Journal: J. UCS

Volume 2, Issue 9

597 -- 609Paul S. Chinowsky, Robin E. Goodman. Managing Interdisciplinary Project Teams Through the Web
610 -- 622Peter J. Nürnberg, Erich R. Schneider, John J. Leggett. Designing Digital Libraries for the Hyperliterate Age
623 -- 636Reind P. van de Riet, J. F. M. Burg. Linguistic Tools for Modelling Alter Egos in Cyperspace: Who is responsible?
637 -- 649Susan Gauch, Guijun Wang, Mario Gomez. ProFusion*: Intelligent Fusion from Multiple, Distributed Search Engines
650 -- 658Klaus Schmaranz. Professional Electronic Publishing in Hyper-G: The Next Generation Publishing Solution on the Web

Volume 2, Issue 8

570 -- 579Sabine Hanke, Thomas Ottmann, Sven Schuierer. The Edge-flipping Distance of Triangulations
580 -- 595Hermann A. Maurer. LATE: A Unified Concept for a Learning And Teaching Environment

Volume 2, Issue 7

515 -- 532Uwe M. Borghoff, Johann H. Schlichter. On Combining the Knowledge of Heterogeneous Information Repositories
533 -- 546Paul E. Dunne. Ceilings of Monotone Boolean Functions
549 -- 568Peter Hertling. Disjunctive omega-Words and Real Numbers

Volume 2, Issue 6

443 -- 455Wolfgang A. Halang, Bernd J. Krämer, Jürgen Schormann. Integrated Multimedia-Based Distance Teaching of Information Technology
456 -- 471Mechthild Hauff, Wolfram Laaser. Educational Video and TV in Distance Education: Production and Design Aspects
484 -- 491Börje Holmberg. On the Potential of Distance Education in the Age of Information Technology
492 -- 502Firoz Kaderali, Heinz Müller, Andreas Rieke. Media Publishing in Distance Teaching
503 -- 513Stephan Schwan, Friedrich W. Hesse. Communicating and Learning in Virtual Seminars : The Uses of Spatial Metaphors in Interface Design

Volume 2, Issue 5

242 -- 244Cristian Calude. The Finite, The Unbounded and The Infinite
245 -- 299George Markowsky. Introduction To Algorithmic Information Theory
270 -- 305Gregory J. Chaitin. The Limits of Mathematics
306 -- 310Cristian Calude, Cristian Grozes. Kraft-Chaitin Inequality Revisited
311 -- 346Karl Svozil. Quantum Information Theory
347 -- 379Helmut Jürgensen, Lynda E. Robbins. Towards Foundations of Cryptographie: Investigation of Perfect Secrecy
380 -- 395Françoise Chaitin-Chatelin. Is Finite Precision Arithmetic Useful For Physics?
396 -- 409Doru Stefanescu. Polynamials, Constructivity and Randomness
410 -- 426Gheorghe Stefan, Mihaela Malita. Chaitin s Toylisp on a Connex Memory Machine
427 -- 439Bogdan Mitu, Corina Mitu. Toy Lisp Interpreter on a Connex Memory Machine
439 -- 441Cristian Calude. Algorithmic Information Theory: Open Problems

Volume 2, Issue 4

164 -- 216Richard Banach. MONSTR I - Fundamental Issues and the Design of MONSTR
217 -- 223Juha Honkala. On Images of Algebraic Series
224 -- 240Lila Kari, Gheorghe Paun, Arto Salomaa. The Power of Restricted Splicing with Rules from a Regular Language

Volume 2, Issue 3

97 -- 112José L. Balcázar, Josep Díaz, Ricard Gavaldà, Osamu Watanabe. An Optimal Parallel Algorithm for Learning DFA
113 -- 146Jenny Shearer, Peter Gutmann. Government, Cryptography, and the Right to Privacy
147 -- 162Xian-Mo Zhang, Yuliang Zheng. On the Difficulty of Constructing Cryptographically Strong Substitution Boxes

Volume 2, Issue 2

58 -- 69S. Markov, Y. Akyildiz. Curve Fitting and Interpolation of Biological Data Under Uncertainties
70 -- 76Plamena Tsanova Andreeva. Inexact Information Systems and its Application to Approximate Reasoning
77 -- 86Dominique Lavenier. Dedicated Hardware for Biological Sequence Comparison
87 -- 95Dónall A. Mac Dónaill. On the Scalability of Molecular Computational Solutions to NP Problems

Volume 2, Issue 12

797 -- 804Paul De Bra. Teaching Hypertext and Hypermedia through the Web
805 -- 828A. David Marshall, Stephen Hurley. Delivering Hypertext-based Courseware on the World-Wide-Web
829 -- 841Samuel A. Rebelsky. Evaluating and Improving WWW-Aided Instruction
842 -- 857Jenny Shearer. One Net One World - Global Citizenship and the Internet

Volume 2, Issue 11

745 -- 755Henning Fernau. Remarks on Propagating Partition-Limited ETOL Systems
756 -- 768Raúl Rojas. Conditional Branching is not Necessary for Universal Computation in von Neumann Computers
769 -- 795Ulrich Günther. Data Compression and Serial Cummunication with Generalized T-Codes

Volume 2, Issue 10

660 -- 662Patricia A. Carlson. A Word from the Guest Editor: Classroom of the Future
663 -- 678Martial Vivet. The Classroom as ONE Learning Environment of the Future
679 -- 693Tomasz Müldner, Robin A. Nicholl. Computer-Supported Human Cooperation in Electronic Classrooms
694 -- 710Max Mühlhäuser. Interdisciplinary Development of an Electronic Class and Conference Room
717 -- 731Lynne Schrum, Theodore A. Lamb. Groupware for Collaborative Learning: A Research Perspective on Processes, Opportunities, and Obstacles
732 -- 743Roy Rada. Teaching on the WWW: Assignment Focus and Information Indexing

Volume 2, Issue 1

2 -- 19Hagit Brit, Shlomo Moran. Wait-Freedom vs. Bounded-Freedom in Public Data Structures
20 -- 33Franz Pucher, Herbert Leitold, Reinhard Posch. LAN Access Over ISDN
34 -- 55Klaus Tochtermann, Gisbert Dittrich. The Dortmund Family of Hypermedia Models - Concepts and their Application