Journal: J. UCS

Volume 17, Issue 9

1219 -- 1221Miltiadis D. Lytras, Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos. Software Technologies in Knowledge Society
1222 -- 1240Francisco José García Peñalvo, Miguel Ángel Conde González, Marc Alier Forment, María José Casany Guerrero. Opening Learning Management Systems to Personal Learning Environments
1241 -- 1260Miroslav Minovic, Milos Milovanovic, Dusan Starcevic. Modelling Knowledge and Game Based Learning: Model Driven Approach
1261 -- 1280Wilfred H. Wells, Waldemar Karwowski, Serge N. Sala-Diakanda, Kent Williams, Tareq Z. Ahram, James A. Pharmer. Application of Systems Modeling Language (SySML) for Cognitive Work Analysis in Systems Engineering Design Process
1281 -- 1298Ricardo Colomo Palacios, Cristina Casado-Lumbreras, Pedro Soto-Acosta, Ángel García-Crespo. Using the Affect Grid to Measure Emotions in Software Requirements Engineering
1299 -- 1313Juan García, Francisco J. García-Peñalvo, Roberto Therón, Patricia Ordoñez de Pablos. Usability Evaluation of a Visual Modelling Tool for OWL Ontologies
1314 -- 1328Ángel Hernández-García, Santiago Iglesías-Pradas, Julian Chaparro Pelaez, Félix Pascual-Miguel. Exploring the Attitudes and Intentions of Non-shoppers in the Acceptance of e-Commerce
1329 -- 1346Mark Johnson, Dai Griffiths, Mi Wang. Positioning Theory, Roles and the Design and Implementation of Learning Technology
1347 -- 1364Magdy F. Iskander, James Baker, Jill Kobashigawa Nakatsu, Soo Yong Lim, Nuri Celik. Multimedia Modules and Virtual Organization Website for Collaborative Research Experience for Teachers in STEM

Volume 17, Issue 8

1134 -- 0David Taniar, Ismail Khalil, Eric Pardede. Cloud Computing
1135 -- 1160Yue-Shan Chang, Chao-Tung Yang, Yu-Cheng Luo. An Ontology based Agent Generation for Information Retrieval on Cloud Environment
1161 -- 1182Hai Dong, Farookh Khadeer Hussain, Elizabeth Chang. ORPMS: An Ontology-based Real-time Project Monitoring System in the Cloud
1183 -- 1201Hui Ma, Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Bernhard Thalheim, Qing Wang. Cloud Warehousing
1202 -- 1218Hajar Mousannif, Ismail Khalil, Hassan Al Moatassime. Cooperation as a Service in VANETs

Volume 17, Issue 7

981 -- 982Michael Granitzer, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. Semantic Web: Theory and Applicationsns
983 -- 1004Peter Teufl, Günther Lackner. Knowledge Extraction from RDF Data with Activation Patterns
1005 -- 1020Najmul Ikram Qazi, Muhammad Abdul Qadir. Algorithms for the Evaluation of Ontologies for Extended Error Taxonomy and their Application on Large Ontologies
1021 -- 1042Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Muhammad Farukh. Towards Classification of Web Ontologies for the Emerging Semantic Web
1043 -- 1059Carlos Solís, Nour Ali. A Semantic Wiki Based on Spatial Hypertext
1060 -- 1077Valentina Gatteschi, Fabrizio Lamberti, Andrea Sanna, Claudio Demartini. A Ranking Tool Exploiting Semantic Descriptions for the Comparison of EQF-based Qualifications
1089 -- 1108Valentina Janev, Sanja Vranes. Ontology-based Competency Management: the Case Study of the Mihajlo Pupin Institute
1109 -- 1133Markus Kreuzthaler, Marcus Bloice, Lukas Faulstich, Klaus-Martin Simonic, Andreas Holzinger. A Comparison of Different Retrieval Strategies Working on Medical Free Texts

Volume 17, Issue 6

830 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
831 -- 858Nicolas Bonnel, Max Chevalier, Claude Chrisment, Gilles Hubert. A Framework to Evaluate Interface Suitability for a Given Scenario of Textual Information Retrieval
859 -- 873Alina Vasilieva, Rusins Freivalds. Nondeterministic Query Algorithms
874 -- 890Lynette van Zijl, Jaco Geldenhuys. Descriptional Complexity of Ambiguity in Symmetric Difference NFAs
891 -- 911Yi-Li Huang, Fang-Yie Leu, Chao-Hong Chiu, I-Long Lin. Improving Security Levels of IEEE802.16e Authentication by Involving Diffie-Hellman PKDS
912 -- 925Myunggwon Hwang, Dongjin Choi, PanKoo Kim. Least Slack Time Rate first: an Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Pervasive Computing Environment
926 -- 943Marcin Piekarczyk, Marek R. Ogiela. Hierarchical Graph-Grammar Model for Secure and Efficient Handwritten Signatures Classification
944 -- 960Sang Min Lee, Dong Seong Kim, Jong Sou Park. Cost-Sensitive Spam Detection Using Parameters Optimization and Feature Selection
961 -- 980Zhuzhong Qian, Sheng Zhang, Kangbin Yim, Sanglu Lu. Service Oriented Multimedia Delivery System in Pervasive Environments

Volume 17, Issue 5

635 -- 638Paulo F. Pires, Flávio Oquendo, Ana Paula Terra Bacelo. Software Components, Architectures and Reuse
639 -- 669Mónica Pinto, Lidia Fuentes. Modeling Quality Attributes with Aspect-Oriented Architectural Templates
670 -- 683Jaejoon Lee, Jon Whittle, Oliver Storz. Bio-Inspired Mechanisms for Coordinating Multiple Instances of a Service Feature in Dynamic Software Product Lines
684 -- 711Rohit Gheyi, Tiago Massoni, Paulo Borba. Automatically Checking Feature Model Refactorings
712 -- 741Frederico G. Alvares de Oliveira Jr., José M. Parente de Oliveira. QoS-based Approach for Dynamic Web Service Composition
742 -- 776Frédéric Loiret, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier, Daniel Romero 0002, Kévin Sénéchal, Ales Plsek. An Aspect-Oriented Framework for Weaving Domain-Specific Concerns into Component-Based Systems
777 -- 806Javier Cubo, Carlos Canal, Ernesto Pimentel. Context-Aware Composition and Adaptation based on Model Transformation
807 -- 829Paula Fernandes, Cláudia Werner, Eldånae Teixeira. An Approach for Feature Modeling of Context-Aware Software Product Line

Volume 17, Issue 4

513 -- 514Michael Granitzer, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. Web 2.0: Applications and Mechanisms
515 -- 531Dada Lin, Peter Geißler, Stefan Ehrlich, Eric Schoop. IDEA: A Framework for a Knowledge-based Enterprise 2.0
532 -- 547Johannes Müller, Alexander Stocker. Enterprise Microblogging for Advanced Knowledge Sharing: The References@BT Case Study
548 -- 564Marco Bertoni, Koteshwar Chirumalla. Leveraging Web 2.0 in New Product Development: Lessons Learned from a Cross-company Study
565 -- 582Christoph Trattner, Denis Helic, Markus Strohmaier. On the Construction of Efficiently Navigable Tag Clouds Using Knowledge from Structured Web Content
583 -- 604Manh Cuong Pham, Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma, Matthias Jarke. A Clustering Approach for Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Using Social Network Analysis
605 -- 617Peter Schultes, Franz Lehner, Harald Kosch. Markup upon Video - towards Dynamic and Interactive Video Annotations
618 -- 634Marta Poblet, Pompeu Casanovas, José Manuel López Cobo, Nuria Casellas. ODR, Ontologies, and Web 2.0

Volume 17, Issue 3

348 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
349 -- 376Sandra Baldassarri, Francisco J. Serón. Coordinated System for Real Time Muscle Deformation during Locomotion
377 -- 398Grega Jakus, Jaka Sodnik, Saso Tomazic. The Architectural Design of a System for Interpreting Multilingual Web Documents in E-speranto
399 -- 425Fernando J. López-Colino, José Colás. The Synthesis of LSE Classifiers: From Representation to Evaluation
426 -- 450Wynand van Staden, Martin S. Olivier. On Compound Purposes and Compound Reasons for Enabling Privacy
451 -- 471Martin Friedrich, Martin Wolpers, Ruimin Shen, Carsten Ullrich, Ralf Klamma, Dominik Renzel, Anja Richert, Bodo von der Heiden. Early Results of Experiments with Responsive Open Learning Environments
472 -- 497Mikko V. Pohjola, Pasi Pohjola, Sami Paavola, Merja Bauters, Jouni T. Tuomisto. Pragmatic Knowledge Services
498 -- 512Marta Poblet. Rule of Law on the Go: New Developments of Mobile Governance

Volume 17, Issue 2

162 -- 163Marcos R. S. Borges, Weiming Shen, José A. Pino, Sergio F. Ochoa. CSCWD: Applications and Challenges
164 -- 182Cláudio Sapateiro, Nelson Baloian, Pedro Antunes, Gustavo Zurita. Developing a Mobile Collaborative Tool for Business Continuity Management
183 -- 201Valeria Herskovic, Sergio F. Ochoa, José A. Pino, H. Andrés Neyem. The Iceberg Effect: Behind the User Interface of Mobile Collaborative Systems
203 -- 223Naoufel Cheikhrouhou, Michel Pouly, Charles Huber, Alok Kumar Choudhary. An Empirical Study on Human and Information Technology Aspects in Collaborative Enterprise Networks
224 -- 242María Jesús Agost, Pedro Company, Fernando Romero. Managing Mechanisms for Collaborative New-Product Development in the Ceramic Tile Design Chain
243 -- 260Rafael Rieder, Márcio Sarroglia Pinho, Alberto Barbosa Raposo. A Petri Nets based Approach to Specify Individual and Collaborative Interaction in 3D Virtual Environments
261 -- 275Gustavo Carvalho, Adriana Santarosa Vivacqua, Jano Moreira de Souza, Sergio Palma da Justa Medeiros. LaSca: a Large Scale Group Decision Support System
276 -- 295João Carlos de A. R. Gonçalves, Flávia Maria Santoro, Fernanda Araujo Baião. Let Me Tell You a Story - On How to Build Process Models
296 -- 310Jianming Yong. Security and Privacy Preservation for Mobile E-Learning via Digital Identity Attributes
311 -- 331Andreas U. Kuswara, Debbie Richards. Realising the Potential of Web 2.0 for Collaborative Learning Using Affordances
332 -- 347Carlos Hurtado, Luis A. Guerrero. Enhancement of Collaborative Learning Activities using Portable Devices in the Classroom

Volume 17, Issue 14

1884 -- 1886Marcos R. S. Borges, José A. Pino, Weiming Shen. CSCWD: New Applications and Challenges
1887 -- 1912Liping Gao, Tun Lu. Achieving Transparent and Real-time Collaboration in Co-AutoCAD Application
1913 -- 1930Márcio Kuroki Gonçalves, Leidson R. B. de Souza, Víctor M. González. Collaboration, Information Seeking and Communication: An Observational Study of Software Developers' Work Practices
1931 -- 1950Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia, Adriana S. Vivacqua, Thiago C. Tavares. Enabling Crowd Participation in Governmental Decision-making
1951 -- 1970Victor Ströele A. Menezes, Ricardo Tadeu da Silva, Moisés Ferreira de Souza, Carlos Eduardo R. de Mello, Jano M. Souza, Geraldo Zimbrao, Jonice Oliveira. Identifying Workgroups in Brazilian Scientific Social Networks
1971 -- 1990Xiangyu Wang, Peter E. D. Love, Mi-Jeong Kim, Lu Wang. Studying the Effects of Information Exchange Channels in Different Communication Modes on Trust Building in Computer-mediated Remote Collaborative Design
1991 -- 2008Tzu-An Chiang, Squall Chun-Yi Wu, Charles V. Trappey, Amy J. C. Trappey. An Intelligent System for Automated Binary Knowledge Document Classification and Content Analysis
2009 -- 2028Roberto Konow, Wayman Tan, Luis Loyola, Javier Pereira, Nelson Baloian. A Visited Item Frequency Based Recommender System: Experimental Evaluation and Scenario Description
2029 -- 2047Chen-Fang Tsai, Weidong Li, Anne E. James. An Adaptive Genetic Algorithm and Application in a Luggage Design Center
2029 -- 2047Ying Pan, Yong Tang, Shu Li. Web Services Discovery in a Pay-As-You-Go Fashion
2064 -- 2083Junzhou Luo, Wenjia Wu, Ming Yang. Optimization of Gateway Deployment with Load Balancing and Interference Minimization in Wireless Mesh Networks

Volume 17, Issue 13

1764 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor's Column
1765 -- 1799Ahilton Barreto, Leonardo Gresta Paulino Murta, Ana Regina Cavalcanti da Rocha. Software Process Definition: a Reuse-based Approach
1800 -- 1829María-Emilia Cambronero, Valentín Valero Ruiz, Enrique Martínez. Design and Generation of Web Services Choreographies with Time Constraints
1830 -- 1853Michal Holub, Mária Bieliková. An Inquiry into the Utilization of Behavior of Users in Personalized Web
1854 -- 1862Eugene Levner, Amir Elalouf, T. C. Edwin Cheng. An Improved FPTAS for Mobile Agent Routing with Time Constraints
1863 -- 1883Kun Ma, Bo Yang 0001, Zhenxiang Chen, Ajith Abraham. A Relational Approach to Model Transformation with QVT Relations Supporting Model Synchronization

Volume 17, Issue 12

1634 -- 1637Symeon Retalis, Peter B. Sloep. Virtual Environments for Collaborative Innovation and Learning
1638 -- 1658Philip Vahey, John Brecht, Charles Patton, Ken Rafanan, Britte Haugan Cheng. Investigating Collaborative Innovation in a Virtual World Task
1659 -- 1672Rory L. L. Sie, Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema, Peter B. Sloep. What's in it for me? Recommendation of Peers in Networked Innovation
1673 -- 1689Michele Brocco, Florian Forster, Marc René Frieß. 360° Open Creativity Support
1690 -- 1709Peter Dolog, Frederico Araujo Durão, Karsten Jahn, Yujian Lin, Dennis Kjaersgaard Peitersen. Recommending Open Linked Data in Creativity Sessions using Web Portals with Collaborative Real Time Environment
1710 -- 1742Konstantinos Kotis, Andreas Papasalouros, George A. Vouros, Nikolaos Pappas, Konstantinos Zoumpatianos. Enhancing the Collective Knowledge for the Engineering of Ontologies in Open and Socially Constructed Learning Spaces
1743 -- 1763George A. Sielis, Christos Mettouris, George A. Papadopoulos, Aimilia Tzanavari, Roger M. G. Dols, Quintin Siebers. A Context Aware Recommender System for Creativity Support Tools

Volume 17, Issue 11

1527 -- 1528Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor's Column
1529 -- 1549Muhammad Tanvir Afzal, Hermann A. Maurer. Expertise Recommender System for Scientific Community
1550 -- 1571Nabila Labraoui, Mourad Gueroui, Makhlouf Aliouat, Jonathan Petit. RAHIM: Robust Adaptive Approach Based on Hierarchical Monitoring Providing Trust Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks
1572 -- 1604Leo Ordínez, David Donari, Rodrigo M. Santos, Javier Orozco. Time is not Enough: Dealing with Behavior in Real-Time Systems
1605 -- 1622Khaled Salah, Mojeeb-Al-Rahman Al-Khiaty, Rashad Ahmed, Adnan Mahdi. Performance Evaluation of Snort under Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
1623 -- 1633Kyung-Ah Shim. Security Analysis of Three Password Authentication Schemes

Volume 17, Issue 10

1365 -- 1366Michael Granitzer, Stefanie N. Lindstaedt. Knowledge Work: Knowledge Worker Productivity, Collaboration and User Support
1367 -- 1389Rainer Erne. What is Productivity in Knowledge Work? - A Cross-Industrial View -
1390 -- 1411Ali Abdoli, Jamal Shahrabi, Jalil Heidary. Representing a Composing Fuzzy-DEA Model to Measure Knowledge Workers Productivity based upon their Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness
1412 -- 1429Rui Pinto Ferreira, Jorge Neves Silva, Faimara do Rocio Strauhs, António Lucas Soares. Performance Management in Collaborative Networks: a Methodological Proposal
1430 -- 1454Alice Comi, Martin J. Eppler. Assessing the Impact of Visual Facilitation on Inter-Organizational Collaboration: An Experimental Study
1455 -- 1473Nicole Bischof, Martin J. Eppler. Caring for Clarity in Knowledge Communication
1474 -- 1491Jan Paralic, Christoph Richter, Frantisek Babic, Jozef Wagner, Michal Racek. Mirroring of Knowledge Practices based on User-defined Patterns
1492 -- 1510Felix Mödritscher, Zinayida Petrushyna, Effie Lai-Chong Law. The Application of Pattern Repositories for Sharing PLE Practices in Networked Communities
1511 -- 1526Benedikt Schmidt, Todor Stoitsev, Max Mühlhäuser. Task Models for Intention-Aware Systems

Volume 17, Issue 1

1 -- 2Rafael Dueire Lins. Meeting New Challenges in Document Engineering
3 -- 15Dan Smith, Richard Harvey. Document Retrieval Using SIFT Image Features
16 -- 29Ergina Kavallieratou, Fotis Daskas. Text Line Detection and Segmentation: Uneven Skew Angles and Hill-and-Dale Writing
30 -- 47Darko Brodic, Zoran Milivojevic. A New Approach to Water Flow Algorithm for Text Line Segmentation
48 -- 63Israel Rios, Alceu de Souza Britto Jr., Alessandro L. Koerich, Luiz E. Soares de Oliveira. An OCR Free Method for Word Spotting in Printed Documents: the Evaluation of Different Feature Sets
64 -- 80Renato Bulcão Neto, José Antonio Camacho Guerrero, Márcio Dutra, Alvaro Barreiro, Javier Parapar, Alessandra A. Macedo. The Use of Latent Semantic Indexing to Mitigate OCR Effects of Related Document Images
81 -- 93Rakesh Rampalli, Angarai Ganesan Ramakrishnan. Fusion of Complementary Online and Offline Strategies for Recognition of Handwritten Kannada Characters
94 -- 106Venkatesh Narasimha Murthy, Angarai Ganesan Ramakrishnan. Choice of Classifiers in Hierarchical Recognition of Online Handwritten Kannada and Tamil Aksharas
107 -- 125Satyadhyan Chickerur, M. Aswatha Kumar. Color Image Restoration Using Neural Network Model
126 -- 150Daniela Carneiro da Cruz, Pedro Rangel Henriques. Visualizing and Analyzing the Quality of XML Documents
151 -- 161Rafael Dueire Lins. Nabuco - Two Decades of Document Processing in Latin America