Journal: Minds and Machines

Volume 31, Issue 4

471 -- 486Carlos Montemayor. Language and Intelligence
487 -- 504Piercosma Bisconti. How Robots' Unintentional Metacommunication Affects Human-Robot Interactions. A Systemic Approach
505 -- 534Guglielmo Papagni, Sabine T. Köszegi. A Pragmatic Approach to the Intentional Stance Semantic, Empirical and Ethical Considerations for the Design of Artificial Agents
535 -- 562Donna Schreuter, Peter van der Putten, Maarten H. Lamers. Trust Me on This One: Conforming to Conversational Assistants
563 -- 593Thilo Hagendorff. Linking Human And Machine Behavior: A New Approach to Evaluate Training Data Quality for Beneficial Machine Learning
595 -- 616Paul Formosa. Robot Autonomy vs. Human Autonomy: Social Robots, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Nature of Autonomy
617 -- 635Gabe Dupre. (What) Can Deep Learning Contribute to Theoretical Linguistics?
637 -- 0Jocelyn Maclure. Correction to: AI, Explainability and Public Reason: The Argument from the Limitations of the Human Mind

Volume 31, Issue 3

329 -- 336Georg Gasser. The Dawn of Social Robots: Anthropological and Ethical Issues
337 -- 360Mark Coeckelbergh. Should We Treat Teddy Bear 2.0 as a Kantian Dog? Four Arguments for the Indirect Moral Standing of Personal Social Robots, with Implications for Thinking About Animals and Humans
361 -- 376Joanna K. Malinowska. What Does It Mean to Empathise with a Robot?
377 -- 393Helen Ryland. It's Friendship, Jim, but Not as We Know It: A Degrees-of-Friendship View of Human-Robot Friendships
395 -- 419Steven Umbrello, Marianna Capasso, Maurizio Balistreri, Alberto Pirni, Federica Merenda. Value Sensitive Design to Achieve the UN SDGs with AI: A Case of Elderly Care Robots
421 -- 438Jocelyn Maclure. AI, Explainability and Public Reason: The Argument from the Limitations of the Human Mind
439 -- 456Jukka Ruohonen. The Treachery of Images in the Digital Sovereignty Debate
457 -- 461Jeremy Howick, Jessica Morley, Luciano Floridi. An Empathy Imitation Game: Empathy Turing Test for Care- and Chat-bots
463 -- 0Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum, Paul Davidsson, Amineh Ghorbani, Mijke van der Hurk, Maarten Jensen, Christian Kammler, Fabian Lorig, Luis Gustavo Ludescher, Alexander Melchior, René Mellema, Cezara Pastrav, Loïs Vanhée, Harko Verhagen. Correction to: Analysing the Combined Health, Social and Economic Impacts of the Corona Virus Pandemic Using Agent‑Based Social Simulation

Volume 31, Issue 2

215 -- 237Andreia Martinho, Maarten Kroesen, Caspar G. Chorus. Computer Says I Don't Know: An Empirical Approach to Capture Moral Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
239 -- 256Jessica Morley, Anat Elhalal, Francesca Garcia, Libby Kinsey, Jakob Mökander, Luciano Floridi. Ethics as a Service: A Pragmatic Operationalisation of AI Ethics
257 -- 275Bartlomiej Chomanski. The Missing Ingredient in the Case for Regulating Big Tech
277 -- 303Marco Facchin. Are Generative Models Structural Representations?
305 -- 321Jaroslav Peregrin. Do Computers "Have Syntax, But No Semantics"?
323 -- 327Jakob Mökander, Luciano Floridi. Ethics-Based Auditing to Develop Trustworthy AI

Volume 31, Issue 1

1 -- 58Steven T. Piantadosi. The Computational Origin of Representation
59 -- 74Vincent Grandjean, Matteo Pascucci. The Machine Scenario: A Computational Perspective on Alternative Representations of Indeterminism
75 -- 98Markus Pantsar. Descriptive Complexity, Computational Tractability, and the Logical and Cognitive Foundations of Mathematics
99 -- 120Bruno Ramos Mendonça. Information and Diagrammatic Reasoning: An Inferentialist Reading
121 -- 136Robert Pinka. Synthetic Deliberation: Can Emulated Imagination Enhance Machine Ethics?
137 -- 163Ilse Verdiesen, Filippo Santoni de Sio, Virginia Dignum. Accountability and Control Over Autonomous Weapon Systems: A Framework for Comprehensive Human Oversight
165 -- 191Michelle Seng Ah Lee, Luciano Floridi. Algorithmic Fairness in Mortgage Lending: from Absolute Conditions to Relational Trade-offs
193 -- 212Selene Arfini, Lorenzo Botta Parandera, Camilla Gazzaniga, Nicolò Maggioni, Alessandro Tacchino. Online Identity Crisis Identity Issues in Online Communities
213 -- 0Selene Arfini, Lorenzo Botta Parandera, Camilla Gazzaniga, Nicolò Maggioni, Alessandro Tacchino. Correction to: Online Identity Crisis: Identity Issues in Online Communities