Journal: J. UCS

Volume 9, Issue 9

984 -- 985Hans W. Guesgen, Frank D. Anger, Gérard Ligozat, Rita V. Rodríguez. Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
986 -- 1007Michael Pool. An Applied Calculus for Spatial Accessibility Reasoning
1008 -- 1029. Abstract Representation of Object and Structural Symmetries Detection
1030 -- 1045Kazuko Takahashi. Reasoning about Propagation of Properties over Regions
1046 -- 1072Junko Araki. Action Vectors: Modeling Spatial Relations between Objects and Routes
1073 -- 1095Florence Le Ber, Amedeo Napoli, Jean-Luc Metzger, Sylvie Lardon. Modeling and Comparing Farm Maps using Graphs and Case-based Reasoning
1096 -- 1122Lledó Museros Cabedo, M. Teresa Escrig. Modeling Motion by the Integration of Topology and Time
1123 -- 1136Claudio Bettini, Simone Ruffini. Direct Granularity Conversions among Temporal Constraints
1137 -- 1167Valentin Goranko, Angelo Montanari, Guido Sciavicco. Propositional Interval Neighborhood Temporal Logics
1168 -- 0Didier Dubois, Allel HadjAli, Henri Prade. Fuzziness and Uncertainty in Temporal Reasoning

Volume 9, Issue 8

730 -- 744Marcus Amorim Leal, Noemi de La Rocque Rodriguez, Roberto Ierusalimschy. LuaTS - A Reactive Event-Driven Tuple Space
745 -- 760Álvaro Reis Figueira, Hervé Paulino, Luís M. B. Lopes, Fernando M. A. Silva. Distributed Typed Concurrent Objects: a Programming Language for Distributed Computations with Mobile Resources
761 -- 775Wendell Figueiredo Taveira, Marco Tulio de Oliveira Valente, Mariza Andrade da Silva Bigonha, Roberto da Silva Bigonha. Asynchronous Remote Method Invocation in Java
776 -- 794Francisco Heron de Carvalho Junior, Rafael Dueire Lins. Haskell#: Parallel Programming Made Simple and Efficient
795 -- 812Nélio Muniz Mendes Alves, Sérgio de Mello Schneider. Implementation of an Embedded Hardware Description Language Using Haskell
813 -- 828Rafael Dueire Lins. Lazy Cyclic Reference Counting
829 -- 872Jens Knoop, Oliver Rüthing. Constant Propagation on Predicated Code
873 -- 890Cristiano Vasconcellos, Lucília Figueiredo, Carlos Camarão. Practical Type Inference for Polymorphic Recursion: an Implementation in Haskell
891 -- 909Luís Soares Barbosa. Towards a Calculus of State-based Software Components
910 -- 934Cláudio Carvilhe, Martin A. Musicante. Object-Oriented Action Semantics Specifications
935 -- 955Ayla Dantas, Paulo Borba. Developing Adaptive J2ME Applications Using AspectJ
956 -- 969Franklin Ramalho, Jacques Robin, Roberto Souto Maior de Barros. XOCL - an XML Language for Specifying Logical Constraints in Object Oriented Models
970 -- 0Eduardo Kessler Piveta, Luiz Carlos Zancanella. Aspect Weaving Strategies

Volume 9, Issue 7

579 -- 580Ulrich Reimer, York Sure. Special Issue on Professional Knowledge Management - Experiences and Visions
581 -- 591Tomas Bohinc, Strausie Markham. The Strong Effects of the Soft Factors of Knowledge Management
592 -- 595Marc Kuhn. A Note on Culture-sensitive Knowledge Management in OE-sales Area of Robert Bosch GmbH
596 -- 607Elisabeth Kamentz, Christa Womser-Hacker. Defining Culture-Bound User Characteristics as a Starting-Point for the Design of Adaptive Learning Systems
608 -- 626Ralph Bergmann, Martin Schaaf. Structural Case-Based Reasoning and Ontology-Based Knowledge Management: A Perfect Match?
627 -- 641Markus Grabert, Derek G. Bridge. Case-Based Reuse of Software Examplets
641 -- 658Márcio Greyck Batista Dias, Nicolas Anquetil, Káthia Marçal de Oliveira. Organizing the Knowledge Used in Software Maintenance
659 -- 669Raimund L. Feldmann, Ralf Carbon. Experience Base Schema Building Blocks of the PLEASERS Library
670 -- 681Luciana Landa Farias, Guilherme Horta Travassos, Ana Regina Rocha. Managing Organizational Risk Knowledge
682 -- 696Eddie Mönch, Mike Ullrich, Hans-Peter Schnurr, Jürgen Angele. SemanticMiner - Ontology-Based Knowledge Retrieval
697 -- 718Nenad Stojanovic. On the Role of the Librarian Agent in Ontology-based Knowledge Management Systems
719 -- 0Josef Hofer-Alfeis. Effective Integration of Knowledge Management into the Business Starts with a Top-down Knowledge Strategy

Volume 9, Issue 6

447 -- 450Klaus Tochtermann. Special Issue: I-Know 03 - Hot Spots in Knowledge Management
451 -- 462Peter Schütt. The post-Nonaka Knowledge Management
463 -- 471Klaus North, Tina Hornung. The Benefits of Knowledge Management - Results of the German Award Knowledge Manager 2002
472 -- 480Sheng-Tun Li, Huang-Chih Hsieh. Managing Operation Knowledge for the Metal Industry
481 -- 490Leena Ilmola, Anna Kotsalo-Mustonen. Filters in the Strategy Formulation Process
491 -- 500Matteo Bonifacio, Alessandra Molani. The Richness of Diversity in Knowledge Creation: An Interdisciplinary Overview
510 -- 519Yannis S. Avrithis, Giorgos B. Stamou, Manolis Wallace, Ferran Marqués, Philippe Salembier, Xavier Giro, Werner Haas, Heribert Vallant, Michael Zufferey. Unified Access to Heterogeneous Audiovisual Archives
520 -- 529Raphael Volz, Rudi Studer, Alexander Maedche, Lauser B.. Pruning-based Identification of Domain Ontologies
530 -- 550Christian Biemann, Uwe Quasthoff, Karsten Böhm, Christian Wolff. Automatic Discovery and Aggregation of Compound Names for the Use in Knowledge Representations
551 -- 562Feng Tao, Liming Chen, Nigel Shadbolt, Graeme E. Pound, Simon J. Cox. Towards the Semantic Grid: Putting Knowledge to Work in Design Optimisation
563 -- 570D. T. Lee, G. C. Lee, Yao-Wen Huang. Knowledge Management for Computational Problem Solving
571 -- 0Lilia Efimova, Janine Swaak. Converging Knowledge Management, Training and e-learning: Scenarios to Make it Work

Volume 9, Issue 5

398 -- 422Maurice Margenstern, Guentcho Skordev. Fibonacci Type Coding for the Regular Rectangular Tilings of the Hyperbolic Plane
423 -- 0Jameson Mbale, Domenico Ursino, Xiaofei Xu. Cyclical Structure Converter (CSC): a System for Handling the Interaction of Structured and Semi-structured Data Sources

Volume 9, Issue 4

300 -- 308Hermann A. Maurer, Ron Oliver. The Future of PCs and Implications on Society
309 -- 348Hermann A. Maurer, Robert Stubenrauch, Daniela G. Camhy. Foundations of MIRACLE: Multimedia Information Repository, A Computer-supported Language Effort
349 -- 368Robert Stubenrauch, Daniela G. Camhy, Jennifer Lennon, Hermann A. Maurer. Applications of MIRACLE: Working With Dynamic Visual Information
369 -- 0Robert Stubenrauch, Daniela G. Camhy. A Cross-Disciplinary Bibliography on Visual Languages for Information Sharing and Archiving

Volume 9, Issue 3

191 -- 222Sabine Glesner. Using Program Checking to Ensure the Correctness of Compiler Implementations
223 -- 247Lenore D. Zuck, Amir Pnueli, Benjamin Goldberg. VOC: A Methodology for the Translation Validation of OptimizingCompilers
248 -- 269K. C. Shashidhar, Maurice Bruynooghe, Francky Catthoor, Gerda Janssens. An Automatic Verification Technique for Loop and Data Reuse Transformations based on Geometric Modeling of Programs
270 -- 0Thi Viet Nga Nguyen, François Irigoin. Alias Verification for Fortran Code Optimization

Volume 9, Issue 2

86 -- 87Rudolf Berghammer, Dominik Haneberg, Wolfgang Reif, Gerhard Schellhorn. Special Issue on Tools for System Design and Verification
88 -- 105Ernst-Rüdiger Olderog, Henning Dierks. Moby/RT: A Tool for Specification and Verification of Real-Time Systems
106 -- 119Hans-Dieter Ehrich, Maik Kollmann, Ralf Pinger. Checking Object System Designs Incrementally
120 -- 137Andreas Krebs, Jürgen Ruf. Optimized Temporal Logic Compilation
138 -- 151Robi Malik, Reinhard Mühlfeld. A Case Study in Verification of UML Statecharts: the PROFIsafe Protocol
152 -- 172Achim D. Brucker, Frank Rittinger, Burkhart Wolff. HOL-Z 2.0: A Proof Environment for Z-Specifications
173 -- 0Walter Guttmann, Helmuth Partsch, Wolfram Schulte, Ton Vullinghs. Tool Support for the Interactive Derivation of Formally Correct Functional Programs

Volume 9, Issue 12

1372 -- 1380Kai Reinhardt, Klaus North. Transparency and Transfer of Individual Competencies - A Concept of Integrative Competence Management
1381 -- 1387Simon Beck. Skill and Competence Management as a Base of an Integrated Personnel Development (IPD) - A Pilot Project in the Putzmeister, Inc./Germany
1388 -- 1397Markus Won, Volkmar Pipek. Sharing Knowledge on Knowledge - The eXact Peripheral Expertise Awareness System
1398 -- 1409Wolfgang Hiermann, Max Höfferer. A Practical Knowledge-based Approach to Skill Management and Personal Development
1410 -- 1427José Braga de Vasconcelos, Chris Kimble, Álvaro Rocha. Organisational Memory Information Systems An example of a Group Memory System for the Management of Group Competencies
1428 -- 1436Cord Hockemeyer, Owen Conlan, Vincent P. Wade, Dietrich Albert. Applying Competence Prerequisite Structures for eLearning and Skill Management
1437 -- 1454Simona Colucci, Tommaso Di Noia, Eugenio Di Sciascio, Francesco M. Donini, Marina Mongiello, Marco Mottola. A Formal Approach to Ontology-Based Semantic Match of Skills Descriptions
1455 -- 1468Luca Stefanutti, Dietrich Albert. Skill Assessment in Problem Solving and Simulated Learning Environments
1469 -- 1486Juan G. Cegarra-Navarro, Beatriz Rodrigo-Moya. Individual Knowledge as a Bridge between Human and Customer Capital
1487 -- 1499Anna Mette Fuglseth, Kjell Groenhaug. A Tool Kit for Measurement of Organisational Learning: Methodological Requirements and an Illustrative Example
1500 -- 1518Tobias Ley, Dietrich Albert. Identifying Employee Competencies in Dynamic Work Domains: Methodological Considerations and a Case Study
1519 -- 0Eduardo Tomé. Bad Management and its Consequences in a Problematic European Union Member (Portugal)

Volume 9, Issue 11

1261 -- 1276Doron Drusinsky, Man-tak Shing. Monitoring Temporal Logic Specifications Combined with Time Series Constraints
1277 -- 1295Frantisek Scuglik, Miroslav Svéda. Automatically Generated CSP Specifications
1296 -- 1321Gabor Karsai, Aditya Agrawal, Feng Shi, Jonathan Sprinkle. On the Use of Graph Transformation in the Formal Specification of Model Interpreters
1322 -- 1349Cindy Kong, Perry Alexander, Catherine Menon. Defining a Formal Coalgebraic Semantics for The Rosetta Specification Language
1350 -- 0Stéphane Lafrance, John Mullins. An Information Flow Method to Detect Denial of Service Vulnerabilities

Volume 9, Issue 10

1196 -- 1203Cristian Calude, Elena Calude, Michael J. Dinneen. What is the Value of Taxicab(6)?
1204 -- 1219Iiro S. Honkala, Antoine Lobstein. On Identification in ZZ:::2::: Using Translates of Given Patterns
1220 -- 1243Ousmane Koné. An Inoteroperability Testing Approach to Wireless Applications Protocols
1244 -- 0Jennifer Lennon, Hermann A. Maurer. Why it is Difficult to Introduce e-Learning into Schools And Some New Solutions

Volume 9, Issue 1

2 -- 33Richard Banach, Farhad Arbab, George A. Papadopoulos, John R. W. Glauert. A Multiply Hierarchical Automaton Semantics for the IWIM Coordination Model
34 -- 50Christian Glaßer, Gerd Wechsung. Relativizing Function Classes
51 -- 0Maria Virvou, Katerina Kabassi. Experimental Studies within the Software Engineering Process for Intelligent Assistance in a GUI