Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 27, Issue 4

565 -- 568Mariarosaria Taddeo. Trusting Digital Technologies Correctly
569 -- 574Paula Boddington, Peter Millican, Michael Wooldridge. Minds and Machines Special Issue: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
575 -- 590Deborah G. Johnson, Mario Verdicchio. Reframing AI Discourse
591 -- 608Kyle Bogosian. Implementation of Moral Uncertainty in Intelligent Machines
609 -- 624Michael P. Wellman, Uday Rajan. Ethical Issues for Autonomous Trading Agents
625 -- 638Ugo Pagallo. When Morals Ain't Enough: Robots, Ethics, and the Rules of the Law
639 -- 662Carl Öhman, Luciano Floridi. The Political Economy of Death in the Age of Information: A Critical Approach to the Digital Afterlife Industry
663 -- 672Selmer Bringsjord. An Argument for P=NP
673 -- 678. Commentary on Bringsjord on P = NP
679 -- 682Selmer Bringsjord. Tolerating the Barcan Formula, and Refining Digital Physics: Reply to Arkoudas

Volume 27, Issue 3

387 -- 392Mariarosaria Taddeo. Deterrence by Norms to Stop Interstate Cyber Attacks
393 -- 396Wenceslao J. Gonzalez. Artificial Intelligence in a New Context: "Internal" and "External" Factors
397 -- 424Wenceslao J. Gonzalez. From Intelligence to Rationality of Minds and Machines in Contemporary Society: The Sciences of Design and the Role of Information
425 -- 448Maria Jose Arrojo. Information and the Internet: An Analysis from the Perspective of the Science of the Artificial
449 -- 472Mark Priestley. AI and the Origins of the Functional Programming Language Style
473 -- 493Javier Echeverría, Raúl Tabarés. Artificial Intelligence, Cybercities and Technosocieties
495 -- 519Luciano Floridi. The Logic of Design as a Conceptual Logic of Information
521 -- 543Giuseppe Primiero. Algorithmic Iteration for Computational Intelligence
545 -- 564Patrick Allo. A Constructionist Philosophy of Logic

Volume 27, Issue 2

265 -- 268Mariarosaria Taddeo. Cyber Conflicts and Political Power in Information Societies
269 -- 285Luciano Floridi. A Plea for Non-naturalism as Constructionism
287 -- 313Edoardo Datteri. The Epistemic Value of Brain-Machine Systems for the Study of the Brain
315 -- 330Shuo Chen, Changle Zhou, Jing Li, Hua Peng. Asynchronous Introspection Theory: The Underpinnings of Phenomenal Consciousness in Temporal Illusion
331 -- 355Luis H. Favela, Jonathan Martin. "Cognition" and Dynamical Cognitive Science
357 -- 380Paul Smart. Situating Machine Intelligence Within the Cognitive Ecology of the Internet
381 -- 385Matteo Colombo. Andy Clark, Surfing Uncertainty: Prediction, Action, and the Embodied Mind - New York: Oxford University Press, 2016, xviii + 401, $29.95, ISBN 9780190217013

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 5Mariarosaria Taddeo. Data Philanthropy and Individual Rights
7 -- 9Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Igor Douven, Markus Knauff, Henri Prade. Reasoning with Imperfect Information and Knowledge
11 -- 35Sangeet Khemlani, Phil Johnson-Laird. Illusions in Reasoning
37 -- 77Tarek R. Besold, Artur S. d'Avila Garcez, Keith Stenning, Leendert W. N. van der Torre, Michiel van Lambalgen. Reasoning in Non-probabilistic Uncertainty: Logic Programming and Neural-Symbolic Computing as Examples
79 -- 117Marco Ragni, Christian Eichhorn, Tanja Bock, Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Alice Ping Ping Tse. Formal Nonmonotonic Theories and Properties of Human Defeasible Reasoning
119 -- 165Niki Pfeifer, Leena Tulkki. Conditionals, Counterfactuals, and Rational Reasoning: An Experimental Study on Basic Principles
167 -- 197Hans Rott. Stability and Scepticism in the Modelling of Doxastic States: Probabilities and Plain Beliefs
199 -- 231Didier Dubois, Emiliano Lorini, Henri Prade. The Strength of Desires: A Logical Approach
233 -- 252Pierre Bisquert, Madalina Croitoru, Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr, Abdelraouf Hecham. Formalizing Cognitive Acceptance of Arguments: Durum Wheat Selection Interdisciplinary Study
253 -- 257Sean Welsh. Luís Moniz Pereira & Ari Saptawijaya, Programming Machine Ethics - Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics, Switzerland: Springer, 2016, €99.99, ISBN 978-3-319-29353-0
259 -- 263Soraj Hongladarom. Rafael Capurro, Michael Eldred and Daniel Nagel: Digital Whoness: Identity, Privacy and Freedom in the Cyberworld - Ontos Verlag, Frankfurt, 2013, 310 pp, $105.00, ISBN: 978-3-86838-176-4