Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 13, Issue 4

321 -- 351Paul J. Krause. Learning probabilistic networks
353 -- 380Jörg P. Müller. Architectures and applications of intelligent agents: A survey
381 -- 408Renaud Lecoeuche, Chris Mellish, Catherine Barry, Dave Robertson. User-system dialogues and the notion of focus
409 -- 412Paul Taylor. Rationalizing Medical Work: Decision-Support Techniques and Medical Practices by Marc Berg, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1997, ISBN 0-262-02417-9, pp 256, $30.00 (cloth)
409 -- 412Miroslav Kubat. Neural networks: a comprehensive foundation by Simon Haykin, Macmillan, 1994, ISBN 0-02-352781-7
413 -- 422. From the journals. . .

Volume 13, Issue 3

225 -- 246Grigoris Antoniou. A tutorial on default reasoning
247 -- 262Stephen T. Polyak, Austin Tate. Rationale in planning: causality, dependencies, and decisions
263 -- 295Mounia Lalmas, Peter D. Bruza. The use of logic in information retrieval modelling
297 -- 302Michael Luck, Mark d'Inverno, M. Fisher. Foundations of Multi-Agent Systems: Techniques, Tools and Theory
303 -- 308Ruth Aylett, Frances M. T. Brazier, Nick R. Jennings, Michael Luck, Hyacinth S. Nwana, Chris Preist. Agent Systems and Applications
309 -- 314Ken Binmore, Cristiano Castelfranchi, James Doran, Michael Wooldridge. Rationality in Multi-Agent Systems
315 -- 318Tim Norman. Empirical methods for artificial intelligence by Paul R. Cohen, MIT Press, pp 405 ISBN 0-262-03225-2, £46.50
315 -- 318Sreerama K. Murthy. Expertise in context: human and machine by Paul J. Feltovich, Kenneth M. Ford and Robert, R. Hoffmann (Eds.), AAAI Press/The MIT Press, 1997, pp. 606, £35.95. ISBN 0-262-56110-7
315 -- 318Simon Parsons. Empirical methods for artificial intelligence by Paul R. Cohen, MIT Press, 1995, pp 405, ISBN 0-262-03225-2, £46.50

Volume 13, Issue 2

129 -- 130Adele E. Howe, Simon Parsons. Special issue: perspectives on recent intelligent agents research as viewed through two conferences
131 -- 136Barry Crabtree. What Chance Software Agents?
137 -- 142W. Lewis Johnson, Barbara Hayes-Roth. The First Autonomous Agents Conference
143 -- 146George A. Bekey. On autonomous robots
147 -- 159Robert H. Guttman, Alexandros Moukas, Pattie Maes. Agent-mediated electronic commerce: a survey
161 -- 174P. D. O'Brien, M. E. Wiegand. Agent based process management: applying intelligent agents to workflow
175 -- 178Anand S. Rao. A Report on Expert Assistants at the Autonomous Agents Conference
179 -- 184Robert P. Goldman, Chitta Baral. Robots, softbots, immobots: The 1997 AAAI Workshop on Theories of Action, Planning and Control
185 -- 194Patrick Brézillon, Marcos Cavalcanti. Modeling and using context
185 -- 194Patrick Brézillon, Marcos Cavalcanti. Modeling and using context
195 -- 199Andreas Geppert, Mikael Berndtsson. The Third International Workshop on Rules in Database Systems (RIDS'97)
201 -- 208Didier Dubois, Henri Prade. Fuzzy set theory - basic concepts, techniques and bibliography by Robert Lowen, Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht, 1996, pp 408, ISBN 0-7923-4057-4
201 -- 208Claire Nedellec. Inductive logic programming, from machine learning to software engineering by F. Bergadano and D. Gunetti, The MIT Press, USA, 1996
201 -- 208Anthony Hunter. Non-monotonic reasoning by Grigoris Antoniou, MIT Press, 1997, £29.50, ISBN 0-262-01157-3
201 -- 208John F. Lemmer. The art of causal conjecture by Glenn Shafer, MIT press, 1997, £42.50
201 -- 208Simon Parsons. An introduction to Bayesian networks by Finn V. Jensen, UCL Press, 1996, £29.95, pp 178, ISBN 1-85728-332-5
209 -- 224. From the journals...

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 3Mike Uschold, Austin Tate. Putting ontologies to use
5 -- 29Mike Uschold. Knowledge level modelling: concepts and terminology
31 -- 89Mike Uschold, Martin King, Stuart Moralee, Yannis Zorgios. The Enterprise Ontology
91 -- 120Jintae Lee, Michael Gruninger, Yan Jin, Thomas W. Malone, Austin Tate, Gregg Yost. The Process Interchange Format and Framework
121 -- 128Austin Tate. Roots of SPAR - Shared Planning and Activity Representation