Journal: J. Systems Science & Complexity

Volume 33, Issue 6

1719 -- 1732Guo-Ping Liu. Networked Learning Predictive Control of Nonlinear Cyber-Physical Systems
1733 -- 1754Binbin Si, Yuan-Hua Ni, Ji-Feng Zhang. Time-Inconsistent Stochastic LQ Problem with Regime Switching
1755 -- 1784Pierre Parrend, Pierre Collet. A Review on Complex System Engineering
1785 -- 1803Chaouki Aouiti, El abed Assali, Imen Ben Gharbia. Global Exponential Convergence of Neutral Type Competitive Neural Networks with D Operator and Mixed Delay
1804 -- 1846AbdulRahman Al-Hussein, Boulakhras Gherbal. Necessary and Sufficient Optimality Conditions for Relaxed and Strict Control of Forward-Backward Doubly SDEs with Jumps Under Full and Partial Information
1847 -- 1872Xin Chen, Yuanguo Zhu. Multistage Uncertain Random Linear Quadratic Optimal Control
1873 -- 1885Zijun Chen, Weisheng Jiang. Stabilization for a Hybrid System of Elasticity with Boundary Disturbances
1886 -- 1902Xiaoming Xu. Fully Coupled Forward-Backward Stochastic Functional Differential Equations and Applications to Quadratic Optimal Control
1903 -- 1913Huwei Liu, Xin Chen, Liuxiao Guo, Aihua Hu. Generalized Consensus of Discrete-Time Multi-Agent Systems with Directed Topology and Communication Delay
1914 -- 1932LiPo Mo, Xiaodong Liu, Xianbing Cao, Yongguang Yu. Distributed Second-Order Continuous-Time Optimization via Adaptive Algorithm with Nonuniform Gradient Gains
1933 -- 1958Xiaochun Guo, Petko Donev. Bibliometrics and Network Analysis of Cryptocurrency Research
1959 -- 1979Lianlian Song, Kin Keung Lai, Geoffrey Kwok Fai Tso, Jerome Yen. Entrepreneurship Measurement and Comparison: Holistic Acceptability Global Entrepreneurship Index
1980 -- 1996Jin Zhang, Xiong Xiong, Yahui An, Xu Feng. The Impact of Competition on Analysts' Forecasts: A Simple Agent-Based Model
1997 -- 2012Cui Liu, Hongwei Gao, Ovanes L. Petrosian, Ying Liu, Lei Wang. A Class of General Transformation of Characteristic Functions in Dynamic Games
2013 -- 2047Zhihao Zhao, Guohua Zou. Average Estimation of Semiparametric Models for High-Dimensional Longitudinal Data
2048 -- 2066Yu Zhong, Zhongzhan Zhang, Shoumei Li. A Constrained Interval-Valued Linear Regression Model: A New Heteroscedasticity Estimation Method
2067 -- 2079Yinfeng Wang, Yanlin Tang, Xinsheng Zhang. A Two-Step Test for the Two-Sample Problem of Processes of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Type
2080 -- 2102Hanfang Li, Yuan Liu, Youxi Luo. Double Penalized Quantile Regression for the Linear Mixed Effects Model
2103 -- 2113Aleksandar Radonjic, Vladimir Vujicic. Integer Codes Correcting Single Errors and Random Asymmetric Errors within a Byte
2114 -- 2123Shuang Feng, Ruyong Feng. Descent of Ordinary Differential Equations with Rational General Solutions
2124 -- 2138Banghe Li, DingKang Wang. Hilbert Problem 15 and Ritt-Wu Method (II)
2139 -- 2156Yuxue Ren, Chengfeng Wen, Shengxian Zhen, Na Lei, Feng Luo 0002, Xianfeng David Gu. Characteristic Class of Isotopy for Surfaces

Volume 33, Issue 5

1297 -- 1309Ximei Wang, Min Hu, Yanlong Zhao, Boualem Djehiche. Credit Scoring Based on the Set-Valued Identification Method
1310 -- 1329Mohsen Jalaeian F., Mohammad-Mehdi Fateh, Morteza Rahimiyan. Optimal Predictive Impedance Control in the Presence of Uncertainty for a Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot
1330 -- 1359Muhammad Shafiq 0001, Israr Ahmad, Mohammed A. Ambusaidi, Bashir Naderi. Robust Adaptive Multi-Switching Synchronization of Multiple Different Orders Unknown Chaotic Systems
1360 -- 1382Reza Gholipour, Mohammad-Mehdi Fateh. Robust Control of Robotic Manipulators in the Task-Space Using an Adaptive Observer Based on Chebyshev Polynomials
1383 -- 1401Guangchen Wang, Susu Zhang. A Mean-Field Linear-Quadratic Stochastic Stackelberg Differential Game with one Leader and Two Followers
1402 -- 1421Jianhong Wang, Ricardo A. Ramirez Mendoza, Jorge de-J. Lozoya-Santos. Introducing System Identification Strategy into Model Predictive Control
1422 -- 1445Ning Chen 0009, Junjie Peng, Weihua Gui, Jiaqi Zhou 0006, Jiayang Dai. Asynchronous Fuzzy Cognitive Networks Modeling and Control for Goethite Iron Precipitation Process
1446 -- 1468Duanjin Zhang, Yinshuang Zhang. Fault Detection for Uncertain Delta Operator Systems with Two-Channel Packet Dropouts via a Switched Systems Approach
1469 -- 1484Jing Wei, Hongyinping Feng. Output Tracking for One-Dimensional Wave Equation with Non-Collocated Control and Output Configuration
1485 -- 1496Zhaoqiang Ge, Xiaochi Ge. Controllability of Singular Distributed Parameter Systems in the Sense of Mild Solution
1497 -- 1515Yousaf Ali, Sania Binte Saleem, Muhammad Sabir. Structural Decomposition Analysis to Investigate the Changes in Energy Consumption in Pakistan
1516 -- 1532Ling Xie, Yanlin Jia, Jin Xiao, Xin Gu, Jing Huang 0017. GMDH-Based Outlier Detection Model in Classification Problems
1533 -- 1544Guo-Dong Xing, Shanchao Yang. First and Second Order Asymptotics of the Spectral Risk Measure for Portfolio Loss Under Multivariate Regular Variation
1545 -- 1557Qiang Zhang, Chao Wang, Shancun Liu, Yaodong Yang. Order Execution Probability and Order Queue in Limit Order Markets
1558 -- 1570Xu Guo, Jun Zhang, Yun Fang. Regression Function Comparison for Paired Data
1571 -- 1584Tianfa Xie, Ruiyuan Cao, Ping Yu. Rank-Based Test for Partial Functional Linear Regression Models
1585 -- 1601Shengjin Gan, Zhou Yu. Partial Dynamic Dimension Reduction for Conditional Mean in Regression
1602 -- 1631Jun Wang, Ping Chen. Nonparametric Estimation for the Diffusion Coefficient of Multidimensional Time-Varying Diffusion Processes
1632 -- 1655Chu Wang, Lihong Zhi. Lifts of Non-Compact Convex Sets and Cone Factorizations
1656 -- 1693Hongwei Lin, Yunyang Xiong, Xiao Wang, QianQian Hu, Jingwen Ren. Isogeometric Least-Squares Collocation Method with Consistency and Convergence Analysis
1694 -- 1707Liang Chen 0005, Yanfang Ma. Shamanskii-Like Levenberg-Marquardt Method with a New Line Search for Systems of Nonlinear Equations
1708 -- 1718Jiang Liu. An Extension of Gröbner Basis Theory to Indexed Polynomials Without Eliminations

Volume 33, Issue 4

849 -- 881Moamin A. Mahmoud, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Salama A. Mostafa, Latha Subramainan. How New Individuals Behave in a Heterogeneous Community: A Computational Approach to Norm Assimilation Using Agent-Based Systems
882 -- 902Jian Wang, Liangren Shi, Xinping Guan. Semi-Global Leaderless Consensus of Linear Multi-agent Systems with Actuator and Communication Constraints
903 -- 929Farshad Safaei, Amin Babaei, Mehrnaz Moudi. Optimally Connected Hybrid Complex Networks with Windmill Graphs Backbone
930 -- 943Qingtao Zhao, Jian Sun 0003, Yongqiang Bai. Dynamic Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Systems: A Small-Gain Approach
944 -- 967Chaouki Aouiti, Farah Dridi. New Results on Interval General Cohen-Grossberg BAM Neural Networks
968 -- 987Li Chen, Zhen Wu. Stochastic Optimal Control Problem in Advertising Model with Delay
988 -- 1011Ping Sun, Rui Shan. Predictive Control with Velocity Observer for Cushion Robot Based on PSO for Path Planning
1012 -- 1022Zhao Li, Shuyong Li. Mean Square Stability of Impulsive Stochastic Delayed Reaction-Diffusion Equations via Comparison Principle with Razumikhin Method
1023 -- 1039Yueying Liu, Ting Hou. ∞ Fuzzy Filtering for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Infinite Markov Jump
1040 -- 1063Hongbo Wang, Wei Cui, Bin Ye. Lane Departure Assistance Coordinated Control System for In-Wheel Motor Drive Vehicles Based on Dynamic Extension Boundary Decision
1064 -- 1079Dong Cao, Carlos D. Ramirez. Air Pollution, Government Pollution Regulation, and Industrial Production in China
1080 -- 1107Artem A. Sedakov, Han Qiao. Strong Time-Consistent Core for a Class of Linear-State Games
1108 -- 1125Ling Tang, Huiling Lü, Fengmei Yang, Lean Yu, Jingjing Li. A Novel Integrated Measure for Energy Market Efficiency
1126 -- 1143Qing Liu, Xiuli Liu. Evaluating the Impacts of Universal Two-Child Policy on Beijing's Population
1144 -- 1162Zhanyou Ma, Li Chen, Pengcheng Wang. Analysis of G-Queue with Pseudo-Fault and Multiple Working Vacations
1163 -- 1178Songtai Zhang, Xiuli Xu. Equilibrium Customer Strategies in Markovian Queues with Setup Times and Partial Failures
1179 -- 1199Hanbing Zhu, Riquan Zhang, Gen Zhu. Estimation and Inference in Semi-Functional Partially Linear Measurement Error Models
1200 -- 1211Guikai Hu, Jinguan Lin. Performance of Preliminary Test Estimators for Error Variance Based on W, LR and LM Tests
1212 -- 1243Liwang Ding, Ping Chen, Qiang Zhang, Yongming Li. Asymptotic Normality for Wavelet Estimators in Heteroscedastic Semiparametric Model with Random Errors
1244 -- 1251Naparat Sripaisan, Yotsanan Meemark. Approximately Mutually Unbiased Bases by Frobenius Rings
1252 -- 1274Changbo Chen, Wenyuan Wu, Yong Feng. Visualizing Planar and Space Implicit Real Algebraic Curves with Singularities
1275 -- 1296Kai Jin, Jin-San Cheng. Isotopic Meshing of a Real Algebraic Space Curve

Volume 33, Issue 3

563 -- 583Dinh Cong Huong, Mai Viet Thuan, Duong Thi Hong. New Results on Stability and Stabilization of Delayed Caputo Fractional Order Systems with Convex Polytopic Uncertainties
584 -- 603Adel Ouannas, Amina-Aicha Khennaoui, Samir Bendoukha, Zhen Wang 0012, Viet-Thanh Pham. The Dynamics and Control of the Fractional Forms of Some Rational Chaotic Maps
604 -- 621Mohsen Belfeki. Adaptive Output Feedback Regulation for a Class of Uncertain Feedforward Time-Delay Nonlinear Systems
622 -- 639Tian-Yong Zhang, Bo You, Guo-Ping Liu 0003. Motion Coordination for a Class of Multi-Agents via Networked Predictive Control
640 -- 651Huifang Sun, Zhongmei Wang, Juanjuan Xu, Huanshui Zhang. Exact Consensus Error for Multi-agent Systems with Additive Noises
652 -- 671Linyu Yang, Shujun Liu. Distributed Stochastic Source Seeking for Multiple Vehicles over Fixed Topology
672 -- 684Ahmadjan Muhammadhaji, Zhidong Teng. General Decay Synchronization for Recurrent Neural Networks with Mixed Time Delays
685 -- 705Chen Liu, Dong Shen, JinRong Wang 0001. A Two-Dimensional Approach to Iterative Learning Control with Randomly Varying Trial Lengths
706 -- 724Xiaoyu Liu, Yongbo Xuan, Zhongyu Zhang, Zhaoshi Diao, Zhenxing Mu, Zhitao Li. Event-Triggered Consensus for Discrete-Time Multi-agent Systems with Parameter Uncertainties Based on a Predictive Control Scheme
725 -- 742Zilin Gao, Yinhe Wang, Yi Peng, Lizhi Liu, Haoguang Chen. Adaptive Control of the Structural Balance for a Class of Complex Dynamical Networks
743 -- 759Yuying Sun, Xun Zhang 0001, Shouyang Wang. A Hierarchical Forecasting Model for China's Foreign Trade
760 -- 782Hao Hu, Jian Li, Xiang Li 0006, Changjing Shang. Modeling and Solving a Multi-Period Inventory Fulfilling and Routing Problem for Hazardous Materials
783 -- 798Jichang Dong, Wei Dai, Jingjing Li. Exploring the Linear and Nonlinear Causality Between Internet Big Data and Stock Markets
799 -- 820Sonia Pérez-Díaz, Li-Yong Shen. A Symbolic-Numeric Approach for Parametrizing Ruled Surfaces
821 -- 835Ngoc Thieu Vo, Yi Zhang. Rational Solutions of High-Order Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
836 -- 848Jian Bai, Yao Sun, DingKang Wang. On the Construction of Involutory MDS Matrices over \(\mathbb{F}_{2^{m}}\)

Volume 33, Issue 2

261 -- 288Zhiwei Hao, Kenji Fujimoto, Qiuhua Zhang. Approximate Solutions to the Hamilton-Jacobi Equations for Generating Functions
289 -- 311Khalil Jouili. Robust Stabilization of Non-minimum Phase Switched Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainty
312 -- 332Reza Shahnazi. Cooperative Neuro Adaptive Control of Leader Following Uncertain Multi-Agent Systems with Unknown Hysteresis and Dead-Zone
333 -- 344Jun Huang, Guoguang Wen, Zhaoxia Peng, YunLong Zhang. Cluster-Delay Consensus for Second-Order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems
345 -- 365Yutong Dai, Yang Weng. Synchronous Parallel Block Coordinate Descent Method for Nonsmooth Convex Function Minimization
366 -- 382Feng Lin, Zhengqiu Zhang. Global Asymptotic Synchronization of a Class of BAM Neural Networks with Time Delays via Integrating Inequality Techniques
383 -- 400Dandan Duan, Guangdeng Zong. 1 Filtering of Networked Linear Switched Systems: An Event-Triggered Approach
401 -- 425Jing-lin Hu, Xiuxia Sun, Lei He. Formation Tracking for Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with Input and Output Quantization via Adaptive Output Feedback Control
426 -- 445Longbiao Ma, Fenghua He, Long Wang 0009, Changxi Li, Yu Yao. A Non-Convex Optimization Approach to Dynamic Coverage Problem of Multi-agent Systems in an Environment with Obstacles
446 -- 460Linmin Hu, Dequan Yue, Zhanyou Ma. Availability Analysis of a Repairable Series-Parallel System with Redundant Dependency
461 -- 474Zhaoyuan Wang, Shancun Liu, Haijun Yang, Harris Wu. An Agent-Based Approach for Time-Series Momentum and Reversal
475 -- 509Yixin Liu, Chunyao Ou, Guangyu Zhang, Xiao Liang. Research on the Effect Evaluation of Protected Space Driving New Technologies Industrialization from the Perspective of ST
510 -- 526Junying Zhang, Hang Wang, Riquan Zhang, Jiajia Zhang. Sequential Feature Screening for Generalized Linear Models with Sparse Ultra-High Dimensional Data
527 -- 544Ping Yu, Zhongyi Zhu, Jianhong Shi, Xikai Ai. Robust Estimation for Partial Functional Linear Regression Model Based on Modal Regression
545 -- 562Xiuping Chen, Guanghui Cai, Yan Gao, Shangwei Zhao. Asymptotic Optimality of the Nonnegative Garrote Estimator Under Heteroscedastic Errors

Volume 33, Issue 1

1 -- 14Qijiang Song, Zhiyong Huang. Identification of Errors-in-Variables Systems with General Nonlinear Output Observations and with ARMA Observation Noises
15 -- 25. Algorithm Implementation for Distributed Convex Intersection Computation
26 -- 42Cailing Li, Zaiming Liu, Jinbiao Wu, Xiang Huang. The Stochastic Maximum Principle for a Jump-Diffusion Mean-Field Model Involving Impulse Controls and Applications in Finance
43 -- 60Miao Yu, Jianchang Liu, Lichun Zhao. Nuclear Norm Subspace System Identification and Its Application on a Stochastic Model of Plague
61 -- 73Keqi Mei, Shihong Ding, Xiaofei Yang, Li Ma 0003. Second-Order Sliding Mode Controller Design with a Larger Domain of Attraction
74 -- 86Zhaoqiang Ge. Uniform Convergence of the Solutions of Riccati Equations for a Family of Optimal Control Problems
87 -- 99Zhenpeng Li, Xijin Tang. A Study on Scale Free Social Network Evolution Model with Degree Exponent < 2
100 -- 121Yongkun Li, Xiaofang Meng. Almost Automorphic Solutions for Quaternion-Valued Hopfield Neural Networks with Mixed Time-Varying Delays and Leakage Delays
122 -- 136Rong Li, Xiuchun Bi, Shuguang Zhang. Several Properties of a Nonstandard Renewal Counting Process and Their Applications
137 -- 145Zhe Yang, Qingbin Gong. Coalitional Equilibria in Coalitional Abstract Economies with Nonordered Preferences
146 -- 166Libin Guo, Jian Li, Qing Liu, Wei Xing. Introducing an External Terminal Operator or Not? The Decision of Ports in a Duopoly Market
167 -- 195Jiajia Liu, Wei Dai, Xiuting Li, Zhi Dong, Jichang Dong. The Differentiated Effect of Administrative Policy in China's Housing Market - Based on the Heterogeneous Households Multi-Agent Model
196 -- 214Junying Liu, Qunxiong Zheng, Dongdai Lin. A New Upper Bound on the Order of Affine Sub-families of NFSRs
215 -- 229Jinwang Liu, Dongmei Li, Licui Zheng. n-D Polynomial Matrices over Arbitrary Coefficient Field
230 -- 260Kai Jin, Jin-San Cheng. On the Topology and Isotopic Meshing of Plane Algebraic Curves