Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 12, Issue 4

547 -- 568John Foreman, Jérémie Gallien, Julie Alspaugh, Fernando Lopez, Rohit Bhatnagar, Chee Chong Teo, Charles Dubois. Implementing Supply-Routing Optimization in a Make-to-Order Manufacturing Network
569 -- 582Aydin Alptekinoglu, Charles J. Corbett. Leadtime-Variety Tradeoff in Product Differentiation
583 -- 607Volodymyr Babich. Independence of Capacity Ordering and Financial Subsidies to Risky Suppliers
608 -- 626Fuqiang Zhang. Procurement Mechanism Design in a Two-Echelon Inventory System with Price-Sensitive Demand
627 -- 641Joris van de Klundert, Laurens Wormer. ASAP: The After-Salesman Problem
642 -- 662Jérémie Gallien, Théophane Weber. To Wave or Not to Wave? Order Release Policies for Warehouses with an Automated Sorter
663 -- 672Victor Martínez-de-Albéniz, Alejandro Lago. Myopic Inventory Policies Using Individual Customer Arrival Information
673 -- 681Mirko Kremer, Stefan Minner, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. Do Random Errors Explain Newsvendor Behavior?
682 -- 691Milind Dawande, Srinagesh Gavirneni, Yinping Mu, Suresh P. Sethi, Chelliah Sriskandarajah. On the Interaction Between Demand Substitution and Production Changeovers
692 -- 707H. Dharma Kwon, Steven A. Lippman, Kevin F. McCardle, Christopher S. Tang. Project Management Contracts with Delayed Payments
708 -- 0Tava Lennon Olsen. 2010 ::::M&SOM:::: Best Paper Award

Volume 12, Issue 3

371 -- 392Gustavo J. Vulcano, Garrett J. van Ryzin, Wassim Chaar. OM Practice - Choice-Based Revenue Management: An Empirical Study of Estimation and Optimization
393 -- 408Nicola Secomandi. On the Pricing of Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity
409 -- 429Felipe Caro, Victor Martínez-de-Albéniz. The Impact of Quick Response in Inventory-Based Competition
430 -- 448Kevin H. Shang, Sean X. Zhou, Geert-Jan van Houtum. Improving Supply Chain Performance: Real-Time Demand Information and Flexible Deliveries
449 -- 469Gad Allon, Itai Gurvich. Pricing and Dimensioning Competing Large-Scale Service Providers
470 -- 488Mor Armony, Itai Gurvich. When Promotions Meet Operations: Cross-Selling and Its Effect on Call Center Performance
489 -- 510Yimin Wang, Wendell G. Gilland, Brian Tomlin. Mitigating Supply Risk: Dual Sourcing or Process Improvement?
511 -- 526Sunil Kumar, Ramandeep S. Randhawa. Exploiting Market Size in Service Systems
527 -- 544Shuya Yin. Alliance Formation Among Perfectly Complementary Suppliers in a Price-Sensitive Assembly System

Volume 12, Issue 2

190 -- 212Victor F. Araman, Ioana Popescu. Media Revenue Management with Audience Uncertainty: Balancing Upfront and Spot Market Sales
213 -- 235Maxim Afanasyev, Haim Mendelson. Service Provider Competition: Delay Cost Structure, Segmentation, and Cost Advantage
236 -- 255Tolga Aydinliyim, George L. Vairaktarakis. Coordination of Outsourced Operations to Minimize Weighted Flow Time and Capacity Booking Costs
256 -- 277Soo-Haeng Cho. The Optimal Composition of Influenza Vaccines Subject to Random Production Yields
278 -- 298Lingxiu Dong, Panos Kouvelis, Ping Su. Global Facility Network Design with Transshipment and Responsive Pricing
299 -- 318Xiao Huang, Greys Sosic. Transshipment of Inventories: Dual Allocations vs. Transshipment Prices
319 -- 329Borga Deniz, Itir Karaesmen, Alan Scheller-Wolf. Managing Perishables with Substitution: Inventory Issuance and Replenishment Heuristics
330 -- 346Lawrence W. Robinson, Rachel R. Chen. A Comparison of Traditional and Open-Access Policies for Appointment Scheduling
347 -- 364Nan Liu, Serhan Ziya, Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni. Dynamic Scheduling of Outpatient Appointments Under Patient No-Shows and Cancellations
365 -- 369Stephen C. Graves. Acknowledgment to Guest Associate Editors and Reviewers (2009)
370 -- 0Guoming Lai, Laurens G. Debo, Katia P. Sycara. Erratum to Buy Now and Match Later: Impact of Posterior Price Matching on Profit with Strategic Consumers

Volume 12, Issue 1

1 -- 18Sameer Hasija, Edieal J. Pinker, Robert A. Shumsky. OM Practice - Work Expands to Fill the Time Available: Capacity Estimation and Staffing Under Parkinson s Law
19 -- 32Shaoxuan Liu, Kut C. So, Fuqiang Zhang. Effect of Supply Reliability in a Retail Setting with Joint Marketing and Inventory Decisions
33 -- 55Guoming Lai, Laurens G. Debo, Katia P. Sycara. Buy Now and Match Later: Impact of Posterior Price Matching on Profit with Strategic Consumers
56 -- 76Georgia Perakis, Guillaume Roels. Robust Controls for Network Revenue Management
77 -- 92Zhi-Long Chen, Nicholas G. Hall. The Coordination of Pricing and Scheduling Decisions
93 -- 101Li Jiang, Yunzeng Wang. Supplier Competition in Decentralized Assembly Systems with Price-Sensitive and Uncertain Demand
102 -- 119Li Jiang, Ravi Anupindi. Customer-Driven vs. Retailer-Driven Search: Channel Performance and Implications
120 -- 139Aditya Jain, Harry Groenevelt, Nils Rudi. Continuous Review Inventory Model with Dynamic Choice of Two Freight Modes with Fixed Costs
140 -- 161Evan L. Porteus, Hyoduk Shin, Tunay I. Tunca. Feasting on Leftovers: Strategic Use of Shortages in Price Competition Among Differentiated Products
162 -- 183Omar Besbes, Robert Phillips, Assaf Zeevi. Testing the Validity of a Demand Model: An Operations Perspective