Journal: J. UCS

Volume 5, Issue 9

493 -- 0Alexandru Mateescu. J.UCS Special Issue on Formal Languages and Automata
494 -- 507Tudor Balanescu, Anthony J. Cowling, Horia Georgescu, Marian Gheorghe, Mike Holcombe, Cristina Vertan. Communicating Stream X-Machines Systems are no more than X-Machines
508 -- 520Symeon Bozapalidis. An Introduction To Polypodic Structures
521 -- 531Sigrid Ewert, Andries P. J. van der Walt. Shrink Indecomposable Fractals
532 -- 541Sándor Horváth, Masami Ito. Decidable and Undecidable Problems of Primitive Words, Regular and Context-Free Languages
542 -- 551Padmanabhan Krishnan. Issues Related to Distributed Processing of Picture Languages
552 -- 562Manfred Kudlek. Some Algebraic Structures with Iteration Lemmata
563 -- 573Maurice Margenstern, Kenichi Morita. A Polynomial Solution for 3-SAT in the Space of Cellular Automata in the Hyperbolic Plane
574 -- 587Kahn Mason, Padmanabhan Krishnan. Decomposition of Timed Automata
588 -- 598Ion Petre, Luigia Petre. Mobile Ambients and P-Systems
599 -- 609George Rahonis. Splicing on Trees: the Iterated Case
610 -- 621Kai Salomaa, Sheng Yu. Synchronization Expressions and Languages
622 -- 631Loutfi Soufi. Type Specification by Regular Expressions

Volume 5, Issue 8

463 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
464 -- 470Georg Franck-Oberaspach, Dietmar B. Schweiger, Karl Svozil. A Packing Problem, Solved by Genetic Algorithms
471 -- 481Ileana Popescu, Monica Dumitrescu. Laha Distribution: Computer Generation and Applications to Life Time Modelling
482 -- 493Grigore Rosu. Kan Extensions of Institutions

Volume 5, Issue 7

366 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
367 -- 389Carlo Blundo, Barbara Masucci. Randomness in Multi-Secret Sharing Schemes
390 -- 417Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, Lazaros F. Merakos. A Survey of Web Architectures for Wireless Communication Environments
418 -- 462J. Gerard Wolff. Probabilistic Reasoning as Information Compression by Multiple Alignment, Unification and Search: An Introduction and Overview

Volume 5, Issue 6

322 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
323 -- 338Marc Daumas, Claire Finot. Division of Floating Point Expansions with an Application to the Computation of a Determinant
339 -- 366Volker Wulf, Matthias Krings, Oliver Stiemerling, Giulio Iacucci, Martin Maidhof, Ralph Peters, Paul Fuchs-Fronhofen, Bernhard Nett, Joachim Hinrichs. Improving Inter-Organizational Processes with Integrated Organization and Technology Development

Volume 5, Issue 5

287 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
288 -- 306Paul E. Dunne, Paul H. Leng. The Average Case Performance of an Algorithm for Demand-Driven Evaluation of Boolean Formulae
307 -- 321Leo Storme, Alexis De Vos, Gerald Jacobs. Group Theoretical Aspects of Reversible Logic Gates

Volume 5, Issue 4

226 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
227 -- 242Karel Culik II, P. C. von Rosenberg. Generalized Weighted Finite Automata Based Image Compression
243 -- 286Seymour Ginsburg, Nan C. Shu, Dan A. Simovici. Automatic Data Restructuring

Volume 5, Issue 3

0 -- 0Reiner Hähnle, Wolfram Menzel, Peter H. Schmitt, Wolfgang Reif. J.UCS Special Issue on Integration of Deduction Systems
52 -- 72Thomas Baar, Bernd Fischer, Dirk Fuchs. Integrating Deduction Techniques in a Software Reuse Application
73 -- 87Lawrence C. Paulson. A Generic Tableau Prover and its Integration with Isabelle
88 -- 112Christoph Kreitz, Jens Otten. Connection-based Theorem Proving in Classical and Non-classical Logics
113 -- 134Gernot Stenz, Wolfgang Ahrendt, Bernhard Beckert. Proof Transformations from Search-oriented into Interaction-oriented Tableau Calculi
135 -- 155Frieder Stolzenburg. Loop-Detection in Hyper-Tableaux by Powerful Model Generation
156 -- 187Andreas Franke, Stephan M. Hess, Christoph G. Jung, Michael Kohlhase, Volker Sorge. Agent-Oriented Integration of Distributed Mathematical Services
188 -- 207Christoph Benzmüller, Matthew Bishop, Volker Sorge. Integrating Tps and Omega
208 -- 225Jörg Meyer, Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter. Interactive Verification Environments for Object-Oriented Programs

Volume 5, Issue 2

32 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
33 -- 49Jürgen Dassow, Gheorghe Paun. On the Power of Membrane Computing

Volume 5, Issue 12

816 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
817 -- 827Russell Bent, Michael Schear, Lane A. Hemaspaandra, Gabriel Istrate. A Note on Bounded-Weight Error-Correcting Codes
828 -- 832Edith Hemaspaandra. On the Power of Positive Turing Reductions
833 -- 854Wonsik Lee, Sunghan Lee, Beom Hee Lee, Young Dae Lee. An Efficient Planning Algorithm for Multi-head Surface Mounting Machines Using a Genetic Algorithm

Volume 5, Issue 11

742 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
743 -- 764Nathalie Chetcuti-Sperandio, Luis Fariñas del Cerro. A Decision Method for Duration Calculus
765 -- 776E. C. Tan, M. H. Ho. Matrix Method to Detect Logic Hazards in Combinational Circuits with EX-OR Gates
777 -- 815J. Gerard Wolff. Computing as Information Compression by Multiple Alignment, Unification and Search

Volume 5, Issue 10

632 -- 0Klaus Echtle, Jörg Keller. J.UCS Special Issue on Dependability Evaluation and Validation
633 -- 643Winfrid G. Schneeweiss. Advanced Fault Tree Modeling
644 -- 667Hans-Dieter Kochs, Holger Hilmer, Thomas Nisbach. Efficient Approximate Reliability Evaluation Using the Markovian Minimal Cut Approach
668 -- 692Felix C. Gärtner. Transformational Approaches to the Specification and Verification of Fault-Tolerant Systems: Formal Background and Classification
693 -- 711Alfredo Benso, Maurizio Rebaudengo, Matteo Sonza Reorda. Fault Injection for Embedded Microprocessor-based Systems
712 -- 729Wilfrido A. Moreno, John R. Samson Jr., Fernando J. Falquez. Laser Injection of Soft Faults for the Validation of Dependability Design
730 -- 741Hans Mauser, Erwin M. Thurner. Electronic Throttle Control - A Dependability Case Study

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 0Hermann A. Maurer. Managing Editor s Column
2 -- 10Thomas Dietinger, Christian Gütl, Bernhard Knögler, Dietmar Neussl, Klaus Schmaranz. Dynamic Background Libraries - New Developments In Distance Education Using HIKS
11 -- 19Juha Honkala. On algebraicness of D0L power series
20 -- 31Josef Pieprzyk, Cheng Xin Qu. Rotation-Symmetric Functions and Fast Hashing