Journal: J. Sensor and Actuator Networks

Volume 3, Issue 4

245 -- 273Frank Weichert, Adrian Böckenkamp, Christian Prasse, Constantin Timm, Bartholomäus Rudak, Klaas Hölscher, Michael ten Hompel. Towards Sensor-Actuator Coupling in an Automated OrderPicking System by Detecting Sealed Seams on PouchPacked Goods
274 -- 296Jin Wang, Teck Yoong Chai, Lawrence Wai-Choong Wong. Towards a Fair and Efficient Packet Scheduling Scheme in Inter-Flow Network Coding
297 -- 330Miguel Navarro, Tyler W. Davis, German Villalba, Yimei Li, Xiaoyang Zhong, Newlyn Erratt, Xu Liang, Yao Liang. Towards Long-Term Multi-Hop WSN Deployments for Environmental Monitoring: An Experimental Network Evaluation

Volume 3, Issue 3

181 -- 206Mee-Loong Yang, Adnan Al-Anbuky, William Liu. An Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks
207 -- 223Sebastian Bader, Xinyu Ma, Bengt Oelmann. On the Modeling of Solar-Powered Wireless Sensor Nodes
224 -- 244Ismail Mansour, Gérard Chalhoub, Pascal Lafourcade. Evaluation of Secure Multi-Hop Node Authentication and Key Establishment Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 3, Issue 2

95 -- 112Sergio Orts-Escolano, José García Rodriguez, Vicente Morell, Miguel Cazorla, Jorge Azorín López, Juan Manuel García Chamizo. Parallel Computational Intelligence-Based Multi-Camera Surveillance System
113 -- 149Carrick Detweiler, Sreeja Banerjee, Marek Doniec, Mingshun Jiang, Francesco Peri, Robert F. Chen, Daniela Rus. Adaptive Decentralized Control of Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks and Robots for Modeling Underwater Phenomena
150 -- 180Htoo Aung Maw, Hannan Xiao, Bruce Christianson, James A. Malcolm. A Survey of Access Control Models in Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 25Dennis Sundman, Saikat Chatterjee, Mikael Skoglund. Methods for Distributed Compressed Sensing
26 -- 43Marta Niccolini, Lorenzo Pollini, Mario Innocenti. Cooperative Control for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles Using Descriptor Functions
44 -- 63Haitao Bao, Wai-Choong Wong. A Novel Map-Based Dead-Reckoning Algorithm for Indoor Localization
64 -- 78Ali M. Sadeghioon, Nicole Metje, David N. Chapman, Carl J. Anthony. SmartPipes: Smart Wireless Sensor Networks for Leak Detection in Water Pipelines
81 -- 94Damian Rusinek, Bogdan Ksiezopolski. On the Effect of Security and Communication Factors in the Reliability of Wireless Sensor Networks