Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 3, Issue 4

377 -- 380Stuart C. Shapiro. Preface
381 -- 419Chung Hee Hwang, Lenhart K. Schubert. Episodic Logic: A comprehensive, natural representation for language understanding
421 -- 451Syed S. Ali, Stuart C. Shapiro. Natural language processing using a propositional semantic network with structured variables
453 -- 474Enrico Franconi. A treatment of plurals and plural quantifications based on a theory of collections
475 -- 510Lucja Iwanska. Logical reasoning in natural language: It is all about knowledge

Volume 3, Issue 3

253 -- 270Marin Marinov. On the spuriousness of the symbolic/subsymbolic distinction
271 -- 281Andy Clark. Superpositional connectionism: A reply to Marinov
283 -- 312Carol E. Cleland. Is the Church-Turing thesis true?
313 -- 317Ben Goertzel. Phase transitions in associative memory networks
319 -- 333Laura DeHelian, Edward McClennen. Planning and the stability of intention: A comment
335 -- 375Erwin M. Segal, Meredith Williams, David J. Cole, James Geller, Yorick Wilks, Shoshana Loeb, Kim Sterelny, Jerry Fodor, Sara Heinämaa, Ausonio Marras. Book reviews

Volume 3, Issue 2

125 -- 153William Bechtel. Currents in connectionism
155 -- 181David J. Buller. Confirmation and the computational paradigm (or: Why do you think they call itartificial intelligence?)
183 -- 200Robert F. Hadley. Connectionism, explicit rules, and symbolic manipulation
201 -- 218Henry E. Kyburg Jr.. The evidence of your own eyes
219 -- 237Larry Hauser. Reaping the whirlwind: Reply to Harnad's "other bodies, other minds"
239 -- 252Hilary Kornblith, Yehuda E. Kalay, Deborah A. Gagnon, Thomas J. Shuell, K. Nicholas Leibovic, Hans J. Berliner. Book reviews

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 0Larry Hauser, William J. Rapaport. Why isn't my pocket calculator a thinking thing? - Essay, comments, and reply
3 -- 10Larry Hauser. Why isn't my pocket calculator a thinking thing?
11 -- 20William J. Rapaport. Because mere calculating isn't thinking - Comments on Hauser's "Why Isn't My Pocket Calculator a Thinking Thing?"
21 -- 29Larry Hauser. The sense of 'thinking' - Reply to Rapaport's comments
31 -- 51Francesco Bergadano. Machine Learning and the foundations of inductive inference
53 -- 71R. C. Lacher. Expert networks: Paradigmatic conflict, technological rapproachement
73 -- 96Richard Cooper, Bradley Franks. Interruptibility as a constraint on hybrid systems
97 -- 104Fred Adams, Kenneth Aizawa. Fodorian semantics, pathologies, and "Block's Problem"
105 -- 123Alan Marsden, Stuart G. Shanker, Francesco Giomi, Susan G. Josephson, David Chapman, Christopher Brown. Book reviews