Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 28, Issue 6

1243 -- 1257Bin Fang, Xuezhi Li, Maia Martcheva, Li-Ming Cai. Global stability for a heroin model with age-dependent susceptibility
1258 -- 1270Dianpeng Wang, Yubin Tian, Ying Xu. An optimal stochastic approximation for estimating the effective window of a control factor
1271 -- 1278Na Liu, Zhi-Hong Guan. Chaotification of a continuous stable complex network via impulsive control
1279 -- 1306Libo Yin, Liyan Han. Risk management for international portfolios with basket options: A multi-stage stochastic programming approach
1307 -- 1311Jianghua Zhang, Yingxue Zhao, Shouyang Wang. A descent method for mixed variational inequalities
1312 -- 1325Xunhua Gong. Lower semicontinuity of the efficient solution mapping in semi-infinite vector optimization
1326 -- 1343Danping Li, Ximin Rong, Hui Zhao. Optimal investment problem for an insurer and a reinsurer
1344 -- 1362Zhipeng Tang, Yan Xia. Input-occupancy-output analysis of industrial wastewater discharge coefficients and backward and forward linkages: Multi-regional occupancy
1363 -- 1373Rong-xi Zhou, Sinan Du, Mei Yu, Fengmei Yang. Pricing credit spread option with Longstaff-Schwartz and GARCH models in Chinese bond market
1374 -- 1388Li Zhang, Peng Liu, Yong Zhou. Smoothed estimator of quantile residual lifetime for right censored data
1389 -- 1398Yongsong Qin, Yinghua Li, Qingzhu Lei. Joint empirical likelihood confidence regions for a finite number of quantiles under negatively associated samples
1399 -- 1411Xiaohui Liu, Haiping Ren, Guofu Wang. Computing halfspace depth contours based on the idea of a circular sequence
1412 -- 1425Zhaoli Jia, Xiuchun Bi, Shuguang Zhang. Pricing variance swaps under stochastic volatility with an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process
1426 -- 1439Liyong Shen, Sonia Pérez-Díaz. Determination and (re)parametrization of rational developable surfaces
1440 -- 1448Jin Li, Keqin Feng. Constructions on approximately mutually unbiased bases by Galois rings

Volume 28, Issue 5

1015 -- 1032Xin Zhang. Reliability analysis of a cold standby repairable system with repairman extra work
1033 -- 1048Muthukumar Palanisamy, Rajivganthi Chinnathambi. Approximate controllability of second-order neutral stochastic differential equations with infinite delay and Poisson jumps
1049 -- 1057Xueli Xu, Qianqian Li, YiMin Sun. Application of Sturm Theorem in the global controllability of a class of high dimensional polynomial systems
1058 -- 1069Limin Wen, Jing Fang, Guoping Mei, Xianyi Wu. Optimal credibility estimation of random parameters in hierarchical random effect linear model
1070 -- 1079Fengde Chen, Xiangdong Xie, Haina Wang. Global stability in a competition model of plankton allelopathy with infinite delay
1080 -- 1101Ling Tang, Zishu Wang, Xinxie Li, Lean Yu, Guoxing Zhang. A novel hybrid FA-Based LSSVR learning paradigm for hydropower consumption forecasting
1102 -- 1114Fengmin Wang, Dachuan Xu, Chenchen wu. Approximation algorithms for the priority facility location problem with penalties
1115 -- 1127Juliang Zhang. Resource planning and allocation problem under uncertain environment
1128 -- 1147Gonglin Yuan, Zengxin Wei, Maojun Zhang. An active-set projected trust region algorithm for box constrained optimization problems
1148 -- 1163Dehui Yuan, Xiaoling Liu. ρ)-convexity assumptions
1164 -- 1176Xiaoting Sun, Yezhou Li, Shaozhang Niu, Yanli Huang. The detecting system of image forgeries with noise features and EXIF information
1177 -- 1193Haibin Xie, Kuikui Fan, Shouyang Wang. The role of Japanese Candlestick in DVAR model
1194 -- 1211Zhenghong Chen, Xiaoxian Tang, Bican Xia. Generic regular decompositions for parametric polynomial systems
1212 -- 1230Hao Jiang, Yushan Qiu, Xiaoqing Cheng, Wai-Ki Ching. On Eigen-matrix translation method for classification of biological data
1231 -- 1242Zhongxiao Wang, Wenfeng Qi, Tian Tian. A note on determine the greatest common subfamily of two NFSRs by Gröbner basis

Volume 28, Issue 4

755 -- 772Fangfang Zhang, Wei Wang. Decentralized control of discrete-Time system with delay in mean field LQR problem
773 -- 787Jiangbo Zhang, Ge Chen. Convergence rate of the asymmetric Deffuant-Weisbuch dynamics
788 -- 798Ruili Wen, Shugen Chai. Regularity for Euler-Bernoulli equations with boundary control and collocated observation
799 -- 812Chen Qiao, Dong Liang, Ke-Feng Sun. Dynamics analysis for generic projection continuous-time RNNs with bounded matrices
813 -- 829Zhiguo Yan, Guoshan Zhang, Jiankui Wang, Weihai Zhang. State and output feedback finite-time guaranteed cost control of linear itô stochastic systems
830 -- 847Cheng Tan, Weihai Zhang. On observability and detectability of continuous-time stochastic Markov jump systems
848 -- 856Jiankui Yang, Yuehua Hu. Stability of Kumar-Seidman networks under longest queue first policy
857 -- 875B. B. Upadhyay, S. K. Mishra. Nonsmooth semi-infinite minmax programming involving generalized (Φ, ρ)-invexity
876 -- 886Yaohua Tang, Wenguo Yang, Tiande Guo. Definition and algorithms for reliable steiner tree problem
887 -- 906Junsong Bian, Kin Keung Lai, Zhongsheng Hua. Manufacturers' channel competition with retailer demand-enhancing service
907 -- 924Xuemei Jiang, Yifang Liu, Jin Zhang, Lei Zu, Shouyang Wang, Christopher Green. 2 emissions
925 -- 937Wuqing Wu, Xiaojing Wang. A Novel approach to construct a composite indicator by maximizing its sum of squared correlations with Sub-indicators
938 -- 960Wei Xia, Zhao Chen, Wuqing Wu, Jianjun Zhou. Local polynomial-brunk estimation in semi-parametric monotone errors-in-variables model with right-censored data
961 -- 977Weihua Zhao, Riquan Zhang. t regression models
978 -- 996Yan Xu, Benhai Yu, Youtian Wang, Yanliang Chen. A stochastic evolutionary game perspective on the stability of strategic alliances against external opportunism
997 -- 1014Hui Zhao, Ximin Rong. Optimal investment with multiple risky assets for an insurer with modified periodic risk process

Volume 28, Issue 3

517 -- 545Andrea Bettinelli, Pierre Hansen, Leo Liberti. Community detection with the weighted parsimony criterion
546 -- 558Jin-Li Guo, Chao Fan, Ya-Li Ji. Universality of competitive networks in complex networks
559 -- 569Jiankui Wang, Jiankuan Fu, Guoshan Zhang. Finite time consensus problem for multiple non-holonomic agents with communication delay
570 -- 579Lin Wang, Xiao Fan Wang, Jinhuan Wang. Limit set problem of multi-agent systems with finite states: An eigenvalue-based approach
580 -- 591Lei Wang, Enmin Feng. An improved nonlinear multistage switch system of microbial fermentation process in fed-batch culture
592 -- 605Ting Wu, Sanyang Liu, Jie Zhou. Statistical diagnosis for HIV dynamics based on mean shift outlier model
606 -- 622Gang Ren, Zhengfeng Huang, Lili Lu, Jingyi Hua, Jinghui Wang. Method of generating strategic guidance information for driving evacuation flows to approach safety-based system optimal dynamic flows: Case study of a large stadium
623 -- 637Chao Gu, Detong Zhu. A dwindling filter line search algorithm for nonlinear equality constrained optimization
638 -- 644Yonghui Zhou, Jian Yu. Characterization of essential stability in lower pseudocontinuous optimization problems
645 -- 660Liwei Liu, Jianjun Li, Linfang Qian. The probability analysis for the many-versus-one guerrilla war
661 -- 678Xiaowei Li, Wei Wang, Chengcheng Xu, Zhibin Li, Baojie Wang. Multi-objective optimization of urban bus network using cumulative prospect theory
679 -- 690Minjia Shi, Patrick Solé. *
691 -- 701Xiusheng Liu, Hualu Liu. 2
702 -- 724Kaimin Cheng, Shaofang Hong, Yuanming Zhong. A note on the Tu-Deng conjecture
725 -- 742Qingfang Jin, Zhuojun Liu, Baofeng Wu, Xiaoming Zhang. A combinatorial condition and Boolean functions with optimal algebraic immunity
743 -- 754Zhiqiang Sun, Lei Hu. Boolean functions with four-valued Walsh spectra

Volume 28, Issue 2

261 -- 288Yu Jiang, Zhong-Ping Jiang. A robust adaptive dynamic programming principle for sensorimotor control with signal-dependent noise
289 -- 304Wenjun Song, Johan Thunberg, Xiaoming Hu, Yiguang Hong. Distributed high-gain attitude synchronization using rotation vectors
305 -- 315Fang Shang, Yungang Liu, Guiqing Zhang. Adaptive stabilization for a class of feedforward systems with zero-dynamics
316 -- 326Daoxiang Zhang, Weiwei Ding, Min Zhu. Existence of positive periodic solutions of competitor-competitor-mutualist Lotka-Volterra systems with infinite delays
327 -- 340Shenping Xiao, Wubin Cheng, Hongbing Zeng, Lingshuang Kong. ∞ control of linear systems with interval time-varying delays
341 -- 359Yudong He, Junzheng Wang, Renjian Hao. Adaptive robust dead-zone compensation control of electro-hydraulic servo systems with load disturbance rejection
360 -- 380Lili Zhang, Xun Zhang, Ke Cheng. Construction and analysis of common foreign trade cycle based on MS-VAR: An empirical study of global experience
381 -- 392Jie Cao, Xiaobing Yu, Zhifei Zhang. Integrating OWA and data mining for analyzing customers churn in E-commerce
393 -- 408Xuemei Jiang, Yinhua Mai. The social welfare housing project and its effects in China
409 -- 423Xiaozhen Liang, Xiuli Liu, Fengmei Yang. Prediction model on Chinese annual live hog supply and its application
424 -- 438Haibo Lu, Zhanfeng Wang, Yaohua Wu. Sequential estimate for generalized linear models with uncertain number of effective variables
439 -- 450Rui Huang, Hengjian Cui. Consistency of chi-squared test with varying number of classes
451 -- 470Xiao Liu, Zhenlong Chen, Ruixing Ming. The optimal dividend barrier in the perturbed compound Poisson risk model with randomized observation time
471 -- 488Chenchen Zou, Xiangzhong Fang, Guanghe Zhai. Ovarian cancer screening based on mixture change-point model
489 -- 503Changchun Wu, Linjun Tang, Shangli Zhang. Cross-entropy minimization estimation for two-phase sampling and non-response
504 -- 516Limin Li, Kiyoko F. Aoki-Kinoshita, Wai-Ki Ching, Hao Jiang. On using physico-chemical properties of amino acids in string kernels for protein classification via support vector machines

Volume 28, Issue 1

1 -- 15Chen Chen, Ge Chen, Lei Guo. M-nearest-neighbor rules
16 -- 29Venus Marza, Mehdi Dehghan, Behzad Akbari. A new Peer-to-Peer topology for video streaming based on complex network theory
30 -- 46XueHua Yan, Yungang Liu, Qingguo Wang. Global output-feedback tracking for nonlinear cascade systems with unknown growth rate and control coefficients
47 -- 59Shashi Kant Mishra, Monika Jaiswal, Le Thi Hoai An. C, α, ρ, d)-convexity
60 -- 79Chengjian Wen, Xiang Long, Yifen Mu. Dynamic power saving via least-square self-tuning regulator in the virtualized computing systems
80 -- 95Jian-Xin Guo, Qiang Zhang, Xiao-Shan Gao, Hongbo Li. Time optimal feedrate generation with confined tracking error based on linear programming
96 -- 104Yilun Shang. Degree distribution dynamics for disease spreading with individual awareness
105 -- 121Anqiang Huang, Kin Keung Lai, Yinhua Li, Shouyang Wang. Forecasting container throughput of Qingdao port with a hybrid model
122 -- 143Yanting Zheng, Wei Cui, Jingping Yang. Optimal reinsurance under distortion risk measures and expected value premium principle for reinsurer
144 -- 155Xiuchun Bi, Shuguang Zhang. Minimizing the risk of absolute ruin under a diffusion approximation model with reinsurance and investment
156 -- 174Xiangli Liu, Shouyang Wang. Study on the intraday pattern and the dynamic correlation among return, volume and open interest - evidence from Chinese commodity futures markets
175 -- 189Ning Wang, Ximin Rong, Guanghua Dong. A continuum percolation model for stock price fluctuation as a Lévy process
190 -- 209Bo Yu 0003, Jintao Zhang, Yanyan Xu. The RCH method for computing minimal polynomials of polynomial matrices
210 -- 221Licui Zheng, Jinwang Liu, Weijun Liu, Dongmei Li. A new signature-based algorithms for computing Gröbner bases
222 -- 242Peng Xia, Shugong Zhang, Na Lei, Zhangyong Kim. The Fitzpatrick-Neville-type algorithm for multivariate vector-valued osculatory rational interpolation
243 -- 260Yong Feng, Wenyuan Wu, Jingzhong Zhang, Jingwei Chen. Exact bivariate polynomial factorization over ℚ by approximation of roots