Journal: J. UCS

Volume 26, Issue 9

1074 -- 1075Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
1074 -- 1076Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu 0001, Vassilis G. Kaburlasos. New Trends in Logic Reasoning Approaches for Rational Decision Making
1076 -- 1094Alexsandro Oliveira Alexandrino, Andre Rodrigues Oliveira, Ulisses Dias, Zanoni Dias. On the Complexity of Some Variations of Sorting by Transpositions
1077 -- 1096Xinran Ning, Jun Liu 0001, Yang Xu 0001. A Generalized Unifying Principle for Clause Elimination in First-Order Logic with Equality
1095 -- 1127Daniel de Souza Baulé, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Aldo von Wangenheim, Jean C. R. Hauck. Recent Progress in Automated Code Generation from GUI Images Using Machine Learning Techniques
1097 -- 1108Xia He, Guoping Du, Long Hong. Graphic Deduction Based on Set
1109 -- 1128Minxia Luo, Huifeng Long, Yajing Wang. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Reasoning Algorithms Based on Similarity Measures and its Application in Multi-attribute Decision Making
1128 -- 1147Ranjan Kumar Behera, Sushree Das, Santanu Kumar Rath, Sanjay Misra, Robertas Damasevicius. Comparative Study of Real Time Machine Learning Models for Stock Prediction through Streaming Data
1129 -- 1153Xin Liu 0048, Xiaoying Song, Li Zou, Álvaro Labella Romero. A Decision Making Approach Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic-Valued Credibility Reasoning
1148 -- 1176Tony Clark 0001, Jens Gulden. Model Driven Software Engineering Meta-Workbenches: An XTools Approach
1154 -- 1174Jisha Maniamma, Hiroaki Wagatsuma. A Semantic Web-based Representation of Human-logical Inference for Solving Bongard Problems
1175 -- 1195Eleni Vrochidou, Chris Lytridis, Christos Bazinas, George A. Papakostas, Vassilis G. Kaburlasos. Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning for Brain Signal Classification
1177 -- 1188Augusto C. de Castro Barbosa, Carlos A. De Moura, Jhoab P. de Negreiros, J. Mesquita de Souza Aguiar. Numerical Treatment of a Data Completion Problem in Heat Conduction Modelling
1189 -- 1212Angela Fessl, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler, Kai Pata, Sandra Feyertag, Mati Mõttus, Jörgen Jaanus, Tobias Ley. A Cooperative Design Method for SMEs to Adopt New Technologies for Knowledge Management: A Multiple Case Study
1196 -- 1211Feng Cao, Yang Xu 0001, Guanfeng Wu, JianBing Yi. CSE 1.0-A First-Order Automated Theorem Prover Based on Contradiction Separation Rule
1213 -- 1229Jose L. Martín, Susana Sastre, José M. Peiró, José Ramón Hilera. The Effects of Using a Fully Integrated Mobile Application to Access Learning Management Systems in Higher Education
1230 -- 1264Emilio Rodriguez Priego, Francisco José García Izquierdo, Ángel Luis Rubio. Using the Scientific Method as a Metaphor to Understand Modeling
1265 -- 1280Shuangbu Wang, Yu Xia, Lihua You, Jian J. Zhang 0001. Reconstruction of Curve Networks from Unorganized Spatial Points

Volume 26, Issue 8

854 -- 857Anasol Peña-Ríos, Daphne Economou, Markos Mentzelopoulos. Exploring Immersive Technologies in Learning
858 -- 879Louis Nisiotis, Styliani Kleanthous. Lessons Learned Using a Virtual World to Support Collaborative Learning in the Classroom
880 -- 903Emily Kuzneski Johnson, Amy Larner Giroux, Don Merritt, Gergana Vitanova, Sandra Sousa. ELLE the EndLess LEarner
904 -- 928Gareth W. Young, Sam Stehle, Burcin Yazgi Walsh, Egess Tiri. Exploring Virtual Reality in the Higher Education Classroom: Using VR to Build Knowledge and Understanding
929 -- 946Meredith M. Thompson, Annie Wang, Cigdem Uz Bilgin, Melat Anteneh, Dan Roy, Philip Tan, Rik Eberhart, Eric Klopfer. Influence of Virtual Reality on High School Students' Conceptions of Cells
947 -- 971Robin Horst, Ramtin Naraghi-Taghi-Off, Linda Rau, Ralf Dörner. Bite-Sized Virtual Reality Learning Applications: A Pattern-Based Immersive Authoring Environment
972 -- 995Sangsun Han, Kibum Kim, Seonghwan Choi, ManKyu Sung. Comparing Collaboration Fidelity between VR, MR and Video Conferencing Systems: The Effects of Visual Communication Media Fidelity on Collaboration
996 -- 1016Daphne Economou, Melissa Gonzalez Russi, Ioannis Doumanis, Markos Mentzelopoulos, Vassiliki Bouki, Jeffery Ferguson. Using Serious Games for Learning British Sign Language Combining Video, Enhanced Interactivity, and VR Technology
1017 -- 1042Nikolaos Pellas, Stylianos Mystakidis. A Systematic Review of Research about Game-based Learning in Virtual Worlds
1043 -- 1073Dennis Beck, Leonel Morgado, Patrick M. O'Shea. Finding the Gaps about Uses of Immersive Learning Environments: A Survey of Surveys

Volume 26, Issue 7

762 -- 763Steffen Wendzel, Luca Caviglione, Alessandro Checco, Aleksandra Mileva, Jean-François Lalande, Wojciech Mazurczyk. Information Security Methodology, Replication Studies and Information Security Education
764 -- 782Damjan Fujs, Simon L. R. Vrhovec, Damjan Vavpotic. Bibliometric Mapping of Research on User Training for Secure Use of Information Systems
783 -- 804Caroline Moeckel. (De-)Constructing Attacker Categorisations: A Typology Iteration for the Case of Digital Banking
805 -- 826Mohammed I. Al-Saleh, Ethar Qawasmeh, Ziad A. Al-Sharif. Utilizing Debugging Information of Applications in Memory Forensics
827 -- 853Simon L. R. Vrhovec, Damjan Fujs, Luka Jelovcan, Anze Mihelic. Evaluating Case Study and Action Research Reports: Real-world Research in Cybersecurity

Volume 26, Issue 6

647 -- 648Michal Choras, Salvatore D'Antonio, Jörg Keller 0001, Rafal Kozik. Progress in Features, Data, Patterns and Similarity Analysis
649 -- 670Indraja Elzbieta Germanaite, Kestutis Zaleckis, Rimantas Butleris, Kristina Jarmalaviciene. Case Study of Spatial Pattern Description, Identification and Application Methodology
671 -- 697Mahmoud M. Hammad, Mohammad Al-Smadi, Qanita Bani Baker, Muntaha Al-Asa'd, Nour Al-Khdour, Mutaz Bni Younes, Enas Khwaileh. Question to Question Similarity Analysis Using Morphological, Syntactic, Semantic, and Lexical Features
698 -- 719Oscar Camacho Nieto, Cornelio Yáñez-Márquez, Yenny Villuendas-Rey. Undersampling Instance Selection for Hybrid and Incomplete Imbalanced Data
720 -- 733Jedrzej Biedrzycki, Robert Burduk. Integration of Decision Trees Using Distance to Centroid and to Decision Boundary
734 -- 746Mariusz Topolski. Principal Component Analysis Feature Extraction Method for the Task of Diagnosing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Type <tt>B-CLL</tt>
747 -- 761Lukasz Apiecionek, Jacek M. Czerniak, Dawid Ewald, Mateusz Biedziak. IoT Heating Solution for Smart Home with Fuzzy Control

Volume 26, Issue 5

547 -- 548Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
549 -- 582Sana Debbech, Simon Collart Dutilleul, Philippe Bon. An Ontological Approach to Support Dysfunctional Analysis for Railway Systems Design
583 -- 603Rastko Martac, Nikola Milivojevic, Marijana Despotovic-Zrakic, Zorica Bogdanovic, Dusan Barac. Enhancing Large Dam Safety Using IoT Technologies: A Case of a Smart Dam
604 -- 623João Gabriel Lopes de Oliveira, Pedro Moreira Menezes da Costa, Flávio Luis de Mello. Knowledge Geometry in Phenomenon Perception and Artificial Intelligence
624 -- 646Ricardo Pérez-Castillo, Ignacio García Rodríguez de Guzmán, Mario Piattini, Moisés Rodríguez. A New Approach for Information System Audit Teaching

Volume 26, Issue 4

432 -- 433Michal Choras, Salvatore D'Antonio, Jörg Keller 0001, Rafal Kozik. Practical Applications of Data Analysis, Classification and Anomaly Detection
434 -- 453Milan Secujski, Darko Pekar, Sinisa Suzic, Anton Smirnov, Tijana Nosek. Speaker/Style-Dependent Neural Network Speech Synthesis Based on Speaker/Style Embedding
454 -- 478Andrzej Bukala, Michal Koziarski, Boguslaw Cyganek, Osman Nuri Koç, Alperen Kara. A Study on Pattern Recognition with the Histograms of Oriented Gradients in Distorted and Noisy Images
479 -- 495Kamil Malinski, Krzysztof Okarma. Application of Multi-Descriptor Binary Shape Analysis for Classification of Electronic Parts
496 -- 507Kheir Eddine Daouadi, Rim Zghal Rebaï, Ikram Amous. Real-Time Bot Detection from Twitter Using the Twitterbot+ Framework
508 -- 527Tomasz Andrysiak, Lukasz Saganowski. Anomaly Detection for Smart Lighting Infrastructure with the Use of Time Series Analysis
528 -- 546Slawomir Bujnowski, Tomasz Marciniak, Beata Marciniak, Zbigniew Lutowski. The Analysis of the Possibility to Construct Optimal Third-degree Reference Graphs

Volume 26, Issue 3

317 -- 0Alexander Felfernig, Juha Tiihonen. Knowledge-based Configuration
318 -- 342Hélène Fargier, Pierre-François Gimenez, Jérôme Mengin. Experimental Evaluation of Three Value Recommendation Methods in Interactive Configuration
343 -- 373Andreas A. Falkner, Alois Haselböck, Gerfried Krames, Gottfried Schenner, Herwig Schreiner, Richard Taupe. Solver Requirements for Interactive Configuration
374 -- 401Jeppe Bredahl Rasmussen, Lars Hvam, Katrín Kristjánsdóttir, Niels Henrik Mortensen. Guidelines for Structuring Object-Oriented Product Configuration Models in Standard Configuration Software
402 -- 431Thi Ngoc Trang Tran, Muesluem Atas, Viet Man Le, Ralph Samer, Martin Stettinger. Social Choice-based Explanations: An Approach to Enhancing Fairness and Consensus Aspects

Volume 26, Issue 2

171 -- 172Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
173 -- 199Gabriel Domingos de Arruda, Norton Trevisan Roman, Ana María Monteiro. Analysing Bias in Political News
200 -- 219Fernando Ferri, Alessia D'Andrea, Arianna D'Ulizia, Patrizia Grifoni. Co-Creation of e-Learning Content: The Case Study of a MOOC on Health and Cyber-Bullying
220 -- 243Huimin Fu 0002, Yang Xu 0001, Shuwei Chen, Jun Liu 0001. Improving WalkSAT for Random 3-SAT Problems
244 -- 267Damir Krstinic, Maja Braovic, Dunja Bozic-Stulic. Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning Based Classification of Natural Landscape Images
268 -- 292Yannick Pencolé, Audine Subias. Formal Chronicle Analyses and Comparisons: How to Deal with Negative Behaviors
293 -- 316Murilo Falleiros Lemos Schmitt, Mauro Henrique Mulati, Ademir Aparecido Constantino, Fábio Hernandes, Tony Alexander Hild. Ant-Set: A Subset-Oriented Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Set Covering Problem

Volume 26, Issue 11

1364 -- 1365Dominik Slezak, Dobroslav Kovác, Mauro Iacono, Jacek M. Czerniak. Research on Heuristic Optimization and Operations in IoT
1366 -- 1381Sathishkumar Natesan, Rajakumar Krishnan. Energy Efficient Composite Metric Based Routing Protocol for Internet of Things
1382 -- 1401Izabela Rojek, Dariusz Mikolajewski, Piotr Kotlarz, Alzbeta Sapietová. From Classical to Fuzzy Databases in a Production Enterprise
1402 -- 1421Tibor Vince, Matej Beres, Irena Kovácová, Ján Molnár, Branislav Fecko, Jozef Dziak, Iveta Tomciková, Milan Guzan. IoT Implementation in Remote Measuring Laboratory VMLab Analyses
1422 -- 1434Vibekananda Dutta, Michal Choras, Marek Pawlicki, Rafal Kozik. Detection of Cyberattacks Traces in IoT Data
1435 -- 20Lukasz Apiecionek, Mateusz Biedziak. Fuzzy Adaptive Data Packets Control Algorithm for IoT System Protection
1455 -- 1474Lelio Campanile, Mauro Iacono, Fiammetta Marulli, Michele Mastroianni, Nicola Mazzocca. Toward a Fuzzy-based Approach for Computational Load Offloading of IoT Devices
1475 -- 1494Dawid Ewald, Hubert Zarzycki, Lukasz Apiecionek, Jacek M. Czerniak. Ordered Fuzzy Numbers Applied in Bee Swarm Optimization Systems
1495 -- 1512Ján Molnár, Simona Kiresová, Tibor Vince, Dobroslav Kovác, Patrik Jacko, Matej Beres, Peter Hrabovský. Weather Station IoT Educational Model Using Cloud Services

Volume 26, Issue 10

1074 -- 0Christian Gütl. Managing Editor's Column
1282 -- 1311Ana Paula Allian, Edson OliveiraJr, Rafael Capilla, Elisa Yumi Nakagawa. Have Variability Tools Fulfilled the Needs of the Software Industry?
1312 -- 1330José Eduardo de Almeida Ayres, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo. Interval Methods for Fixed and Periodic Points: Development and Visualization

Volume 26, Issue 1

1 -- 3Yaser Jararweh, Mohammad Al-Smadi, Elhadj Benkhelifa. Recent Advances in Social Network Analysis, Management and Security
4 -- 32Henrique Damasceno Vianna, Jorge Luis Victória Barbosa. Pompilos, a Model for Augmenting Health Assistant Applications with Social Media Content
33 -- 49Mohammad Muhairat, Shadi AlZu'bi, Bilal Hawashin, Mohammed Elbes, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub. An Intelligent Recommender System Based on Association Rule Analysis for Requirement Engineering
50 -- 70Qanita Bani Baker, Farah Shatnawi, Saif Rawashdeh, Mohammad Al-Smadi, Yaser Jararweh. Detecting Epidemic Diseases Using Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets
71 -- 88Smail Sellah, Vincent Hilaire. Label Clustering for a Novel Problem Transformation in Multi-label Classification
89 -- 106Kohei Hiraga, Osamu Tatebe, Hideyuki Kawashima. Scalable Distributed Metadata Server Based on Nonblocking Transactions
107 -- 126Anastasija Nikiforova, Janis Bicevskis, Zane Bicevska, Ivo Oditis. User-Oriented Approach to Data Quality Evaluation
127 -- 155Anoud Bani-Hani, Feras Al-Obeidat, Elhadj Benkhelifa, Oluwasegun A. Adedugbe. A Framework for Online Social Network Volatile Data Analysis: A Case for the Fast Fashion Industry
156 -- 170Patrick Juola. Authorship Studies and the Dark Side of Social Media Analytics