sentiment predict stock returns? The evidence from Chinese stock market
144 -- 156Haibin Xie, Jiangze Bian, Mingxi Wang, Han Qiao. Is technical analysis informative in UK stock market? Evidence from decomposition-based vector autoregressive (DVAR) model
157 -- 168Jue Wang, Qi Zhang, Abdel-Rahman Hedar, M. Ibrahim Abdel-Monem. A rough set approach to feature selection based on scatter search metaheuristic
169 -- 180Harald Schmidbauer, Angi Roesch, Tolga Sezer, Vehbi Sinan Tunalioglu. Robust trading rule selection and forecasting accuracy
181 -- 192Jin Xiao, Yi Xiao, Julei Fu, Kin Keung Lai. A transfer forecasting model for container throughput guided by discrete PSO
193 -- 207Xinyu Wu, Wenyu Yang, Chaoqun Ma, Xiujuan Zhao. American option pricing under GARCH diffusion model: An empirical study
208 -- 224Meng Li, Xiaofeng Hui, Misao Endo, Kazuo Kishimoto. A quantitative model for intraday stock price changes based on order flows
225 -- 236Yi Xiao, Jin Xiao, John Liu, Shouyang Wang. A multiscale modeling approach incorporating ARIMA and anns for financial market volatility forecasting