Journal: Knowledge Eng. Review

Volume 22, Issue 4

315 -- 347Juan Ye, Lorcan Coyle, Simon Dobson, Paddy Nixon. Ontology-based models in pervasive computing systems
349 -- 360Dan Greenwood. From market to non-market: An autonomous agent approach to central planning
361 -- 377Victoria S. Uren, Yuangui Lei, Vanessa Lopez, Haiming Liu 0002, Enrico Motta, Marina Giordanino. The usability of semantic search tools: a review
379 -- 403Yacine Rezgui. Text-based domain ontology building using Tf-Idf and metric clusters techniques

Volume 22, Issue 3

213 -- 219Michael Kassoff, André Valente. An introduction to logical spreadsheets
221 -- 236Iliano Cervesato. NEXCEL, a deductive spreadsheet
237 -- 253André Valente, David Van Brackle, Hans Chalupsky, Gary Edwards. Implementing logic spreadsheets in LESS
255 -- 268Marcelo Tallis, Rand Waltzman, Robert Balzer. Adding deductive logic to a COTS spreadsheet
269 -- 279C. R. Ramakrishnan, I. V. Ramakrishnan, David Scott Warren. XcelLog: a deductive spreadsheet system
281 -- 295Michael Kassoff, Michael R. Genesereth. PrediCalc: a logical spreadsheet management system

Volume 22, Issue 2

115 -- 116Roman Barták, Lee McCluskey. Introduction to the Special Issue on Knowledge Engineering Tools and Techniques for Automated Planning and Scheduling Systems
117 -- 134Ron M. Simpson, Diane E. Kitchin, T. L. McCluskey. Planning domain definition using GIPO
135 -- 152Kangheng Wu, Qiang Yang, Yunfei Jiang. ARMS: an automatic knowledge engineering tool for learning action models for AI planning
153 -- 184Susana Fernández, Daniel Borrajo, Raquel Fuentetaja, Juan D. Arias, Manuela M. Veloso. PLTOOL: A knowledge engineering tool for planning and learning
209 -- 0Simon Parsons. Models of a Man: Essays in Memory of Herbert A. Simon by Mie Augier and James G. March, MIT Press, 553 pp, ISBN 0-262-01208-1

Volume 22, Issue 1

3 -- 35Maria Fasli. On agent technology for e-commerce: trust, security and legal issues
37 -- 65Fadi A. Thabtah. A review of associative classification mining
67 -- 86Eveline M. Helsper, Linda C. van der Gaag. Ontologies for probabilistic networks: a case study in the oesophageal-cancer domain
87 -- 109Chris Reed, Douglas Walton, Fabrizio Macagno. Argument diagramming in logic, law and artificial intelligence