Journal: J. UCS

Volume 0, Issue 0

3 -- 53Andrew M. Odlyzko. Tragic Loss or Good Riddance? The Impending Demise of Traditional Scholary Journals
54 -- 108Jennifer Lennon, Hermann A. Maurer. Applications and Impact of Hypermedia Systems: An Overview
109 -- 115Cristian Calude, Hermann A. Maurer, Arto Salomaa. Journal of Universal Computer Science
117 -- 125Hermann A. Maurer, Klaus Schmaranz. J.UCS - The Next Generation in Electronic Journal Publishing
127 -- 135Keith Andrews, Frank Kappe, Hermann A. Maurer, Klaus Schmaranz. On Second Generation Hypermedia Systems
137 -- 142Jennifer Lennon, Hermann A. Maurer. You Believe You Know What Multimedia Is? And What Internet Will Do For You? Well... Think Again!