Journal: Marketing Science

Volume 27, Issue 6

949 -- 960Sandy D. Jap, Prasad A. Naik. BidAnalyzer: A Method for Estimation and Selection of Dynamic Bidding Models
961 -- 976Puneet Manchanda, Ying Xie, Nara Youn. The Role of Targeted Communication and Contagion in Product Adoption
977 -- 994Amit Pazgal, David Soberman. Behavior-Based Discrimination: Is It a Winning Play, and If So, When?
995 -- 1011Timothy J. Gilbride, Peter J. Lenk, Jeff D. Brazell. Market Share Constraints and the Loss Function in Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis
1020 -- 1035Vishal Singh, Ting Zhu. Pricing and Market Concentration in Oligopoly Markets
1036 -- 1054M. Berk Ataman, Carl F. Mela, Harald J. van Heerde. Building Brands
1055 -- 1064On Amir, Dan Ariely, Ziv Carmon. The Dissociation Between Monetary Assessment and Predicted Utility
1065 -- 1082Erjen van Nierop, Dennis Fok, Philip Hans Franses. Interaction Between Shelf Layout and Marketing Effectiveness and Its Impact on Optimizing Shelf Arrangements
1083 -- 1096Robert J. Meyer, Shenghui Zhao, Jin K. Han. Biases in Valuation vs. Usage of Innovative Product Features
1097 -- 1110Sam K. Hui, Jehoshua Eliashberg, Edward I. George. Modeling DVD Preorder and Sales: An Optimal Stopping Approach
1111 -- 1125Tülin Erdem, Michael P. Keane, Baohong Sun. A Dynamic Model of Brand Choice When Price and Advertising Signal Product Quality
1126 -- 1131Hernán A. Bruno, Naufel J. Vilcassim. Research Note - Structural Demand Estimation with Varying Product Availability

Volume 27, Issue 5

755 -- 763Birger Wernerfelt. Class Pricing
764 -- 778Zsolt Katona, Miklos Sarvary. Network Formation and the Structure of the Commercial World Wide Web
779 -- 795Tony Haitao Cui, Jagmohan S. Raju, Z. John Zhang. A Price Discrimination Model of Trade Promotions
796 -- 810Marshall Freimer, Dan Horsky. Try It, You Will Like It - Does Consumer Learning Lead to Competitive Price Promotions?
811 -- 828Paul B. Ellickson, Sanjog Misra. Supermarket Pricing Strategies
829 -- 843David A. Schweidel, Peter S. Fader, Eric T. Bradlow. A Bivariate Timing Model of Customer Acquisition and Retention
844 -- 860Deepa Chandrasekaran, Gerard J. Tellis. Global Takeoff of New Products: Culture, Wealth, or Vanishing Differences?
861 -- 885Song Yao, Carl F. Mela. Online Auction Demand
886 -- 902Rajdeep Grewal, Murali Chandrashekaran, F. Robert Dwyer. Navigating Local Environments with Global Strategies: A Contingency Model of Multinational Subsidiary Performance
903 -- 921Wilfred Amaldoss, James R. Bettman, John W. Payne. Findings - Biased but Efficient: An Investigation of Coordination Facilitated by Asymmetric Dominance
922 -- 931Ralf van der Lans, Rik Pieters, Michel Wedel. Research Note - Competitive Brand Salience
932 -- 942Wilfred Amaldoss, Sanjay Jain. Research Note - Trading Up: A Strategic Analysis of Reference Group Effects

Volume 27, Issue 4

541 -- 0Eric T. Bradlow. Editorial - Maximizing Impact via Database Submissions
542 -- 544John H. Roberts, Gary L. Lilien. 2006 ISMS Practice Prize Competition - Special Section Introduction
545 -- 566Jorge Silva-Risso, Irina Ionova. Practice Prize Winner - A Nested Logit Model of Product and Transaction-Type Choice for Planning Automakers Pricing and Promotions
567 -- 584Venkatesh Shankar, Pablo Azar, Matthew Fuller. Practice Prize Paper - ::::BRAN*EQT::::: A Multicategory Brand Equity Model and Its Application at Allstate
585 -- 599V. Kumar, Rajkumar Venkatesan, Tim Bohling, Denise Beckmann. Practice Prize Report - The Power of CLV: Managing Customer Lifetime Value at IBM
600 -- 609Martin Natter, Andreas Mild, Udo Wagner, Alfred Taudes. Practice Prize Report - Planning New Tariffs at tele.ring: The Application and Impact of an Integrated Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Tool
610 -- 626Sanjay Jain. Digital Piracy: A Competitive Analysis
627 -- 641Sumit Raut, Sanjeev Swami, Eunkyu Lee, Charles B. Weinberg. How Complex Do Movie Channel Contracts Need to Be?
642 -- 658Esther Gal-Or, Tansev Geylani, Anthony J. Dukes. Information Sharing in a Channel with Partially Informed Retailers
659 -- 673Norris I. Bruce. Pooling and Dynamic Forgetting Effects in Multitheme Advertising: Tracking the Advertising Sales Relationship with Particle Filters
674 -- 690Scott Fay, Jinhong Xie. Probabilistic Goods: A Creative Way of Selling Products and Services
691 -- 698Joo Heon Park, Douglas L. MacLachlan. Estimating Willingness to Pay with Exaggeration Bias-Corrected Contingent Valuation Method
699 -- 716William Boulding, Markus Christen. Disentangling Pioneering Cost Advantages and Disadvantages
717 -- 729Dmitri G. Markovitch, Peter N. Golder. Findings - Using Stock Prices to Predict Market Events: Evidence on Sales Takeoff and Long-Term Firm Survival
730 -- 744Tansev Geylani, J. Jeffrey Inman, Frenkel Ter Hofstede. Image Reinforcement or Impairment: The Effects of Co-Branding on Attribute Uncertainty
745 -- 748Bart J. Bronnenberg, Michael W. Kruger, Carl F. Mela. Database Paper - The IRI Marketing Data Set

Volume 27, Issue 3

323 -- 0Eric T. Bradlow. Editorial - The Scientific Process at Its Best
324 -- 333Jean-Pierre Dubé, Sachin Gupta. Cross-Brand Pass-Through in Supermarket Pricing
334 -- 355Nitin Mehta, Xinlei (Jack) Chen, Om Narasimhan. Informing, Transforming, and Persuading: Disentangling the Multiple Effects of Advertising on Brand Choice Decisions
356 -- 378Kenneth C. Wilbur. A Two-Sided, Empirical Model of Television Advertising and Viewing Markets
379 -- 397Niladri Syam, Partha Krishnamurthy, James D. Hess. ::::That s:::: What I Thought I Wanted? Miswanting and Regret for a Standard Good in a Mass-Customized World
398 -- 416Xinlei (Jack) Chen, George John, Om Narasimhan. Assessing the Consequences of a Channel Switch
417 -- 429Jean-Pierre Dubé, Günter J. Hitsch, Peter E. Rossi, Maria Ana Vitorino. Category Pricing with State-Dependent Utility
430 -- 442Vikas Mittal, Lawrence Feick, Feisal Murshed. Publish and Prosper: The Financial Impact of Publishing by Marketing Faculty
443 -- 460Arnaud De Bruyn, John C. Liechty, Eelko K. R. E. Huizingh, Gary L. Lilien. Offering Online Recommendations with Minimum Customer Input Through Conjoint-Based Decision Aids
461 -- 473Gérard P. Cachon, Christian Terwiesch, Yi Xu. On the Effects of Consumer Search and Firm Entry in a Multiproduct Competitive Market
474 -- 491Anocha Aribarg, Neeraj Arora. Research Note - Interbrand Variant Overlap: Impact on Brand Preference and Portfolio Profit
492 -- 500Eric T. Anderson, Duncan Simester. Research Note - Does Demand Fall When Customers Perceive That Prices Are Unfair? The Case of Premium Pricing for Large Sizes
501 -- 512Juan Feng. Research Note - Optimal Mechanism for Selling a Set of Commonly Ranked Objects
513 -- 530Chuan He, Johan Marklund, Thomas Vossen. Research Note - Vertical Information Sharing in a Volatile Market
531 -- 532Timothy L. Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, Bruce Cooil, Tor Wallin Andreassen. Invited Commentary - Net Promoter, Recommendations, and Business Performance: A Clarification on Morgan and Rego
533 -- 534Neil A. Morgan, Lopo L. Rego. Rejoinder - Can Behavioral WOM Measures Provide Insight into the Net Promoter:::(c)::: Concept of Customer Loyalty?

Volume 27, Issue 2

147 -- 167James G. Maxham III, Richard G. Netemeyer, Donald R. Lichtenstein. The Retail Value Chain: Linking Employee Perceptions to Employee Performance, Customer Evaluations, and Store Performance
168 -- 184Ajay Kalra, Shibo Li. Signaling Quality Through Specialization
185 -- 204Oded Netzer, James M. Lattin, V. Srinivasan. A Hidden Markov Model of Customer Relationship Dynamics
205 -- 224Joachim Vosgerau, Erin Anderson, William T. Ross Jr.. Can Inaccurate Perceptions in Business-to-Business (B2B) Relationships Be Beneficial?
225 -- 235Rakesh Niraj, V. Padmanabhan, P. B. Seetharaman. Research Note - A Cross-Category Model of Households Incidence and Quantity Decisions
236 -- 246Marco Bertini, Luc Wathieu. Research Note - Attention Arousal Through Price Partitioning
247 -- 261Sudheer Gupta. Research Note - Channel Structure with Knowledge Spillovers
262 -- 282Aradhna Krishna, M. Utku Ãœnver. Research Note - Improving the Efficiency of Course Bidding at Business Schools: Field and Laboratory Studies
283 -- 299Junhong Chu, Pradeep Chintagunta, Javier Cebollada. Research Note - A Comparison of Within-Household Price Sensitivity Across Online and Offline Channels
300 -- 307Thomas J. Steenburgh. The Invariant Proportion of Substitution Property (IPS) of Discrete-Choice Models

Volume 27, Issue 1

1 -- 3Arvind Rangaswamy, James J. Cochran, Tülin Erdem, John R. Hauser, Robert J. Meyer. Editorial - Editor-in-Chief Search Committee Report: The Digital Future Is Now
4 -- 6Eric T. Bradlow. Editorial - Enticing and Publishing the Home Run Paper
7 -- 8Steven M. Shugan, Eric T. Bradlow. Editorial - Database Submissions
9 -- 11Steven M. Shugan. Editorial - Introduction to the Special Classics Issue
12 -- 14Richard H. Thaler. Commentary - Mental Accounting and Consumer Choice: Anatomy of a Failure
15 -- 25Richard H. Thaler. Mental Accounting and Consumer Choice
26 -- 28Peter M. Guadagni, John D. C. Little. Commentary - A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data: A 25th Anniversary Perspective
29 -- 48Peter M. Guadagni, John D. C. Little. A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data
49 -- 51Abel P. Jeuland, Steven M. Shugan. Commentary - Managing Channel Profits
52 -- 69Abel P. Jeuland, Steven M. Shugan. Managing Channel Profits
70 -- 84Erin Anderson. The Salesperson as Outside Agent or Employee: A Transaction Cost Analysis
85 -- 87John R. Hauser, Steven M. Shugan. Commentary - Defensive Marketing Strategies
88 -- 110John R. Hauser, Steven M. Shugan. Defensive Marketing Strategies
111 -- 114Richard Staelin. Commentary - An Industry Equilibrium Analysis of Downstream Vertical Integration: Twenty-Five Years Later
115 -- 130Timothy W. McGuire, Richard Staelin. An Industry Equilibrium Analysis of Downstream Vertical Integration
131 -- 132Barry Alan Pasternack. Commentary - Optimal Pricing and Return Policies for Perishable Commodities
133 -- 140Barry Alan Pasternack. Optimal Pricing and Return Policies for Perishable Commodities