Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 21, Issue 4

293 -- 316Carlos Iván Chesñevar, Jarred McGinnis, Sanjay Modgil, Iyad Rahwan, Chris Reed, Guillermo Ricardo Simari, Matthew South, Gerard Vreeswijk, Steven Willmott. Towards an argument interchange format
317 -- 334C. J. Price, Louise Travé-Massuyès, Robert Milne, Liliana Ironi, Kenneth D. Forbus, Bert Bredeweg, M. H. Lee, Peter Struss, N. Snooke, P. Lucas, Marc Cavazza, George Macleod Coghill. Qualitative futures
335 -- 344Erwin W. van Geenen, Cilia Witteman. How experts reason: the acquisition of experts knowledge structures
345 -- 392Steve Munroe, Tim Miller, Roxana Belecheanu, Michal Pechoucek, Peter McBurney, Michael Luck. Crossing the agent technology chasm: Lessons, experiences and challenges in commercial applications of agents

Volume 21, Issue 3

189 -- 194Torsten Eymann. The infrastructures of Autonomic Computing
195 -- 204Roy Sterritt, David W. Bustard. A health-check model for autonomic systems based on a pulse monitor
205 -- 219Richard Anthony. Policy-based techniques for self-managing parallel applications
221 -- 230Zhen Li, Manish Parashar. Enabling dynamic composition and coordination for autonomic Grid applications using the Rudder Agent framework
231 -- 238Jim Dowling, Raymond Cunningham, Eoin Curran, Vinny Cahill. Building autonomic systems using collaborative reinforcement learning
239 -- 248Julie A. McCann, Rogério de Lemos, Markus C. Huebscher, Omer F. Rana, Andreas Wombacher. Can self-managed systems be trusted? Some views and trends
249 -- 259Alun Butler, M. O. H. Ibrahim, Keith Rennolls, L. I. Z. Bacon. Composing simulation architectures for autonomic systems
261 -- 267Eno Thereska, Dushyanth Narayanan, Gregory R. Ganger. Towards self-predicting systems: What if you could ask what-if ?
287 -- 289Simon Parsons. Probabilistic Robotics by Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Burgard and Dieter Fox, MIT Press, 647 pp, ISBN 0-262-20162-3
290 -- 291Simon Parsons. Reasoning about Uncertainty by Joseph Halpern, MIT Press, 456 pp, ISBN 0-262-58959

Volume 21, Issue 2

97 -- 126Jost Schatzmann, Karl Weilhammer, Matt Stuttle, Steve Young. A survey of statistical user simulation techniques for reinforcement-learning of dialogue management strategies
127 -- 161Henry Hexmoor, Seth Wilson, Sandeep Bhattaram. A theoretical inter-organizational trust-based security model
163 -- 188Henry Prakken. Formal systems for persuasion dialogue

Volume 21, Issue 1

1 -- 24Lukasz A. Kurgan, Petr Musílek. A survey of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining process models
25 -- 47Frans Coenen, Paul H. Leng. Partitioning strategies for distributed association rule mining
49 -- 69Mirko Viroli, Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini. Operating instructions for intelligent agent coordination
93 -- 94Simon Parsons. Spinning the semantic web edited by Dieter Fensel, James Hendler, Harry Lieberman and Wolfgang Wahlster, MIT Press, 479 pp, ISBN 0-262-56212-X
94 -- 95Simon Parsons. Advances in minimum description length by Jae Myung and Mark A. Pitt, edited by Peter D. Grünwald, MIT Press, 444 pp, ISBN 0-262-07262-9
95 -- 0Simon Parsons. Imitation of life: How biology is inspiring computing by Nancy Forbes, MIT Press, 176 pp, ISBN 0-262-06241-0