Journal: Marketing Science

Volume 39, Issue 6

1033 -- 1038Leif D. Nelson, Duncan Simester, K. Sudhir. Introduction to the Special Issue on Marketing Science and Field Experiments
1039 -- 1051Hal E. Hershfield, Stephen Shu, Shlomo Benartzi. Temporal Reframing and Participation in a Savings Program: A Field Experiment
1052 -- 1070Indranil Goswami, Oleg Urminsky. No Substitute for the Real Thing: The Importance of In-Context Field Experiments in Fundraising
1071 -- 1091Kurt P. Munz, Minah H. Jung, Adam L. Alter. Name Similarity Encourages Generosity: A Field Experiment in Email Personalization
1092 -- 1104Robert Mislavsky, Berkeley J. Dietvorst, Uri Simonsohn. Critical Condition: People Don't Dislike a Corporate Experiment More Than They Dislike Its Worst Condition
1105 -- 1121Bhavya Mohan, Ryan W. Buell, Leslie K. John. Lifting the Veil: The Benefits of Cost Transparency
1122 -- 1141Jia Li, Noah Lim, Hua Chen. Examining Salesperson Effort Allocation in Teams: A Randomized Field Experiment
1142 -- 1165Shan Huang, Sinan Aral, Yu (Jeffrey) Hu, Erik Brynjolfsson. Social Advertising Effectiveness Across Products: A Large-Scale Field Experiment
1166 -- 1180Heike M. Wolters, Christian Schulze, Karen Gedenk. Referral Reward Size and New Customer Profitability
1181 -- 1198Longxiu Tian, Fred M. Feinberg. Optimizing Price Menus for Duration Discounts: A Subscription Selectivity Field Experiment

Volume 39, Issue 5

849 -- 871Raluca M. Ursu, Qingliang Wang, Pradeep K. Chintagunta. Search Duration
872 -- 892Lingling Zhang, Doug J. Chung. The Air War vs. the Ground Game: An Analysis of Multichannel Marketing in U.S. Presidential Elections
893 -- 922Selin Akca, Anita Rao. Value of Aggregators
923 -- 938Liang Guo. Upstream Exploitation and Strategic Disclosure
939 -- 955Cristina Nistor, Matthew Selove. Pricing and Quality Provision in a Supply Relationship: A Model of Efficient Relational Contracts
956 -- 973Aurélie Lemmens, Sunil Gupta. Managing Churn to Maximize Profits
974 -- 995Chunhua Wu, Koray Cosguner. Profiting from the Decoy Effect: A Case Study of an Online Diamond Retailer
996 -- 1015Paul Belleflamme, Wing Man Wynne Lam, Wouter Vergote. Competitive Imperfect Price Discrimination and Market Power
1016 -- 1029Kenan Arifoglu, Sarang Deo, Seyed M. R. Iravani. Markdowns in Seasonal Conspicuous Goods

Volume 39, Issue 4

669 -- 686Liu Liu, Daria Dzyabura, Natalie Mizik. Visual Listening In: Extracting Brand Image Portrayed on Social Media
687 -- 706Lingling Zhang, Doug J. Chung. Price Bargaining and Competition in Online Platforms: An Empirical Analysis of the Daily Deal Market
707 -- 726Andrew T. Ching, Matthew Osborne. Identification and Estimation of Forward-Looking Behavior: The Case of Consumer Stockpiling
727 -- 742Joachim Büschken, Greg M. Allenby. Improving Text Analysis Using Sentence Conjunctions and Punctuation
743 -- 762Ye Qiu, Ram C. Rao. Increasing Retailer Loyalty Through the Use of Cash Back Rebate Sites
763 -- 787Ludovic Stourm, Raghuram Iyengar, Eric T. Bradlow. A Flexible Demand Model for Complements Using Household Production Theory
788 -- 806Yue Wu, Tansev Geylani. Regulating Deceptive Advertising: False Claims and Skeptical Consumers
807 -- 826Michael Thomas. Spillovers from Mass Advertising: An Identification Strategy
827 -- 846Ning Zhong, David A. Schweidel. Capturing Changes in Social Media Content: A Multiple Latent Changepoint Topic Model

Volume 39, Issue 3

459 -- 464Kusum L. Ailawadi, Tat Chan, Puneet Manchanda, K. Sudhir. Introduction to the Special Issue on Marketing Science and Health
465 -- 486Romain Cadario, Pierre Chandon. Which Healthy Eating Nudges Work Best? A Meta-Analysis of Field Experiments
487 -- 499Kosuke Uetake, Nathan Yang. Inspiration from the "Biggest Loser": Social Interactions in a Weight Loss Program
500 -- 515Sam Hui, Parthasarathy Krishnamurthy, Shiv Kumar, Hareesha B. Siddegowda, Prachi Patel. Understanding the Effectiveness of Peer Educator Outreach on Reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Role of Prevention vs. Early Detection
516 -- 539Tong Guo, Srinivasaraghavan Sriram, Puneet Manchanda. "Let the Sunshine In": The Impact of Industry Payment Disclosure on Physician Prescription Behavior
540 -- 563Tinglong Dai, Shubhranshu Singh. Conspicuous by Its Absence: Diagnostic Expert Testing Under Uncertainty
564 -- 586Anita Rao. Strategic Research and Development Investment Decisions in the Pharmaceutical Industry
587 -- 611Bradley T. Shapiro. Advertising in Health Insurance Markets
612 -- 635Tongil Kim, Diwas Singh KC. The Impact of Hospital Advertising on Patient Demand and Health Outcomes
636 -- 662Tae Jung Yoon. Quality Information Disclosure and Patient Reallocation in the Healthcare Industry: Evidence from Cardiac Surgery Report Cards

Volume 39, Issue 2

285 -- 295Qiang Zhang, Wenbo Wang, Yuxin Chen. Frontiers: In-Consumption Social Listening with Moment-to-Moment Unstructured Data: The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments
296 -- 316Ron Berman, Zsolt Katona. Curation Algorithms and Filter Bubbles in Social Networks
317 -- 338Song Lin. Two-Sided Price Discrimination by Media Platforms
339 -- 365Chul Kim, P. K. Kannan, Michael Trusov, Andrea Ordanini. Modeling Dynamics in Crowdfunding
366 -- 381Xiao Huang, Dan Zhang 0005. Service Product Design and Consumer Refund Policies
382 -- 406Bart J. Bronnenberg, Jean-Pierre Dubé, Robert E. Sanders. Consumer Misinformation and the Brand Premium: A Private Label Blind Taste Test
407 -- 426Marc R. Dotson, Joachim Büschken, Greg M. Allenby. Explaining Preference Heterogeneity with Mixed Membership Modeling
427 -- 447Tetyana Kosyakova, Thomas Otter, Sanjog Misra, Christian Neuerburg. Exact MCMC for Choices from Menus - Measuring Substitution and Complementarity Among Menu Items
448 -- 451John H. Roberts. Practice Prize Report: The 2018 ISMS Gary Lilien Practice Prize Competition

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 4Avi Goldfarb, Ginger Zhe Jin, K. Sudhir. Introduction to the Special Issue on Consumer Protection
5 -- 32Navdeep S. Sahni, Harikesh S. Nair. Sponsorship Disclosure and Consumer Deception: Experimental Evidence from Native Advertising in Mobile Search
33 -- 51Garrett A. Johnson, Scott K. Shriver, Shaoyin Du. Consumer Privacy Choice in Online Advertising: Who Opts Out and at What Cost to Industry?
52 -- 70Ali Umut Guler, Kanishka Misra, Vishal Singh. Heterogeneous Price Effects of Consolidation: Evidence from the Car Rental Industry
71 -- 91Yan Lu, Debanjan Mitra, David Musto, Sugata Ray. Can Brands Circumvent Marketing Regulations? Exploiting Umbrella Branding in Financial Markets
92 -- 116Matthias Hunold, Reinhold Kesler, Ulrich Laitenberger. Rankings of Online Travel Agents, Channel Pricing, and Consumer Protection
117 -- 133Wooyong Jo, Sarang Sunder, Jeonghye Choi, Minakshi Trivedi. Protecting Consumers from Themselves: Assessing Consequences of Usage Restriction Laws on Online Game Usage and Spending
134 -- 167Joan Calzada, Ricard Gil. What Do News Aggregators Do? Evidence from Google News in Spain and Germany
168 -- 187Devesh Raval. Whose Voice Do We Hear in the Marketplace? Evidence from Consumer Complaining Behavior
188 -- 210Shelle Santana, Steven K. Dallas, Vicki G. Morwitz. Consumer Reactions to Drip Pricing
211 -- 233Daniel Blaseg, Christian Schulze, Bernd Skiera. Consumer Protection on Kickstarter
234 -- 252André Bonfrer, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, John H. Roberts, David Corkindale. Assessing the Sales Impact of Plain Packaging Regulation for Cigarettes: Evidence from Australia
253 -- 280Marco J. W. Kotschedoff, Max J. Pachali. Higher Minimum Quality Standards and Redistributive Effects on Consumer Welfare