Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 11, Issue 4

543 -- 562Senthil Veeraraghavan, Laurens G. Debo. Joining Longer Queues: Information Externalities in Queue Choice
563 -- 576Sarang Deo, Charles J. Corbett. Cournot Competition Under Yield Uncertainty: The Case of the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Market
577 -- 594Jeffrey D. Shulman, Anne T. Coughlan, R. Canan Savaskan. Optimal Restocking Fees and Information Provision in an Integrated Demand-Supply Model of Product Returns
595 -- 612Xuanming Su. Consumer Returns Policies and Supply Chain Performance
613 -- 629Hyun-soo Ahn, Mehmet Gümüs, Philip Kaminsky. Inventory, Discounts, and the Timing Effect
630 -- 643Chris Groër, Bruce L. Golden, Edward A. Wasil. The Consistent Vehicle Routing Problem
644 -- 656Vasiliki Kostami, Amy R. Ward. Managing Service Systems with an Offline Waiting Option and Customer Abandonment
657 -- 673Tor Schoenmeyr, Stephen C. Graves. Strategic Safety Stocks in Supply Chains with Evolving Forecasts
674 -- 693Nilay Tanik Argon, Serhan Ziya. Priority Assignment Under Imperfect Information on Customer Type Identities
694 -- 711Omar Besbes, Sergei Savin. Going Bunkers: The Joint Route Selection and Refueling Problem

Volume 11, Issue 3

373 -- 0Martin A. Lariviere. 2009 ::::M&SOM:::: Best Paper Award
375 -- 396Vernon N. Hsu, Susan H. Xu, Boris Jukic. Optimal Scheduling and Incentive Compatible Pricing for a Service System with Quality of Service Guarantees
397 -- 415Rouba Ibrahim, Ward Whitt. Real-Time Delay Estimation Based on Delay History
416 -- 428Bin Hu, Saif Benjaafar. Partitioning of Servers in Queueing Systems During Rush Hour
429 -- 447Enno Siemsen, Aleda V. Roth, Sridhar Balasubramanian, Gopesh Anand. The Influence of Psychological Safety and Confidence in Knowledge on Employee Knowledge Sharing
448 -- 470Cuihong Li, Laurens G. Debo. Second Sourcing vs. Sole Sourcing with Capacity Investment and Asymmetric Information
471 -- 492Anandasivam Gopal, Guodong (Gordon) Gao. Certification in the Indian Offshore IT Services Industry
493 -- 508Jing-Sheng Song, Yao Zhao. The Value of Component Commonality in a Dynamic Inventory System with Lead Times
509 -- 524Kevin B. Hendricks, Vinod R. Singhal. Demand-Supply Mismatches and Stock Market Reaction: Evidence from Excess Inventory Announcements
525 -- 537Gregory Dobson, Edieal J. Pinker, R. Lawrence Van Horn. Division of Labor in Medical Office Practices
538 -- 542Yanzhi Li, Andrew Lim, Brian Rodrigues. Note - Pricing and Inventory Control for a Perishable Product

Volume 11, Issue 2

192 -- 209Brian Tomlin. Impact of Supply Learning When Suppliers Are Unreliable
210 -- 228Milind Dawande, Michael Pinedo, Chelliah Sriskandarajah. Multiple Part-Type Production in Robotic Cells: Equivalence of Two Real-World Models
229 -- 236Ke Fu, Vernon Ning Hsu, Chung-Yee Lee. Note - Optimal Component Acquisition for a Single-Product, Single-Demand Assemble-to-Order Problem with Expediting
237 -- 253Itay Gurvich, Ward Whitt. Scheduling Flexible Servers with Convex Delay Costs in Many-Server Service Systems
254 -- 273Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Jan A. Van Mieghem, R. Canan Savaskan. Incentives for Quality Through Endogenous Routing
274 -- 298Andrea Masini, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. ERP Competence-Building Mechanisms: An Exploratory Investigation of Configurations of ERP Adopters in the European and U.S. Manufacturing Sectors
299 -- 316Ying-Ju Chen, Gustavo J. Vulcano. Effects of Information Disclosure Under First- and Second-Price Auctions in a Supply Chain Setting
317 -- 339Lingxiu Dong, Panos Kouvelis, Zhongjun Tian. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control of Substitute Products
340 -- 355Ping Josephine Xu, Russell J. Allgor, Stephen C. Graves. Benefits of Reevaluating Real-Time Order Fulfillment Decisions
356 -- 361Tudor Bodea, Mark Ferguson, Laurie Garrow. Data Set - Choice-Based Revenue Management: Data from a Major Hotel Chain
362 -- 368Archis Ghate, Robert L. Smith. Optimal Backlogging Over an Infinite Horizon Under Time-Varying Convex Production and Inventory Costs
369 -- 372Gérard P. Cachon, Stephen C. Graves. Acknowledgment to Guest Associate Editors and Reviewers (2008)

Volume 11, Issue 1

1 -- 3Stephen C. Graves. A Letter from the Editor
4 -- 18Diwakar Gupta, Lei Wang. A Stochastic Inventory Model with Trade Credit
19 -- 32Mor Armony, Erica L. Plambeck, Sridhar Seshadri. Sensitivity of Optimal Capacity to Customer Impatience in an Unobservable M/M/S Queue (Why You Shouldn t Shout at the DMV)
33 -- 51Damian R. Beil, Lawrence M. Wein. A Pooling Analysis of Two Simultaneous Online Auctions
52 -- 69Shannon W. Anderson, L. Scott Baggett, Sally K. Widener. The Impact of Service Operations Failures on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence on How Failures and Their Source Affect What Matters to Customers
70 -- 89Achal Bassamboo, J. Michael Harrison, Assaf J. Zeevi. Pointwise Stationary Fluid Models for Stochastic Processing Networks
90 -- 108Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Multimarket Facility Network Design with Offshoring Applications
109 -- 127Robert Swinney, Serguei Netessine. Long-Term Contracts Under the Threat of Supplier Default
128 -- 143Jean-Philippe Gayon, Saif Benjaafar, Francis de Véricourt. Using Imperfect Advance Demand Information in Production-Inventory Systems with Multiple Customer Classes
144 -- 159Gregory A. DeCroix, Jing-Sheng Song, Paul H. Zipkin. Managing an Assemble-to-Order System with Returns
160 -- 173Sunder Kekre, Nicola Secomandi, Erkut Sönmez, Kenneth West. OM Practice - Balancing Risk and Efficiency at a Major Commercial Bank
174 -- 184Jian Li, Suresh Chand, Maqbool Dada, Shailendra Mehta. Managing Inventory Over a Short Season: Models with Two Procurement Opportunities