Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 15, Issue 4

523 -- 526Erica L. Plambeck, L. Beril Toktay. Introduction to the Special Issue on the Environment
527 -- 536Erica L. Plambeck. OM Forum - Operations Management Challenges for Some "Cleantech" Firms
537 -- 544Karan Girotra, Serguei Netessine. OM Forum - Business Model Innovation for Sustainability
545 -- 558Felipe Caro, Charles J. Corbett, Tarkan Tan, Rob Zuidwijk. Double Counting in Supply Chain Carbon Footprinting
559 -- 577Chonnikarn (Fern) Jira, Michael W. Toffel. Engaging Supply Chains in Climate Change
578 -- 595Owen Q. Wu, Roman Kapuscinski. Curtailing Intermittent Generation in Electrical Systems
596 -- 615Suresh Muthulingam, Charles J. Corbett, Shlomo Benartzi, Bohdan W. Oppenheim. Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firms: Order Effects and the Adoption of Process Improvement Recommendations
616 -- 629Wenbin Wang, Mark E. Ferguson, Shanshan Hu, Gilvan C. Souza. Dynamic Capacity Investment with Two Competing Technologies
630 -- 639Erica L. Plambeck, Terry A. Taylor. On the Value of Input Efficiency, Capacity Efficiency, and the Flexibility to Rebalance Them
640 -- 648Vishal V. Agrawal, Sezer Ülkü. The Role of Modular Upgradability as a Green Design Strategy
649 -- 669Tim Kraft, Yanchong Zheng, Feryal Erhun. The NGO's Dilemma: How to Influence Firms to Replace a Potentially Hazardous Substance
670 -- 688Lieven Demeester, Mei Qi, Luk N. Van Wassenhove. Plant Networks for Processing Recyclable Materials
689 -- 700David F. Drake, Stefan Spinler. OM Forum - Sustainable Operations Management: An Enduring Stream or a Passing Fancy?

Volume 15, Issue 3

343 -- 360Hongmin Li, Dieter Armbruster, Karl G. Kempf. A Population-Growth Model for Multiple Generations of Technology Products
361 -- 377Alex F. Mills, Nilay Tanik Argon, Serhan Ziya. Resource-Based Patient Prioritization in Mass-Casualty Incidents
378 -- 386Dorothée Honhon, Sridhar Seshadri. Fixed vs. Random Proportions Demand Models for the Assortment Planning Problem Under Stockout-Based Substitution
387 -- 404Denis Sauré, Assaf Zeevi. Optimal Dynamic Assortment Planning with Demand Learning
405 -- 422Kamalini Ramdas, Jonathan Williams, Marc Lipson. Can Financial Markets Inform Operational Improvement Efforts? Evidence from the Airline Industry
423 -- 443Philipp Afèche. Incentive-Compatible Revenue Management in Queueing Systems: Optimal Strategic Delay
444 -- 457Jing-Sheng Song, Paul H. Zipkin. Supply Streams
458 -- 472Xiaole Wu, Panos Kouvelis, Hirofumi Matsuo. Horizontal Capacity Coordination for Risk Management and Flexibility: Pay Ex Ante or Commit a Fraction of Ex Post Demand?
473 -- 491Manuel E. Sosa, Jürgen Mihm, Tyson R. Browning. Linking Cyclicality and Product Quality
492 -- 506Philipp Afèche, Opher Baron, Yoav Kerner. Pricing Time-Sensitive Services Based on Realized Performance
507 -- 521Panos Kouvelis, Rong Li, Qing Ding. Managing Storable Commodity Risks: The Role of Inventory and Financial Hedge

Volume 15, Issue 2

166 -- 169Ward Whitt. OM Forum - Offered Load Analysis for Staffing
170 -- 190Carri W. Chan, Linda V. Green, Yina Lu, Nicole Leahy, Roger Yurt. Prioritizing Burn-Injured Patients During a Disaster
191 -- 204Sampath Rajagopalan. Impact of Variety and Distribution System Characteristics on Inventory Levels at U.S. Retailers
205 -- 220Laura A. McLay, Maria E. Mayorga. A Dispatching Model for Server-to-Customer Systems That Balances Efficiency and Equity
221 -- 238Milind Dawande, Srinagesh Gavirneni, Mili Mehrotra, Vijay S. Mookerjee. Efficient Distribution of Water Between Head-Reach and Tail-End Farms in Developing Countries
239 -- 249Michael K. Lim, Achal Bassamboo, Sunil Chopra, Mark S. Daskin. Facility Location Decisions with Random Disruptions and Imperfect Estimation
250 -- 262Ming Hu, J. Michael Pavlin, Mengze Shi. When Gray Markets Have Silver Linings: All-Unit Discounts, Gray Markets, and Channel Management
263 -- 279Tingliang Huang, Gad Allon, Achal Bassamboo. Bounded Rationality in Service Systems
280 -- 291Woonghee Tim Huh, Nan Liu, Van Anh Truong. Multiresource Allocation Scheduling in Dynamic Environments
292 -- 304Philipp Afèche, Baris Ata. Bayesian Dynamic Pricing in Queueing Systems with Unknown Delay Cost Characteristics
305 -- 319Soo-Haeng Cho, Christopher S. Tang. Advance Selling in a Supply Chain Under Uncertain Supply and Demand
320 -- 334Leon Yang Chu, Guoming Lai. Salesforce Contracting Under Demand Censorship
335 -- 339Stephen C. Graves. Acknowledgment to Guest Editors and Reviewers (2012)
340 -- 341Jérémie Gallien, Alan Scheller-Wolf. Call for Papers - Proposal for an M&SOM Special Issue on Practice-Focused Research

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 0Noah Gans. M&SOM Best Paper Award
2 -- 5Jan A. Van Mieghem. OM Forum - Three Rs of Operations Management: Research, Relevance, and Rewards
6 -- 23Saravanan Kesavan, Vidya Mani. The Relationship Between Abnormal Inventory Growth and Future Earnings for U.S. Public Retailers
24 -- 32Tianhu Deng, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Process Flexibility Design in Unbalanced Networks
33 -- 44Aydin Alptekinoglu, Arunava Banerjee, Anand Paul, Nikhil Jain. Inventory Pooling to Deliver Differentiated Service
45 -- 56Enis Kayis, Feryal Erhun, Erica L. Plambeck. Delegation vs. Control of Component Procurement Under Asymmetric Cost Information and Simple Contracts
57 -- 71Cuihong Li, Fuqiang Zhang. Advance Demand Information, Price Discrimination, and Preorder Strategies
72 -- 85Rouba Ibrahim, Pierre L'Ecuyer. Forecasting Call Center Arrivals: Fixed-Effects, Mixed-Effects, and Bivariate Models
86 -- 101Oben Ceryan, Özge Sahin, Izak Duenyas. Dynamic Pricing of Substitutable Products in the Presence of Capacity Flexibility
102 -- 117Kyle Hyndman, Santiago Kraiselburd, Noel Watson. Aligning Capacity Decisions in Supply Chains When Demand Forecasts Are Private Information: Theory and Experiment
118 -- 131Pengfei Guo, Zhe George Zhang. Strategic Queueing Behavior and Its Impact on System Performance in Service Systems with the Congestion-Based Staffing Policy
132 -- 147Amar Sapra, Peter L. Jackson. On the Equilibrium Behavior of a Supply Chain Market for Capacity
148 -- 158George L. Vairaktarakis. Noncooperative Games for Subcontracting Operations