Journal: J. UCS

Volume 29, Issue 9

959 -- 960Christian Gütl. Editorial
961 -- 987Jan A. Bergstra, John V. Tucker. Naive Fracterm Calculus
988 -- 1009Ricardo Caceffo, Jacques Wainer, Guilherme Gama, Islene C. Garcia, Rodolfo Azevedo. Perceptual Learning Modules (PLM) in CS1: a Negative Result and a Methodological Warning
1010 -- 1032Mohammad Kchouri, Norharyati Binti Harum, Hussein Hazimeh, Ali Obeid. Smart Fall Detection by Enhanced SVM with Fuzzy Logic Membership Function
1033 -- 1068Luis Pablo Prieto, Gerti Pishtari, Yannis A. Dimitriadis, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Tobias Ley, Paula Odriozola-González. Single-case learning analytics: Feasibility of a human-centered analytics approach to support doctoral education
1069 -- 1089Nguyen Van Hieu, Ngo Le Huy Hien, Luu Van Huy, Nguyen Huy Tuong, Pham Thi Kim Thoa. PlantKViT: A Combination Model of Vision Transformer and KNN for Forest Plants Classification

Volume 29, Issue 8

836 -- 837Christian Gütl. Editorial
838 -- 865Ahmad Abusukhon, Ala I. Al-Fuqaha, Bilal Hawashin. A Novel Technique for Detecting Underground Water Pipeline Leakage Using the Internet of Things
866 -- 891Ani Grubisic, Slavomir Stankov, Branko Zitko, Ines Saric-Grgic, Angelina Gaspar, Emil Brajkovic, Daniel Vasic. The evaluation of a semi-automatic authoring tool for knowledge extraction in the AC&NL Tutor
892 -- 910Longhao Li, Taieb Znati, Rami G. Melhem. diffReplication - An Energy-Aware Fault Tolerance Model for Silent Error Detection and Mitigation in Heterogeneous Extreme-scale Computing Environment
911 -- 937Xiaojuan Liao, Hui Zhang, Miyuki Koshimura, Rong Huang, Fagen Li. Solving Restricted Preemptive Scheduling on Parallel Machines with SAT and PMS
938 -- 958Jaeyoung Yang, Sooin Kim, Sangwoo Lee, Won Gyum Kim, Donghoon Kim, Doosung Hwang. Robust Authentication Analysis of Copyright Images through Deep Hashing Models with Self-supervision

Volume 29, Issue 7

647 -- 648Christian Gütl. Editorial
649 -- 690Ana P. Allian, Leandro Flores da Silva, Edson OliveiraJr, Elisa Yumi Nakagawa. VMTools-RA: a Reference Architecture for Software Variability Tools
691 -- 717Vimal Dwivedi, Mubashar Iqbal 0001, Alex Norta, Raimundas Matulevicius. Evaluation of a Legally Binding Smart-Contract Language for Blockchain Applications
718 -- 737Monika Lamba, Seema Verma, Pardeep Kumar. Intelligent Vision Based Decision Making System for Aviation Accidents and Incidents
738 -- 758Luis Eduardo Ordoñez Palacios, Víctor Andrés Bucheli Guerrero, Hugo Ordoñez 0001. Integration of satellite imagery and meteorological data to estimate solar radiation using machine learning models
759 -- 804Muath Naji Sabha, Thaer Thaher, Marwa M. Emam. Cooperative Swarm Intelligence Algorithms for Adaptive Multilevel Thresholding Segmentation of COVID-19 CT-Scan Images
805 -- 835Geovana Ramos Sousa Silva, Genaína Nunes Rodrigues, Edna Dias Canedo. A Modeling Strategy for the Verification of Context-Oriented Chatbot Conversational Flows via Model Checking

Volume 29, Issue 6

508 -- 509Christian Gütl. Editorial
510 -- 545Soukaina Benabdelouahab, José A. García-Berná, Chaimae Moumouh, Juan Manuel Carrillo-de-Gea, Jaber El Bouhdidi, Yacine El Younoussi, José Luis Fernández Alemán. A Bibliometric Study on E-Learning Software Engineering Education
546 -- 568Achraf Boumhidi, Abdessamad Benlahbib, El Habib Nfaoui. Aggregating Users' Online Opinions Attributes and News Influence for Cryptocurrencies Reputation Generation
569 -- 594Samuel Caetano da Silva, Ivandré Paraboni. Politically-oriented information inference from text
595 -- 626Burak Gülmez. A novel deep learning model with the Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm for cotton disease detection
627 -- 646José Luis López Ruiz, María Ángeles Verdejo-Espinosa, Alicia Montoro-Lendínez, Macarena Espinilla Estévez. OBLEA: A New Methodology to Optimise Bluetooth Low Energy Anchors in Multi-occupancy Location Systems

Volume 29, Issue 5

417 -- 418Christian Gütl. Editorial
419 -- 431César Domínguez 0001, Jónathan Heras, Eloy J. Mata, Vico Pascual, Lucas Fernández-Cedrón, Marcos Martínez-Lanchares, Jon Pellejero-Espinosa, Antonio Rubio-Loscertales, Carlos Tarragona-Pérez. Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation for Identification of Irrelevant Objects in a Waste Recycling Plant
432 -- 445Mitchell Jensen, Khamael Al-Dulaimi, Khairiyah Saeed Abduljabbar, Jasmine Banks. Automated Classification of Cell Level of HEp-2 Microscopic Images Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks-Based Diameter Distance Features
446 -- 469Kashif Mehboob Khan, Warda Haider, Najeed Ahmed Khan, Darakhshan Saleem. Big Data Provenance Using Blockchain for Qualitative Analytics via Machine Learning
470 -- 490Abubakhari Sserwadda, Alper Ozcan, Yusuf Yaslan. Topological Similarity and Centrality Driven Hybrid Deep Learning for Temporal Link Prediction
491 -- 507Tahseen A. Wotaifi, Ban N. Dhannoon. Developed Models Based on Transfer Learning for Improving Fake News Predictions

Volume 29, Issue 4

298 -- 299Christian Gütl. Editorial
300 -- 325Seyedeh Mahsa Mirhoseini-Moghaddam, Mohammad Reza Yamaghani, Adel Bakhshipour. Application of Electronic Nose and Eye Systems for Detection of Adulteration in Olive Oil based on Chemometrics and Optimization Approaches
326 -- 348Fahimeh Ramazankhani, Mahdi Yazdian Dehkordi, Mehdi Rezaeian. Feature Fusion and NRML Metric Learning for Facial Kinship Verification
349 -- 373Stefan Strydom, Andrei Michael Dreyer, Brink van der Merwe. Automatic assignment of diagnosis codes to free-form text medical note
374 -- 396Fernando Terroso-Saenz, Andrés Muñoz 0001. Human Mobility Prediction with Region-based Flows and Road Traffic Data
397 -- 416Shefali Varshney, Rajinder Sandhu, P. K. Gupta 0001. Cost-Effective Scheduling in Fog Computing: An Environment Based on Modified PROMETHEE Technique

Volume 29, Issue 3

201 -- 202Christian Gütl. Editorial
203 -- 221Gerardo Matturro. Undergraduate research in software engineering. An experience and evaluation report
222 -- 241Uma Priya D, P. Santhi Thilagam. Leveraging Structural and Semantic Measures for JSON Document Clustering
242 -- 264Zeinab Rahimi, Mehrnoush Shamsfard. A Neuro Symbolic Approach for Contradiction Detection in Persian Text
265 -- 297Shashi Kant Shankar, Adolfo Ruiz-Calleja, Luis Pablo Prieto, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Pankaj Chejara, Sandesh Tripathi. CIMLA: A Modular and Modifiable Data Preparation, Organization, and Fusion Infrastructure to Partially Support the Development of Context-aware MMLA Solutions

Volume 29, Issue 2

98 -- 99Christian Gütl. Editorial
100 -- 117Trienko L. Grobler, Manfred Habeck, Lynette van Zijl, Jaco Geldenhuys. Search Algorithms for the Combinatorial Generation of Bordered Box Repetition-Free Words
118 -- 151Mehdi Rouissat, Mohamed Belkheir, Sid Ahmed Hichame Belkhira, Sofiane BOUKLI HACENE, Pascal Lorenz, Merahi Bouziani. A new lightweight decentralized mitigation solution against Version Number Attacks for IoT Networks
152 -- 178Amira Samir, Huda Amin Maghawry, Nagwa L. Badr. An Enhanced Testing Approach for Mobile Applications
179 -- 200Qusai Y. Shambour, Mosleh M. Abualhaj, Ahmad Adel Abu Shareha. Restaurant Recommendations Based on Multi-Criteria Recommendation Algorithm

Volume 29, Issue 12

1422 -- 1423Christian Gütl. Editorial
1424 -- 1438Fatma Kebire Bardak, Muhammet Nuri Seyman, Feyzullah Temurtas. Hybrid Classification Model for Emotion Prediction from EEG Signals: A Comparative Study
1439 -- 1460Anita Herrera, Ángel Arroyo, Alfredo Jiménez, Álvaro Herrero 0001. Artificial Intelligence as Catalyst for the Tourism Sector: A Literature Review
1461 -- 1481Ana Cristina Oliveira, Marco Aurélio Spohn, Christof Fetzer, Do Le Quoc, André Martin. Cost-based Virtual Machine Scheduling for Data-as-a-Service
1482 -- 1509Herminia Beatriz Parra de Gallo, Marcela Vegetti. OntoFoCE and ObE Forensics. Email-traceability supporting tools for digital forensics
1510 -- 1534Valdicélio Mendes Santos, Michel S. Soares. Design and Evaluation using Technology Acceptance Model of an Architecture Conceptualization Framework System based on the ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020
1535 -- 1553Yunwu Xu, Yan Li. Wireless Sensor Network Coverage Optimization for Internet of Things

Volume 29, Issue 11

1250 -- 1253Wolfram Luther, Gregor Schiele. Traceable Use of Emerging Technologies in Smart Systems
1254 -- 1273Mariam E. Haroutunian, Parandzem M. Hakobyan, Arman Avetisyan. Two-Stage Optimal Hypotheses Testing for a Model of Stegosystem with an Active Adversary
1274 -- 1297Arnak V. Poghosyan, Ashot N. Harutyunyan, Naira Grigoryan, Clement Pang. Distributed Tracing for Troubleshooting of Native Cloud Applications via Rule-Induction Systems
1298 -- 1318Ashot N. Harutyunyan, Arnak V. Poghosyan, Lilit Harutyunyan, Nelli Aghajanyan, Tigran Bunarjyan, A. J. Han Vinck. Challenges and Experiences in Designing Interpretable KPI-diagnostics for Cloud Applications
1319 -- 1335Kheir Eddine Daouadi, Yaakoub Boualleg, Oussama Guehairia. Deep Random Forest and AraBert for Hate Speech Detection from Arabic Tweets
1336 -- 1360Kosuke Sasaki, Zhen He, Tomoo Inoue. Using Video Activity Reports to Support Remote Project-Based Learning
1361 -- 1384Lorenz Gillner, Ekaterina Auer. Towards a Traceable Data Model Accommodating Bounded Uncertainty for DST Based Computation of BRCA1/2 Mutation Probability With Age
1385 -- 1403Nelson Baloian, Jonathan Frez, José A. Pino, Cristóbal Fuenzalida, Sergio Peñafiel, Belisario Panay, Gustavo Zurita, Horacio Sanson. Retail Indicators Forecasting and Planning
1404 -- 1421Claudio Gutiérrez-Soto, Patricio Galdames, Daniel Navea. Efficiently Finding Cyclical Patterns on Twitter Considering the Inherent Spatio-temporal Attributes of Data

Volume 29, Issue 10

1090 -- 1091Christian Gütl. Editorial
1092 -- 1115Rasha Ragheb Atallah, Ahmad Sami Al-Shamayleh, Mohammed A. Awadallah 0001. Face Plastic Surgery Recognition Model Based on Neural Network and Meta-Learning Model
1116 -- 1138Samar Bouazizi, Emna Benmohamed, Hela Ltifi. Enhancing EEG-based emotion recognition using PSD-Grouped Deep Echo State Network
1139 -- 1160Anderson Melo de Morais, Fernando Antônio Aires Lins, Nelson Souto Rosa. Survey on Integration of Consensus Mechanisms in IoT-based Blockchains
1161 -- 1198Aymane Ezzaim, Aziz Dahbi, Abdelfatteh Haidine, Abdelhak Aqqal. AI-Based Adaptive Learning: A Systematic Mapping of the Literature
1199 -- 1216Sergio-Daniel Sanchez-Solar, Gustavo Rodríguez Gómez, José Martínez-Carranza. Control of a Spherical Robot Rolling Over Irregular Surfaces
1217 -- 1250Layse Santos Souza, Michel S. Soares. Combining SysML and Timed Coloured Petri Nets for Designing Smart City Applications

Volume 29, Issue 1

1 -- 2Christian Gütl. Editorial
3 -- 15Purvaja Balaji, Helena Merker, Amar Gupta. EntailClass: A Classification Approach to EntailSum and End-to-End Document Extraction, Identification, and Evaluation
16 -- 33Oscar I. Caldas, Mauricio Mauledoux, Oscar F. Aviles, Carlos Rodriguez Guerrero. Behavioral and Psychophysiological Measures of Engagement During Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Immersive Virtual Reality
34 -- 72Robert Ehrensperger, Clemens Sauerwein, Ruth Breu. A Maturity Model for Digital Business Ecosystems from an IT Perspective
73 -- 97Matias Salinas, Paul Leger, Hiroaki Fukuda, Nicolás Cardozo, Vannessa de J. Duarte, Ismael Figueroa. Evaluations of Integrated Programming Environment for First-Year Students in Computer Engineering