Journal: J. UCS

Volume 14, Issue 9

1388 -- 1390Crescencio Bravo, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega. Designing the Human Computer Interaction: Trends and Challenges
1391 -- 1410Huyen Tue Dao, Adam L. Bazinet, Robin Berthier, Ben Shneiderman. NASDAQ Velocity and Forces: An Interactive Visualization of Activity and Change
1411 -- 1434Carl Gutwin, Saul Greenberg, Roger Blum, Jeff Dyck, Kimberly Tee, Gregor McEwan. Supporting Informal Collaboration in Shared-Workspace Groupware
1435 -- 1446Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega, Ulrich Hoppe. CIAM: A Methodology for the Development of Groupware User Interfaces
1447 -- 1462Montserrat Sendín, Víctor López-Jaquero, César A. Collazos. Collaborative Explicit Plasticity Framework: a Conceptual Scheme for the Generation of Plastic and Group-Aware User Interfaces
1463 -- 1479Rafael Duque, Jesús Gallardo, Crescencio Bravo, António José Mendes. Defining Tasks, Domains and Conversational Acts in CSCW Systems: the SPACE-DESIGN Case Study
1480 -- 1495José Ignacio Panach, Sergio España, Inés Pederiva, Oscar Pastor. Capturing Interaction Requirements in a Model Transformation Technology Based on MDA
1496 -- 1512Luis Mena Tobar, Pedro M. Latorre Andrés, Elena Lafuente Lapena. WebA: A Tool for the Assistance in Design and Evaluation of Websites
1513 -- 1528María Paula González, Toni Granollers, Afra Pascual. Testing Website Usability in Spanish-Speaking Academia through Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthroughs
1529 -- 1544Manuel García-Herranz, Pablo A. Haya, Abraham Esquivel, Germán Montoro, Xavier Alamán. Easing the Smart Home: Semi-automatic Adaptation in Perceptive Environments
1545 -- 1559Roberto F. Arroyo, Miguel Gea, José Luis Garrido, Pablo A. Haya. Development of Ambient Intelligence Systems Based on Collaborative Task Models

Volume 14, Issue 8

1179 -- 0Cecília M. F. Rubira, Rogério de Lemos. Software Components, Architectures and Reuse
1182 -- 1210George Edwards, Chiyoung Seo, Nenad Medvidovic. Model Interpreter Frameworks: A Foundation for the Analysis of Domain-Specific Software Architectures
1211 -- 1227Marcelo A. Ramos, Rosângela Dellosso Penteado. Embedded Software Revitalization through Component Mining and Software Product Line Techniques
1228 -- 1255Vittorio Cortellessa, Ivica Crnkovic, Fabrizio Marinelli, Pasqualina Potena. Experimenting the Automated Selection of COTS Components Based on Cost and System Requirements
1256 -- 1284Kellyton dos Santos Brito, Vinicius Cardoso Garcia, Eduardo Santana de Almeida, Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira. LIFT - A Legacy InFormation Retrieval Tool
1285 -- 1313Cristina Gacek, Carl Gamble. Mismatch Avoidance in Web Services Software Architectures
1314 -- 1343Marcelo Pitanga Alves, Paulo F. Pires, Flávia Coimbra Delicato, Maria Luiza Machado Campos. CrossMDA: a Model-driven Approach for Aspect Management
1344 -- 1367Elder Cirilo, Uirá Kulesza, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena. A Product Derivation Tool Based on Model-Driven Techniques and Annotations
1368 -- 1387Fábio Zaupa, Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes, Donald D. Cowan, Paulo S. C. Alencar, Carlos José Pereira de Lucena. A Service-oriented Process to Develop Web Applications

Volume 14, Issue 7

1016 -- 1019Jason J. Jung, Ngoc Thanh Nguyen. Collective Intelligence for Semantic and Knowledge Grid
1020 -- 1030Shengli Wu, Fabio Crestani. Ranking Retrieval Systems with Partial Relevance Judgements
1031 -- 1047Jason J. Jung. Query Transformation Based on Semantic Centrality in Semantic Social Network1
1048 -- 1060Grazyna Brzykcy, Jerzy Bartoszek, Tadeusz Pankowski. Schema Mappings and Agents Actions in P2P Data Integration System
1061 -- 1079P. M. Papazoglou, Dimitris A. Karras, Rallis C. Papademetriou. An Improved Multi-Agent Simulation Methodology for Modelling and Evaluating Wireless Communication Systems Resource Allocation Algorithms
1080 -- 1104Vedran Podobnik, Ana Petric, Gordan Jezic. An Agent-Based Solution for Dynamic Supply Chain Management
1105 -- 1117SungSoo Lee, HangKon Kim, Chonggun Kim. A Knowledge Discovery Agent for a Topology Bit-map in Ad Hoc Mobile Networks
1118 -- 1135Amelia Badica, Costin Badica. Formalizing Agent-Based English Auctions Using Finite State Process Algebra
1136 -- 1153Koichi Moriyama, Mitsuhiro Matsumoto, Ken-ichi Fukui, Satoshi Kurihara, Masayuki Numao. Reinforcement Learning on a Futures Market Simulator
1154 -- 1178Dariusz Król, Michal Zelmozer. Structural Performance Evaluation of Multi-Agent Systems

Volume 14, Issue 6

800 -- 0Vasco Brattka, Hajime Ishihara, Matthias Schröder, Ning Zhong. Computability and Complexity in Analysis
801 -- 844Klaus Weihrauch. The Computable Multi-Functions on Multi-represented Sets are Closed under Programming
845 -- 860Hong Lu, Klaus Weihrauch. Computable Riesz Representation for Locally Compact Hausdorff Spaces
861 -- 875Dimiter Skordev. On the Subrecursive Computability of Several Famous Constants
876 -- 895Christoph Spandl. Computability of Topological Pressure for Sofic Shifts with Applications in Statistical Physics
896 -- 907Robert Rettinger. Bloch s Constant is Computable
908 -- 937Fernando Ferreira, Gilda Ferreira. The Riemann Integral in Weak Systems of Analysis
938 -- 955Volker Bosserhoff. The Bit-Complexity of Finding Nearly Optimal Quadrature Rules for Weighted Integration
956 -- 995Volker Bosserhoff. Notions of Probabilistic Computability on Represented Spaces
996 -- 1015Matthias Schröder. On the Relationship between Filter Spaces and Weak Limit Spaces

Volume 14, Issue 5

612 -- 614Markus Fiedler, Klaus D. Hackbarth, Helmut Hlavacs. Socio-Economic Issues in Future Generation Internet
615 -- 624Kalevi Kilkki. Quality of Experience in Communications Ecosystem
625 -- 641Denis Collange, Jean-Laurent Costeux. Passive Estimation of Quality of Experience
642 -- 652Wojciech Stanczuk, Józef Lubacz, Eugeniusz Toczylowski. Trading Links and Paths on a Communication Bandwidth Market
653 -- 672Laura Rodríguez de Lope, Klaus D. Hackbarth. Cost Model for Bitstream Access Services with QoS Parameters
673 -- 692Martin Petraschek, Thomas Hoeher, Oliver Jung, Helmut Hlavacs, Wilfried N. Gansterer. Security and Usability Aspects of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks on ZRTP
693 -- 716Helmut Hlavacs, Wilfried N. Gansterer, Hannes Schabauer, Joachim Zottl, Martin Petraschek, Thomas Hoeher, Oliver Jung. Enhancing ZRTP by using Computational Puzzles
717 -- 730Zbigniew Hulicki. Drives and Barriers for Development of Broadband Access - CE Perspective
731 -- 744Alberto E. Garcia, Klaus D. Hackbarth. Approximation to a Behavioral Model for Estimating Traffic Aggregation Scenarios
745 -- 765Dominique Barth, Loubna Echabbi, Chahinez Hamlaoui. Optimal Transit Price Negotiation: The Distributed Learning Perspective
766 -- 785Sergios Soursos, Costas Courcoubetis, Richard Weber. Dynamic Bandwidth Pricing: Provision Cost, Market Size, Effective Bandwidths and Price Games
786 -- 799Maurizio Naldi, Giuseppe D Acquisto. A Normal Copula Model for the Economic Risk Analysis of Correlated Failures in Communications Networks

Volume 14, Issue 4

505 -- 507Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
508 -- 525Ronald Maier, Stefan Thalmann, Florian Bayer, Michael Krüger, Hendrik Nitz, Alexander Sandow. Optimizing Assignment of Knowledge Workers to Office Space Using Knowledge Management Criteria: The Flexible Office Case
526 -- 545Claudia Müller, Benedikt Meuthrath, Anne Baumgraß. Analyzing Wiki-based Networks to Improve Knowledge Processes in Organizations
546 -- 556Christian Safran, Frank Kappe. Success Factors in a Weblog Community
557 -- 565Astrid Dickinger, Steffen Zorn. Compensation Models for Interactive Advertising
566 -- 574Ali Nourollah, Mohammadreza Razzazi. A Linear Time Approximation Algorithm for Ruler Folding Problem
575 -- 589Justus J. Randolph, Roman Bednarik. Publication Bias in the Computer Science Education Research Literature
590 -- 611Maytham Safar. Spatial Queries in Road Networks Based on PINE

Volume 14, Issue 3

314 -- 317Liqun Chen, Willy Susilo, Huaxiong Wang, Duncan S. Wong, Ed Dawson, Xuejia Lai, Masahiro Mambo, Atsuko Miyaji, Yi Mu, David Pointcheval, Bart Preneel, Nigel P. Smart. Cryptography in Computer System Security
318 -- 346Yevgeniy Dodis, Pil Joong Lee, Dae Hyun Yum. Optimistic Fair Exchange in a Multi-user Setting
347 -- 376Christian Rechberger, Vincent Rijmen. New Results on NMAC/HMAC when Instantiated with Popular Hash Functions
377 -- 396Ik Rae Jeong, Dong-Hoon Lee. Parallel Key Exchange
397 -- 415Cheng-Kang Chu, Wen-Guey Tzeng. Efficient k-out-of-n Oblivious Transfer Schemes
416 -- 440Liqun Chen, Qiang Tang. Bilateral Unknown Key-Share Attacks in Key Agreement Protocols
441 -- 462Guomin Yang, Duncan S. Wong, Xiaotie Deng. Formal Security Definition and Efficient Construction for Roaming with a Privacy-Preserving Extension
463 -- 480Yong Ho Hwang, Joseph K. Liu, Sherman S. M. Chow. Certificateless Public Key Encryption Secure against Malicious KGC Attacks in the Standard Model
481 -- 504Omran Ahmadi, Darrel Hankerson, Francisco Rodríguez-Henríquez. Parallel Formulations of Scalar Multiplication on Koblitz Curves

Volume 14, Issue 22

3625 -- 3626Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
3627 -- 3647Adriana J. Berlanga, Francisco José García Peñalvo. Learning Design in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
3648 -- 3657Douglas S. Bridges, Robin Havea. Constructive Notions of Maximality for Ideals
3658 -- 3685Ismael Caballero, Angelica Caro, Coral Calero, Mario Piattini. IQM3: Information Quality Management Maturity Model
3686 -- 3715Afrodita Iorgulescu. On BCK Algebras - Part I.b: An Attempt to Treat Unitarily the Algebras of Logic. New Algebras
3716 -- 3736Naghmeh Karimi, Armin Alaghi, Mahshid Sedghi, Zainalabedin Navabi. Online Network-on-Chip Switch Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Functional Switch Faults
3737 -- 3766Gio Wiederhold. Determining Software Investment Lag
3767 -- 3780Holger Stenzhorn, Stefan Schulz, Martin Boeker, Barry Smith. Adapting Clinical Ontologies in Real-World Environments
3781 -- 3795Andreas Holzinger, Regina Geierhofer, Felix Mödritscher, Roland Tatzl. Semantic Information in Medical Information Systems: Utilization of Text Mining Techniques to Analyze Medical Diagnoses

Volume 14, Issue 21

3412 -- 3414Marco Tulio Valente, Peter D. Mosses, Francisco Heron de Carvalho Jr. SBLP 2008: XII Brazilian Symposium on Programming
3414 -- 3430Martijn M. Schrage, S. Doaitse Swierstra. Beyond ASCII - Parsing Programs with Graphical Presentations
3431 -- 3446Cecilia Manzino, Alberto Pardo. Shortcut Fusion of Monadic Programs
3447 -- 3464Leonardo Teixeira Passos, Mariza Andrade da Silva Bigonha, Roberto da Silva Bigonha. An LALR Parser Generator Supporting Conflict Resolution
3465 -- 3480Ricardo Santos, Rodolfo Azevedo, Guido Araujo. Instruction Scheduling Based on Subgraph Isomorphism for a High Performance Computer Processor
3481 -- 3497Alexandra Barros, Roberto Ierusalimschy. Eliminating Cycles in Weak Tables
3498 -- 3516Éric Tanter. Controlling Aspect Reentrancy
3517 -- 3533Rodolfo Toledo, Éric Tanter. A Lightweight and Extensible AspectJ Implementation
3534 -- 3555Fernando Barden Rubbo, Rodrigo Machado, Alvaro Freitas Moreira, Leila Ribeiro, Daltro José Nunes. On the Interaction of Advices and Raw Types in AspectJ
3556 -- 3572Alexandre Skyrme, Noemi de La Rocque Rodriguez, Roberto Ierusalimschy. Exploring Lua for Concurrent Programming
3573 -- 3591Rohit Gheyi, Tiago Massoni, Paulo Borba. Algebraic Laws for Feature Models
3592 -- 3607Fabio Tirelo, Roberto da Silva Bigonha, João Saraiva. Disentangling Denotational Semantics Definitions
3608 -- 3624Mikai Yang, Greg J. Michaelson, Rob Pooley. Formal Action Semantics for a UML Action Language

Volume 14, Issue 20

3279 -- 3281Pascal Costanza. Lisp: Research and Experience
3282 -- 3306Irène Durand, Sylviane R. Schwer. A Tool for Reasoning about Qualitative Temporal Information: the Theory of S-languages with a Lisp Implementation
3307 -- 3332Sebastián González, Kim Mens, Alfredo Cádiz. Context-Oriented Programming with the Ambient Object System
3333 -- 3357António Menezes Leitão. UCL-GLORP - An ORM for Common Lisp
3358 -- 3369Timothy Moore. An Implementation of CLIM Presentation Types
3370 -- 3388Jim Newton, Christophe Rhodes. Custom Specializers in Object-Oriented Lisp
3389 -- 3411Didier Verna. Binary Methods Programming: the Clos Perspective

Volume 14, Issue 2

174 -- 177Rafael Dueire Lins. Advances in Document Engineering
178 -- 192Sylvain Lamprier, Tassadit Amghar, Bernard Levrat, Frédéric Saubion. Using an Evolving Thematic Clustering in a Text Segmentation Process
193 -- 210Benjamin Burkard, Georg Vogeler, Stefan Gruner. Informatics for Historians: Tools for Medieval Document XML Markup, and their Impact on the History-Sciences
211 -- 223Cinthia Obladen de Almendra Freitas, Luiz S. Oliveira, Simone B. K. Aires, Flávio Bortolozzi. Metaclasses and Zoning Mechanism Applied to Handwriting Recognition
224 -- 236Sabine Barrat, Salvatore Tabbone. A Progressive Learning Method for Symbol Recognition
237 -- 251Luiz S. Oliveira, Edson J. R. Justino, Robert Sabourin, Flávio Bortolozzi. Combining Classifiers in the ROC-space for Off-line Signature Verification
252 -- 265Luiz Antônio Pereira Neves, João Marques de Carvalho, Jacques Facon, Flávio Bortolozzi. Table-form Extraction with Artefact Removal
266 -- 283Rafael Dueire Lins, João Marcelo Monte da Silva, Fernando Mário Junqueira Martins. Detailing a Quantitative Method for Assessing Algorithms to Remove Back-to-Front Interference in Documents
284 -- 298Wafa Boussellaa, Abderrazak Zahour, Adel M. Alimi. A Methodology for the Separation of Foreground/Background in Arabic Historical Manuscripts using Hybrid Methods
299 -- 313João Marcelo Monte da Silva, Rafael Dueire Lins, Fernando Mário Junqueira Martins, Rosita Wachenchauzer. A New and Efficient Algorithm to Binarize Document Images Removing Back-to-Front Interference

Volume 14, Issue 19

3051 -- 3052María Dolores Lozano, José A. Gallud. New Trends in Human Computer Interaction
3053 -- 3070Victor M. Ruiz Penichet, María Dolores Lozano, José A. Gallud, Ricardo Tesoriero, María Luisa Rodríguez, José Luis Garrido, Manuel Noguera, María Visitación Hurtado. Extending and Supporting Featured User Interface Models for the Development of Groupware Applications
3071 -- 3084Diego Martínez, Arturo S. García, Jonatan Martínez, José Pascual Molina, Pascual González. A Model of Interaction for CVEs Based on the Model of Human Communication
3085 -- 3098Jorge Jimenez, Diego Gutierrez, Pedro Latorre. Gaze-based Interaction for Virtual Environments
3099 -- 3113Ana Belén Gil, Raquel Rodríguez, Francisco José García Peñalvo, Ricardo López. SHARP Online: An Adaptive Hypermedia System Applied to Mathematical Problem Solving
3114 -- 3126Jesús Ibáñez, David García, Oscar Serrano. Displaying Pictures according to the Songs Being Played
3127 -- 3141Tomás Palleja, Edgar Rubión Soler, Mercè Teixido, Marcel Tresanchez, Alicia Fernández del Viso, Carlos Rebate Sánchez, Jordi Palacín. Using the Optical Flow to Implement a Relative Virtual Mouse Controlled by Head Movements
3142 -- 3159William J. Giraldo, Ana I. Molina, César A. Collazos, Manuel Ortega, Miguel A. Redondo. Taxonomy for Integrating Models in the Development of Interactive Groupware Systems
3160 -- 3173Josefina Guerrero García, Christophe Lemaigre, Juan Manuel González-Calleros, Jean Vanderdonckt. Model-Driven Approach to Design User Interfaces for Workflow Information Systems
3174 -- 3187Manuel Veit, Antonio Capobianco, Dominique Bechmann. Consequence of Two-handed Manipulation on Speed, Precision and Perception on Spatial Input Task in 3D Modelling Applications
3188 -- 3201Maik Wurdel, Daniel Sinnig, Peter Forbrig. CTML: Domain and Task Modeling for Collaborative Environments
3202 -- 3216Chi Dung Tran, Houcine Ezzedine, Christophe Kolski. Evaluation of Agent-based Interactive Systems: Proposal of an Electronic Informer Using Petri Nets
3217 -- 3235Thomas Memmel, Harald Reiterer. Model-Based and Prototyping-Driven User Interface Specification to Support Collaboration and Creativity
3236 -- 3249Kênia Soares Sousa, Hildeberto Mendonça, Jean Vanderdonckt. A Model-Driven Approach to Align Business Processes with User Interfaces
3250 -- 3264Barbara Leporini, Ivan Norscia. Fine Tuning Image Accessibility for Museum Web Sites
3265 -- 3278Hallvard Trætteberg. Integrating Dialog Modeling and Domain Modeling - the Case of Diamodl and the Eclipse Modeling Framework

Volume 14, Issue 18

2909 -- 2911Rafael Dueire Lins. Further Advances in Document Engineering
2912 -- 2935Josep Lladós, Dimosthenis Karatzas, Joan Mas, Gemma Sánchez. A Generic Architecture for the Conversion of Document Collections into Semantically Annotated Digital Archives
2936 -- 2952Christoph Becker, Andreas Rauber, Volker Heydegger, Jan Schnasse, Manfred Thaller. Systematic Characterisation of Objects in Digital Preservation: The eXtensible Characterisation Languages
2953 -- 2966Ricardo O. Abu Hana, Cinthia Obladen de Almendra Freitas, Luiz S. Oliveira, Flávio Bortolozzi. Crime Scene Representation (2D, 3D, Stereoscopic Projection) and Classification
2967 -- 2981Daniel Pavelec, Luiz S. Oliveira, Edson J. R. Justino, Leonardo Vidal Batista. Using Conjunctions and Adverbs for Author Verification
2982 -- 2997Farshideh Einsele, Rolf Ingold, Jean Hennebert. A Language-Independent, Open-Vocabulary System Based on HMMs for Recognition of Ultra Low Resolution Words
2998 -- 3010Boris Chidlovskii, Loïc Lecerf. Stacked Dependency Networks for Layout Document Structuring
3011 -- 3030Pyrrhos Stathis, Ergina Kavallieratou, Nikos Papamarkos. An Evaluation Technique for Binarization Algorithms
3031 -- 3050Giorgia de Oliveira Mattos, Andrei de Araújo Formiga, Rafael Dueire Lins, Francisco Heron de Carvalho Junior, Fernando Mário Junqueira Martins. Comparative Aspects between the Cluster and Grid Implementations of BigBatch

Volume 14, Issue 17

2756 -- 2757Alexandra I. Cristea, Rosa M. Carro. Authoring of Adaptive and Adaptable Hypermedia
2758 -- 2776Brent Martin, Antonija Mitrovic, Pramuditha Suraweera. ITS Domain Modelling with Ontology
2777 -- 2798Cesar Vialardi, Javier Bravo, Alvaro Ortigosa. Improving AEH Courses through Log Analysis
2799 -- 2818Maurice Hendrix, Alexandra I. Cristea. A Spiral Model for Adding Automatic, Adaptive Authoring to Adaptive Hypermedia
2819 -- 2839Sergio Gutiérrez Santos, Abelardo Pardo, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Authoring Courses with Rich Adaptive Sequencing for IMS Learning Design
2840 -- 2858Roberto F. Arroyo, Miguel Gea, José Luis Garrido, Pablo A. Haya, Rosa M. Carro. Authoring Social-aware Tasks on Active Spaces
2859 -- 2876Jesus Boticario, Olga C. Santos. A Standards-based Modelling Approach for Dynamic Generation of Adaptive Learning Scenarios
2877 -- 2896Craig Stewart. Authoring & Culture in Online Education
2897 -- 2908Symeon Retalis. Creating Adaptive e-Learning Board Games for School Settings Using the ELG Environment

Volume 14, Issue 16

2597 -- 2598Francisco José García Peñalvo, Julio Abascal. Human-Computer Interaction Research and Development Challenges
2599 -- 2613Toni Granollers, César A. Collazos, María Paula González. The State of HCI in Ibero-American Countries
2614 -- 2629Gerrit C. van der Veer. Cognitive Ergonomics in Interface Design - Discussion of a Moving Science
2630 -- 2649José Cañas. Cognitive Ergonomics in Interface Development Evaluation
2650 -- 2679Judy van Biljon, Paula Kotzé. Cultural Factors in a Mobile Phone Adoption and Usage Model
2680 -- 2698Maximiliano Paredes, Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo, Manuel Ortega. Designing Collaborative User Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications Using CIAM: The AULA Case Study
2699 -- 2719Myriam Arrue, Markel Vigo, Julio Abascal. Supporting the Development of Accessible Web Applications
2720 -- 2736Gitte Lindgaard, Peter Egan, Colin N. Jones, Catherine Pyper, Monique Frize, Robin C. Walker, Craig Boutilier, Bowen Hui, Sheila Narasimhan, Janette Folkens, Bill Winogron. Intelligent Decision Support in Medicine: Back to Bayes?
2737 -- 2755Ana Belén Gil, Francisco José García Peñalvo. Learner Course Recommendation in e-Learning Based on Swarm Intelligence

Volume 14, Issue 15

2453 -- 2455Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle. Evolutionary Optimization for Intelligent Systems Design
2456 -- 2470Marcos Evandro Cintra, Heloisa de Arruda Camargo, Estevam R. Hruschka Jr., Maria do Carmo Nicoletti. Automatic Construction of Fuzzy Rule Bases: a further Investigation into two Alternative Inductive Approaches
2471 -- 2490Sadiq M. Sait, Khawar S. Khan, Mustafa Imran Ali. Parallel Strategies for Stochastic Evolution
2491 -- 2511Elizabeth Ferreira Gouvea Goldbarg, Marco César Goldbarg, Cristine Cunha Schmidt. A Hybrid Transgenetic Algorithm for the Prize Collecting Steiner Tree Problem
2512 -- 2531Ana C. Olivera, Mariano Frutos, Jessica Andrea Carballido, Nélida Beatriz Brignole. Bus Network Optimization with a Time-Dependent Hybrid Algorithm
2532 -- 2548Marcos Paulo Mello Araujo, Nadia Nedjah, Luiza de Macedo Mourelle. Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary State Assignment for Synchronous Finite State Machines
2549 -- 2565Guillermo Molina, Enrique Alba, El-Ghazali Talbi. Optimal Sensor Network Layout Using Multi-Objective Metaheuristics
2566 -- 2581Khadiza Tahera, Raafat N. Ibrahim, Paul B. Lochert. GADYM - A Novel Genetic Algorithm in Mechanical Design Problems
2582 -- 2596Yudel Gómez, Rafael Bello, Amilkar Puris, María M. García, Ann Nowé. Two Step Swarm Intelligence to Solve the Feature Selection Problem

Volume 14, Issue 14

2255 -- 0Longbing Cao, Ngoc Thangh Nguyen. Knowledge Processing in Intelligent Systems
2256 -- 2262Longbing Cao, Ngoc Thangh Nguyen. Intelligence Metasynthesis and Knowledge Processing in Intelligent Systems
2263 -- 2287Damian Dudek. The APS Framework For Incremental Learning of Software Agents
2288 -- 2308Longbing Cao, Yuming Ou. Market Microstructure Patterns Powering Trading and Surveillance Agents
2309 -- 2328Chung-Ming Ou, Chung-Ren Ou. Non-repudiation Mechanism of Agent-based Mobile Payment Systems: Perspectives on Wireless PKI
2329 -- 2342Yun Ji Na, Sarvar R. Abdullaev, Franz I. S. Ko. An Optimization of CDN Using Efficient Load Distribution and RADS Caching Algorithm
2343 -- 2358Botond Virginas, Marian Florin Ursu, Edward P. K. Tsang, Gilbert Owusu, Christos Voudouris. Intelligent Resource Exchanges: Solutions and Pathways in a Workforce Allocation Problem
2359 -- 2380Jaroslaw Kozlak, Grzegorz Dobrowolski, Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, Edward Nawarecki. Anti-Crisis Management of City Traffic Using Agent-Based Approach
2381 -- 2399Jaegeol Yim, Ilsang Ko, Jaesu Do, Jaehun Joo, Seunghwan Jeong. Implementation of a Prototype Positioning System for LBS on U-campus
2400 -- 2415Chonggun Kim, JaeYoun Jung, Hyeon-Cheol Zin, Jason J. Jung. An Application of Meta Search Agent System Based on Semantized Tags for Enhanced Web Searching
2416 -- 2426Adam Janiak, Wladyslaw A. Janiak, Maciej Lichtenstein. Tabu Search on GPU
2427 -- 2452Xiao Feng Wang, De-Shuang Huang. A Novel Multi-Layer Level Set Method for Image Segmentation

Volume 14, Issue 13

2107 -- 2109Carlos Canal, Juan Manuel Murillo, Pascal Poizat. Software Adaptation
2110 -- 2157Stephen Kell. A Survey of Practical Software Adaptation Techniques
2158 -- 2181Enrico Oliva, Antonio Natali, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli. An Adaptation Logic Framework for Java-based Component Systems
2182 -- 2211Javier Cámara, Gwen Salaün, Carlos Canal. Composition and Run-time Adaptation of Mismatching Behavioural Interfaces
2212 -- 2238Miguel Ángel Pérez Toledano, Amparo Navasa Martínez, Juan Manuel Murillo, Carlos Canal. A Safe Dynamic Adaptation Framework for Aspect-Oriented Software Development
2239 -- 2254Juan Carlos Preciado, Marino Linaje Trigueros, Fernando Sánchez-Figueroa. Adapting Web 1.0 User Interfaces to Web 2.0 Multidevice User Interfaces using RUX-Method

Volume 14, Issue 12

1921 -- 1928Egon Börger, Andreas Prinz. Quo Vadis Abstract State Machines?
1929 -- 1948Gerhard Schellhorn. ASM Refinement Preserving Invariants
1949 -- 1983Angelo Gargantini, Elvinia Riccobene, Patrizia Scandurra. A Metamodel-based Language and a Simulation Engine for Abstract State Machines
1984 -- 2006Anatol Slissenko, Pavel Vasilyev. Simulation of Timed Abstract State Machines with Predicate Logic Model-Checking
2007 -- 2033Martin Ouimet, Kristina Lundqvist. The Timed Abstract State Machine Language: Abstract State Machines for Real-Time System Engineering
2034 -- 2058Michael Altenhofen, Andreas Friesen, Jens Lemcke. ASMs in Service Oriented Architectures
2059 -- 2082Don S. Batory, Egon Börger. Modularizing Theorems for Software Product Lines: The Jbook Case Study
2083 -- 2106Giampaolo Bella. What is Correctness of Security Protocols?

Volume 14, Issue 11

1808 -- 1810Rafael Corchuelo, José Luis Arjona, David Ruiz. Wrapping Web Data Islands
1811 -- 1837Jim Blythe, Dipsy Kapoor, Craig A. Knoblock, Kristina Lerman, Steven Minton. Information Integration for the Masses
1838 -- 1856Paula Montoto, Alberto Pan, Juan Raposo, José Losada, Fernando Bellas, Victor Carneiro. A Workflow Language for Web Automation
1857 -- 1876Márcio L. A. Vidal, Altigran Soares da Silva, Edleno Silva de Moura, João M. B. Cavalcanti. Structure-Based Crawling in the Hidden Web
1877 -- 1892Lorenzo Blanco, Valter Crescenzi, Paolo Merialdo. Structure and Semantics of Data-IntensiveWeb Pages: An Experimental Study on their Relationships
1893 -- 1910Jinbeom Kang, Joongmin Choi. Recognising Informative Web Page Blocks Using Visual Segmentation for Efficient Information Extraction
1911 -- 1920Dawn G. Gregg. Exploring Information Extraction Resilience

Volume 14, Issue 10

1560 -- 1561Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
1562 -- 1596Janez Brank, Dunja Mladenic, Marko Grobelnik, Natasa Milic-Frayling. Feature Selection for the Classification of Large Document Collections
1597 -- 1624José Manuel Giménez-Guzmán, Maria José Doménech-Benlloch, Vicent Pla, Vicente Casares Giner, Jorge Martínez-Bauset. Guaranteeing Seamless Mobility with User Redials and Automatic Handover Retrials
1625 -- 1653Christian Gütl. Enhancements of Meeting Information Management and Application for Knowledge Access and Learning Activities
1654 -- 1677Walid E. Gomaa. Expressibility in Sigma-11
1678 -- 1694Alfredo Rosado Muñoz, Luis Gómez-Chova, Joan Vila-Francés. An IP Core and GUI for Implementing Multilayer Perceptron with a Fuzzy Activation Function on Configurable Logic Devices
1695 -- 1716Muhammad Salman Khan, Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer, Hermann A. Maurer. Applications of Mash-ups for a Digital Journal
1717 -- 1738Peng Han, Gerd Kortemeyer, Bernd J. Krämer, Christine von Prümmer. Exposure and Support of Latent Social Networks among Learning Object Repository Users
1739 -- 1762Ian H. Witten. Searching ... in a Web
1763 -- 1774Abdelhak Aqqal, Christoph Rensing, Ralf Steinmetz, Najib Elkamoun, Abdelghafour Berraissoul. Using Taxonomies to Support the Macro Design Process for the Production of Web Based Trainings
1775 -- 1791Tobias Bürger. The Need for Formalizing Media Semantics in the Games and Entertainment Industry
1792 -- 1807Marc Spaniol, Ralf Klamma, Mathias Lux. Imagesemantics: User-Generated Metadata, Content Based Retrieval & Beyond

Volume 14, Issue 1

1 -- 3Yannis A. Dimitriadis, José A. Pino, Ilze Zigurs. Groupware: Issues and Applications
4 -- 26Werner Geyer, Roberto Silveira Silva Filho, Beth Brownholtz, David F. Redmiles. The Trade-Offs of Blending Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication Services to Support Contextual Collaboration
27 -- 58Guillermo Vega-Gorgojo, Miguel L. Bote-Lorenzo, Eduardo Gómez-Sánchez, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez, Yannis A. Dimitriadis, Iván M. Jorrín-Abellán. Ontoolcole: Supporting Educators in the Semantic Search of CSCL Tools
59 -- 87Stephan Lukosch. Seamless Transition between Connected and Disconnected Collaborative Interaction
88 -- 122H. Andrés Neyem, Sergio F. Ochoa, José A. Pino. Integrating Service-Oriented Mobile Units to Support Collaboration in Ad-hoc Scenarios
123 -- 147Gustavo Zurita, Pedro Antunes, Nelson Baloian, Luís Carriço, Felipe Baytelman, Marco de Sá. Using PDAs in Meetings: Patterns, Architecture and Components
148 -- 173Andreas Harrer, Nils Malzahn, Astrid Wichmann. The Remote Control Approach - An Architecture for Adaptive Scripting across Collaborative Learning Environments