Journal: Marketing Science

Volume 40, Issue 6

1009 -- 1012K. Sudhir. Editorial: Acknowledgments, Stocktaking, and Farewell
1013 -- 1029Andrey Fradkin, Elena Grewal, David Holtz. Reciprocity and Unveiling in Two-Sided Reputation Systems: Evidence from an Experiment on Airbnb
1030 -- 1058Yi-Lin Tsai, Elisabeth Honka. Informational and Noninformational Advertising Content
1059 -- 1080Paramveer S. Dhillon, Sinan Aral. Modeling Dynamic User Interests: A Neural Matrix Factorization Approach
1081 -- 1105Xu Zhang, Puneet Manchanda, Junhong Chu. "Meet Me Halfway": The Costs and Benefits of Bargaining
1106 -- 1122Laura J. Kornish, Sharaya M. Jones. Raw Ideas in the Fuzzy Front End: Verbosity Increases Perceived Creativity
1123 -- 1146Chen Lin, Yuxin Chen, Jeongwen Chiang, Yufei Zhang. Do "Little Emperors" Get More Than "Little Empresses"? Boy-Girl Gender Discrimination as Evidenced by Consumption Behavior of Chinese Households
1147 -- 1168Federico Rossi, Gaia Rubera. Measuring Competition for Attention in Social Media: National Women's Soccer League Players on Twitter
1169 -- 1198Ali Goli, Pradeep K. Chintagunta. What Happens When a Retailer Drops a Product Category? Investigating the Consequences of Ending Tobacco Sales
1199 -- 1213Davide Proserpio, Isamar Troncoso, Francesca Valsesia. Does Gender Matter? The Effect of Management Responses on Reviewing Behavior

Volume 40, Issue 5

813 -- 820Shunyuan Zhang, Nitin Mehta, Param Vir Singh, Kannan Srinivasan. Frontiers: Can an Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Mitigate Racial Economic Inequality? An Analysis in the Context of Airbnb
821 -- 843Joonhyuk Yang, Eric T. Anderson, Brett R. Gordon. Digitization and Flexibility: Evidence from the South Korean Movie Market
844 -- 870Bruno J. D. Jacobs, Dennis Fok, Bas Donkers. Understanding Large-Scale Dynamic Purchase Behavior
871 -- 899Ilya Morozov, Stephan Seiler, Xiaojing Dong, Liwen Hou. Estimation of Preference Heterogeneity in Markets with Costly Search
900 -- 922Jiwoong Shin, Jungju Yu. Targeted Advertising and Consumer Inference
923 -- 945Andrey Simonov, Shawndra Hill. Competitive Advertising on Brand Search: Traffic Stealing and Click Quality
946 -- 963Birger Wernerfelt, Alvin Silk, Shuyi Yu. Internalization of Advertising Services: Testing a Theory of the Firm
964 -- 984Shijie Lu, Dai Yao, Xingyu Chen, Rajdeep Grewal. Do Larger Audiences Generate Greater Revenues Under Pay What You Want? Evidence from a Live Streaming Platform
985 -- 1004Dinesh Puranam, Vrinda Kadiyali, Vishal Narayan. The Impact of Increase in Minimum Wages on Consumer Perceptions of Service: A Transformer Model of Online Restaurant Reviews

Volume 40, Issue 4

593 -- 618Dominic Coey, Bradley J. Larsen, Kane Sweeney, Caio Waisman. Scalable Optimal Online Auctions
619 -- 636Tom Blake, Sarah Moshary, Kane Sweeney, Steve Tadelis. Price Salience and Product Choice
637 -- 660Jean-Pierre Dubé, Ali Hortaçsu, Joonhwi Joo. Random-Coefficients Logit Demand Estimation with Zero-Valued Market Shares
661 -- 684Jian Jia, Ginger Zhe Jin, Liad Wagman. The Short-Run Effects of the General Data Protection Regulation on Technology Venture Investment
685 -- 707Xiaolin Li, Chenxi Liao, Ying Xie. Digital Piracy, Creative Productivity, and Customer Care Effort: Evidence from the Digital Publishing Industry
708 -- 730Prasad Vana, Anja Lambrecht. The Effect of Individual Online Reviews on Purchase Likelihood
731 -- 764Xinyao Kong, Anita Rao. Do "Made in USA" Claims Matter?
765 -- 782Juncai Jiang, Chuan He. Low-Price Guarantees in a Dual Channel of Distribution
783 -- 809Patrick Bachmann, Markus Meierer, Jeffrey Näf. The Role of Time-Varying Contextual Factors in Latent Attrition Models for Customer Base Analysis

Volume 40, Issue 3

395 -- 412Onesun Steve Yoo, Tingliang Huang, Kenan Arifoglu. A Theoretical Analysis of the Lean Start-up Method
413 -- 427Liang Guo. Endogenous Evaluation and Sequential Search
428 -- 458J. Miguel Villas-Boas, Yunfei (Jesse) Yao. A Dynamic Model of Optimal Retargeting
459 -- 480Daniel Minh McCarthy, Elliot Shin Oblander. Scalable Data Fusion with Selection Correction: An Application to Customer Base Analysis
481 -- 507Sungsik Park, Woochoel Shin, Jinhong Xie. The Fateful First Consumer Review
508 -- 526Arun Gopalakrishnan, Zhenling Jiang, Yulia Nevskaya, Raphael Thomadsen. Can Non-tiered Customer Loyalty Programs Be Profitable?
527 -- 547Wilfred Amaldoss, Jinzhao Du, Woochoel Shin. Media Platforms' Content Provision Strategies and Sources of Profits
548 -- 568Shijie Lu, Koushyar Rajavi, Isaac Dinner. The Effect of Over-the-Top Media Services on Piracy Search: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
569 -- 588Manish Gangwar, Nanda Kumar, Ram C. Rao. Pricing Under Dynamic Competition When Loyal Consumers Stockpile

Volume 40, Issue 2

193 -- 218Omid Rafieian, Hema Yoganarasimhan. Targeting and Privacy in Mobile Advertising
219 -- 240Zhenling Jiang, Tat Chan, Hai Che, Youwei Wang. Consumer Search and Purchase: An Empirical Investigation of Retargeting Based on Consumer Online Behaviors
241 -- 260Yanhao (Max) Wei, Anthony Dukes. Cryptocurrency Adoption with Speculative Price Bubbles
261 -- 282Madhu Viswanathan, Om Narasimhan, George John. Economic Impact of Category Captaincy: An Examination of Assortments and Prices
283 -- 304Sarah Moshary, Bradley T. Shapiro, Jihong Song. How and When to Use the Political Cycle to Identify Advertising Effects
305 -- 324Beth L. Fossen, Girish Mallapragada, Anwesha De. Impact of Political Television Advertisements on Viewers' Response to Subsequent Advertisements
325 -- 343Siddhartha Sharma, Amit Mehra. Entry of Platforms into Complementary Hardware Access Product Markets
344 -- 365Savannah Wei Shi, Michael Trusov. The Path to Click: Are You on It?
366 -- 387Z. Eddie Ning. List Price and Discount in a Stochastic Selling Process

Volume 40, Issue 1

1 -- 12Karsten Hansen, Kanishka Misra, Mallesh M. Pai. Frontiers: Algorithmic Collusion: Supra-competitive Prices via Independent Algorithms
13 -- 22Jia Liu 0013, Shawndra Hill. Frontiers: Moment Marketing: Measuring Dynamics in Cross-Channel Ad Effectiveness
23 -- 47Kyle Barron, Edward Kung, Davide Proserpio. The Effect of Home-Sharing on House Prices and Rents: Evidence from Airbnb
48 -- 61Arun Gopalakrishnan, Young-Hoon Park. The Impact of Coupons on the Visit-to-Purchase Funnel
62 -- 79Xinyu Cao, Juanjuan Zhang. Preference Learning and Demand Forecast
80 -- 100Cheng He, O. Cem Ozturk, Chris Gu, Jorge Mario Silva-Risso. The End of the Express Road for Hybrid Vehicles: Can Governments' Green Product Incentives Backfire?
101 -- 121Tongil Kim. When Franchisee Service Affects Demand: An Application to the Car Radiator Market and Resale Price Maintenance
122 -- 146William J. Allender, Jura Liaukonyte, Sherif Nasser, Timothy J. Richards. Price Fairness and Strategic Obfuscation
147 -- 167Jungju Yu. A Model of Brand Architecture Choice: A House of Brands vs. A Branded House
168 -- 188Yogesh V. Joshi, Andrés Musalem. When Consumers Learn, Money Burns: Signaling Quality via Advertising with Observational Learning and Word of Mouth