Journal: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management

Volume 19, Issue 4

509 -- 525Teck Hua Ho, Noah Lim, Sadat Reza, Xiaoyu Xia. OM Forum - Causal Inference Models in Operations Management
526 -- 533Sridhar Tayur. OM Forum - An Essay on Operations Management
534 -- 550George P. Ball, Enno Siemsen, Rachna Shah. Do Plant Inspections Predict Future Quality? The Role of Investigator Experience
551 -- 567Onur Boyabatli, Jason Nguyen, Tong Wang. Capacity Management in Agricultural Commodity Processing and Application in the Palm Industry
568 -- 585Andre P. Calmon, Stephen C. Graves. Inventory Management in a Consumer Electronics Closed-Loop Supply Chain
586 -- 603Yonatan Gur, Lijian Lu, Gabriel Y. Weintraub. Framework Agreements in Procurement: An Auction Model and Design Recommendations
604 -- 619Weiwei Chen, Benjamin Melamed, Oleg Sokolinskiy, Ben Sopranzetti. Cash Conversion Systems in Corporate Subsidiaries
620 -- 638Miguel A. Lejeune, Janne Kettunen. Managing Reliability and Stability Risks in Forest Harvesting
639 -- 656Christos Zacharias, Michael Pinedo. Managing Customer Arrivals in Service Systems with Multiple Identical Servers
657 -- 673John R. Birge, Rodney P. Parker, Michelle Xiao Wu, S. Alex Yang. When Customers Anticipate Liquidation Sales: Managing Operations Under Financial Distress
674 -- 691Philipp Afèche, Mojtaba Araghi, Opher Baron. Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Service Access Quality: Optimal Advertising, Capacity Level, and Capacity Allocation
692 -- 712Ying-Ju Chen, Brian Tomlin, Yimin Wang. Dual Coproduct Technologies: Implications for Process Development and Adoption

Volume 19, Issue 3

337 -- 0Nathan C. Craig, Nicole DeHoratius, Ananth Raman. Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award (2016)
338 -- 346Christopher S. Tang. OM Forum - Three Simple Approaches for Young Scholars to Identify Relevant and Novel Research Topics in Operations Management
347 -- 367Dennis J. Zhang, Gad Allon, Jan A. Van Mieghem. Does Social Interaction Improve Learning Outcomes? Evidence from Field Experiments on Massive Open Online Courses
368 -- 384Gérard P. Cachon, Kaitlin M. Daniels, Ruben Lobel. The Role of Surge Pricing on a Service Platform with Self-Scheduling Capacity
385 -- 402Tingliang Huang, Zhe Yin, Ying-Ju Chen. Managing Posterior Price Matching: The Role of Customer Boundedly Rational Expectations
403 -- 418Hubert Pun, Gregory D. DeYong. Competing with Copycats When Customers Are Strategic
419 -- 436Jason Acimovic, Stephen C. Graves. Mitigating Spillover in Online Retailing via Replenishment
437 -- 452Panos Kouvelis, Joseph M. Milner, Zhili Tian. Clinical Trials for New Drug Development: Optimal Investment and Application
453 -- 471Niyazi Taneri, Arnoud De Meyer. Contract Theory: Impact on Biopharmaceutical Alliance Structure and Performance
472 -- 488Tobias Stangl, Ulrich W. Thonemann. Equivalent Inventory Metrics: A Behavioral Perspective
489 -- 507Sam Aflaki, Serguei Netessine. Strategic Investment in Renewable Energy Sources: The Effect of Supply Intermittency

Volume 19, Issue 2

166 -- 184Li Chen, Bin Hu. Is Reshoring Better Than Offshoring? The Effect of Offshore Supply Dependence
185 -- 201Ioannis Bellos, Mark E. Ferguson, L. Beril Toktay. The Car Sharing Economy: Interaction of Business Model Choice and Product Line Design
202 -- 215Mert Hakan Hekimoglu, Burak Kazaz, Scott Webster. Wine Analytics: Fine Wine Pricing and Selection Under Weather and Market Uncertainty
216 -- 229Saif Benjaafar, David Chen, Rowan Wang. Managing Production-Inventory Systems with Scarce Resources
230 -- 245Vasiliki Kostami, Dimitris Kostamis, Serhan Ziya. Pricing and Capacity Allocation for Shared Services
246 -- 262Albert Y. Ha, quan Tian, Shilu Tong. Information Sharing in Competing Supply Chains with Production Cost Reduction
263 -- 289Heikki Peura, S. Alex Yang, Guoming Lai. Trade Credit in Competition: A Horizontal Benefit
290 -- 304Stephen A. Smith, Narendra Agrawal. Optimal Markdown Pricing and Inventory Allocation for Retail Chains with Inventory Dependent Demand
305 -- 308Maria C. Jansen, Osman Y. Özaltin. Note on Cournot Competition Under Yield Uncertainty
309 -- 327Long He, Ho-Yin Mak, Ying Rong, Zuo-Jun Max Shen. Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

Volume 19, Issue 1

1 -- 18Övünç Yilmaz, Pelin Pekgün, Mark Ferguson. Would You Like to Upgrade to a Premium Room? Evaluating the Benefit of Offering Standby Upgrades
19 -- 35Emmanouil Avgerinos, Bilal Gokpinar. Team Familiarity and Productivity in Cardiac Surgery Operations: The Effect of Dispersion, Bottlenecks, and Task Complexity
36 -- 51Li Chen, Wei Luo, Kevin Shang. Measuring the Bullwhip Effect: Discrepancy and Alignment Between Information and Material Flows
52 -- 71Opher Baron, Oded Berman, Dmitry Krass, Jianfu Wang. Strategic Idleness and Dynamic Scheduling in an Open-Shop Service Network: Case Study and Analysis
72 -- 83Vernon N. Hsu, Guoming Lai, Baozhuang Niu, Wenqiang Xiao. Leader-Based Collective Bargaining: Cooperation Mechanism and Incentive Analysis
84 -- 98Fei Gao, Xuanming Su. Online and Offline Information for Omnichannel Retailing
99 -- 113Tinglong Dai, Mustafa Akan, Sridhar Tayur. Imaging Room and Beyond: The Underlying Economics Behind Physicians' Test-Ordering Behavior in Outpatient Services
114 -- 131Majid Al-Gwaiz, Xiuli Chao, Owen Q. Wu. Understanding How Generation Flexibility and Renewable Energy Affect Power Market Competition
132 -- 149Bin Hu, Ming Hu, Yi Yang. Open or Closed? Technology Sharing, Supplier Investment, and Competition
150 -- 164Gerald Broneske, David Wozabal. How Do Contract Parameters Influence the Economics of Vehicle-to-Grid?